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Communist party officials said tbe forthcoming central committee meeting was unlikely to heal the growing riff between Mr Grosz and Mr Pozsgay, whose values are closer to those of social democ- racy. In a poll taken among uni- versity students last Novem- ber, Mr Pozsgay came out well ahead of Mr Grosz in political leadership ability and in per- sonal popularity. His standing among ordinary Hungarians is also the highest of any politi- cian.

The dilemma for Mr Grosz is that, while openly criticising Mr Pozsgay for his political views, he cannot afford a run- ning conflict with him without risking a further erosion in his own popularity. If you - think itfe impossible to keep crime out of blocks of flats, building anew or refurbishing. It has three tower blocks. Until last year, all were fair game for burglars, muggers and vandals. The tower nearest the main road got the worst of it. Tb help sort out what needs to be done, talk to your landlord or council and the police about your ideas.

For more information about how to crack crime, telephone or Then they employed a door porter with a video monitor send this coupon for your free copy of the full colour Crime Prevention system. It contains over ideas on how to help protect your The thieves and v and a l s disappeared literally overnight from famify your property and your community. So this system is now being extended to protect another block on the same estate, much to tire relief of everyone living there.

A door entry scheme, controlled by a receptionist or a door porteij is just one way of tackling crime. Much can be done to rectify, the mistakes of the past as well as to avoid them when For your free copy send this coupon to: The move to appoint Mr Japie Jacobs, a deputy gover- nor as co-ordinator of the banking supervision and exchange control departments and appoint nine new inspec- tors in the foreign exchange department aims to prevent a recurrence of violations revealed by the Harms Com- mission report into corruption in the Ciskei and Transkei homelands.

Further investigation by the commission found that Mr Ver- maas, a man with close per- sonal connections with senior government, military and Reserve Bank officials, had imported aircraft, spares and other equipment at grossly inflated invoice prices using funds imported via the Finan- cial Rand. South Africa reintroduced the two-tier rand system in September in the wake of the withdrawal of several for- eign banks. The Vermaas affair is one of a series of alleged corruption cases which have surfaced in recent months leading to the resignation of ministers, MPs and senior officials.

Corruption has now become a big political issue and the Government faced attacks on the issue from both left and right when parlia- ment opened this week. Pretoria has closely followed the recent evolution of Soviet diplomacy in Africa. In future, Mr Botha suggested, Moscow could play a similar diplomatic role, together with the US, in help- ing to bring peace and stability to war-torn Mozambique.

He had already suggested US par- ticipation in such a venture in a letter which he asked Mr George Shultz, the former US Secretary of State, to pass on to the new administration, he added. He confirmed again Pre- toria's commitment to Nami- bian independence. One of the key elements in the Namibian independence process, he added, was international insis- tence that the parties in the forthcoming elections, includ- ing Swapo, were obliged to abandon violence.

The gathering will be a stare consultative assembly. This is important because it means that its deliberations will be strictly tied to Islamic doctrine. The shura is a uniquely Islamic institution. Its members are elders of the religious co mmunit y and Its purpose as an advisory and consultative body is carried out within a religious frame- work. Leaders of the resistance to the Soviet occupation could have called an entirely differ- ent kind of meeting, a jirga council which Is uniquely Afghan. It is traditionally secu- lar but both religious and com- munal elders can take part It can be called at any level - village, tribal, provincial or national - and is the tradi- tional forum for settling dis- putes.

All adult male members of the relevant community can attend and vote, although they usually consult before voting with their families, within which women wield consider- able influence. For issues of great national importance a Lot Jirga Great Council ca n he called. In these the local and tribal lead- ers — maliks and khans — usu- ally represent their constituen- cies.

This is a war fought specifically in defence of Islam against its enemies. As the Soviet Union and the Communist regime it supported in Kabul had active policies against religion, the resistance to it was a veal jihad and the resistance fighters true warriors of Islam or Muja hi- deen. The leaders of the various resistance groups are all Mos- lem. The alliance of seven based in the Pakistani border town of Peshawar are Sunni Moslems, some fundamentalist, some moderate. The Sunnis axe the majority sect in both.

The eight groups based in Tran are Shia Moslems, mainly from western Afghanistan, who unlike the Sunnis have a tradition of hierarchical and authoritarian religio-political leadership. Having won their jihad, beaten the great Soviet super- power into a humiliating mili- tary retreat, the religious lead- ers are not about to l is ten to secular voices.

So a shun it will be on Fri- day. But it is proving extremely difficult to organise and has been delayed at least five times, ft started out as a Having won their jihad, beaten the great Soviet superpower into a humiliating militar y retreat, the religious leaders are not about - to listen to secular voices proposal to include just 60 members. At , the proposal is that each of the seven Sunni resis- tance groups based in Pakistan sends 60 representatives, the eight Shia gro u ps based in Iran send W each.

Hardly any field command- ers, the real Afghan force now, are planning to attend, so the meeting will not be representa- tive of present realities within Afghanistan. Mosl ems; he is not a member of the PUPA.

This refusal to involve the ; Kabul reg ime in talks about the future of government has blocked a political compromise. The sAura is supposed to. Its chances of success are not good. First the rules of the sAura will be decided by tie sAura itself. At tbe moment the -Pakistan-based alliance of seven is joint chairman: As at least two of the seven have said they will not accept a Shia representative ft is difficult to see how anybody is going to be able to speak at all. But they may m ud d le through. If- they do they must tferiifa on a government Some - w ant, the interi m government which was thrown together for..

