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Dirty Little Secrets Series
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Dirty Little Secret 3. She used to play fiddle and tour the music circuit with her sister, Julie, who sang and played guitar. That ended when country music execs swooped in and signed Julie to a solo deal. Never mind that Julie and Bailey were a duet, or that Bailey was their songwriter. Bailey has tried to numb the pain and disappointment over what could have been. Playing fiddle in washed-up tribute groups at the mall, Bailey meets Sam, a handsome and oh-so-persuasive guitarist with his own band.

Hardcover , pages. Alabama Author Award for Young Adult To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dirty Little Secret , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 14, Melannie: I cannot believe this, it combines my love for all things country and my love for all things Jennifer Echols! Julie in all her sparkling glory while Bailey is chopped off the picture, you can only see part of her violin and some leg.

Are you already rooting for her?? All that's left to say is: Turns out my worries were unfounded because she hits it out of the park again. Not only did she reminded me what made her so good and made me fall in love with her writing in the first place, but also I found improvement and evolution.

So when she meets Sam, the son of a Johnny Cash impersonator, and possibly the hottest thing that had happened in country music since ever; she has to take a chance or forever wonder what if. You guys, Sam was amazing. I loved that he was straight-forward and obsessibly driven about music, he had this energy about him that was hard to ignore.

But then Bailey was my favorite part of the book. She was, like I said, flawlessly crafted into a perfectly real teenager. I got where she was coming from, and I rooted for her all through her story. And then we have the country music. Seriously, who doesn't love a good ole' bluegrass music once in a while or most of the time, if you're me. Country music is the equivalent of breakfast for champions, and this book's got plenty. You're in for a magical tour through the enchanting streets of Nashville, with its colorful folklore and incredible nightlife, where Bailey and Sam prove to us that dreams do come true.

View all 16 comments. Jan 16, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews This review contains unmarked spoilers. I simply cannot write the review without them! There is one big, massive problem with Dirty Little Secret , and it comes in the form of a seriously big douchebag named Sam—the love interest. Before I talk about what a massive asshat he is, let me give you a bit of essential background information.

Bailey always played the fiddle and sang with her sister, Julie. They were a duet for years and years and years. Then, Julie got a music contract, but Bailey didn't. And on top of that, the company who picked up Julie insisted that Bailey be hidden away. She's not allowed to play music, have social media accounts, or make it known that she's Julie's sister. So, Bailey meets Sam and at first he seems like an okay guy and a brilliant musician.

He's seems nice, funny, and obviously hot. The first red flag to me was when they had ZERO romantic development, and then they kissed. Totally out of nowhere. He was just like, "I'm going to kiss you. Then later that day they're practically having sex in his car not quite that far, but lots of groping, clothes coming off, making out. Then the second red flag came up when Sam's bandmate informed Bailey that he's had 50 girlfriends and uses the same lines on them all the exact same ones he used on Bailey. He uses the lines to hook girls in, then dates them until he gets bored, then breaks up with them.

But more on that later. So, from there, huge horrible things exploded. Bailey told Sam all about her situation. She didn't say who her sister was didn't give him a name , but she gave him the whole story about her parents, the record company, being forced to stay hidden, etc. He basically said, "Screw your parents! You don't need them anyway! Then, he flipped a bitch at Bailey. He was SO mad at her for not telling him. But he KNEW that Bailey was supposed to stay invisible, so why would the record company give her the time of day?

He just wanted to use Bailey and her "connections" to promote his band; he literally did a complete because he realized that he could profit from Bailey's horrible situation.

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Obviously this upset Bailey, but not as much as I would have thought. She was mad at him for a while, then went crawling back to him and had sex with him And after sex, this exact conversation happened, starting with Bailey: Sam uses his "lines" on Bailey the ones he uses on all the girls to gain her trust and get her to like him. He toys with her for a while and seems like he might still be an okay guy Now that she is refusing to help him "profit", he totally bails on her.

For some reason Bailey isn't that phased and goes running to him for sex, stupidly thinking that she might get a relationship out of it too. Sam is totally fine with the sex, but when she inquires about a relationship afterwards, he makes it clear that he can only be with her if she helps him get a record deal.

But in the end he apologizes, so it's okay that he was an asshole. It was gross, manipulative, one-sided, and they were completely wrong for each other. I can't believe she gave Sam the time of day after he turned on her like that. At first, I did really enjoy the music in Dirty Little Secret. It was a really interesting part of the book, and as a result, I started out reading Dirty Little Secret on a positive note. But soon, it just downward spiralled. On top of everything I've already said, Sam's band was a nightmare. In fact, the whole band reminded me of Sam and Bailey's relationship.

It was an unhealthy relationship and they were all totally wrong for each other and should not be in a band together. They fought all the time and it gave me whiplash and a headache like you wouldn't believe. Charlotte was a complete bitch in particular. So maybe, in that sense, they did all deserve each other, because they were all pretty horrible.

