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10 Books To Read for New Parents!!!
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These books focus on the living habits and demands of toddlers and best measures to handle such situations:.

This book comprises of common problems faced when being a parent and shares some of best ways to handle them. Gopika Kapoor is herself a mother of twins. In this book, she aptly tells about the tips on parenting young children. This book will surely satisfy you as it contains most of the real life situations and how a mother can get a good hand solving them. A famous book most of us have heard of. Relations among siblings are sweet and sour, that is we love them and at times, we fight with them, but we cannot live without them.

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The Indian Parenting Book [Meenal Pandya] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For Indian parents juggling two careers and two cultures. THE INDIAN PARENTING BOOK [MEENAL PANDYA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This is what the book describes about, which makes us feel necessary to have a look at this book at least once. This book describes how parents can follow methods which help their children live together with out any sort of rivalry. Children are good observers.

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They will try to copy your habits as a part of fun. It is a must read for both the father and mother of young babies. Spock is known for his revolutionizing works in child care and development, and this edition has been designed to cater to the needs of parents in and around the Indian subcontinent.

Always had a question ….. Wish it was around when my kids were troublesome. This book is amazing.

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It has brought me to think so fundamentally about how I parent and what our actions really say to our children. I am so inspired by the ideas Kohn puts out there in this book. I can see how I want to manifest unconditional love in my family, through my own actions and intentions with my child. He is truly a gem with so much to share. I think everyone, parent or not, should be asking these questions of themselves according to the kind of world they have a part in creating.

The Indian Parenting Book

This is a book every parent should read, seriously. I already practice lots of the parenting principles the book is inline with and have read a lot of primary literature on this relevant topic in my own research but still, I learned something new and it was very reassuring. We really just need to relax and give our children a healthy environment full of healthy choices and they will take care of it themselves.

We really need to trust our own physiology — I cannot stress this enough in any aspect of modern parenting.

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This book is super fun and easy to read too, I find myself trying not to laugh aloud with my baby sleeping in my arms. If you find it difficult to communicate with your child. I was in a dilemma when my toddler started growing up and throwing tantrums. It was difficult to talk to him and make him understand things.

This is an insightful, well researched, well thought out guide to healing yourself so that you can be the best possible parent to your child.

If you are looking to break bad cycles in your family line, this book is especially for you.