If each of members limited himself uncharacteristically to only 15 minutes of speaking the sAura would last more than five days without break. Diplomats at the UN said it was not dear whether the two ministers would meet face to face for the first time since their direct talks in Geneva adjourned on November U. Iraq Is understood to have been angered by apparently deliberate Uranian flooding of marshy areas in the south, aimed at preventing Iraqi movement on its side of the harder.

Attempts last year to arrange a comprehensive POW. Ba ghdad, complaining that it is unable to enjoy the fruits of the -ceasefire because its sole outlet to the sea remains blocked, has made further progress in the peace talks, con- diti onal on Ir anian agreement to the dredging of the water- way. Apparently referring to this Issue. These arrangements might also include measures to assist the rehabilitation of border towns. Diplomats, however, say Western notions are resigned: The soldiers will pull out by sea from the northern port of Kankensantarai.

The move follows a request by President Banaringhe Pro- madasa. India sent troops to Sri Lanka in July to oversee an arms surrender by Tamil rebels fighting for an indepen- dent homeland. Brig Gen Fredy Zach, deputy head of the Civil Adramistxar' tion for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, said that over the past two weeks hundreds of Palestinian trucks had crossed the Allenby Bridge into Jordan carrying citrus and olive ofl.

The near total closure of the Jordanian market to these important local products, along with temporary restrictions on transit rights to other Arab countries, imposed consider- able strain cm the economy of the occupied territories, already suffering from the- effects of the month-old uprising. Civil Administration officials had earlier promised to try to ease the problem caused by the glut of olive ofl in the West Bank. Arguing that it should be a privilege to work In Israel, they say the Shamir Govern- ment cannot afford "a deluxe i n tifada.

Mr Aqaino said he continued to collect kickbacks for , Mr. Marcos from other, undisclosed 'Japanese businessmen until but gave; no, details- of those transac tions. Hits ui , and C, Boh. Kong branch of the Swiss Bank Corporation, of Fribourg. He said that whenever be received commissions, he delivered them. The US holds the largest share of vot- ing power, Officials claim the trends show a marked im provement in the foreign investment din mtg i n toe c oun try and a growing eager- ness fry- -foreign.

However, foreign investment is still tiny compared to total investment in India. The Gov- ernment's policy continues to be selective and foreign compa- nies are not normally allowed to own more than 40 pe r cent of the equity in ventures with Indian partners; While the emphasis contin- ues. The US continues to lead for- eign investment in India with companies investing a total of Rsm in compared to Rsm in , a three-fold rise.

US companies entered into agreements with Indian counterparts of which involved transfer of tech- nology and 57 equity participa- tion. Since , US companies have signed a total of 1, agreements for technological collaboration and involving equity participation. West Germany comes next with 1, agreements since of which were signed in Of these, were tor transfer of technology and 47 for financial participation.

Total West German investment in was RsSlfen. The country feces- rapidly increasing unemployment, with about Lm people, about 25 per cent of the workforce, out of work. The number of sec- ondary school-leavers coming on to the labour market has jumped from less than 30, five years ago to , in By the early s, the' figure will be averaging , annuall y.

Since independence in April economic growth has only just kept ahead of the rate of population growth, resulting in little improvement in living standards. Average real wages today are no higher than Sluggish growth is explained partly by four seasons of drought which left farm output in some 25 per cent below peak levels, by weak metal prices in world markets until mid and by an acute shortage of foreign exchange. The combination of stagnat- ing exports and the' bunching of foreign debt repayments during the the past two years necessitated severe reductions in imports, which are currently running one third below their levels.

But this momentum cannot be maintained given the tight, if slowly-improving, foreign exchange situation and depressed investment levels. In the first half of the s Zim- babwe was investing about 20 per cent of GDP, but In recent years this has slumped to 15 per cent Economists say the country must invest a mini- mum of 25 per cent If it is to achieve its development plan growth target of 5 per cent annual growth.

Mr Chidzero Is due to announce major new plans to boost both domestic and for- rign investment, including the revision erf the country's unim- pressive and unattractive investment guidelines and a register of key projects for which the government Is seek- ing investor support - The guidelines must be xrn veiled before the conference in May being hosted by the Confederation of British Indus- try in London aimed at foster- ing new foreign investment in Zimbabwe.

The guidelines are likely to be dominated by improved incentives for foreign inves- tors. Moves to attract foreign investment may be problem- atic. Earlier this mnnth, tbe authorities moved to staunch the flow of disinvestment by requiring foreigners to sell their assets at cuscoimts up to 90 per cent of net' asset value, if they wished to qualify for' accelerated remfttabflity-af-the proceeds. While these harsh new disin- vestment rules are expected to have negative repercussions abroad.

Domestic investors are bring deterred by a barrage of gov- ernment policies ranging from tight price controls, high cor- porate taxes, punitive personal. Economists stress that there can be nostra- tained upturn in private sector investment while the public sector is draining a high pro-. This ia a hot potato paffif.