View all 10 comments. Jul 15, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: Bad costumes and a grabby Elvis wanna-be. I think I'm starting to understand a little bit why Echols has a faithful following. I'm not entirely positive that she's the author for me, but at least I think I get it now. I'm sure that Echols probably mixes it up quite a bit more from the little bit I've read, but the style I've witnessed so far is simple, quiet, and slightly offbeat.

I can respect that. Often, the beauty is in the details. The general atmosphere of these books is well-planned, to the point where I can easily visualize the surroundings in my head. Where I find that I've gotten hung up along the way has been with the characters.

Quirky and different characters are great, but something about quirky and different still needs to be accessible or easy to relate to. I honestly couldn't relate to Baylie and Sam in this book any more than I was able to with the characters in the last book of Echols' that I read. Even so, I could ignore some of the apathy which I had for the characters because I found myself wondering how everything was going to play out.

Most everyone has a dream. What do you do when other people around you are fulfilling their dreams and you are not? This is the issue plaguing Baylie and Sam. Their end goals might not have completely matched up, but both of these characters were fumbling around in the dark, hoping for more than the hand which life had dealt them. Throw in some awkward musical performances, a crush which might be going nowhere, and some major trust issues, and you know the ride is going to get bumpy along the way.

I give the author credit for reigning the issues in before we tipped the scales into scary-drama territory. While some of the character behavior was downright sketchy, I was okay with some of the explanations given. Really, it was all handled in the end, even if the process of getting there was kind of off-putting at times. Where this story excels is in the telling of lost hopes and new dreams. We all go through hardships - it's how we come out of them on the other side which determines whether or not we'll be a success.

And for that, this story was a success when it needed to be. I might not be in a hurry to read another Echols book, but I think I've seen enough to know that I might be open to another try in the future. This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. View all 9 comments.

Mar 16, Melanie rated it did not like it Shelves: See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads 1. No compensation was given or taken to alter this review. If I roll my eyes another time, they will fall out of their sockets. What disappointed me ultimately was one major aspect, the artificiality and ludicrousness of this novel. With the minor frustration on Sam and Bailey, I pretty much pulled my hair bald after reading- thankfully I still had some sanity left inside me to not actually do that- also, See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads 1.

With the minor frustration on Sam and Bailey, I pretty much pulled my hair bald after reading- thankfully I still had some sanity left inside me to not actually do that- also, the musical addition and countrified-ness livened this book to a larger measure. Utterly forgettable and spurious, Dirty Little Secret did not deliver no matter how much I lowered my expectations. For my first Jennifer Echols book, first impressions aren't looking too good. One tragic day changed everything.

Bailey and her younger sister, Julie have been playing the fiddle as a duet for several years. Yet when a music company hands Julie a contract and also persuading Bailey along the way to disappear from social media, their parents can do nothing but comply. After all, getting one member of the family successful and famous is good enough, right? Now, Bailey, an outcast to her parents and sister, she lives with her grandfather performing gigs at the mall.

All until she met Sam when her heart became instant lovey and all lovey dovey. I am no person to want to punch someone in literal sense, but after reading Dirty Little Secret, I want to throw Sam and Bailey in a boxing match and knock 'em senseless. Bailey could have been an appreciable character if it weren't for her spoilt and ill mannerisms along with crazy ignorance. Practically everything about her attitude came out as disconnected and as relatable as a speck of dust. Moreover, Bailey was pretty much too perfect to be true.

If she was pitch perfect, why would her parents ignore that? Are her parents as stupid as donkeys? Sam is no better, if not worse. Here's a few problems that made me almost get a bruise after banging my head against the wall constantly: Sam manipulates people way too much.

He freaking tells Bailey to perform in just one gig and no more, then the next time he says the same thing. This leads me to my next point. Sam will do anything in or even out of his reach to achieve a goal. In this case, play for a record company. He is so convinced that Bailey is the key to success he drags her along.

Just to dissuade you a little more, here's another infuriating issue. He's a bloody liar. He lied about not being a liar. Lied by being a sweetheart, even though some things were so obvious to the reader, Bailey acted all oblivious and brain dead. Therefore, the protagonist and antagonist of Dirty Little Secret can be only summed up as fake and heartbreaking. In the literal sense of tearing up my heart so I have no supply of blood, hence killing myself.

The romance, I shall just leave as this. Cold and hot, never consistent and the title should be changed to Flirty Little Bastards because of this. One last little qualm. The logic and research. Firstly, there is no logic in the plot of reasoning in Bailey's brain. The plot holes here were surprising and jarring, nothing really was like one and one equals two. More like negative sixteen. Yeah, that's ridiculous the idea was. Secondly, the research bothered me a tad. While I adored the music addition to Dirty Little Secret, near the beginning I was pondering on and on over this fact as a pianist myself: There are no such things as major fourths, only perfect fourths.

No matter how much I wanted myself to love this countrified novel, my low expectations were not met. Majority of this novel frustrated me and it's a miracle I did not DNF it. View all 8 comments. Mar 12, Arlene rated it really liked it Shelves: That story was filled with a perfect balance of chemistry and magic, and it remains to date one of my all-time favorite YA Contemporary books.

