The Seas of Language

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capricorn and capricorn marriage compatibility Whether on the high seas or at port, misunderstood communication can lead to serious and even dangerous situations.

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Have you ever wondered how crews on ships at sea communicate? Nowadays, crews consist of men and women from all over the world, and often, a single ship's crew comes from a number of different countries. But that was not always the case.

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Back in the s, the United States and the United Kingdom dominated ocean traffic, and 80 percent of ships' crews were native English speakers. By the end of s, however, the situation had reversed, and today, 80 percent of ship's crews do not speak English as a first language. So what happens when a ship captain needs to communicate to their crew, to another ship, or to shore?

To avoid such confusion, in a group of linguists and shipping experts created a new system of communication called Seaspeak. English was chosen as the principle lexicon for Seaspeak because it was the most common language spoken on ships at that time, and, importantly, it was also the language of civil aviation. In , the International Maritime Organization made Seaspeak the official language of the seas. Seaspeak defines the rules of how to talk on a ship's radio.

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The Religions Book DK. Power of Your Subconscious Mind Dr. When one ship is to windward of another, she is said to have the weather-gage of her. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. To avoid such confusion, in a group of linguists and shipping experts created a new system of communication called Seaspeak. Michael Dummett is a leading contemporary philosopher whose work on the logic and metaphysics of language has had a lasting influence on how these subjects are conceived and discussed. What is Mathematics About?

A ship that keeps off from the land, is said to bear off. When a ship that was to windward comes under another ship's stern, and so gives her the wind, she is said to bear under her lee, etc.

In the Sea-Language: Sailing Terms in Britannica's First Edition

There is another sense of this word, in reference to the burden of a ship; for they say a ship bears, when having too slender or lean a quarter, she will sink too deep into the water with an over light freight, and thereby can carry but a small quantity of goods. Thus they say, lace on the bonnet or shake off the bonnet.

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Michael Dummett is one of the most important and influential of contemporary philosophers; this book covers his work on metaphysics and the philosophy of. Michael Dummett. The book contains articles in metaphysics and philosophy of language written between and Dummett defends the verificationist theory of meaning, according to which in order to know the meaning of a statement one must be in possession of a procedure to.

Thus bowsing upon a tack, is haling upon a tack. Bowse away, that is, pull away all together. They are thus called, because made to pass round the breech of the gun. A ship is said to be brought to the careen, when the most of her lading being taken out, she is halled down on one side by a small vessel as low as necessary; and there kept by the weight of the ballast, ordnance, etc.

The Old Man and The Sea

Hence when a ship lies on one side when she sails, she is said to sail on the careen. The best help in this case is to let fall more anchors, or to veer out more cable; for the more cable she has out, the safer she rides. When a ship is a-hull, or a-try, they say she drives to leeward. The two uppermost parts are put over the ends of the yard-arms, and so the sail is made fast to the yard; and into the lowermost earings, the sheets and tacks are seized or bent at the clew.

The Seas of Language

A ship is said to founder, when by an extraordinary leak, or by a great sea breaking in upon her she is so filled with water, that she cannot be freed of it; so that she can neither veer nor steer, but lie like a log; and not being able to swim long, will at last sink. When one ship is to windward of another, she is said to have the weather-gage of her. They likewise call the number of feet that a vessel sinks in the water, the ship's gage: The hawser of a man of war may serve for a cable to the sheet anchor of a small ship.

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