For the Mugabe government which. AP A reporta from. The organisa- tion uses a quota system to keep coffTO prices stable. Und er the system, a coffee Producer must not exceed its art quota to any ICO consumer nation. They need a company that can offer long- term business. Today our systems are helping companies throughout the world become more efficient, governments more able to deal with national needs and public authorities better equipped to satisfy regional requirements. The currency took an imme- diate nosedive of 20 per cent on the unofficial exchange mar- kets. After a surprise one-day bank holiday on Monday Mr Juan Sourrouille.

Economy Minis ter, announced a series of devaluations and exchange rate changes. The Belfast company said yesterday a contract had been signed with the Kuwait Minis- try of Defence to supply an undisclosed number of Tucano trainers. The first export co n tract for the aircraft was awarded by an African nation, believed to be Kenya, six months ago.

The RAF contract and the two export contracts will ensure production of the Tucano at Belfast until Short Bros is still planning to form an Internationa] part- nership to produce the pro- posed Shorts FJX twin-engined short-haul airliner. This success with the Tucano will help ensure con- tinuing work on the production of complete aircraft over the period up to the launch of the FJX over the next few years. Klelnwort Benson, the mer- chant bank adviser to the Gov- ernment on the privatisation of Short Bros, is preparing a list of companies it believes have a serious interest in buying the company.

The companies are expected to receive detailed confidential information on Short Bros over the next few weeks. David White, Defence Corre- spondent, adds: Although nei- ther Kuwait nor Short Brothers would disclose the size or value of the purchase, the number of Tucano aircraft is known to be in double fig- ures. The basic trainer aircraft is being made under licence from Embraer of Brazil Kuwait already has a squad- ron of 12 British Hawk advanced trainers, made by British Aerospace.

These air- craft, which also have a ground attack capability, have been in service in Kuwait since 1S The other two rates will remain under the control of the central bank, with the com- mercial rate starting at The so-called special rate will be pegged at 25 per cent above the commercial. A key measure of this latest manoeuvre ends central bank intervention in the unofficial currency market. The Government then used the pegged but theoretically unofficial exchange rate as a marker by which to set other exchange rates it avowedly retained control over.

Despite suggestions that the bank holiday would last 48 hours, hectic trading of cur- rency started early yesterday when banks reopened. The unofficial austral rate soared to 22 against 31, against The changes follow pressure from industrialists who argued that the austral had become as much as 30 per cent overval- ued. They have also been hit by interest rates rising to a monthly 20 per cent last week. The outcome could have a crucial bearing on the success of next week's s ummi t in San Salvador of the leaders of the region's countries.

Heads of state are scheduled to gather on February 14 amid consider- able differences as to what security arrangements they want the UN to sponsor. Mr Perez de Cuellar was informed of the general accord in a letter spelling out the divergent views of Costa Rica. Only Guatemala entered no reservation or elaboration, according to diplomats.

The Secretary-General replied that they would have to come to a dear agreement on the mandate for any force. He also insisted that any multilat- eral supervisory force under UN auspices would have to be military in nature. THE US yesterday strongly criticised Israel for increased human rights violations in a report likely to strain already bruised relations between the two countries. The strongly worded criti- cism is significant in that it comes in a formal report and follows differences between the two countries after the opening of talks between US officials and representatives of the Pal- estine Liberation Organisation.

The State Department said it would look into the charges which Israel maintains show the PLO has not renounced terrorism. The report notes that most of the estimated Palestinians killed in in the uprising died as a result of Israeli forces using high velocity, standard service bullets during incidents involving stones, firebombs or escapes by suspects. The campaign has been overshad- owed by the threat of party political violence which has been common to Jamaican elections for the past 25 years. Eight people have been kilted and several injured during the campaign. Mr Seaga has twice accused the PNP of being behind the violence.

He said it was insti- gating disorder to influence the vote in marginal constitu- encies. But the charges have been rejected by Mr Manley. Mr Manley has argued that growth has been achieved at the expense of social services, with public health, mwi welfare' services being reduced. T HE old myth that tire successes of Paraguay's economy are built on lucrative smuggling is of ht ff e consolation to those in the know in the new government of General Andres Rodriguez.

But it is not what is keeping Paraguay afloat Economists believe that in reality more funds are flowing in the oppo- site direction, not least to pay Brazilian car thieves for sup- plying vehicles which now mahg up at least one-third of the entire Paraguayan fleet Smuggling aside, it is the official economy - largely based on cotton and soya - which has proved an impres- sive example to Paraguay's inflation-racked neighbours, with price rises averaging until recently only 10 per cent a year.

Between and , growth increased by over 4 per cent annually. This accelerated to more than 8 per cent until as the vast investments of the Itaipu hydro-electric dam project, largely financed by Br azil, fed through into other sectors. But now, with Itaipu nearly complete, the down-side of a political system oiled by patronage and jobs for the boys is leading the country towards a economic crisis. Mr Argana funds dried up, he proved ner- vous about adopting the severe free market mea sur es tire econ- omy needed. It would have been political suicide.

Germanic prudence; Paraguay fa now recording a large fiscal deficit. When flag feeds th r ou gh to other sectors of tire economy, the outcome should be an impressive 4 per cent growth in GDP.

But there the good news sids because the haemor- rhaging public sector Is seri- ously sapping the economy. To private business tire most worrying figure is that of for- eign exchange reserves. A decade -ago they- stood at. Sales of its luxury car, called the Sterling in the US, had faded to a faint blip on the charts - vehicles in December - amid criticism about its quality, repair and parts service and marketing. Rover's reputation was unrav- elling fast less than two years after the UK group - for- merly part of British Leyfand - returned to the US market Sterling was bottom but for Yugo on the consumer sat- isfaction index compiled by J.

