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Pillars of Eternity quests. Main Quests — The Hollowing of the Dyrwood. Memories of the Ancients. Retrieved from " https: Pillars of Eternity quests Pillars of Eternity tasks. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Official site Official forums. Lords of the Eastern Reach Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Official site Official forums. As for the first, the protagonist is a vampire hunter working for the Tribunal vampire ruling body.

The second is introduced a bit later in the story when the protagonist is faced with her other half of ancestry, the one she has been avoiding her whole life. Bear in mind this was published in so some of the tropes used weren't as overused then. One is soul mates. I know some people hate them, but for me they are comforting when written well. This one has a twist to it. Next, you have a triangle. I can't exactly call it a love triangle. I didn't hate it because the heroine wasn't suffering.

At least, I think this is part of the reason why I didn't hate something I usually avoid I can't really explain this. Secret McQueen doesn't have the exact same attitude towards sex as Riley Jensen, but she isn't a prude either. The romance part isn't as prominent as the promise of the world itself.

It doesn't really make an impression overall. I'm going to continue with the series. Sierra Dean spellbinds the reader in her debut urban fantasy novel by introducing an exciting universe where werewolves exist and vampires have a strictly organized hierarchy, and in the middle is Secret McQueen an extraordinary young woman, a halfbreed: Secret is just the perfect UF heroine: But besides being strong and independent she has a fragile vulnerability to herself, which renders her human and makes her a character the reader can identify with and understand.

She is quite young but has experienced more than her share of horrors and it has left her disenchanted.

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She is cynical and snarky, but her dry sarcastic humour is one of the highlights of the novel! I loved reading the story told through Secret's narrative as her voice was fresh with just the right amount of acerbic tone to make it entertaining. The characterization is very well done, Something Secret This Way Comes has a dozen of wonderful and interesting characters, all of whom I cannot wait to see again in later books!

Secret is canvassed in depth with many nuances and subtlety and I can't wait to see both Lucas and Desmond explored in more detail in the next book s. I'm sure every reader will find a favourite among the entertaining and memorable array of supporting characters: Besides the intriguing characters one of the things I loved most about Something Secret This Way Comes was how Sierra Dean was not afraid to take the usual and well-established UF conventions and add her own twist to them e. It made me feel like nothing was a given and made me excited to explore her UF universe and discover how the usual things in other UF novels would end up here.

Confusing because Secret is not only bonded to one irresistibly charismatic werewolf, but two!

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And now time for me to talk about the "soul bonding". Soul bonding is what you would first call the usual "destined mates" line in other UF novels, however soul bonding in Something Secret This Way Comes is not a conscious decision, it develops between people who have some connection and is not strictly reserved to couples: Lucas and his second in command Desmond share a bond, and because of this Secret is also bonded to both of them.

And here comes another big break Sierra does with conventional UF rules: Imagine a calm and rational werewolf being fine with sharing his love? I found it intriguing and a bit confusing how come neither of the men was concerned by the double bonding, and this raised many questions I kept pondering long after I have gobbled up the book: Or were the men so chill about this because they take a step back to let Secret decide and will respect her decision?

So many questions that only Sierra can answer, but I hope she'll do it soon! It is a credit to Sierra Dean's fantastic writing that despite the fact that as soon Lucas was introduced in the novel I fell under his charm and was rooting for him, but then as the novel progressed my certainty wavered. Though Lucas is the ideal man: So Secret's choice is certainly not an easy one But besides the very hot and sensual love scenes Sierra Dean also brings out the heartsqueezing moments which are my favourite!

When you went limp, I saw every chance I had for happiness die with you. I could stand ten feet away from you for the rest of my life and nothing, not sex or money or power, could match how that feels. Do you get that? His face was so intimate my heart tripped.

I could have stayed like that forever to watch him smile at me, because everything about his sweet, dreamy look made me believe I was completely wanted. I touched his cheek and drew him close, feeling him slide inside me with an aching slowness. Both men's charisma shines through the pages and I dare you to remain unaffected: I cannot wait to see how their relationship will develop later! The mystery was complex and I liked the different layers of the diabolical plan, there was only one aspect I'm still a bit befuddled about: But I'm sure Sierra will be back to explain more about this to us.