Well, in Dirty Little Secret , Jennifer manages to remind me why I have her on my list of favorite authors. So, put on your cowboy boots and get ready to tip your hats because Jennifer Echols has a treat ready for you when you meet Bailey and Sam.

Dirty Little Secrets

In this story, we get to learn how Bailey Mayfield has spent the last year of her life after her younger sister Julie, and one-time singing partner, landed a music contract without her. See, Bailey is from Nashville, Tennessee which apparently is the country music capital of the world where the Grand Ole Opry stage is where country and bluegrass hopefuls such as Bailey hope to one day find themselves.

That becomes more difficult when Sam, Charlotte and Ace have her join their band and they begin to pack clubs and higher profile gigs. I did manage to learn a few things about this genre of music. Overall, I enjoyed jams and fiddle show-downs that Bailey and her band entertained their audience with. He was a great guy that was unabashedly flawed but honest about his intentions. He never fooled Bailey about what he hoped to accomplish and what he was willing to sacrifice to get there.

He was comfortable in his own skin and always taking chances in the hopes of getting discovered. I try not to have a comfort zone. Great moments that proved Echols casted the perfect characters for this book. In addition, Bailey was such an easy character to fall for.

Dirty Little Secret

Despite spending about a year or so upset that her sister got the opportunity that she hoped for herself, she was honest about her bitterness and jealousy. She had some hard choices to make and some opportunities to rise to the occasion; and at the end of it all, I was a huge fan of hers. However, she proved to herself and others that all of the work to become a star, the frayed hopes, heartbreak and disappointments, she eventually found a way to write the lyrics to her own song and play according to her rules.

May 17, Yoda rated it it was ok Shelves: Why did I buy this book? I liked her boots on the cover. And thats basically the only thing I liked about this book. I disliked every single character, the plot was pointless. I would have spent better those 4h if I simply sat and stared at my walls in complete silence. Characters didnt have any real "development" and they were simply unlikable.

Sam, our love interest, is supposed to be this great, nice and loving guy but I just dont get it. He was selfish and manipulative throughout the whole b Why did I buy this book? He was selfish and manipulative throughout the whole book. He lied to her constantly and only cared about her if she did what he wanted to help him with his music career.

Every major story point that could have developed the story better was jumped over in favor of the small trivial stuff that nobody cared about. The music part of this story bumps it to two stars. Feb 22, Isamlq rated it really liked it Shelves: I got sucked in it if reading this in a handful of hours in any proof of that. Because truly, I found myself wanting to punch Sam more than once.

Yet, I also liked the guy… both of the leads in fact are likeable: And I liked the baggage they were both carrying too. Bailey with her swept off to the side drama got me not teary eyed but angry on her behalf… so, so angry on her behalf! Then Sam, with his dad being the way he was and with his other drama that had him making a little more sense to me, though I must confess, knowing his WHY, I still desperately wanted to punch him.

So I was sad for her, felt sorry for. Simply, I felt for her. I suppose, but after all the not-really-dramatic but more emotionally charged stretches that that had preceded it, it made sense. The rest of the people in this are filler though, her family especially. I hated her parents. Not to say that others were filler as well, but there could have been more from them, you know? How one word was enough from any of them to hold another back. View all 3 comments. In my and the book's defense, I thought I was getting Dirty Little Secrets - a very closely-titled YA novel about mental issues and hoarding.

Instead, Echols's later-released Dirty Little Secret is about music, and boys, and bitterness. I have friends who love Echols' novels, and friends who aren't fans. I might have to join the latter group, based on my experience with this book. I can clearly see why people would and will like Dirty Little Secret , but I can't join them in that enthusiasm. I also think this novel might fall under the heading of the "New Adult" label as Bailey's age and vocabulary fit more in that area than in a truly YA novel. Bailey is pretty unlikeable character, and speaking stereotypically, that's fine.

I can do unlikeable characters, even schadenfreude-ly enjoy them - if they're interesting, or justified in being so difficult see: Unfortunately for Bailey, her 'tude and the reasons behind it didn't ring true for me. I don't buy that anyone's parents could be so blatantly biased towards one child at the expense of the other. Their actions, and Bailey's reactions, had me disconnecting from this novel early on. I also didn't think Bailey was as much of a badass as she clearly thought. Her arrogance, and her presentation made Bailey a hard sell for me from the first page.

I grew less and less interested in her and the plot as the pages went on. Once the reason for Bailey's familiar exodus was revealed.. I rolled my eyes. That was my big reaction to the big event and subsequent drama.

See a Problem?

Seriously - what an overreaction - for everyone involved. Like I said before, the interactions between Bailey, her sister and her parents didn't come off as authentic. The separation serves as a way to have Bailey on her own without using Missing Parent Syndrome, but it feels too cheap and easy. She's 18 -- she could have easily moved out early, or been preparing for college, etc.