Mr Morris hit the road again this week, accompanied by senior executives from Britain, to deliver the message that the company was fixing its US Rover's second US pitch is scheduled for later this month in Phoenix, Arizona. It will launch improved models, including a hatchback, which it hopes will rebuild its Ameri- can credibility. Since better sentiment takes a while to show up in Power surveys. Rover is not expecting a quick rise in its standing.

He said succeeding in the US, the most competitive and demanding market in the world, was vital because of tire feedback It gave. Rover, for example, has already incorpo- rated in cars sold in Europe some improvements made to US models. Rover acknowledges now it was a mistake to try to re-enter the US via such a joint venture. These include long-unreliable parts such as Instruments. Dealers tell of customers who have gone through six or seven speedometers.

The models to be launched in Phoenix have big- ger engines and new electronic controls for their automatic gearboxes to address persistent complaints about rough gear changes and lack of power; The standard of interior fin- ish of cars coming out' of Rover's Cowley plant in the Midlands, another big source of US complaints, began to Sara: Ward's A lot of problems arose from the old arrangement.

Sonata in F major - K506/P409/L70 Sheet Music by Domenico Scarlatti

Dealers were unhappy, for example, about having to pay to send mechanics to Miami for train- ing and about the inferior parts department there. Rover declined to say how touch it would cost to pick np virtually the foil bill for interest payments on car loans made dining the promotion. The new- marketing approach will be put to a stiff test soon with the launch of a sporty five-door hatchback, the SLL Conventional wisdom in the US market says there is little demand foYhatchbackSv Getting tiie cat and service right might turn out to be the easy part of finally establish- ing Sterling in tire US.

Promo- ting a new name fa. But because of the huge back- log of unsold cars in tire US better cars are only just com- ing through to showrooms. With tiie field growing ever more competitive Stexfing runs a big risk of being lostm US set to block Gatt patents findings By William Dullforeo in Geneva Britain leads drive to ease Cocom export restrictions THE US wfll oppose today in the council of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Gatt adoption of a report by a disputes panel which has ruled that it dis- criminates against foreign companies in handling patent infringement cases.

EC reaction to tills proposal has so far been negative and the scene appears to be set for yet another major US-EC con- frontation on a trade issue. The panel ruled in November in favour of an EC complaint that US procedures in enforc- ing private intellectual prop- erty rights under section of the Tariff Act subsumed into the new Trade Bill treated imported goods differently from domestic goods and were inconsistent with the Gatt. Zn its note to the EC coun- tries. Such laws clearly accorded importing patent owners less favourable treatment than patent owners manufacturing domestically, the US argued.

Moreover, the panel report did not recognise differences in political and legal s ystems. Nor did It reflect policy consider- ations that might be a p rimary reason for adopting measures or procedures that had an Indi- rect effect on imports, the US note said. Mr ; James Baker,. US Secre- tary of State, has indicated he is unwilling to relax the sanc- tions immediately. In an inter- view With Time magazine this week, Mr Baker suggested that future Soviet concessions be- yond its Afghan withdraw- al - may be required. Modifications to the consti- tution are intended to prevent a president serving two con- secutive terms.

Bat few commen- tators held oat any hope tef a party other than Colorado wBmfag tire elections. Nearly all tiie debt fa hem by tire public sefctor. For the private sector, the most infuriating aspect of the late Stroessner years' was the re g ime's growing refusal to acknowledge its responsibility feu- the outlook of stagnation. The dictator would neither cut expenditure nor take fiscal measures to reduce the deficit - - Above all, what the private sector wants is a substantial adjustment to foreign exchange rules which, in effect, impose a tax on busi- ness by paying only guara- nies to the dollar for exporters but allowing a Gs 1, rate to government enterprises.

It falle n to Mr Enzo Debernardi, the new Finance Minister and a national hero for his contribution to the Itaipu project, to rebuild bridges with the private sector. But in the end, if tire cure is to end the bad old spendthrift habits learnt over three decades of unaccountable government, no amount of con- traband Scotch is going to drown the pain.

The events have been a defeat for a well-intentioned but mishandled attempt to avoid Congress being seen to fix its own pay fay shunting off tiie issue to a bipartisan com- mission whose recommenda- tions would then take effect without a vote against by both houses of Congress. The Senate duly voted against the rise by 95 to 5 fa the somewhat hypo- r-ritinai expectation that the critical expectation that the House would not One result is temporarily to halt the ban on outside speak- ing fees and other payments to Congressmen also proposed.

This will benefit prominent members of Congress and not the more obscure and often neediest trying to maintain homes in both Washing ton and their local districts. Politically, the events have I discredited Congress, and par- ticularly the Democrat leader- ship under Mr Jim Wright, the Speaker of tire House, who has been accused of misreading the: European Community officials will press to have the duties declared fa violation of international trade rules at a meeting of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade fa Geneva.

A flurry of visits by US and EC officials are scheduled fa tire coming weeks, giving both sides a fresh chance to resolve the dispute. Tte dispute started on Janu- ary l when the Europeans imposed a ban on imports of rorat from cattle treated with growtn hormones. Gatt oflMals said the issue coold be referred to a three- member panel for study.

