On Berryhill Road

On Berryhill Road
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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It isn't that I wasn't enjoying the read. It was a look into poverty the likes of which I had never seen before. I was interested in the struggles of the various characters. It felt like reading the daily travails of people who were loosely connected but had no idea. I think for the price it's a good buy as long as the reader knows what to expect. It wasn't mystery, chick lit, or romance.

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There was a romantic plot but it was slow to develop. If you want to read about people struggling to overcome trials and you don't want fast pace or high tension this may be the perfect read. Human drama where the strength of spirit carry people through. One person found this helpful. I was not going o purchase this book because I knew it was going to be a "tearjerker".

Once I started reading it I could not stop. The tears flowed but I continued to read. It was very sad, but still I could not stop! When I came home from work I started reading. I continued at my eye doctor's appointment! Finally I got home and was able to finish the book!! Of course there was a happy ending!

Really good, even with the sad parts. The last page kind of seemed to me as though there could be a sequil. I certainly hope so! Some stories whisper to you, others shout. I absolutely loved the author's voice in this book. I loved the story, the language, the pacing, the twists, the problems, the solutions.

Most of all, I loved Fallon. And I loved Donovan. Okay, what didn't I love? I think the romance got a bit in the way. Lyn might've gotten this across with a lighter hand, but maybe that's just me and maybe I feel like I have to nitpick to find anything wrong with the story. A highly recommended read. A solid 5 stars and an author I'll be reading more of. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This is a well written story. The way the author wrote about the characters seemed to awaken my emotions as to what they were experiencing.

I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next! I loved the fact that the main setting was in Milton, because it's surroundings are familiar to me. A conspiracy to kill Fallon's father has put her life on a course that no one could have predicted, if they'd cared to. At 23, she has been abused, neglected, and ignored for most of her life. She looks like a delicate flower, but her heroic heart makes her an oak tree. Fallon will be a character who makes a lasting impression on you. Her story is worth reading and recommending.

I couldn't put this book down once I started it. Donovan is easy to fall in love with and is the star of this novel in my book. I loved the romance in this story, though it's not all romance. There is plenty of crime, drama and as usual with Tommie Lyn someone has to die. If you like crime, drama, and a taste of southern hospitality you'll enjoy this read. I immediatly got it and enjoyed it very much.

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Fallon is such a likable character, she's been through a lot and she's just a good girl. I liked Donovan's character a lot as well, he and Fallon make such a cute pair. This was a great read, and I'm excited to read other books by Tommie Lyn. Well written, engaging characters - you simply have to cheer for Fallon and boo Thorton. This writer speaks to you not at you. The twists were well integrated into the story line and not distracting complex. Even the romance leans toward common sense happiness rather than blue-bird starry-eyed goo.

Good author to follow. See all 30 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago. Published on June 28, Published on May 10, Published on October 25, Published on April 29, Published on April 4, Published on February 17, Published on January 27, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. These taxpayer dollars could be appropriated better, I think. Just a concerned citizen wanting answers for obvious problems. Not unless you want your house like 3 feet from the road. No, bump up the speed limit to 30 and restrict late trucks from using it.

The traffic has increased everywhere, more enforcement is what is needed. No, bump up the speed limit to 30 and restrict large trucks from using it. How about between willing and Stewart street. You want to give out tickets then pick a spot.

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I live on Berry Hill we have several nurseing homes assisted liveing on Berry Hill and traffic has no regards for speed and noise, I have notice,. By residential growth moving further to North Santa Rosa County will eliminate some of the congested traffic! Close enough ,but home life in a secluded peaceful atmosphere!! I see more people speeding on Berryhill Road but I never see anybody pulled over. We need to look at windham road and the cut throughs to berryhill. I live in in between the Berryhill cemetaries. There are so many cars coming from Berryhill and Caroline going into Oakcrest as a pass thru shortcut and speed in the neighborgood and grant it traffic sucks here.

But in our neighborhood residents speed here and run the stop sign. By pass all the traffic. Thats when its most heaviest cars passing thru. The police have been patrolling as much as possible but as soon as they leave the speeds go back up.

This is a residential area with children, pedestrians and bicycle riders and no sidewalks! Raising the speed limit will only make drivers feel entitled to go even faster!

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My family just moved in on this road and our 9 year old daughter loves to ride her bike, and our dogs love to go on walks. We knew we were buying a house on a busy street, but did not realize it was THIS busy we moved from Pensacola. My daughter is not allowed in the front yard unless she has our Rottweiler or a parent with her. When we do ride bikes or go for walks, we have to do so on Newton Street because of the narrow road, speeding cars, and lack of a sidewalk on Berryhill. The radar speed limit sign only picks up cars coming onto Berryhill from Dogwood Dr, but not from Berryhill to Dogwood.

Yesterday there was a car accident at this red light, and I can almost guarantee it was either from a speeding car or the fact that the red light on this side of Berryhill Rd does not have a turn signal light like the other side of Berryhill Rd does. I understand that drivers feel the speed limit is too slow on this road, as sometimes I have to remember this is a neighborhood and slow down myself when driving towards Stewart Rd. However, I do not believe the speed limit should increase on this road until there is a sidewalk for pedestrians.

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I hope the city of Milton will at least consider a sidewalk in this area. My family and I live on Barnes St close to Newton.

I completely agree drivers need to slow down for the safety of all our residents who live on that stretch! I love the idea of sidewalks too! Newton is a raceway too!

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Berryhill is a major roadway. It will always have a lot of traffic. Lowering the speed limit will not change that. Unless you blockade it at Dogwood, traffic will continue to increase. Ted Frazier, Berryhill rd was never meant to be a major hwy. Even when Vanity Fair was going wide open on Berryhill Rd with more than employees very few ever used Berryhill rd.

The thing was to get off of Berryhill as fast as possible. No one that has grown up around here would have ever believed the congestion would have ever gotten this bad. The new Publix in Pace has made 5 points a nightmare. I can remember driving through Spencer Field, Hamilton Bridge to Berryhill and maybe meeting 3 cars along the way. Just block that strech of berry hill off and 4 lane the rest of it to chumuckla hwy. That way no one can complaun about traffic anymore……. I keep hearing about downtown revitalization and the downtown area being more pedestrian friendly.

Been trying to get a stop sign at Berryhill and Alabama as a solution for months for safety reasons but again rejected by the city council on upcoming July 10 meeting agenda. You want increased tourism for your downtown businesses? Have the pass through people stay on 90,so families can enjoy the downtown and stop dodging the speeding inconsiderate knuckleheads.

Most city leaders agree an issue, but do not want to upset people who have no intention of patronizing local businesses anyway. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Speed limit on Berryhill Road to be strictly enforced. Published on June 01, with 29 Comments. Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell.

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On Berryhill Road has 44 ratings and 11 reviews. Carl said: This book sings!, June 3, Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is fro. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. I grew up in the Appalachian foothills of north Georgia, On Berryhill Road - Kindle edition by Tommie Lyn. Religion.

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