It ended way too soon! This novel was such an exhilarating ride for me I don't even know where to start. Let's start by saying that after I devoured Something Secret This Way Comes, debut novel and first book in Sierra Dean's urban fantasy series I knew that I had discovered a new favourite author to go on my must buy list just next to Kelley Armstrong! Something Secret This Way Comes is a fast paced, original story with a fantastic heroine and a fresh take on UF, it is one of the best books I have read this year and I cannot wait to read more!

If you are looking for another action packed, well written, dark yet humourous UF novel with a snarky heroine, Something Secret This Way Comes is just the book for you! Love how kick ass and tough the cover model is, and she looks a lot like I would picture Secret, love the vibrant colours and the UF atmosphere of it, wonderful!

I could just stare at it for minutes! This book didn't make sense to me. The protag is supposed to be tough and smart and feared and independent. Then she meets this random stranger who's all, "We're meant to be" and she just kinda goes with it.


Secret McQueen was an abomination to both werewolves and vampires. Some secrets are dangerous. She is neither vampire nor werewolf, but in fact a conglomerate of both. Gin recommended it to me and I'm so glad she did because I've had this one for a while but I kept putting it off. Such condescending thoughts would never occur to me. And I thank them warmly. Sierra Dean's characters and worldbuilding in nothing shy of remarkable.

She doesn't really question things she should and nothing gets explained to her very well. I absolutely did not feel the romance between her and Lucas and Desmond. Of the two, I thought she had a better emotional connection with Lucas, which was tenuous at best, and yet the only sex she ever This book didn't make sense to me. Of the two, I thought she had a better emotional connection with Lucas, which was tenuous at best, and yet the only sex she ever had was with Desmond. Here she is contemplating a life with one or both of these men and she never finds out if she can actually have both or if she has to choose, she lets them parade a well guarded secret out in public which made no sense, she won't tell them what she really is which kind of negated the whole possible true love angle for me and she became utterly weak around them.

Also, when she was with one, she kinda forgot all her gooey feelings for the other. The vampire part was honestly the most interesting and it was made so very obvious that she'll have at least one love interest from that quarter which would be welcome for me if she could even handle the love interests she has now. The story was an interesting premise and it has a lot of potential for future stories to grow on, but I felt like the author tried to jam too much in to too short of a space and so everything suffered.

The plot, the action, the romance, the character development. I would read more from this author and I'm sure I'll try the next one in the series, but if the romance and characters don't get explored better in the next, I won't be reading any more in this particular series.

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View all 3 comments. Not in content, but emotion. In a genre that abounds with vampires and werewolves, Dean managed to add twists to the mythology and social structure of her characters that made me feel like she was treading new ground. There were several instances where this attitude is pivotal to the plot and being a vampire hunter is a new and different beast altogether when the vampires issue warrants themselves. Dean also made some clever assumptions regarding the personality quirks that would be common in an immortal or were population, and I enjoyed these glimpses of supernatural society.

Originally posted at http: Half vampire and half werewolf, she was hired by the vampire council at age 16 to hunt and kill rogue vampires. Now at age 22, her name is the vampire equivalent of the bogey man. Keeping her dual nature a secret is difficult enough without being soul bonded to the king of the werewolves.

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L Originally posted at http: His body guard Desmond wants Secret too. When an enemy from the past comes back to finish Secret off once and for all, she will have to use her expose dual nature to save herself and everyone around her. Secret McQueen has a dangerous job that puts her in the cross hairs of many people. Part vampire and part werewolf, she embraces her vampire fully while hiding her wolf. When she chases down and kills a rogue vampire in Central Park, she realizes that this newly made vampire is none other than a child of Alexandre Payton. A truly evil vampire who has tried to kill Secret before.