The ridiculous "tension" and reasons for it just didn't work. I must admit that the music aspect of the novel is fairly strong. It's obvious that the author loves music, and the one thing that was authentic for Bailey's characterization was how she felt about bluegrass, and playing her fiddle. Another character I was supposed to be interested by, but was completely bored whenever he was around. Too pushy, too wannabe, and too cliche for me, Sam added nothing to Dirty Little Secret. The ups and downs of their relationship just felt calculated, following an obvious trajectory to a predictable outcome.

This isn't a bad book. It's just not as good as it could've been. The characters need more dimension, the plot more originality, the themes more nuance. It all just feels so rehashed or shortchanged. I've read variations of this book so many times before. The one thing that works, that stands out, is the bluegrass music, but that never held as much focus as it should have.

I obviously didn't care for it, hence the two stars, but what doesn't work for me might fit perfectly for others. If you're a fan of Echols' previous work, I'm sure this will be a hit. If you're a newbie or on the fence about trying this author, this might not end up being the book for you. Aug 13, Eunice rated it really liked it Shelves: While I have read a number of Jennifer Echols' books before, they're usually either a hit or miss for me.

So whenever I picked a book of hers there's always this little cautiousness that comes with it. Maybe because it was music-themed? I have serious soft spot for violin players, i. Virtuosity Or maybe because it was just really good While I have read a number of Jennifer Echols' books before, they're usually either a hit or miss for me. Virtuosity Or maybe because it was just really good? Oh well, whatever it was I'm just glad to say that Dirty Little Secret is definitely a hit for me!

It certainly is one of my favorite Jennifer Echols' books. Bailey Mayfield was a character I easily felt for even from the very start. The emotional baggage she was carrying was something I had easily understand. I could not entirely fault her for her past unwise actions because I can clearly see where it all came from.

Instead, I blamed it all to her selfish, unfeeling parents! Bailey was a very likable character, she was a very good sister, daughter and musician. That's why I just couldn't fathom how her parents could easily disregard her like that. So I was really glad when she met Sam Handiman and his band. So onto Sam, this guy was someone you could so effortlessly fall into but just as easily you could get pissed off. YET, for some reason, it was hard not to remain too angry with him.

This guy is very charming, talented, sweet and so so adorable although he does carry some pretty intense emotional baggage too. But even with that I like how it was showed how flawed he is too. In the end though he learned that there are things or person that is much more important than what he think is. Although I don't know much about country music I actually still enjoyed exploring it through here. The dynamic between the band too was amazing. I love how they could easily work and produce a really wonderful music together.

I'm not sure if this is the kind of book that would work for almost everybody. I admit there are moments that I get a little lost and disoriented in this one, especially with Sam, although I still always found my way back to him eventually. But there are a lot of good and great things that definitely make up for that.

In the end, I still end up having a lot of fun reading this. I recommend this book. Thank you MTV Books for providing a copy of this book. Visit my blog to see an excerpt from this book and join the giveaway! View all 7 comments. Jan 17, Kaitlyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, it's no secret that I love Jennifer Echols. See what I did there? I don't read tons of contemporary books, but hers have always been a favorite of mine because they're so raw and real. Dirty Little Secret is no exception. Jennifer Echols has done it again! I was especially excited for this book because it's about country music, my absolute favorite music genre ever.

I'm from the South, so I've grown up listening to country music. And it was so so so fun to read a book about it. I mean, how often do you read a YA book about country music? It gives this book a unique feel, which I loved. It's hard to make contemporary books unique, but this one definitely is. I really loved Bailey's character. She's very tough and independent. I loved her journey as she slowly began to forgive herself and her family and learned to start opening up her heart again.

Sam was so great as the love interest. I think I've found another book boyfriend. Oh, and he names his band Redneck Death Wish. The minor characters were also fantastic. Like Charlotte, Sam's ex. She surprised me by being a character who is truly hurting and trying to find her way, and I ended up loving her character arc. I also love the way Echols makes all her character stick out with their quirks - for example, Bailey has a habit of rubbing her eyes a lot.

Little characterizations like this made each of the characters unique. And the writing is amazing. One of my favorite scenes is when Bailey performs for the first time with Sam and his band. Echols captures the feel of this scene perfectly - the crowd's raw excitement, the sound of all the instruments, and Bailey's surprise at how much she's enjoying herself. This book just totally represents the spirit of country music. I would absolutely recommend this book. Whether you like country music or not, you'll end up being sucked into Bailey's story. Dirty Little Secret is a wonderfully original YA contemporary and the perfect summer read.

Check out this review and more book-related awesomeness on my blog: Sep 02, Lex rated it liked it Shelves: I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this book. I am annoyed by Sam. Like can't you understand Bailey and her reasons? I swear I'm about to smack Sam down for being so annoying.

However, as much as he was annoying, I did really enjoyed lots of parts in this book. Every music details are awesome. Maybe it was a good thing that I'm reacting to Sam this way. Cause that just means that Echols wrote him very effectively. Although, one might question why make Sam like that. Th I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this book.

