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Laurents - Primal Bengal Breed. Biological brother of Tanner Reynolds. Born and raised in a lab, Cabal was genetically designed to be a Primal Breed and as such, the most dominant of the Bengal Breeds in the lab, making him their protector by default. He fought helplessly to save the other members of his Bengal Breed family while the scientists conducted horrific experiments upon them over the years, including vivisection, unnecessary surgery, rape, exposure to illness and temperature, starvation, forced conception, etc.

A handsome 'specimen' with acute senses, Cabal was spared of most of the experimentation himself, instead trained in psychological warfare, including seduction techniques. When the lab he was in was being invaded by government forces determined to shut it down, the scientists realized they were done for. They tossed their entire stock of Bengal Breeds into a brutal torture chamber that spun and had razor-sharp knives all around, intending to euthanize them all but recording their reactions at the same time, to use the information as a bargaining chip in their coming trials.

Of all the Bengals, only Cabal survived. As he broke through the glass container holding him hostage, he crippled a man named Douglas Watts at the time, everyone believed Watts dead, but it later comes out that Watts had only been paralyzed by the attack and Cabal, knowing Watts had been working for the Genetics Council, had the man hidden away in a forgotten medical hospital in the Middle East to live out the rest of his miserable life.

Cabal then attacked Watts' "wife", Cassa Hawkins, a journalist sympathetic to the Breeds and helping to free this particular lab with her "husband" Cassa didn't know it at the time, but her marriage to Watts had been a sham he'd set up and faked to get close to her so he could spy on the Breeds as a result of her close reporter ties to them. During that exchange, Cabal smeared some of his blood into Cassa's mouth, accidentally kick-starting the mating heat between them.

A few years after this incident, Callan Lyons comes out to the world about the Breeds and calls for all Breeds to come to him so they can form a government and life safe at last. Cabal heeds the call and appears at Callan's encampment. There, he meets Tanner Reynolds, a fellow Bengal Breed who appears to be his exact genetic opposite their temperaments, it turns out, are also opposites, with Tanner being the charming, witty Bengal Breed and Cabal being the brooding, introspective one.

At their first meeting, Cabal and Tanner both sense in the other man their close biological connection they were two eggs taken from the same woman and fertilized by sperm from a single man, but implanted into two entirely different females from other labs to be birthed. The brothers do not admit their connection to the rest of the world, however, letting people wonder the mystery as is the Bengal Breed way.

The one thing they do seem to have in common, however, is an insatiable sexual appetite, and they don't mind sharing their women with each other. Cabal takes a place in Callan's new world as a security enforcer, sniffing out traitors who the Genetic Council has sent to infiltrate and destabilize the Breed's attempt at sovereignty.

Ten years after his escape from the labs, Cabal has moved into a key position within Jonas Wyatt's department within the new Breed government. He is put in charge of stopping a legendary Breed killer known only as 'Azrael'. Unbeknownst to him, Cassa Hawkins has been contacted by Azrael personally, and she follows Cabal to the town in Virginia where Azrael is taking his revenge on former Council members, seeking the scoop of her life.

Cabal and she run into each other, and it becomes clear that since that day ten years earlier in the lab, both he and Cassa have been in mating heat for each other. Being in such close proximity, working on the same case, makes it impossible for them to ignore the pull to be together.

Unable to stop themselves, they mate in the middle of the investigation, which makes them both vulnerable mating heat can be used against them should one be captured or killed by the enemy. Cassa, however, is angry and resentful of Cabal's 'catting around' with other women in the ten years since their split, as he'd known all along he was in mating heat while she'd suffered, unable to let anyone touch her , and she is very independent and stubborn, and won't take Cabal ordering her around. During the course of the events that unfold in Bengal's Heart , Cassa learns that her "husband", Watts, is still alive and that Cabal had known -- had been keeping Watts alive on purpose to make the man suffer for his treachery.

Then, Azrael strikes while the couple are fighting. He takes Cassa prisoner and then arranges for Watts to not only escape his imprisonment in the Middle East, but also to be given a drug that will allow his disconnected spinal nerves to fire back up again allowing full movement in exchange for the last names of the men Azrael is hunting down.

Cabal goes wild at Cassa's kidnapping. His animal side, always so careful and controlled, completely loses its cool then. Stripes appear across his face and body, his canine teeth elongate, and claws erupt from under the beds of his fingernails, outing his secret that he's a Primal Bengal Breed to the world. He rushes to rescue Cassa, and in the ensuing fire-fight, Watts is paralyzed once more, Azrael's identity becomes known but he escapes, and Cassa is shot.

Cabal finally confesses his love for her just as she goes unconscious. Days later, Cassa finally awakens, the surgery to save her life a success. Cabal is relieved, and agrees to take on less dangerous assignments, since he's now a mated male. Callan Lyons - Lion Breed.

Biologic son of Leo and Elizabeth Vanderdale his sperm, her egg combined and implanted in another woman's womb for birthing. Biological brother of Dane Vanderdale and Jonas Wyatt. Biological uncle of Gloria "Ria" Rodriguez-Warrant. Sister of Horace Engalls, sister-in-law of Mrs. Was under arrest for unknown crimes regarding the Breeds as of the beginning of Primal Kiss.