Because its advanced aerodynamic design and fuel-efficient engines provide profitability on long non-stop routes. But after a meeting yester- day between Mr Michael Howard. The industry' leaders contin- ued to insist that a high rise in charges was necessary to meet the challenge of the new regu- lations that will accompany the privatisation of the bulk of the industry, and to fund a big capital spending programme.

Mr Howard is believed to have made no secret of his anger yesterday. He now intends to summon the chairmen of any companies that continue to insist on imposing price rises of more than io per cent This is the average figure the Government has instructed the 10 water authorities to charge, despite their wish for higher charges to fund heavy- investment pro- grammes. The attitude of the statutory companies, who are already in the private sector and con- trolled by a strict financial regime, is deeply embarrassing to the Government, as the main reason given for the big increases is the introduction of new regulatory powers for the whole industry-.

Environ- ment Secretary, and Mr Howard, have always insisted that privatisation cannot be held responsible for price increases. The association's announce- ment on Sunday of such big rises has delighted the Opposi- tion. He said their proposals could not be justified, and that there was no basis for the suggestion that the increases were related to the privatisation proposals. Mr Howard argued that there might be alternative ways of preparing the compa- nies for the new regulatory framework that privatisation will bring, and it was agreed to hold further talks.

The Gov ernmen t's difficulty is that because the companies are already in the private sec- tor. They can only cajole a pd persuade. Another embarrassment is that the West Kent company, which is proposing to put prices up by 42 par cent, has already discussed the proposal with Environment Department officials, who raised no objec- tions. The group of Tory MPs on the standing committee debat- ing the Water Bill held an angry meeting at the House of Commons yesterday denounc- ing the proposed water com- pany price rises. In a note describing the sys- tem, British Gas says that in view of the recommendations of a recent Monopolies and Mergers Commission report: Compa- nies in each class will be offered a menu of contract options.

They will be able to choose between one or two-year con- tracts with three options for price movements during the contract period. The document gives no details of the prices to be attached to this structure. These are expected to be pub- lished in early March. Under the new system, which follows a change in its licence agreed with the Office of Gas Supply, the Govern- ment-appointed industry regu- lator, British Gas most end the special deals it offers to large customers with alternative fuel supplies or a pattern of con- sumption favourable to the cor- poration.

Any such discounts must in future be published and offered to a defined class of similar customers. If the corporation wants to avoid losing those customers which can burn relatively cheap oil. It may decide, however, to sacrifice some of its business in the interest of maintainin g price levels. Although the structure of tariffs must be agreed with the Office of Gas Supply, British Gas can set and vary industrial prices within the structure.

The new system does not apply to domestic customers. In addition to its role as importer and distributor of Nissan cars and commercial vehicles, Nissan UK owns a substantial part of the sales network. In the full year toe com- pany increased its UK car sales by Mr Weeks said the commit- tee did not want to give plan- ning parmiasinn far something that would never be built.

Westminster City Council gave outline planning permission in June for the Royal Opera House redevelopment, involv- ing the demolition of buildings, and the construction of offices to pay for the renovation of the Opera House itself. The Royal Opera House said yesterday that it stood by its scheme. Recognition allows foreign funds to be advertised and marketed in the UK in the samp way as domes- tic unit trusts. The move, which is? Mr Clarke's ideas about examining. By purchasing more drugs from such nations - assuming manufacturing standards in these countries were tightly controlled - Britain's overall spending on pharmaceuticals could be reduced.

These other measures, which include efforts to encourage general practitioners to pre- scribe more generic drugs as substitutes for more expensive branded products, were out- lined in the Government's review of the health service published last week. Those companies argue t hat 'the comparatively high UK drug prices are necessary to encourage them to maintain Mgh levels of investme nt in UK-based research and maxm- foctaring.

The Asso ciation of the Brit- ish Pharmaceutical Industry, -. Other ideas being considered by Mr Clarke include making more use of comparative infor- mation about the manufactur- ing costs and prices of drugs in different EC countries which the European Commission in Brussels is in the process of collecting in the run-up to Health Department offidals who negotiate drag purchases with UK-based pharmaceutical groups could use such data to ensure that prices charged for medicines in the UK are broadly comparable with those levied in other countries.

Mr Clarke is also believed to want to see greater moves by the European drugs industry as a whole to cut its own research and production costs. Some of these savings, which CTuld be wi aito through drug companies reducing the num- ber of separate plants and labo- ratories which they operate in different European nations, could be passed on to the gov- ernment health authorities.

In Europe, these are the main customers for pharma- ceuticals. This framework, called the Pharmaceutical Price Regula- tion Scheme, was last negoti- ated in and is due to expire in Simply complete the coupon and endose your cheque. Bonk of SeaSond Proprietor? Copws erf Itw Amvd Report and Account!

Jcrioy or froru Bonk of Soodontt Hood Office. Should the cheque not be drawn on your own Bank Account, please give details of your bankers. The problem was exactly that, too few words. This meant speed of all the information through the various departments rapidly decreased. Century Oils were speechless. So how did we help their communications team turn what were silent terminals into little chatterboxes? The T-NET local area network. This enabled Century Oils to keep all their existing terminals without having to totally rely on the central database.

And no other company had the facility to offer a complete package from design and software to installation and training. All with just a single contact to manage the entire project. To keep you up to date with information technology and with what British Telecom is offering, we have set up the Information Exchange.

