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click here However, the same wolf approaching you later will make the same roll again, and possibly choose to attack you. The wolfskin coat is the third-warmest piece of clothing after the bearskin coat and expedition parka. It has very high durability and provides a high protection bonus. A good strategy until more protective clothing is available is to wear the wolfskin coat as the outer layer, while wearing a lighter, warmth focussed jacket on the inner layer.


Crafting the coat will likely require hunting wolves or killing them in a struggle since there are few naturally spawning wolf carcasses. As all other craftable clothing, being made from and repaired with renewable resources makes the wolfskin coat a very useful endgame item.

To craft a wolfskin coat, you'll need 4 cured wolf pelts and 4 pieces of cured gut. Since July Jack Wolfskin has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation , a multi-stakeholder initiative working to improve workplace conditions in the garment and textile industry.

In July , Jack Wolfskin became patron of the I. Youth Camp [4] a UNEP -initiative which has the aim to train young persons an environmentally awareness and a thrifty use of resources in cooperation with Arved Fuchs. Even since an extensive supplier monitoring was established at Jack Wolfskin and in Jack Wolfskin announced that a membership in a multi-stakeholder initiative will be checked. When the Clean Clothes Campaign distributed questionnaires about working and production conditions to several outdoor producers in and , Jack Wolfskin decided to become a member of the FWF as there were many similarities to the own established social audit system.

The aim of the project is to improve life conditions of former child soldiers in Uganda and to reintegrate them into society. Jack Wolfskin was graded into the second best category of five categories.

Jack Wolfskin Clothing

Jack Wolfskin has a history of aggressive legal action related to their paw print logo. In they succeeded in prohibiting the taz newspaper [8] from using a paw print design on merchandise designed for outdoor use on the grounds that the taz logo designed in was not registered as a trademark, whereas the Jack Wolfskin logo was registered in This led to many people boycotting their products. In October Jack Wolfskin's lawyers sent demands for damage payments to handicraft hobbyists who had used paw designs in their creations, irrespective of whether the paw design was of wolf, cat or other animal.

The protest reached national news media in Germany.

Jack Wolfskin

A blunt refusal to back down by Jack Wolfskin led to calls to boycott their products in several online communities in Germany and abroad. As the impact of the negative publicity became apparent Jack Wolfskin later issued a press release to indicate they would in future open dialog directly with people it suspected of breaching its copyright, rather than sending damage payment demands as the first contact.

Looking forward to Foxmask, the sequel. View all 3 comments. Nov 17, Sarah rated it really liked it. Well I finally finished this extremely LONG book, I found it quite good up until the last quarter which dragged a bit. I thought Somerled was the most interesting character in it, despite his evilness, and strange though it seems was starting to find him kind of I especially liked that trial scene where they were all just standi Well I finally finished this extremely LONG book, I found it quite good up until the last quarter which dragged a bit.

I thought Eyvie and Nessa were a bit dull by contrast. The next book's about his son, yes? Goody, I hope to see him return and be re-united with poor ole Margaret, who I also liked though she also started getting a bit drippy at the end, too much hanging around with Nessa I expect.

Sep 17, Kassi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two boys swear an oath that tie them together for life. One character is strong in body, the other strong in mind. This book explores the consequences of this oath, including themes such as trust, honor, ambition, courage, strength, truth, and justice. As men there is a problem. Is a promise made in childhood strong enough to ensure both character's happiness? While Wolfskin isn't the conventional Marillier book that readers put above the rest, it is the one that has out-shined the rest for me.

W Two boys swear an oath that tie them together for life. While I can't promise it will do that for other readers, I can say that Marillier's command of words and honed storytelling will not disappoint. It might not be as amazing as Sevenwaters or The Bridei Chronicles to some, but to take the chance of passing up this gem would be a certain mistake.

While Daughter of the Forest will always be dear to me as the first book I found by her, Wolfskin will outshine it by far. A gorgeous book with a chilling end. A tale that no doubt the reader will stir thoughts and feelings years after reading it. While I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the Sevenwaters series, Wolfskin was still an excellent novel that mixed Viking lore and legend with Mariller's lyrical writing for a magical story that kept me with my nose in the book!

Mar 19, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: Eyvind lives in snowy Rogaland where the Viking warriors called Wolfskins are honored above all. Every waking minute he longs for the day when he is old enough and skilled enough with bow and sword to answer god Thor's call and become a Wolfskin himself.