While Secret is figuring out how to capture a master vampire, she suddenly finds her wolf side going crazy when a chance encounter brings her into the sights of Lucas Rain. Lucas is the East Coast King of the Werewolves and he is convinced she is his soul mate and queen. He also knows things about Secrets past and her role in the werewolf hierarchy. Secret finds herself unable to control her libido around him which annoys her to no end.

Toss in an attraction to his bodyguard Desmond and her new best friend, Secret is ready to hide under covers till Doomsday.

Something Secret This Way Comes

Wonderful world building coupled with engaging characters held me entranced. Our feisty heroine, paired with some sexy supernaturals, and an action filled plot that twists and turns keeps you off balance. Smooth writing coupled with a fast pace kept the storyline from dragging.

The dialogue is engaging; Secret and her friends show some very nice snarkiness. Secret is an interesting heroine. Strong and intelligent, there is an undercurrent of insecurity and fear that keeps her on edge. I like that fact she is young and unsure at times. She has a vulnerability about herself and her past that lends an air of realism. There were a few times when I wanted her to break bad; but she obviously understands the art of compromise and negotiation much better then me.

A young woman in a supernatural law enforcement type job who is torn between two natures and two men. One, I have a hard time with the whole bonding over rides common sense issue. It felt off because she is portrayed as being calm and maintaining steadfast control over her emotions. It just seemed she accepted it all too easily. Desmond is HAWT with his brooding aura and hints of vulnerability. There is a chemistry between them that felt like more than just the bond. I felt like he was there because of the bond, not because he had a real attraction to Secret.

The characters are well developed with distinct personalities. Some of them could easily have their own storyline. Our vampires are cold and stand offish but with an off beat humor that has you quirking a smile at the oddest times. The villain s in here are a nasty piece of work and leave you reeling from their duplicity. The ending is quite brutal with some shocking revelations for Secret that left me racing to the end. A small cliffhanger had me cursing Ms. Dean produces for us next. I have this problem with books, Where if any of my 'pet peeves' occur, I immediately stop reading and cannot finish the book.

It's frustrating, Because it happens so damn often. This book was unfortunately the same, No build up. Just simply lust and straightforward advances. Why do authors have to shove sex down their readers throats? That being said, I liked the plot. It was interesting, And held me. But the love triangle was eye rolling, And the chemistry with both of t I have this problem with books, Where if any of my 'pet peeves' occur, I immediately stop reading and cannot finish the book.

But the love triangle was eye rolling, And the chemistry with both of the love interests was non-existant. Oh we're soul mates? Well I guess we don't need to get to know each other or spend any time together, We should just jump straight into bed. Also Secret, The main character is supposed to be some badass rogue vampire hunter, But when she's around the werewolves she acts like she hasn't got a clue in the world or super badass powers.

She's just a blonde ditzy human. Why potray men having that kind of power over a independant woman? I disklike that alot. I gave the book 2 stars, Because the plot was decent and because I'm sure there are other readers who don't like romances that beat around the bush. Sierra Dean's characters and worldbuilding in nothing shy of remarkable. The cover and the blurb drew me in but it's the world and the characters that held me. Sierra Dean's character building is sensational. Secret McQueen is 22 years old but has seen enough turmoil that many others would likely call it quits.

With one foot in each of the werewolf and vampire worlds all she's trying to do is stabilize that footing but life can never be that simple. Secret McQueen gets dirty with the best of them. Fighting for innocent lives is just one of the bullets points on her resume. Action and shockers like you won't imagine will come out of the wood works and it's an adventure to see Secret ride those out.

The only stumper for me was the romance interest. I enjoy love triangles when there is a more definitive choice of interest but this one is any man's game. There is some excitement there but it also serves to kill me with curiosity. Take that and couple it with the ending- I need to know what will come next for Secret, Lucas, Desmond, Holden, Sig and the rest of the crew. View all 10 comments.

Something Secret

Do you see how serious I am about the amount of fun? I'm using all caps again! Sierra Dean nearly killed me with this ending. I am burning, itching, painfully clawing the walls to see what happens next. That sentence is begging me to insert a joke about itching and burning and how they have creams for that! I make myself laugh. This book was fabulous. Secret was a bundle of energy and secrets YES! The setting was gritty and wonderfully dark. The secondary characters wound their way under your skin.