The romance was very whirlwind romance. Like they knew each other for what, 4 days, and they already did the deed. I was like, HUH. They already kissed the night they met, for Pete's sake! It was a bit shocking for me. I was thinking, does people or teens kissed each other at the night they met? And feel all does gushing feeling they felt that time?? I'm not a prude one, but it's a bit Nevertheless, I liked the ending.

Although I was thinking it's about time for them to talk! I can't believe parents would do that. Now, I'm done with the May Challenge! Lazy bones get away! Now, on to my review… You did it again Jennifer Echols! You once again brought to me one of a kind Young Adult story. From the Nashville setting to the country music to its amazing characters! Bailey is our rebellious protagonist. Sam is our young-country musician. I'm telling you guys he's one hard piece of puzzle to solve! I like him most of the times but I think he just does and says things too drastically.

But he's really sweet and always knows the right things to say at the right moment so who could I complain with that? I'm too easy to be swayed by sweetness. The musical parts of it was a big and great part to the story. We get to see not only the beautiful and sparkling side of country music but also its mishaps. The things that are a bit off for me here is the fact that Bailey's parents are sort of made the villain in the story. I can't grasp how they could seem to disregard their other daughter because of the other's stardom.

Loose ends were properly tied — story wise and it was overall an enjoyable read. May 24, eileen rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh, the potential of a underdog story with country music. Country music is my second favorite genre, with Broadway music leading the race, so I was positive that I would fall in love with Jennifer Echols's Dirty Little Secret. And then I was disappointed deeply by it.

Bailey Mayfield, overshadowed by her younger sister Julie, was a complicated character. She rebelled against her parents by dying her hair black and doing things her parents didn't like, but don't forget that she was unrealistic and as flat as a sheet of paper. She had perfect pitch—and perfect musical instincts, because being able to sing and play perfectly just isn't enough. I was annoyed by the fact that she was so flawless, because can someone really be that well trained at age eighteen?

I could see her natural ability, but if she was that extraordinary, she would've been discovered with or without Julie. A record label wasn't going to look over her just because she sang harmony, because they would acknowledge Bailey's superior skills. I understand how a story like this had to be a little unrealistic, but the way it was portrayed made it too extreme for me to handle. She fought and argued over everything her parents said, except when they threatened to take away her college tuition. If she was musically gifted, she wouldn't even need to pay for college; she could get a scholarship.

What kind of person does that? She wouldn't even need to major in music, as long as she decided to be a part of their music program. The whole reason she was so against a music major was so intensely ridiculous that I couldn't take her seriously as a true rebel.

Additionally, she was ignorant and a total pushover. Sam, our love interest, was a total dick on a stick, so that didn't make things any better, either. There was no way I could even love Sam as soon as I met him, because he was a total douche. Sam manipulated Bailey to play more gigs with him, simply for the reason that he believed her fiddle playing would help him get a recording contract. He was so shallow and supposedly hot and swoony; I couldn't see what the fuss was about with him.

Two members of the bands only had eyes for Sam, whereas I thought he was insubstantial. Sam was obsessed with the idea of being a famous country star, getting mad at Bailey when she hadn't told him who her sister was, and trying to guilt her into using her sister's connections to get an in with a record label.

He was a sick manipulator. He—spoiler alert—had sex with Bailey, they gave their virginity to each other, and then the following conversation pretty much ensued: So are you going to talk to Julie and help me get a recording contract? I told you, no. Then we have to break up. Okay then, even though we just basically had sex and it's only an hour after we did. It's not me, it's you. You don't deserve me. You give that line to everyone, your bandmate Charlotte told me! Bailey doesn't deserve you, by the way. After that little debacle, I was a tiny bit proud that Bailey had stood up to herself, and that she continued to stand up for herself, not like she had to give anything up, considering the legitimacy of the romance.

They made out on the first day they met each other, and then almost went all the way a few hours later, if it not were for Charlotte walking in on them. Their romance went way too fast, and my inability to like the characters, let alone connect with them, ruined their chemistry, if they even had chemistry. Bailey's part in Sam and her relationship was insignificant, keeling over whenever Sam asked something from her. I didn't understand why she kept going back to him, even when she said she wouldn't.

The plot was insanely confusing, glossing over important events, drawing out the trivial ones. Bailey referred to events that supposedly happened a day before, but it was never mentioned. If you're going to refer back to something, and one as big as it was, you probably should recap it a little better, in pages instead of a paragraph that could easily be overlooked. Things didn't add up, like when days would pass by before an important gig happened, but it was mentioned two days ago that it was "tomorrow. Although Dirty Little Secrets had some moments, I couldn't enjoy it to enough to overlook the flaws.

Jennifer Echols disappointed me with how much went wrong with her countrified new young adult novel. It just wasn't for me. May 02, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: Probably a solid 3 star read.

The story had a leisurely pace throughout, and the beginning was a bit rough for events, but as the narrative went on, I'll admit that I ended up caring for both Bailey and Sam. It has its share of rough moments, both with the characters clashing with each other and trying to make music together, but it was a decent story which had a nice resolution to things in the end. I liked the experience well enough, and hope I can express that more in my ful Initial reaction: I liked the experience well enough, and hope I can express that more in my full review.