Doorman at the hotel where the Breed ball was held in Rule Breaker. Cash Winslow - Human. Worked for Brandenmore Pharmaceuticals as a security specialist. At Glen Ferris, West Virginia, he lured Patrick Wallace and his small pride into a trap that ended in many deaths, including Wallace's mate. Rumored to have been responsible over the years since Breed freedom from the labs for kidnappings of Breeds and selling them back to various pharmaceutical companies for experimentation. Wallace took his revenge years later by drowning Cash in a river. Daughter of Dane Colder. Sister of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon.

Sister of Kenton Sinclair. Long, curly black hair. Physically the twin of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon, so the two share the same features and body type, however, her genetics are mixed with Coyote and Wolf Breeds, unlike her sister. Catarina was born to an unnamed mother deceased and an unnamed father status known. As a newborn orphan at the hospital, she had been discovered and targeted by Philip Brandenmore of Brandemore Labs as a potential for his experimentation, due to the fact she had been born with a rare and fatal genetic anomaly according to Jonas Wyatt in Stygian's Honor , at two months old she'd been diagnosed with infant AIDS and given only weeks to live, but then in Bengal's Quest , Gideon Cross had said she'd been born with a "a missing gene vital to hormonal and immunity development.

Brandenmore had arranged with Cat's parents to take her into custody when she'd been just four days old, and he brought her to his labs, turning her over to Dr. The doctor made her the ward of his eleven-year old breed "apprentice", Gideon Cross. From the minute he'd held Catarina in his arms, Gideon who had already been suffering from some of the effects of feral fever had given her his heart, the Primal Bengal within him recognizing that she was his not just as part of his pride, but his in every way that mattered.

At the time, Gideon hadn't known that he'd imprinted upon Cat, however; he'd just loved her. From the start, Gideon, a brilliant child-Breed prodigy in the sciences he'd already studied and mapped the genetic code for humans by then had been brought in by Dr. Foster to come up with a therapy to save Cat's life. Recognizing the flaw in her genetic code, Gideon had helped develop a counter: The treatments, which slowly changed Cat into a Breed, continued throughout all of Cat's young life, and were incredibly painful for her to endure.

Gideon was with her though the entire process, though, holding her and soothing her after each treatment. He was given charge of the young Cat, told by Dr. Foster to raise her, and he did When Cat was approximately two years old, a young girl named Honor Christine Roberts was brought into the labs by her father and mother, who were desperate to find a cure for their daughter's rare form of leukemia it was killing her quickly, and she only had a short amount of time left.


Foster and Gideon's work on gene therapies was able to help Honor, and over the next eight years that she remained in the lab, she and Cat became good friends. When Honor was ten years old, her leukemia was finally cured and she was taken home by her parents. During those long years in the lab, Cat who referred to Gideon simply as "G" also came to love Gideon as both her alpha and her best friend.

He was her hero and her trust in him was unshakable. When she was almost twelve years old, Gideon escaped the labs, taking Cat's teddy bear with him he'd hidden memory sticks filled with Lab data on Breeds, intending on turning it over to those Breeds who had already escaped their labs around the world. Cat was adamant that Gideon had not abandoned her, believing he'd be back for her soon. Four months after his escape, the lab director, Dr. Bennett, decided she and Judd were of no longer any use to them and arranged for them to be transferred to another facility to be euthanized.

Four hours after that transfer, somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains, Cat escaped the guards who were taking her and Judd to their deaths she tore out the guard's throats, shocking Judd with her level of unexpected violence and how calm she was after the fact. Then, Gideon arrived on the scene to save them from the remaining guards, but he had been been mortally wounded in that fight. Cat knew the only way to save him was to give him a blood transfusion.

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Gideon knew, however, that Cat was his intended mate and that as a fully adult male Bengal by then, if he was to take any of her blood into his body, the mating hormone would trigger and Mating Heat would begin. He tried to get Cat to stop, without telling her too much and scaring her. In the end, he attempted to get her to hate him and walk away by telling her she'd just been his 'experiment' and he didn't love her at all.

Hearing that broke Cat's child heart in two, but she loved Gideon enough not to let him die if she could save him. She transfused their blood, not understanding what doing so would do to Gideon. He threatened to kill her then, and warned Judd to take her and run from him.

As a result of the Mating Heat taking hold of him, Gideon's insanity already well underway as a result of the horrors he'd endured in the labs and as a result of suffering Feral Fever became fully realized and he ran in the opposite direction from Cat and Judd, determined not to hurt Cat as a result of the biological impulse to mate her, despite her age.

Cat and Judd went deep underground, hiding from the Genetics Council and from Gideon, changing their identities and keeping on the run. At some point soon after, she and Judd met up with Honor Roberts again who was on the run, too, as the Genetics Council wanted her back in the labs, needing the information from her physical body regarding her miracle cure, as Gideon had destroyed all of the files about her experiments, as well as the ones done on Cat, Judd, and himself , and the three of them stayed together, hiding under the radar and pretending to be other people to escape the Genetics Council, Gideon, and anyone else looking to harm them Cat took on the alias 'Fawn Corrigan' and Judd became 'Cullen Maverick'.