In an entirely good way, mind you. Did you hear how it almost killed me? The twists and turns will keep you glued to the pages. The overall arc is compelling and I'm dying to see where Secret and her crew go in the next installment. No pressure, Sierra Dean, but I'm expecting great things from you. To make matters even more complicated, she meets a potential werewolf suitor…or two and her knowledge of her werewolf heritage is awakened, among other things. I thought it read like fan fiction a lot of the time and the writing was on an amateur level. I also had a big problem with how her heritage is supposedly a secret from the other half.

Vampires have interacted with werewolves and vice versa, so how could they not suspect that she could be a hybrid? The characters are all pretty cookie cutter. Nobody stands out as particularly interesting or eccentric. A triangle is bad enough all its own, but there is an allusion to even more suitors being on the way and nothing turns me off more than that.

The book is a short read, but it took me quite a while to get through it. Review originally posted here: How I got this book: Secret is attracted to both males, and the feelings are mutual. But with trying to hide her half breed status, the pressure to catch the vampire rouge, and the never ending confrontations that arise in her life, Secret is having a hard time keeping up.

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I typically CAN NOT stand when love triangles get introduced into a story, and then never get resolved or just drag out endlessly. Although I thought she was a little premature is admitting feelings for two men who claimed to have a bond with her. The world building and plot in this were fantastic. I love the dynamics between the vampires and werewolves, as well as the inner pack workings amongst the wolves themselves.

The action was packed and the story constantly moved at a quick pace, pulling me in with each word. Dean does an incredible job of bringing all the characters fully to life. I loved the Alpha ways of Lucas and Desmond, always wanting to be there to protect and hover over Secret. Likewise, the vampires Holden and Sig were great too, with just the right amount of mystery and intrigue. I am very anxiously awaiting the second book in the series, mainly because of the cliffhanger that was the last line of the book.

I do hope that as the series progresses, the love triangle between Secret and her wolves is worked out, however there were hints made that things might become even more and more complicated for Secret where her love life is concerned. All in all this was a wonderful UF debut filled with a great story line, a fun cast of characters, and some great blond joke references that had me liking Secret that much more.

And when I let the first volume go into my PAL, she made me promise to begin it without further delay. I do not know why I let this drag so long and I also would like to thank Zenda who gave me this first novel. All these people have helped me to discover a new fantastic urban fantasy series! And I thank them warmly. We discover Secret McQueen, a young woman so different from others but who tries not to be too noticed out in the world that contains many creatures. Half-vampire half-wolf, she works for the court of vampires as a hired killer.

With her unusual gifts, she is good at her job even if sometimes a little too much. But everything changes when a vampire from her past resurfaces, determined to make her pay for her mistakes of youth and to kill her for it. This is something difficult enough to manage, but on top of that our young heroine will face her wolf side she had always tried to ignore when she meets Lucas Rain. Indeed, the king seems to have a strange and intimate connection with our heroine, a link that will propel her into a world she had tried to avoid so far.

But this event also allowed her to discover that part of herself that she tried to forget and it will help her to understand all the subtleties, or at least some. It was really interesting to follow our hybrid in the world she did not know about, allowing us to know the ideas of Sierra Dean over werewolves and vampires.

Each world is governed by very different way, and it was fascinating to know a little more so. This will allow us to meet many of the most fascinating characters. Holden is a vampire acting as a liaison between the Tribunal and Secret. He is very close to Secret though he does not show much and it is true that we often wonder what he really thinks.

Of course, there are others just like our two dear werewolves Lucas and Desmond, two friends since youth. Our heroine is immediately attracted to each of them and it is true that it arises many questions about them. I am also convinced that this will cause many problems in the future, but I look forward to see the outcomes. One can only appreciate them both and I must say that I find it very difficult to choose one. This is a really good first book for a series more than promising and I urge you to discover it.