And I think Jennifer Echols has some brownie points back with me in "Dirty Little Secret" - though I'll admit there are still some problematic elements within it that straddle the line a little like my previous read from her - the NA work "Levitating Las Vegas". This story has to do with a young woman named Bailey whose sister is a bonafide rising country music star. What does that mean for Bailey? Well, when her sister gets signed by a major record company, she gets the short end of the stick - pretty much putting her music dreams on hold, undervalued by her parents who tell her if she steps out of line and tries to do any major music work, they won't pay for her college tuition , and sent to live with her grandfather to keep her existence out of the limelight.

One could imagine that this leaves Bailey feeling a little more than bitter. I think I was more forgiving of Bailey's brute demeanor when I found out the whole story behind what her parents did to her and where she was emotionally following that, but I still had a hard time liking her perspective, it was difficult. It was also difficult to get into the narrative to begin with because of the slow pacing, the dragging of the prose, and the fact that it seems to meander with some sketchy details case in point, the perverted Elvis we meet near the beginning of the novel as Bailey performs in gigs.

But things change for Bailey when she meets Sam - a rising musician himself and with a colorful cast of bandmates to match. I really liked Sam upon his introduction and he made the narrative more vibrant for me in terms of his characterization and camaraderie with Bailey for a time. Yet, I had a hard time in this part of the novel too, because there is some rampant slut shaming and odd considerations as the narrative went on. The group weathers some tough situations and Bailey seems unwilling to confront her issues, just as much as Sam has a troubled past and is unwilling to deal with his issues.

Such terms threaten to break apart the budding band at its seams. However, I do have to admit that the way the story rounded itself out in the end made me give full credit to where Echols takes it, and I liked the resolution. I would still give this book credit for immersing me in its respective journey and the way things tied off in the end. It's a decent novel for what it aims for, and I think quite a few readers will enjoy it for what it offers, but there are caveats in this that require patience to get through them.

So this is an another YA book. View all 11 comments. Feb 28, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: She befriends three other aspiring musicians, including James Wright Phoenix's character. James looks like a young Johnny Cash. The similarities end there, as the protagonist in Dirty Little Secret is Bailey Mayfield Wright, a seventeen year old fiddle player who has been playing the country western and bluegrass circuit with her younger sister Julie since she was just a kid.

Bailey is, in fact, quite the pro when it comes to the music business, having been raised on it. Her grandfather is a renowned luthier that's a guitar crafter and repairman to us laymen in Nashville, and it is with him that Bailey is spending her summer after graduation, exiled from her immediate family, including her sister and musical partner Julie. See, a year earlier, a music executive that heard the Mayfield sister's play decided that Julie was star material.

He didn't want Bailey. He didn't want Bailey associating with Julie and he didn't want her playing music. Because he was justifiably worried that fans wouldn't be too keen on the fact that a bunch of music big wigs broke up a family act to make only one of the girl's a star. And the very worse part beyond THAT? In one swift move, Bailey is told her musical aspirations are over. She must support her sister's rise to fame, and her dreams of making it the industry are as good as dead.

So what does Baily do? She chops her beautiful blonde hair off and dyes it black. She starts dating tatted up, pierced boys who are nothing but trouble. She starts drinking and partying and anything else she can do to defy her parents. Maybe it's not the smartest move, but you know, I found myself thinking "Right on!

See a Problem?

There was a bit of romance with a new stranger in town, a popular mystery writer, whom she has great chemistry with. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She fought and argued over everything her parents said, except when they threatened to take away her college tuition. She's spent the last year playing her fiddle, writing music, and being repr Bailey Mayfield and her sister Julie were once a talented, blond-haired, music duo who honed their performances at all the bluegrass festivals their parents drove them to. Lucy's mom keeps everything, and this is obviously a problem for many reasons, both emotionally and physically. With huge tw This was a hell of a story and i totally loved it!

Not exactly mature of me but you have to admit that Bailey was dealt a pretty shitty hand. Unfortunately, Bailey's behavior gets out of control following graduation and her parents send her off to live and work with her grandpa for the summer while they escort Julie around the country on tour to promote her debut album. To make matters worse, Julie is furious with Bailey and refuses to speak with her. Bailey is in a pretty bad place when we first meet her. Luckily her grandpa still encourages Bailey to play music. In fact, he finds her a day job, working as a fill-in fiddle layer for a group of tribute bands who play gigs in the mall, on the steps of government buildings, etc.

It's one part music and one part theater, as Bailey gets decked out in period garb and plays fiddle for "Elvis", "Hank Williams" and "Dolly Parton". But it's not until she meets the guitar playing son of "Johnny Cash", that things begin to get interesting. Sam Hardiman has been described to Bailey as a heart breaker, a handsome devil and a player. Turns out Sam has his own band, and a fiddle player is exactly what he thinks he needs to take that band to the top.