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In his training, he meets Somerled, the small, strange brother of the respected chieftain Ulf, who has neither friends nor survival skills. Over a summer of fishing, hunting, and combat, they become blood brothers. And strangely, years later it Eyvind lives in snowy Rogaland where the Viking warriors called Wolfskins are honored above all.

And strangely, years later it is quiet, in-the-background Somerled who secures Eyvind's chance to earn his place as the King's right-hand Wolfskin on a risky expedition to find the mysterious Light Isles.


Unbeknown to Eyvind there will not be much need for fighting at first, and Somerled's quietness belies the cunning, ambitious man underneath. The native Folk are peaceful people willing to share their cold, untouched land, and the first treaty Ulf agrees to is peace. But soon enough and under dire circumstances the Warfather Thor will call, and Eyvind won't be so sure to answer him. Worst of all Somerled is calling in his blood-sworn loyalty against the very rare beauty Eyvind's found worth loving and fighting for.

This under-read historical novel set in Norway and the Orkney Islands by Juliet Marillier has cemented her place as one of my few beloved authors. Again, these people and places feel like they exist, the events a part of history.

Though Wolfskin builds slowly from Eyvind's boyhood to his departure on the grand Viking vessel Golden Dragon , the investment is worth the payoff. Evyind and Somerled's bond is something the reader experiences firsthand. Without it, our multifaceted understanding of Somerled's character and their relationship would not be possible. Instead of being black or white, I found it impossible to hate Somerled and rather sympathized with his plight. I also identified with simple-minded Eyvind and his conflicted honor.

Like him we all underestimate our own potential and capacity for greatness. Ignoring the tiny pain I feel in reading the last book in Marillier's backlist I can not wait to open Foxmask. So first I just wanted to randomly point out some of the surprising similarities between this book and the Marvel Thor movies. Blond, blue eyes, beefcake, lovable, main character, friends with everybody, not all that bright, tries to do the right thing most of the time but sometimes acts before he thinks, is a talented warrior, has a special named weapon, finds himself separated from his people in land of foreigners, falls for foreign woman, changes into a better person because of fo So first I just wanted to randomly point out some of the surprising similarities between this book and the Marvel Thor movies.

Those were just a few similarities I noticed, and I left out a few that I thought were too spoilery. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the characters from this book are actual Vikings. On another note, this book is absolutely fantastic. Last year I read a lot of Marillier's books and quickly discovered that she was one of my favorite authors. Then around last December I read Child of the Prophecy , and I was not only disappointed, but I still don't think I've ever read a book that has made me feel so conflicted before in my life.

Needless to say, I had taken a little break from Marillier. Last week I finally decided to read this book, and boy am I glad I did. It was amazing, and I think I loved it even more than Wildwood Dancing , although it is probably neck and neck with Daughter of the Forest , which is not only my favorite Marillier but one of my favorite books of all time. I was going to read a different book after this one originally, but there's no point in lying to myself; I'm definitely just going to end up checking out the sequel at the library next.

Feb 10, Veronica rated it it was ok.

Wolfskin Coat

Juliet Marillier writes beautiful fantasy novels and I enjoy her prose very much. This entire very long book is about a "good man" whose best friend is a rapist and a murderer, and even after the protagonist is forced to admit that, yeah, he kinda knows that his bestie did in fact rape that woman and murder that guy and this is kiiiiiinda problematic, he still loves this dude and wants to help him redeem himself and the very last scene of the book shows us that yes, even murdering r Juliet Marillier writes beautiful fantasy novels and I enjoy her prose very much.

After a certain point you have to either stop being friends with rapists or give up your "good guy" card, and the book doesn't make the protagonist do either. It's a pretty accurate depiction of the not uncommon "area man is faced with knowledge that bosom companion raped someone, chooses to bury head in sand rather than do anything about it because his buddy still treats HIM okay" scenario but it's still gross.

Sep 27, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Given the impact the Sevenwaters trilogy had on me, I expected to adore this - I wasn't really disappointed, I just didn't get as engrossed as I did with the author's previous books. I was slow getting into it at first, but it picked up for me once they reached the Light Isles and Nessa's perspective was introduced. I love the way that nature and the spirits of the earth are given such reverence in Juliet Marillier's works, and how she draws on mythology.

Perhaps the reason why I didn't enjoy th Given the impact the Sevenwaters trilogy had on me, I expected to adore this - I wasn't really disappointed, I just didn't get as engrossed as I did with the author's previous books. Perhaps the reason why I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would was because the bleakness of it - but I think that tone was appropriate given that Norse culture was a major part of the story.

