The Folly of French Kissing: A Novel

The Folly of French Kissing
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Fifty has been on my FB newsfeed for a while and finally it is my birthday on Sunday 16th: Sigh living in a french village sounds so romantic! You are a kucky gal! Definitely one of your followers, and I'd love a copy of this book. Sounds like a fun read I'm such a sucker for anything related to France. Interesting blog, I will visit you more often. Hugs Valery Barcelona Daily Photo.

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So funny that that will be honey jr. Hello, Lovely to read your review! I wonder if you are familiar with the author Julia Stagg- she too writes fiction based on her life in France!

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Her website is http: I used to live in a little town called Vevey in Switzerland. Then moved to another side of the lake Geneva and now again I'am living in a small village next to Vevey. And your FB page as well! Oh wow, you are so wonderful! There's no romance, there's no fun, there's just basically nothing interesting happening here at all.

The Folly of French Kissing

Now, I'm actually in the process of learning French myself, so it was interesting trying my hand at translating some of the included phrases. But I eventually got bored, then frustrated, and I can't imagine how annoying this much French would be to someone completely unfamiliar with the language. It was an absolute turn off. Then, it got worse.

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The Folly of French Kissing has 25 ratings and 6 reviews. Tim said: I read this book since it was free on kindle. I expected some light chick lit with. The Folly of French Kissing has 41 ratings and 6 reviews: Published May 5th by Gibson Square, pages, Kindle Edition.

It graduated from boring to ridiculous, with Sally meeting some pretty dodgy men and being naively charmed by things that should have set off alarm bells. The fact that she gets all excited when she meets a man who 'doesn't seem able to take no for an answer' was a big disappointment. Something like that would have me running in the opposite direction, but Sally seems totally okay putting herself in risky situations all in the name of love.

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Behind their sombre faces, even the French seem furtive and some still harbour Nazi secrets. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Fit With Flash September 10, at Anna rated it it was ok Sep 06, Jenny rated it it was ok Feb 16, Verity W rated it it was ok Aug 31,

I really think there needed to be more skepticism here - everyone knows the Internet is a dodgy place but this book wants to completely overlook that. They go back to his place, have bad sex, and in the morning, this happens: Clumsy fingers were reaching between my legs, fumbling painfully around, trying to assess my body's degree of receptiveness. I tensed up, a tiny, pained sound escaping my lips. Rather than interpreting this as a signal of distress and discomfort, Rob apparently chose to hear a moan of pleasure. Without further ado, he pushed his way inside and began to make slow, mechanical movements, his hands holding my hips in a vice-like grip.

I made no reply, my whole body rigid with indignation. I couldn't call what had happened rape: I hadn't said 'no'; in fact, I hadn't protested at all. I pretty much skimmed the rest, and I'm honestly glad I did because it was a waste of time investing in this one. It was so freaking pointless, not to mention irresponsible, and then absolutely nothing happens with it. It was just such a stupid thing to include.

What should have been a lighthearted piece of fluff ended up making me furious and loathsome towards it. Avoid like the plague.

The Folly of French Kissing : Carla McKay :

Sep 07, Leah rated it did not like it Shelves: So in a bid to get herself back on the market, Sally decides to set up a dating profile on popular French dating site rendez-vous. However being a single mum to her four-year-old daughter Lila means Sally feels she limited to the men she may be able to meet. The complete dis-regard she has for herself when going out on these online dates is shocking.

She is a mother to a four-year-old daughter, Lila, yet gets so drunk she ends up having to spend the night with a man she hardly knows. She also albeit once takes drugs — which I found shocking. Again, quite childish antics from a supposed adult. At times, Sally acted like a petulant teenager when she was supposed to be a grown-up woman and I just found her incredibly annoying. The worst part for me, though, was when Sally agreed to go home with one of her online dates and spent the night.

Another thing I struggled to understand was how easily Sally fell for one of her online dates. I thought she obsessed over him something chronic and I just wished that the man in question would just ring her already! I also thought she treated Matthias shamefully. She was alleged to be head-over-heels with Jeremy but spends the night with Matthias. There was nothing at all really likeable about the book. There was no saving grace especially since the synopsis on the back hints at a possible reconciliation between Nico and Sally but nothing of the sort arose.

Although I suppose the saving grace was I finished it so quickly. Never have I seen an author write a book and use their name for a character. I thought French Kissing would be a funny tale of learning to love again after being cheated on. It was nothing like I expected. I think, for me, this is it with any Catherine Sanderson books.

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Nov 15, Laura rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Her blog is actually the first one I ever read I still read it today — I have a long-standing obsession with the idea of living in Paris… Firstly, I really like her blog — it is well wr Oh, bloody hell!! Her blog is actually the first one I ever read I still read it today — I have a long-standing obsession with the idea of living in Paris… Firstly, I really like her blog — it is well written and entertaining.

However, when I read her first book, Petite Anglaise a memoir , I was disappointed. Also, there was some kind of grammatical error that should have been picked up during editing that wound me up. The new book is about a single mum from Yorkshire who lives in Paris with her four year old daughter and looks for love online.

There are some major differences but as a regular follower of her blog I felt that the story was quite obviously recycled. The conversations felt stilted, the main character was self-righteous, the other characters lacking in any depth and how many times did she need to mention that the character was in her early thirties? One thing that I did enjoy about both of the books is the descriptions of Paris.

Sanderson really makes the city come alive with her writing I still want to live in Paris, sigh.

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Apr 27, Soph rated it it was ok. I wish I could have liked this book more. I liked the main character Sally and her friends and daughter. I enjoyed the ease of the story, but I whilst reading I realised I was getting irritated that nothing really happened and that many sentences were written in French, with no explanation in English, so I think I missed a few witty comments with this. Jun 20, Sheila rated it liked it.

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In comparison with other French chick lit novels, it was really not bad. Clearly Catherine Sanderson knows Paris well.


There is rather a lot of French, not always translated. Dec 28, Sara Just Another Story rated it liked it.

French Kissing

This reveiw was first published at: So much so that I don't know why I don't read more of it. Although this novel is set in Paris, it is British through and through and it was wonderful. Behind their sombre faces, even the French seem furtive and some still harbour Nazi secrets. There is one local expat, in particular, Gerald, a writer of some fame, who makes her shudder.

If he is really as evil as she thinks he is, his plan hatched with a local Frenchman will need to be stopped Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 28mm Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.