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flag · See 1 question about Bengal's Heart . When Tanner's book was written, Cabal had no mate. Tanner . Cassa and Cabal are both looking for a Rogue. Unfortunately, these changes make her an outcast to other the Breed One of the older Breed females, she was in her 40's when she was rescued . Loves action and adventure (something of an adrenaline junkie and a warrior combined ). There, he meets Tanner Reynolds, a fellow Bengal Breed who appears to be his.

The three of them made it all the way to the underground Navajo railroad in Window Rock, Arizona. The railroad's purpose was to hide Breeds with Navajo genetics from the Genetics Council. The three runaways asked for help from the Navajo elders, who promised them safety and a new start this is thirteen years before the events in Bengal's Quest. Quite by accident or perhaps fate , around that same time, the granddaughter of the Navajo Chief, Claire Martinez, died in a tragic car accident, along with her best friend, Liza Johnson.

With the Genetics Council hot on "Fawn's" trail because they suspected she was Gideon's mate and they wanted to capture him by luring him out with her , the Navajo elders came up with a desperate plan: Judd would take off to distract the Council soldiers long enough for the ritual to be done.

Immediately afterwards, the girls underwent plastic surgery for their facial features to hide them more completely Cat's face was reconstructed to resemble what Claire would have looked like had she lived, and Honor to resemble Liza. As a result of the ritual, however, Cat's soul was repressed by Claire's, and she was put into a deep sleep, while Claire's consciousness controlled Cat's body.

The elaborate ruse worked, the Breed soldiers tracking Cat's Breed scent lost her trail completely when Claire was in control of the body, Cat's inner tigress was repressed and no Bengal scent marker was made , and so they returned to the Council and reported Catarina had died in a car accident ironically, that one that had actually claimed Claire Martinez's life, instead of the other way around. Through a series of encounters over a year's span, they slowly narrow down the search on Gideon and the reason he's traveled all the way to Arizona: He thinks she's old enough and knowledgeable enough now to handle Mating Heat, and so he approaches her to get it started.

She remembers Gideon's cruel words to her when last they met, and over the years, she's built up so much anger and resentment that she refuses him. Eventually, they come to an impasse, then to an understanding. They mate and fall in love, although it takes longer for her to eventually forgive him for everything that came before. Doing so causes a cascading effect: Claire Martinez's soul can no longer remain hidden inside Cat's body, and it begins to reveal all of Cat's hidden memories to her, revealing itself to her at long last. Chel, "minx" - Human.

Daughter of Terran Martinez. Sister of Isabelle Martinez-Morgan. Niece of Morningstar Martinez deceased. Niece of Raymond Martinez. Niece of Joseph Martinez. Cousin of Claire Martinez deceased. Cousin of Lawe Justice. Cousin of Rule Breaker. Cousin of Lincoln Martinez. Cousin of Megan Fields-Arness.

Former lover of two men both of whom are married and living somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. At the age of twelve, her father had put her in self-defense and firearms courses. During her teen years, whenever her cousin, Lincoln Martinez, was home on leave from his time in the U. Special Forces, he would train with her in firearms and self-defense.

She became a legal secretary at age sixteen for her father, working under his supervision in his office and under his supervision, she did clerical admin work for the Navajo Breed Underground Network as well. For several years, she continued to work for her father's office and smaller Underground Network jobs on the sly. Eventually, she quit her father's office.

She'd been working with Cullen and the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency as Cullen's clerical personal assistant in the office for four years, but she'd wanted to go back and work in either Field Ops, Command, or Logistics. Cullen, however, would not let her work such dangerous duties, claiming she wasn't qualified when, in fact, it was really because he was concerned for her safety.

She finally had enough of his blocking her career goals and resigned from the Agency. That same night, Cullen lost control of his recessed Primal instincts and bit Chelsea with a Mating Mark upon her throat. He stopped before it went too far, but the damage was done. Chelsea ran from his house and didn't look back. A week later, she intercepted a transmission and went out to the desert to check it out.

Out there, she rescued a young child, Louisa Cerves, daughter of infamous criminal cartel leader Samara Cerves a. Unfortunately, Louisa succumbed to her injuries and died. Chelsea was devastated by the news. Soon afterwards, she applied for a job for the Navajo Nation's police force, but was rejected. Then, she tried for a private policing agency, but when they'd asked for references, Cullen had refused to give them, so they wouldn't hire her. Genetics are half-Navajo Indian, half-European Caucasian. Straight, long, black hair. Brown eyes flecked with green.

A bit shorter than average height. Graeme Parker believes Chelsea has inherited some of her grandfather's psychic abilities, although she is recessed doesn't recognize them , much as her mate, Cullen, is a recessed Primal Breed. Cullen thinks her psychic ability is mental projection, because he's heard her voice in his head several times over the years. Chimera Broussard - Jaguar Breed. Sister of Saban Broussard. Sister-in-law of Natalie Ricci-Broussard.