Mr Paul Channon, the Trans- port Secretary, said decisions on both issues would have to await responses from local dis- cussion groups as part of an internal party debate on trans- port. No decisions had been taken on how the law might be changed to allow pri- vate tolls. We are consulting a lot of people, not least in the Conservative Correspondent Party.

We may be in a position soon to issue a consuitatiion paper, but it will be for consul- tation only," he said. Mr Michael Portillo, the junior Transport Minister responsible for private sector investment, said he had talked to a number of h ank s and financial institutions, but no specific routes were under dis- cusson. The Government also appears to have made little progress with attempts to encourage privatisation of state-owned ports. His arguments echo those made by the Robbins Commit- tee on higher education, which reported in Ministers are not impressed by such reasoning. They point out that loans are the norm in countries such as the US.

Can- ada, Japan, Sweden and West Germany, and argue that there is no clear correlation between participation rates in higher education and financing mech- anisms. Such arguments are a little disingenuous.

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First the rules of the sAura will be decided by tie sAura itself. IRA guerrilla, James Connoliy,. Because someone succeeds in one job, it does not necessarily mean they will succeed in a different job with dif- ferent requirements. Other investments proposed for exemption are internation- ally issued and trade Euro- bonds and certain tax-free arrangements for small savers. The county of Humbersi de provides an active env ironm ent and die Humberside Businas School operates principally on the plwinnt soburfan Cottingfram Road she. More than Moslems, many from the rural areas in Vzbekhistan, and neighbour- ing Tadzhikistan ami Kazakhs- tan, marched from the mosque into the centre of town, demanding a meeting with the government authorities to replace their religious leader. TPC members expect to release their first two bench- marks, based on different ver- sions of Debit-Credit, during the second half of

Parental com- mitment to all forms of educa- tion is far greater in Japan than in the UK. What works elsewhere would not necessar- ily work well in Britain. The Government also argues that students ought to finance part of the costs of their educa- tion because they are likely to earn considerably more than tire average citizen.

This argu- ment has some force. But not all graduates earn high incomes and, since the expan- sion of the s, not all are from privileged backgrounds. Loans will tilt the balance of opportunity in favour of stu- dents from prosperous families and in favour of those entering lucrative, professions. Above all, loans are being sold as a way of widening access to higher education. The idea is not that loans will attract more students but they wOl reduce the net cast to the taxpayer of educating each undergraduate tinw allow the participation of mare stu- dents for a given commitment of public resources.

For right or wrong, some form of loan scheme looks cer- tain to be introduced. Indeed, the 50 per cent reduction in the purchasing power of the main- tenance grant since the s and the steady rise in the con- tribution expected from par- ents see table have already obliged many students to take out commercial loans at unfa- vourable interest rates. The real debate is over the. The intention' is to charge students only that component at interest which zeOects infla- tion. This would be achieved by revaluing outstanding loans in line with inflation each year.

But the banks have many reservations. They do not much relish act- ing as debt-collectors for cen- tral government, rightly fear- ing they may alienate potential clients. The banks also fear that administration costs will be heavy. In the European Community, we face both challenges and opportunities. Pollution endangers our forests, our riven and our wildlife. Terrorism is a threat that hangs over every one of us. And the advanced technology of the Far East and the United States offen fierce competition to our own industries.

Conservatives in the European Parliament have been swift to confront these problems. Conservatives have backed a host of Community proposals designed to protect and improve the quality of our environment To combat terrorism, and to eliminate drug smuggling, co-operation between Community countries is desperately needed. Conservatives have always been the first to support joint operations between police and security forces.

Conservatives, too, have led the initiative to bring down trade barriers in An initiative that will revitalise every industry in the Community, and give us the chance to close the technological gap between Western Europe and its rivals. Conservatives face with determination the challenges of Europe, and negotiate with force, clarity and foresight It is their strong voice in Europe that has made Britain strong in Europe. Civil ser- vants are sceptical of his calcu- lations, but there must be a tirIc that savings would be modest and that the scheme would thus do Wtt.

If the G overn ment wants to minimise disincentive effects, reduce administration costs and lower tiie risk of default, it - needs to find a belter repay- TPR nfr-mwi- h ami g m. The size of repayments would be automat- ically finked to income. Admin- istration costs would be much lower. And default would be nearly impossible for anybody with a job. Sizeable public expenditure savings would be liiely and the goal of widening access would thus be easier to realise.

It istmderstood that Harland has.

Mr John Parker, Harland chairman, said that the com- pany has met a number of interested parties since the managmnentemployee buy-out proposal was floated last Octo- ber. Mr Parker said he believed that the commitment and expe- rience of Mr Fred Olsen as an international shipowner and industrialist, allied to the dete rmination of the workforce to make the company success- ful in its new form, would cre- ate a strong and competitive Harland and Wolff for the improving market in the next decade. Government ministers are also proceeding with talks with the London- based Bulk Transport Com- pany about a possible buyout of the yard.

The French company sold more than 1, app a r t ments last year. These will be holiday or retirement homes nniflcp some of those now being planned by Whnpey, Beazer, Barratt and Laing which aim to sell perma- nent homes to continental nationals. Whnpey which has been building homes around Paris since the mid s is expanding its operation to Lyons where it hopes sh ortly to be bunding about homes a year.