It was still a stunning, compelling novel. Het is al jaren geleden dat ik boeken van Juliet Marillier heb gelezen. In het begin moest ik er even inkomen, maar daarna zat ik helemaal in het verhaal. Ik heb weer genoten van het verhaal wat op beeldende wijze wordt geschreven. De geschiedenis en de magie maken dit een betoverend mooi boek. Smaakt weer naar meer Juliet Marillier. Sep 23, Kaye rated it it was ok.

Jack Wolfskin

This was my least favorite Juliet Marillier book. The story was decent, but her prose was excessively cliche at times, and it seemed to go on and on and on. It took a long time to find its rhythm, but I stuck with it because I've loved so many of her other books.

It seems like huge chunks of unnecessary and long-winded detail could be taken out without impacting the story. This is the first time I won't be reading the second of a Marillier series. This is my first time reading Juliet Marillier, and overall I really enjoyed the experience. There was only one time that I really, really got annoyed with the story and characters, and it was close to the beginning, so I got over it pretty quickly.

The writing was just beautiful. Rooted in the story are issues o This is my first time reading Juliet Marillier, and overall I really enjoyed the experience. Rooted in the story are issues of love, loyalty, betrayal, and courage. On the whole, I loved all the characters and greatly enjoyed their story. That's quite a feat, to be able to craft a meaningful and believable story from over years ago, and Marillier is able to weave fiction and fact intricately.

Toward the end, especially, I started keeping a tally of every time a character said the phrase "Get on with it! That's how I felt, too. There's a "courtroom scene" that spans about pages and it just goes on and on and on! That's the only time in the whole book that seemed slow, but that could be contributed to the story: I'd almost rather just have a good old battle.

The ending, too, left me with conflicting feelings. While I wouldnt say that I didnt like the ending with respect to what happens to the antagonist , it's certainly not one that I would duplicate in any of my stories. I personally like a "duel of the fates" showdown, a good-vs-evil match; here, I felt like the ending was way too ambiguous, way too generous, and a bit disappointing.

If I've had to read for pages about how sadistic and evil someone is, it seems a bit out-there to expect me to suddenly be able to believe in their "hidden, innate goodness. I definitely recommend it to fans of historical fantasy: May 19, Brecht Denijs rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lovers of romance, fantasy and history. People that don't mind a bit of corny and small scale. Originally read in reread: I know this isn't the greatest book ever written but it checks a lot of mark for me and I love it dearly. It was one of the first books I started reading when first exploring the Fantasy genre the fourth in fact and it aided in anchoring my love for the genre even though this is relatively light on the Fantasy and has a good dose of History in it, which is something I also happen to like.

It's a great escapist read with good and kindhear Originally read in reread: It's a great escapist read with good and kindhearted leads that I love to read about, an interesting story, plenty of character development, a great setting and lots of romance and action. Her dialogue was a somewhat weaker point which, now that I am no longer a teenager, I was a bit more critical of. However I own a Dutch translation so it might have been the translator's fault, it's hard to tell. Speaking of teenagers, I found it hard to accept the young age of these character this time around being a lot older myself.

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Considering the time it takes place however, I'm guessing it makes sense that you're considered adult at 17 en old at 25 even. Still feels a little weird though. Also fair warning, there is quite a bit of cornyness in it, especially as I have said, in the dialogue. Luckily I have a very high corn tolerance level and it didn't spoil anything for me. Perhaps not for everyone but definitely a very great read. Highly recommended if you're into the genre and not all your Fantasy needs to be of the epic level as this is indeed a bit more small scale.

Jan 22, Sweetp-1 rated it really liked it Shelves: Marillier is near the top of my favourite authors list. I love the way she weaves fantasy and magic together and creates compelling stories that hint at fairytale and mythology. Surprisingly close to the Norwegian Coast in fact. The story begins Marillier is near the top of my favourite authors list. The story begins with Eyvind, a viking "wolfskin" which Marillier has based on the ultimate viking soldier, the beserk I NEVER knew this was where the word came from Eyvind and his Norse brothers in arms sail for unknown land and end up in the Light Isles.

I sort of took the culture of the gentle island folk to be Pictish with their reverence to the land and ancient gods - interestingly there is also a Christian monk outpost in the area, also based on true accounts of monks sea travelling 'blind' from Ireland.