Claire Martinez - Human. Granddaughter of Orrin Martinez. Daughter of Raymond Martinez deceased. Niece of Terran Martinez. Cousin of Isabelle Martinez-Morgan. Cousin of Chelsea Martinez. Second cousin on Raymond Martinez's side of the family of an unnamed person who works for the Navajo Nation's Health Department. When she was fifteen, while living on the Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona, she stole her father's car and she and her best friend, Liza Johnson, took it for a joyride.

They ended up having a car accident which killed both her and Liza Johnson this happened twelve years before the events in Bengal's Quest. As her body lay dying, through an ancient Navajo ritual, her soul was transfused into the body of Catarina "Cat" Graymore-Parker in an effort to hide Cat from the Genetics Council, who were hot on her trail. The transfer caused Cat's memories of her past to be repressed, and Claire's soul's will was strong enough to convinced Cat that she was Claire Martinez.

Claire's dead body was then buried with a headstone that claimed she was "Fawn Corrigan" Cat's alias to protect Cat from the Genetics Council. Claire's soul continues to reside in Cat's body alongside Cat a spirit possession , but she finally released Cat's former members and made herself known to Cat in Bengal's Quest. Cole Dagger - Wolf Breed. Enforcer working under Commander Rule Breaker. Commissioner Jenkins - Human. Supervisor of Cullen Maverick and Ranger. Creed Raines - Lion Breed. Enforcer for the Bureau of Breed Affairs. Son-in-law of Horace Engalls through his mating.

Has had many lovers, both human and Breed number and names unknown , all willing and into rough sex. Creed had been one of a few Breeds who had been spared while growing up: Also, once Breed rescues had begun world-wide, the scientists, soldiers, and trainers there had worked with the Breeds to see to their safe release and transport to Sanctuary. As a result, Creed hadn't undergone much of the same trauma as other Breeds in other labs. Once at Sanctuary, he'd decided to join Jonas Wyatt's team, and once Wyatt had transitioned from soldier to politician, Creed had gone along with him to become one of the new Bureau of Breed Affairs' Enforcer teams.

Years passed while he fulfilled that role, and for some assignments, he'd be required to change his hair color, eye color, name, etc. Creed never seemed to mind, for being a covert operator appealed to him. One day, Wyatt approached Creed about going deep undercover hiding his Breed status with clever dental covers and scent blocker medications to become Horace Engalls' chief security advisor. Creed accepted the assignment, which included bodyguard duty for Horace's reckless daughter, Kita.

The moment he met her, Creed knew Kita was his mate. He did his best not to let that interfere with his intelligence gathering for Jonas Wyatt and the Bureau, though. For a year, he infiltrated the Engall estate, learning and reporting back what he'd discovered. He'd also spent that time getting to know Kita When things reached a crisis point, where it was clear lines were going to be crossed between him and Kita, and Kita's relationship with her father became strained, Kita fled to the safety of a secret cabin in the Tennessee woods one she'd purchased under a pseudonym.

Unable to help himself, Creed followed her, and despite all his reservations and concerns, he kissed her at long last, beginning the Mating Heat To his relief, Kita wasn't disgusted by his Breed status or angry at him for his duplicity. Instead, she seemed to accept him. They made love, but Creed was careful to wear a condom so he didn't worsen the Mating Heat symptoms for her. For four days, they stayed at the cabin together, making love with condoms and talking. Kita put together everything she'd read in the tabloids and heard in rumor about Breed mating habits, and decided that Creed didn't want to mate her for life, just for the moment--hence his precautions no kissing, wearing a condom.

They fought over it, and it was then that Creed finally understood that Kita loved him back. He admitted his love for her, and mates her fully, this time without a condom and with a kiss. Cyrus Tallant - Human. General, former head of the Breed training program. Father of Scheme Tallant-Reynolds. Dane Colder - Human. Father of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon. Dane Vanderale - Lion Breed Hybrid. Biological son of Leo and Elizabeth Vanderdale his sperm and her egg were combined in a test tube and implanted into Elizabeth Vanderdale's womb. She incubated and birthed him naturally. Biological brother of Callan Lyons and Jonas Wyatt.

The first known naturally-born Hybrid Breed, born approximately forty years before Tempting the Beast. Was in love with Harmony Lancaster-Jacobs for years before her mating, and still carried a torch for her for years afterwards. Danna "Little Cat" Lacey - Human. Sheriff of Glenn Ferris, West Virginia.

Breed Freedom Society member. Former mate of Raine Wallace deceased. Former mother of an unborn child deceased. Sister of Serena Wallace deceased. After surviving being raped and brutalized by Douglas Watts and the other Deadly Dozen members, she discovered her child had died in her womb as a result of the trauma, and that her mate had been beheaded and his head taken as a trophy by her attackers.

She worked with Patrick Wallace, her brother-in-law, to exact revenge upon the Deadly Dozen. Dash Sinclair - Recessed Wolf Breed. Biologic father of Kenton Sinclair. David Banks - Human. Former FBI member pretending to harbor secret hatred for the Breeds so he could infiltrate the Deadly Dozen when they first formed. Former mayor of Wolf Mountain, Colorado. David Fields - Human. Father of Megan Fields-Arness. Former friend of Malcolm Cooley David didn't know Cooley was using him. Lives in Broken Butte, New Mexico.