Wimpey fast year bunt about homes around Paris. In a joint venture wife Lea Nouveaux Construct eurs, the publicly-quoted French builder, geez er recently completed its first deal for 38 houses and 40 flats at VairessunMame to the east of Paris. The partners are, negotiating for a farther 33 flats and commercial offices at Asnlfeeres-sur-Seine to the north west of Paris. Laing -Homes, awntfhgr lead- ing 'British housebuilder, has started talks wfth potential partners in Holland and southern Germany where it hopes to start operafeig next yean It also looking to build bouses in France, Spain, Italy anA Greece.

Companies such as Laing, however, have developed suc- cessful housebuilding busi- nesses in the US and want to repeat this success on the European Continent P lans to remove trade band. The con- struction of the Channel tun- nel has led to increased inter- est In northern France fay some British developers. The report by fee Audit Commission, the independent watchdog on local government finance, says more than 11, households - some 30, peo- ple - are firing in temporary bed and break!

The report, trates on' ' housed. In 'return, financial rewards Please contacr Benny Bramah on or. Among; numerous Baders of this cctmer of the FT- who appHed for. IF so, some of you may feel your ears burning on reading the advice which another headhunter, John Courtis, gives to employers on how swiftly to whittle down the initial entry for executive jobs. Instantly bin, he says, all applicants who: Mr Courtis goes on to offer employers a "guarantee that this simple exercise which can be performed by your support staff eliminates a substantial minority, or even a majority, of any normal group of ad replies.

In case you think we are being too ruthless, consider whether you would want such people to be equally slipshod in your corporate name. And there is one of them that to my mind makes it highly important that applicants studiously avoid the sorts of carelessness denoted by foe previous list.

The IMS found that most people charged with engaging new staff, set about the task negatively. In particular, what they primarily look for when examining applications is evidence that candidates are not fit for foe job rather than evidence that they could succeed in it. Moreover, while the survey was limited to employers in Britain, responses to my report on it suggest that the same is life in other countries too. Now, with all due respect to Mr Courtis, I doubt that it is only candidates who send in unblemished applications who are fitted for executive work.

After all, the condition of being sinless is often a different thing from being positively good. Group chief THAT being said, I am happy to add that the aforesaid John Reid's fruitless fere to Dublin has not deterred him from coming back with another offer. Being unable to his client, be - like the other headhunter to be mentioned later - promises to abide by applicants' requests not to be identified to the employer at this stage of the proceedings.

The recruit will be fully responsible for the profitable running of the group, whose chairman is non-executive and which is said to be sound and profitable although some tightening-up is needed.

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But the prime task for the new managing director will be to pilot the business to a public flotation within the next two years. So great importance will be attached to the achievement of profit and expansion targets. Candidates should ideally have a formal qu alifi cation in management as well as a record of success In the craft which has led them to top executive responsibility in a company of comparable kind.

In addition to professional management skills, however, they need demonstrable commercial acumen, the drive to achieve results and above all leadership ability.

The services for which the newcomer will be responsible include high-tech structural repairs, diamond cutting and drilling work, marine civil engineering, and various aspects of design-and-build projects. Candidates should not only be innovators, but also have achieved commercial successes in a construction- industry job. A seat on the main board is in the offing. The work involves the analysis of economic trends in the world's major economies, together with the interpretation of key stock market and financial variables.

The preferredage rangeisiatetwentiestoearly thirties The salary negotiated with the successful candidate wilt reflect the importance that- our client attaches to this appointment, and the normal investment banking benefits are also offered. Bank, together with relevant background.

Suitable candidates will be graduates aged with a background which includes finan cial risk analysis and an extensive knowledge of the capital markets. A high competitive salary and benefits package will be available for- suitable -candidates, who should apply with full career details,, quoting the reference. May lead to permanent position. A pkufbrmfar your new job campaign.

Job holder will be responsible for all credit analysis and ad minis tration and also for maintaining account relationships which will mean plenty of direct client contact. For more information on these and a wide range of positions in commercial banking, the securities and invest- ment fields, contact Robert Digby or Richard Stark on , or outside office hours, on Areas where assistance is required are London, Scotland and Scandinavia.

If you have had a successful career selling U. The right candidate is likely to be in he age range , and wifi be. FRA's and forwards, who can take responsibility for the development and profitability of this side of the bank's trading activities. Both positions are open to young dealers in their late twenties or early thirties who feel that it fell me for their market knowledge and experience to be tested in a junior management role.

Candidates seeking a move to a more go-ahead environment, with sound credit and risk management skills, should already be in a business development role and ideally within a few years of thirty. For further information about these positions please telephone either David LHfle or Caroline Huddart during foe day on or offer 7. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years experience as an FJC dealer. For; confidential consideration, please submit C.

II you have successfully dealt wim people and finance In the pest and are now seeking a new start wim Die chance of imlUnUM earnings Including office ladlltles]. Please reply in confidence enclosing a full CV to: Suitable candidates should be graduates with a strong base in analysing and assessing risk for corporate clients, the prime requisite is considerable should be flexible, outgoing and team oriented. Both your interpersonal and presentation skills mu st be excellent An attractive salary and benefits package wffl be offered.

Ptease reply in confidence givfag concise personal, career and salary details to: Our Investment Controllers are visionaries - people whose commercial acumen identifies mutually advantageous business oppor- tunities, imaginatively structures funding and manages deals to make businesses succeed. In the enterprise economy, our business is flourishing. Now we need additional profes- sionals to help new business ideas reach full fruition. We offer a generous remuneration package including low-interest mortgage, company car and medical health insurance.

