Gods Arbiters: Americans and the Philippines, 1898 - 1902 (Imagining the Americas)

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After a low in the 's, the U. The United States had passed a stringent anti-immigration law aimed specifically at the Chinese in Yet "few Americans disputed the allure of economic ties with China In the United States "few writers of nineteenth-century textbooks imagined the possibility of moral action that was not motivated by Christian values. The Insular Cases decided by the U.

Supreme Court found that territories were not automatically in line for eventual statehood, and that the Constitution did not follow the flag, that is the U. Four American books from the period: He was incensed by the "Roosevelt Corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine, which permitted "the United States to exercise police powers throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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All of Chapter 7, "Noli Me Tangere, Filipino Responses to Annexation" is worth reading, as much of what is available about the war in the Philippines is from the American point of view. Philippine Sedition Act was enacted on November 4, It "prohibited Filipinos from advocating independence of Separation from the United States publicly or privately, in speech or in print. The Religious Factor Chapter 2: Creating Citizens Chapter 3: A Connecticut Yankee in the Philippines Chapter 4: The Eyes of the World Chapter 5: Filipino Responses to Annexation Index.

Harris deftly evokes the potent intermingling of nationalism, war, and culture at the end of the nineteenth century as the United States conquered the Philippines and took the first, halting steps toward empire.

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This is a book that clearly resonates with contemporary debates about race, religion, and America's place in the world. This well-written and ambitious book is an impressive and welcome contribution to transnational American Studies and to Twain studies.

Great Writers on His Life and Work. Harris, author of two books and many articles on Mark Twain, is in top form. In her able telling, Twain was a man on a mission. He had become a critic of the very ideology to which he had long been captive: For a very long time, Americans have resisted recognizing and confronting their imperial impulses and admitting to the massive footprints they've left here and there around the globe.

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Harris's timely study reveals that these footprints have deep historical and ideological roots. The book makes an important intervention into the scholarship on American imperialism, and its admirable work across disciplinary boundaries should make it appealing to both historians and literary scholars.

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God's Arbiters

Ebook This title is available as an ebook. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Oxford Scholarship Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online - view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. Harris Imagining the Americas. The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans " God's Arbiters makes an important contribution to ongoing debates over the role of religion in American life.

Greenberg, author of Manifest Manhood and the Antebellum American Empire "Harris's meticulously researched study provides fresh insight into a chapter of the past that has key implications for debates that are as current as the evening news. Between the Lines Monique-Adelle Callahan.

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uzotoqadoh.tk: God's Arbiters: Americans and the Philippines, - ( Imagining the Americas) (): Susan K. Harris: Books. God's Arbiters. Americans and the Philippines, Susan K. Harris. Imagining the Americas. Provides a briskly paced cultural history of.