Thick black hair that is peppered with gray. Customarily wears blue jeans. Dawn Daniels-Lawrence - Cougar Breed. Dayan - Cougar Breed. A secret Council operative. Was originally part of Callan's small pride, and in secret spent years whispering awful things into Dawn's ears about her time in captivity and the rapes she endured. Was eventually outed as a spy and killed by Callan Lyons. Alpha of the Coyote packs at Haven. In charge of the New Mexico Wolf labs. Mother of Hope Bainesmith-Gunnar.

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Of Irish descent, and has the accent to prove it. Devon Marshal - Human. Ex-husband of Rachel Broen-Wyatt. Biological father of Amber Diane Broen-Wyatt. Cruel and greedy man, who hates Breeds. Diane Broen-Justice - Human. Mate of Lawe Justice Lawe's Justice. A covert operative of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, she and her team infiltrated Phillip Brandenmore's private security force in an effort to bring the Genetics Council down. When Kita Claire Engalls-Raines' life was threatned by a deranged Phillip Brandenmore who had, by then, escaped Breed custody and tracked his niece down to a cabin in Tennessee , Diane was there to stop Phillip.

After Brandenmore was taken back into custody by Wyatt, Diane and her team pulled out, and were reassigned to the Gideon Cross case specifically, finding him and bringing him in for Jonas Wyatt. It was there, while on assignment in New Mexico, that she met Lawe Justice, the Breed who was to be her mate. Dog - Coyote Breed. Believed to be the most lethal Coyote ever created.

Pretends to work with the Genetics Council, and often is found finding creative ways to get around his directives by the Council to help the Breeds. Dougal Mackenzie - Human. Former Genetics Council scientist. Biological grandfather of Styx Mackenzie. Mary Katherine "Katie" O'Sullivan's fiance. Douglas - Feline Breed. He was the junior-grade soldier stationed at the Citadel who attempted three separate times to murder Anya Korbin-Delgado.

Was killed, along with seven other Advent city council members and Timothy Raines when Jax and a group of enforcer Coyotes found them and rescued Anya from them. Former Vice President of the United States. Former head of the Genetics Council.

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This is something she hopes to manage for a lot longer as she uses their feedback to help develop both her and her work. He mates her, taking her virginity roughly, as the mating heat burns through them both. I agree with most of what the other reviewers were saying. Her father had come from a well-to-do family in California, and he was an attorney himself, so Lauren had been raised with money on an estate. Ex-"husband" of Cassa Hawkins-St. The animal, however, also knew that Mercury wasn't ready for a mate, and that its mate was hiding her true self as well, and so it worked behind the scenes, from Mercury's subconscious, to act to slowly bind Ria to him. Close friends with Sherra Callahan-Tyler.

Ordered the termination of all Wolf Breeds. The Reaper - Human. Ex-"husband" of Cassa Hawkins-St. Laurents technically, he'd set up the marriage to seem real, but it hadn't been. Cassa had believed it to be, however. Traitor working with the Genetics Council to destroy the Breeds.

Member of the Deadly Dozen and responsible for the brutal deaths of nineteen of Cabal St. Laurents' blood-related family members at the Germany secret Breed facility only Cabal and four others escaped , as well as several other Breeds he'd canned hunted with the Deadly Dozen including a female Breed who was pregnant at the time; he raped her repeatedly until she and her unborn baby died.

Prideful of the fact that his family could trace its roots back to the Mayflower. His spine was severely injured in Cabal's escape from the labs, and he was held in a secret prison in the Middle East by Jonas Wyatt so he could live out the remainder of his life immobile and helpless justice for his crimes. He was briefly released from the prison by Jonas Wyatt and taken to Glen Ferris, West Virginia to try to draw out Azrael, who was after all of the Deadly Dozen members.

To accomplish this, Douglas was given a bio-mechanical chip that would allow him to walk again for a brief period of time. When Azrael kidnapped Cassa and offered to sell her to Douglas a ruse to get the man out in the open so Azrael could kill him , Cassa escaped. Douglas was injured in the fight to try to reclaim her, and he was returned to the Middle East prison, completely unable to move from the neck down.

He was a broken man after that, giving up every bit of information he knew on the Deadly Dozen and the Genetics Council, hoping Jonas Wyatt would show him mercy and end his pitiful life for him in exchange for his full cooperation. Wyatt did not kill Douglas, however, instead leaving him in the same condition as he'd been before: Scientist in the Wolf labs in Mexico. Depraved and perverted, acts superior.

Responsible for creating the aphrodisiac used on the captive Breeds to force their bodies to want to have sex, despite their mind's will. Responsible for the repeated torture of Gideon Cross. Had his heart ripped out by Gideon Cross. The Breed Maker - Human. Seemed saddened by the deaths of many of the other Breed 'subjects' in the experimental labs. Draeger - Wolf Breed. Supposedly not aligned to any pack alpha. When Ranger attempts to attack Chelsea at Cullen's house, Draeger steps in between and serves as a shield. He is asked by Cullen, eventually, to escort Ranger off his property.