Oh, you guys, I absolutely loved this book. Both have "bad girl" protagonists, although Bailey's not as bad as she wants everyone to think. She is is the perfect combination of hard edged yet vulnerable. And while she may be jaded to the music industry and the ways of the world, she is still a great big romantic at heart. It is so easy to feel sympathetic for Bailey's situation. As the story unfolds and I realized what a toll her family's actions have taken on her, I just wanted this girl to have things go her way for a change.

Bailey has been beating herself up over her bad behavior and the rift between she and her sister. And Bailey loves music. It's more than just a talent she has, it is part of who she is. In addition to playing fiddle, Bailey writes music, pouring all her frustration, guilt, and fear out into the songs she writes. Imagine being told that all your dreams of playing music, all the years you have spent nurturing and perfecting your talent, are over just because some record exec wants your sister but not you?

I wanted so badly to see things work out for Bailey and that is a big part of what kept me turning the pages of this book. The other big thing that kept me turning pages? Holy Jesus, is this guy something else. I have never been so exasperated with a character in my life. I wanted to kiss him and I wanted to strangle him, usually in that order. Sam is ambitious, charismatic, beautiful, manipulative, selfish, and a heart breaker to the nth degree.

Liked the writing from both points of view even with some holes in the story. I like Alix character she is self deprecating, insecure and little naive even for being a successful model. I believe a lot of models have these issues. I did figure things out pretty early even when Syd was not heard from for a while I knew he would be back with a vengeance. In my opinion Lauren Landish did a pretty good job of writing a suspenseful, taboo, and erotic romance.

I enjoyed the story and was entertained. Feb 10, Mary Strunk rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the first book I've read by the author and I wasn't disappointed. The author has a way with the writing to make sure you stay hooked. If you love step sibling stories then you will love this one as well. Alix is a model and she is doing her best to not have to depend on anyone.

She doesn't have that relationship with her mother but she still visit's her along with her new stepfather. She hasn't seen her stepbrother Kade in a long time but she knows better to stay away from him. When her This is the first book I've read by the author and I wasn't disappointed. When her ex tries to blackmail her, she has no choice but to let Kade in.

She doesn't expect Kade to help her or even understand but he changes her thoughts. She can't help the feelings that form for Kade and wishes that he would feel the same for her. One day, Alix gets her answers from Kade and she won't do anything to jeopardize what they have. Things start happening and getting worse for Alix but the one person she can count on is Kade. Kade has is own law firm and worked hard to get it. He loves his father and happy to see him finally with another woman.

He can see how happy Layla makes him and only wishes that his stepsister Alix would treat them better. When he comes down to visit the family, he didn't expect to see Alix but he enjoys spending time with her. Once Alix opens up to Kade, he knows that what he thought of her was wrong and sees a new side to her that he never got to see before. Now, all his fantasies can come true if he just lets it happen.

When he realizes the situation that Alix is in, he will stop at nothing to make it better for her even if they come out in public. The characters come together and face battles together. The more you read, the more you will be on your toes. The connection between the characters is strong and the chemistry is hot! They both stick together and become stronger each day they are together. They will stick together and face everything side by side.

Great job to the author, I highly recommend. ARC given in exchange for an honest review Romantic, hot and surprisingly dramatic. It's well written with a good pace and a double POV. From the beginning, it introduces the characters' background and lifestyle that allow to know them well.

The beautiful model with a grudge against her mum, the successful lawyer who cannot accept that which he sees as an injustice. Yet their personalities still fee the pull towards each other. I really liked how they end up strengthening their bond. She's in danger and he offers a way out, but in doing s Romantic, hot and surprisingly dramatic. She's in danger and he offers a way out, but in doing so they fall in love. Through a very painful extortion, Alix discovers new, tantalizing sides to Kade. I thought that his dark side provided some very interesting scenes as he' shows her this side of himself in clear yet respectful terms.

And she melts for him. It was sweet actually. Very romantic to, the way he supports her and how close they become. There's a lot of character evolution to a mature and committed life, both as individuals and as a couple. Their dialogues reflect the deepening of their relationship. Family bonds play an important role in the plot as well as a violent character who really puts the stepsiblings in unimaginable danger.

The only thing that rattle me a bit was when she acknowledges Kade as her Lord and he's pleased with their special name for him. Yet up until that point, she's been addressing him in a way I really liked, Yes Kade, in a submissive voice, when they were in that zone.

Then that new Lord thing came out of nowhere and puzzled me. One of the best features of this novel is that it turns into a suspense romance full of hardcore blackmail, an almost James Bond-type of technology team effort and planning along with surprising drama and a hateful foe to defeat. Really entertaining, well-structured and wholly developed both in therms of plot and romance. Mar 21, Erika rated it really liked it Shelves: Pretty standar plot, heroe likes heroine, but can't have a relationship with her because she's his step-sister, but then she gets intro trouble and he goes to rescue her and stops denying the attraction and they accept they are in love with each other and everything is ok again.