Career pros- pects are excellent. A good knowledge of die investment sector is essential. Each ap po intment offers an attractive salary and package. Essential qualities are well developed man- management skills, a disciplined and confident approach to work, plus the ability to liaise at all levels in a tactful and persuasive manner. You would be part of an institutional team which has been expanding while others have been cutting back, and with a rapidly lengthening client and company research list we are now looking to further strengthen our sales and research team in both Birmingham and London.

Experienced sales persons are required particularly in the capital goods and smaller companies areas to augment established team. Self starters with a proven record of selling success over the last two yean would be viewed favourably. Our research department specialises in the capita! At present we are particularly looking for a smaller companies analyst whose portfolio would indude a number of electronics based companies.

We would also like to hear from analyst with established track records in any of our traditional research areas. Its management style is team orientated and its work force Highly motivated. You are likely to be a UK Equities specialist with at least five years experience of managing institutional investments. You must also possess well-developed people-management,: This is an excellent opportunity for first rate dealers to join an expanding and dynamic foreign brokerage. As part of a team that will be covering the European Markets for both CIK and Foreign Institutional Clients you will be expected to have the drive and hard cutting edge necessary to excel!

If you are looking to join or head-up such a team then contact Tim Giles or alternatively forward a detailed CV. Income is not limited. All training is provided. We seek expe ri enced P ri v a t e Client tuna or individuals, aged SS who wish to m enage their cheats in e-mora s up por tive or conv i v ia l envir o nmen t. Whether you ere actively- looking far a move or simply wish to be kept In loach. Please contact lames Younger at 20 Cousin Lane. Our companies operate profitably in two specialist areas: Huy hold their leading position in so many European markets by proofing modem and progressive products and services which match the needs of todays customers.

While retaining their ovm management, their own style, and their ownresponsibQity for profitable growth,they share the Federation's pooled experience, ideas, products and technology. Ourcoiranitment to continuous, vigorous growth through organic development and acquisition, will ensure our member companies retain market leadership in the foiseeable future.

Autobar matches its investment in new technology and new businesses with an investment in future management. This year we are once again recruiting just seven of Europe's very best engineering and science graduates.

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Seven truly exceptional Individuals who will be capable of benefiting from the finest management training available in Europe. We offer you a two-year training programme which includes induction in the UK followed by a period spent with a mqjor petrochemical company in Europe, such as Atochem, BASF, Dow or Shell, and language tuition. Wrap Film Systems Ud. Autobar Food Services Ltd. Gustav Burger Nederland BV. Gustav Junior International BV. Wisselaar East Fbod BV. Deutsche Trink Service GmbH. King Cup Deutschland GmbH. You should have a professional financial qualification as wefl as extensive relevant experience including working knowledge of appropriate legislation.

We consider aH applications for emptoymept qn the- basis of stBtaWRty for the post, irrespective afrace,-' sex or disability. Margery Street, WCi Telephone 01 Marafamisamanagemcntconsnltancydcdkatcd to bdping companies achieve consistently snperior reams for tfaerr shareholders. We have pioneered what has become known as Value Based Management and have D nrqn a ll e d expertise at applying it to strategic ' decisions. Onr diems are senior execittrves ofleading North American, Enropean aid Australian nmltiiiaDonal corporations. The ideal candidat e will have demou s u a ted analytical aid leadership ability through an ekccptioaaliecord of aca d e mi c and professio nal ac hi evement.

Fluency in English is necessary and at least one other European language is highly desirable. Far those select Individuals Oat qualify we offer a very attractive compensation and Penally i mp ort an t, we offer the opportun ity forprofesrional growth and advancement while helping us to build our European consulting practice. S, AusSwith the converage bong Ger- many. Fluency in German is not essential but an advantage:. Please call Richard Ward. Pref- erably a French NadonaL Excellent package for the right person.

Languages being an advantage. Fluent Dutch and working client base is essential. Product knowledge of straights - U-S. Yen and Japanese instruments a major advantage. Most have minimum of 3 years experience with good working back- J round. Ideally aged between , you will have several years' experience in project finance gained in a position where you have been responsible for transactions from origination to documentation, including structuring of lead mandates.

Yau should also have a sound credit training 3nd a wide range of contacts in inter alia government, local authorities, companies and other banks. Vbu will head up a small team of experienced people within UBS London, with the responsibility of marketing to clients, analysing risk, structuring deals and closing transactions. Ybu will report to the Senior Vice President.

The position carriesan attractive package consisting of a competitive base salary, a bonus scheme and all the usual banking benefits. Ybu will have an opportunity of a long term career in a first class bank, which is strongly committed to the U. Appfications, marked strictly confidential, should be sent to Peter Conroy. Ideally aged between 25 - 28, you will be working currently within a U. Clearing or other major bank environment and will have gained good experience in most aspects of credit assessment. We would prefer you to have already passed your Chartered Institute of Bankers' Diploma or be close to completion.

There are good promotional prospectsand we offer, in addition toa competitive salary, excellent fringe benefits, including mortgage subsidy, non-contributory pension scheme and health insurance. Personnel, Union Bank of Switzerland. Write Bn Al Write a product review. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright?

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