Afterwards, Draeger and Cullen talk about the danger Ranger really presents. Drey Hampton - Human. Threw a cocktail party that Jonas Wyatt attended. He died in a boating accident in Window Rock, Arizona the summer before the events in Stygian's Honor. When the authorities found Dunkirk's body in the lake, they also found a bag of bones belonging to unknown people lying on the lake's bottom these were the Genetics Council soldiers who had been trailing after Catarina "Cat" Greymore, a. Elam March - Human. Elder - Coyote Breed. Mate of Morningstar Martinez.

Was killed by the Genetics Council during an experiment live dissection. Elizabeth Colder - Human. She is not the same woman as Elizabeth Colder-Sinclair; she merely shares the same first and maiden name. Wife of Dane Colder. Mother of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon. Elizabeth Colder-Sinclair - Human.

Mate of Dash Sinclair Elizabeth's Wolf. Biological and birth mother of Cassandra "Cassie" Colder-Sinclair. Biological mother of Mackenzie "Kenzie" Deacon did not give birth to her, however, as the embryo was implanted in another woman. Biological and birth mother of Kenton Sinclair. Elizabeth Vanderdale - Human. Mate of Leo Vanderdale. Biological and birth mother of Dane Vanderdale. Biological mother of Jonas Wyatt did not give birth to him, however, as the embryo was implanted in another woman. Biological mother of Callan Lyons did not give birth to him, however, as the embryo was implanted in another woman.

Prima of the African Lion Breeds. Feline Breed physician and scientist specializing in mating heat.

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Uriel, who was working with the Genetics Council as a saboteur a mind-control drug that, upon each successive dose, created in her an addiction for the drug, as well as and an inability to refuse orders by the one giving her the drugs. As a result, Ely had begun acting less rational, and more emotional.

The mood swings escalated fast; she became quick to anger, nervous and jittery, and finally became aggressively paranoid. Upon Alaiya's "suggestion", Ely began to become more and more insistent that Mercury Warrant was returning to a state of Feral Fever, and demanded more tests be run on him to confirm her theory.

When Mercury, who was undergoing Mating Heat at that time, refused Ely's tests, she began to panic, believing him a powder-keg waiting to go off. Jonas Wyatt began to suspect almost immediately that Elyiana was acting off the mark, and he confined her to her quarters after she got into a heated argument with him in front of the Breed Council and demanded they cage Mercury immediately.

When she was broken out of her confinement presumably by Alaiya , she held Mercury, Mercury's mate Ria Rodriguez, and Wyatt at gunpoint, and demanded Mercury inject a lethal serum into his arm, claiming he was suffering Feral Fever and putting them all at risk. She wanted him to put himself down for the good of the group. Fortunately, she was disarmed by Ria and Alaiya who was cunning enough to realize her plans had gone awry and that Ely was out of control, and that she needed to appear innocent of any possible involvement in Ely's erratic behavior, which had coincided with Alaiya's appearance at Sanctuary.

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Wyatt had Ely arrested before any harm could come to Mercury or his mate, thankfully, and she was put in a cell in the labs for processing. Effectively removed from duty, it took Ely a year to get the drug out of her system. She suffered PTSD and a heavy dose of guilt after she'd detoxed.

After a year, she returned to her research, but was withdrawn and quiet, not at all the woman she had been. Worse, she was determined to cut herself off from everyone, including her guard and unclaimed mate, Jackal, so she could never put any of them at risk ever again.

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Twin of Ashley Truing. One of Anya Corbin-Delgado's best friends and bodyguards. Escaped the Russian labs with Anya, her sister, and the other female Coyotes. Lives in the Citadel. Esteban Cerves - Human. Brother of Juan Cerves. Brother-in-law of Samara Cerves a. Uncle of Louisa Cerves deceased.

He is Graeme Parker's secret, sly informant inside the Cerves criminal cartel. Not exactly handsome, though, because his expression was cold and emotionless. Faith Chance-Arlington - Wolf Breed. Liaison to the Bureau of Breed Affairs. Farce - Coyote Breed. Was killed by a Feline Breed of some sort cause of death and date unknown. Fidel Sanchez - Human. Second in Command for the Cerves family's cartel business. He had been left in charge during the time after Louisa Cerves' death. He'd stated he wasn't responsible for putting out the contract of assassination on Chelsea Martinez-Maverick, but that one of his soldiers, Hector Morales, did seem to recognize the voice.

Morales was to find out who the mystery man who'd hired them was and report back to Sanchez, but he never did Morales was murdered in jail, after being arrested for taking part in the assassination attempt on Chelsea. When Sanchez found out Chelsea was a mate to a Breed soon after, however, he'd decided there was more money to be made by turning Chelsea over to the Genetics Council instead. Before he could do so, however, the mystery man who'd hired him called him up and told him to kill Morales and finish the job on Chelsea or else.

Sanchez was found out before he could make a move, however. Gabriel - Unknown Breed. A lot of painful history is brought to light and some threads are laid down for future books. The way that the supporting character, Dog, is presented makes it obvious that there is a book out there for him. One of the more amusing bits is Jonas' negative comments at the whole mating thing when we know that his book is up next Tempting the Beast 2.