What I liked is that the characters are not as dumb as in other stories, for example view spoiler [ when the bad guy blackmails the heroine she goes and gets the money, but she also finds a way to record him so she can Pretty standar plot, heroe likes heroine, but can't have a relationship with her because she's his step-sister, but then she gets intro trouble and he goes to rescue her and stops denying the attraction and they accept they are in love with each other and everything is ok again.

Is not a perfect book, but I liked how the story was handled, the characters made mistakes, but also good moves, they are not perfect but are intelligent enough to get the bad guy. A good balance between the usual really stupid characters and the super powerful I-can-do-it-all characters that no one can touch, with the balance the book ends up being something closer to reality and that works for me. Only one problem with that, he will have to keep his dark desire hidden from Alix Nova, his step-sister.

She is everything he wants, with her supermodel body and sharp mind, he can't deny the desire he has to claim her. When a situation arises that has Alix asking him for help and the discovery of his reciprocated feelings, he is determined to find out what's going on. Alix Nova, a beautiful supermodel has made some bad choices and her only hope is her step-brother.

A truth from her past is revealed and makes her question everything she's ever known. When she's around Kade, however, everything just feels so right. They share a beautiful love for one another and are unable to deny it anymore. They have quite the road ahead of them, with obstacles, and some shocking circumstances. It's one hell of a ride filled with passion, love, heartbreak, suspense, and friendship.

This is a beautiful love story that you simply must experience. This was a good stepbrother story with a little extra spice. There isn't anything hardcore in this book. The BDSM relationship was playful and intriguing, but not offensive. The relationship between Alix and Kade seemed a little like insta-love, which is fine with me. My detail oriented brain however would have like to have had more details of the past times they spent together and how those feeling This was a good stepbrother story with a little extra spice.

My detail oriented brain however would have like to have had more details of the past times they spent together and how those feelings came to develop. This story had me tearing up at a couple of shocking plot twists.

His Dirty Little Secret Audiobook

Just when I thought I knew where the story was going, it took a couple of sharp turns, keeping me fully engaged in the story. The characters were well developed, the sex was steamy and the story was entertaining, emotional and at times intense. Definitely worth the read. Dec 16, TriceyPooh rated it it was amazing.

Dirty Little Secrets Awesome read!! I would recommend this book to anyone. Kudos to the writer! It will grip you right from the beginning. There is some series suspense in this story. Kade had been added to my list of favorite alpha males. He is fiercely protective of his family and Alix.

Her research with the organization Children of Hoarders informed Dirty Little Secrets, which is her first novel. She lives in Northern California with her husband . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Liliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system. She molded America's youth, busted kids for.

Alix is a model in need of some help. She is being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, Sydney. Oh, how I hated him. Kade had a secret and was worried that Alix wouldn't accept him for it. Thank goodness for Rita. The secondary characters in this story are amazing tot. I just loved Rita and her no nonsense attitude. Vince was Kade's right hand man. This was a great story. It had all the up and downs. The BDSM in the story was not heavy. This was a hell of a story and i totally loved it!

You could feel the love through the pages between Alix and Kade Beautiful flow and perfect characters! Alix is a beautiful model but holds a lot of resentment for her mother from secrets that her mother has witheld from her to protect her daughter. Kade is the older step brother who has hidden his feelings from everyone for 8 years but following a 'family' weekend get together, he discovers that Alix has the same feelings for him! With huge tw This was a hell of a story and i totally loved it! With huge twists and turns and major heartbreak, will they get pulled apart forever? Will they get through all the problems and get their HEA?

What will happen when the truth of their relationship gets revealed? Will love be strong enough? Hmmm step brother romances, just hit the spot for this romance book reviewer! I don't know why. Maybe it's because they are a bit risque and naturally has the ability for longing and desire to burn built in without being voiced for years.

Either way it's a hot subgenere that is showing no end in sight popularity wise. I was really amazed at how the story line starts out pretty innocent but gets progressively darker and darker. There is no cliffhanger to this one thankfully, but there are sever Hmmm step brother romances, just hit the spot for this romance book reviewer! There is no cliffhanger to this one thankfully, but there are several very Read the full review here: This was pretty much everything I want in a book, romantic, hot, dramatic, sexy well written great characters and it has duel pov which I love.

This was a relationship built on respect, love, protectiveness, submitted respect. Kade has nothing but respect for Alix and wants to help her, protect her and Alix puts Kade on a pedalstal but is in a good way. They love each other and it shows but then I'm thrown and this whole story turns and I love it more. I was hooked from the start. Alix had no idea that the choice she made to be with Sydney was a bad one. She had no idea the evil he possessed. Stuck with no recourse, she asked Kade to help her out. Kade had a unique way of dealing with his stepsister's close proximity.

It worked until Alix saw first hand. Though she thought he was gone, Sydney continues to be a problem. Alix has feelings for Kade but what will come of it? It's a full length stepbrother romance. It's a fun ride with steamy parts. I received an My Tudor Rose I received an ARC for an honest review.

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