The Man Within 3. Elizabeth's Wolf 4. Kiss of Heat 5. Soul Deep 6. Megan's Mark 8. Harmony's Way 9. Tanner's Scheme Wolfe's Hope in Primal Heat Jacob's Faith Aiden's Charity In a Wolf's Embrace in Beyond the Dark Dawn's Awakening A Jaguar's Kiss in Shifter Mercury's War Coyote's Mate Bengal's Heart Sep 07, Lani rated it liked it Shelves: This was really the first time I was disappointed by a Lora Leigh book.

When she first describes the killer "Death" it is completely female. She even uses the word "she" several times in each description of the revenge murders. But it turns out to be a Male breed. I even went back to the beginning chapters just to make sure I read it right. Other than that, it was the same story as her previous books. Breed and mate fight for most of the book, the human mate is kidnapped, one of them is shot, an This was really the first time I was disappointed by a Lora Leigh book. Breed and mate fight for most of the book, the human mate is kidnapped, one of them is shot, and the last few pages declare their love for one another.

Bengal's Heart

I will continue to read her Breed books, since I've been following them from "Tempting the Beast", but it would be nice if she changed it up a little bit with the story line. Jul 07, Pansy rated it did not like it. I am not sure why Ms. Leigh wrote this book. It did not make any sense. I did not connect with either Cabal or Cassa. They argued constantly and finally at the very end the connect.

It was the typical ending. I just was not happy that they got together. I enjoyed the side characters better than the lead characters. The lighthearted Cabal that I enjoyed in Tanner's Scheme was no where to be found. We first got a glimpse of Cabal in Sherra and Kane's story and I thought he was adorable. In this bo I am not sure why Ms. In this book, he was serious and always angry. The book just did nothing for me. It seemed that it was written just to put a check in the "to do" box.

I am praying "Lion's Heat" is better than this. I love Jonas and hope that she does him justice. Oct 26, Lori S. I have no problem with dark stories, which this one is, but the author keeps repeating the same theme over and over with amazing repetitiveness. There is actually very little plot or story between the overly enthusiastic scenes between the main characters in bed or anywhere else for that matter.

Characters, both main and secondary, are dull and the landscape doesn't really come through very well. I understand this series is popular and that this is the 19th book in it, but real Really bad. I understand this series is popular and that this is the 19th book in it, but really? The overall story and the things revealed to us the readers was great.

I just could not get into the couple Cabal and Cassa. To me Cassa was just to annoying I could not stand her and I just did not feel the passion with Cabal I found myself skipping their sexual encounters something I never do. I do want to know more about the primal lion Rick and his son.

May 27, Cindyg rated it it was amazing Shelves: OMG, this was so good. I tell you, Ms. Leigh writes likes no ones business. Just loved this one. It's a must read. Bengal's Heart I was really annoyed with most of this story because of Cassa's character. She was really a stubborn chick.

Sometimes I wish LL would have chosen another person I this story because Cassa's would never do ask she was asked. Her being so damn nosy as a journalist could have caused her to end up in a bad situation. I'm really giving this story a 4. I know we woman can be stubborn at times, but I guess it did not interest Bengal's Heart I was really annoyed with most of this story because of Cassa's character.

I know we woman can be stubborn at times, but I guess it did not interest me on this particular book. Mar 05, Mspink rated it really liked it. Ok, I'm a very loyal LL fan. It pains me to say anything negative about her stories, but I really had a hard time with this one. I would have given it 3 stars but added one more for the sheer love I have for her books. I will continue to be a die hard fan too.

I agree with most of what the other reviewers were saying. No need for a long recap of the story. Great plot, very suspenseful and lots of intrigue. Fantastic love scenes and sexy breed love!!! Like the mystery end of it and for the most pa Ok, I'm a very loyal LL fan. Like the mystery end of it and for the most part, the love story too.

I absolutely hated Cassa's character. I realize a large ingredient in alot of these stories is the heavy "angst" factor. So I get that. But she was a complete stubborn brat the entire story. I know it was supposedly all rooted in fear and guilt for what happened 11 years ago; but she was abysmally difficult. Constantly fighting with Cabal and constantly keeping secrets. She couldn't try to just talk to him at any point and clear things up. It all had to be a fight.

I realize the Breed males are arrogant and bossy alphas I secretly love that Although I understood him more because he had a responsibility to the Bureau and also to her protection. Its ingrained in them, they can't help it. They can't knowingly just step back and let their mates do whatever whenever and not feel extreme fear for their safety. So I got him a little more than I got her whole let-me-be-independent attitude. All she ever did was get herself in to trouble and she just kept on doing it and fighting him every step of the way. With all her background knowledge of how the Breeds are, she should have known he would behave the way he did.

She also knows that a mate can't live without the other. She was so insulted that she didn't feel she had his respect, but for her to be so lax and carefree about her own safety was sort of disrespecting him too. I started to accept her a little bit in like the last chapter when things inevitably "come together" at the end because she of course realized things a little more clearly. But what a rough ride. For example, Dawn's awakening was an extremely emotional Breed story. Lots of heartache and pain. However, the underlying emotion for both characters in the entire story was absolute and total love and passion for each other.

It was easier to handle the angst in that story knowing that it was being driven by complete adoration and obsession for each other. This one just seemed like it was one big war of wills! Yes, they loved each other but wow, they sure didn't act loving toward each other. It was a tough one. BUT, I still can't get enough of this series.

I can't wait for Jonas' story next year finally!!! We got a tiny little mention of that in this story. I can't even imagine how that Mating will go down!!! Keep 'em coming, however maybe just make them like each other a little more throughout the story Mar 22, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: Cassa Hawkins is a reporter who is trying to make amends for a terrible error in judgment eleven years ago. Back then she was married to an abusive guy who used her to destroy the Bengal tiger breed. It was thought the only survivor was Cabal St. Laurents who told her on the day of the massacre that he owned her and one day she would pay.

So for 11 years Cassa has been living with the guilt and trying to support the breeds with positive public relations and telling the truth. The problem is on t Cassa Hawkins is a reporter who is trying to make amends for a terrible error in judgment eleven years ago. The problem is on that fateful day Cassa and Cabal became mates.

They both try to ignore it each going their own way and avoiding one another. Now the time for running has come to an end, a rougue breed is killing people and for some reason Cassa finds herself in the middle of the game without understanding the stakes. Let me begin by saying that I did enjoy this book. What seemed weird was the Cabal from Tanners Scheme seemed different in this novel. I also think the plot where a couple has been mates for years and years and ignores one another is getting old.

Cassa also was tiresome with her I must investigate this story to help the breeds. I guess this speaks to the part that is a bit disjointed for me, you have been jealous for over a decade and now is the first time you have something to say?? Another issue was in Tanners Scheme I thought it was stated rather clearly that Cabal did not have a mate and this is why he was such a playboy but now he screams he will kill anyone who touched Cassa but he left her alone and touched other women for a decade??

This does not make sense. Where is the conversation, laughter, intimacy?? Also why not more of Tanner?? Or even the other breed wives?? Moving on I liked the introduction to the new characters. This book dealt more with past vendettas so I am curious about what is going on with the council. There were some other curious hints about Rule and Lawe nice to see them back and of course we are leading into the story of Jonas which I am super excited about. Apr 07, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: Another one I never reviewed.

Let's face it, the Breeds books are nearing end of life, at least for me. What was once an exciting concept with some titillating nuances and scorching sex This is Cabal's story. Cabal is a Bengal Breed, Tanner's twin. Since I especially enjoyed Tanner's Scheme, I thought maybe this would be another good one. But I couldn't identify very well with Cabal, and definitely did not find Cassa sympathetic. The suspense element of the plot was Another one I never reviewed.

The suspense element of the plot was just OK. The only thing that I found interesting in this book was the introduction of a new class of Breeds - the "Primal" Breeds, who can outrun, outsniff, and, well, outBreed the other Breeds I guess you could say. I thought it was interesting, but I also thought it smacked of desperation - even Leigh is looking for ways to keep this series alive! Additionally, it seems like a device - similar to the hopped up future jeeps and laser guns in Megan's Mark - trying to breathe new life and mix things up a little.

Since this book was released, there have been two other full length Breed novels - Lion's Heat and Styx's Storm, and neither of those spends any time on the "Primals" or many laser guns for that matter , reinforcing the idea that it was just a device. Like I said though, that was the most interesting element of the book. But I am past the point where I need to read the same book over and over again. She has lost my interest on the overall plot of the Breeds arc and until I see that she's doing something meaningful with the overall story, I will probably take or leave these Breeds books.

I can just go back and re-read the better ones if I feel the need! Aug 04, marlene rated it really liked it. A new type of breed was also brought to light. Dec 08, Renee Reneem1 rated it liked it Shelves: Cassa was 2 stars His "reveal of new breed characteristics" was an exciting new change to this series.

I liked set up w her husband using her to betray the breeds. But Cabal being near here but away from here for 10 yrs, even when we knew she was his mate They kept talking about Death the killer. Make me want his story more. I did get a little confused at some point I did wish this story had been more about Cabal's struggle He could have been a good "Zsadist-ish" character. I liked the ending to this book.

Though there were thinkg left unsolved from 2ndary story line. Mar 02, twinfish2 rated it did not like it Shelves: I really disliked this book. It took me two weeks to finish! It took me so long because I kept trying to rewrite this book in my head everytime I sat down to read it. There were so many different ways she could have gone with this book. Her female characters are becoming very weak. I mean come on she hung around 11 years watching her mate screw around with lots of other women and never tried to get a life of her own or even date other men?

And he never seemed to care that he hurt her even though I really disliked this book. And he never seemed to care that he hurt her even though she constantly brings up the fact that watching him with these women did hurt her, he really never addresses this issue. Originally published in on the 2nd of August, it was to be the novel that set-up a whole different world for her readers. Still with her somewhat raunchy tone, Leigh manages to do what she does best, offering the entertainment her readers have come to expect now.

That is when Cambria Flannigan steps into the picture, and this is someone that he never wanted to hurt. Will she learn the truth behind who is causing these deaths? What will become of them all as they look to uncover the midnight sins? If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Scott Bolton is an indie author who after 14 years away, returned to his H.

Scott Bolton has a lot of plans for new books this year and the first book in the H. Fist series is free on the Kindle. Give it a Try. Lora Leigh Books In Order. Mitch Rapp is back!