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Acting - or reacting - in a conditioned manner will cause problems after and be seen as a negative expression of the life force. Life-altering experiences and enlightening events are now on the horizon. The focus for positive development is to become un-conditioned, and this is a tall order, much easier said than done.

The planetary forces impact the twelve signs mainly in phases that can be distinctly shown in relatively short seven years intervals when Uranus makes an aspect to each sign, and within these cycles, there will always be a highlight lasting months when Jupiter moves through one sign at a time.

The angles made between Jupiter, Uranus, and other outer planets define to a great degree how the cycles are lived by each sign. The following twelve megatrends are a synopsis only, a summary, and they are discussed in much greater detail, under a magnified time-zoom lens, in form of cycles. They are applicable of course also to moon and rising signs for those who know their own birth charts more intimately well.

It is one of the reasons this astrologer feels it behoves the reader to know his or her chart of birth. People born in Aries or with important birth placements in Aries began in a journey of self-discovery much more profound than ever before, and they are in many respects ahead of their time when compared to all other signs. This journey will last well into To temper self-assertion and inherent ego-drive in order to come to well-formed value judgments by is the guide line for success.

Planetary forces suggest from to when Uranus is liberating and awakening Aries that at times certain events that can be perceived as disruptive are in fact for the better. Aries will not accept the status quo once transforms into Aries frees itself during many years of the misunderstood concept of "selfhood" and transforms into a leader of the untried. Unforeseeable energies will appear, giving Aries a chance to test new waters and to blaze new trails.

During this phase the best is to go into a deeper search for the inner purpose of life. Certain Aries born people will address this early on, while others will only really face these issues after when Neptune enters their sign. In any case, by a new direction becomes self evident.

Simultan the demands on career and status issues lead to a complete transformation of how Aries perceives the world around them, and how others see the Aries person. This change lasts well into Afterwards and until there is the potential of both an inner identity crisis and of a slow erosion of personality boundaries.

This results over many years in a new sense of recognising right action within an enlarged siritual realm. Ambitions of Aries will be redefined.


Key quantum leaps that lead Aries to enlarge its scope of action are during the following phases when Jupiter is in visit in Aries, once every twelve years: These are four phases in which Aries gets a chance to assert itself massively, while each time having a better understanding of the new reality that emerges by that time. February to April is a zone of time, a span lasting over two years, when Saturn visits Aries, and this can be perceived by action orientated people as a moment when delays can set in and yet also as a phase when form is being brought to projects untested. Added responsibilities will be encountered then, much work, some delays, and form bringing events are among the potential developments of this phase.

By Aries will have mastered the art of what can be done. It is a lot more and much better than what Aries might envision today, and this not saying much. Aries remains ahead of the curve of knowing for many decades. Jupiter enhances Taurus matters considerably during these four phases: During these years Taurus is able to solidify its existence and to enjoy life to the fullest.

From May to April , Saturn visits Taurus, which results in ponderous and enhanced responsibilities, more focus on earth matters, and some potential delays. During these years Taurus will have no choice but to dig in and stand the ground it walks upon. From March to April Uranus spends its seven years in Taurus. This time is akin to discoveries of "free" earth energy, probably it is then that the energy explored by Tesla will make its breakthrough and become available to humanity.

Taurus finds during these phase a giant reawakening to its own potential.

After March Neptune begins its decade long stay in Taurus, suggesting people born in Taurus assimilate what was acquired by in terms of spiritual breakthroughs. Jupiter prompts Gemini into a veritable information gathering and wisdom dissemination quest during four phases: Saturn visits Gemini from June to July During that time Gemini has to focus its mind like never before. The validity and usefulness of any information will be severly tested then.

Uranus spends seven years in Gemini from July to August It is during that phase we will see the breakthroughs in languages and in worldwide communications. Gemini receives massive energies of telepathic imprint during these years, suggesting that it can live in two time lines simultaneously. Pluto opposes Cancer natives from , which is a time of testing and quite severe transitions. This theme gets enhanced in positively by Jupiter and in rather severely by Saturn.

This can be experienced as a difficult period for relationships, because you are likely to get involved in power struggles with others. It plays out in two ways, either that you will try to force others to take a certain course of action against their will, or others may try to do this to you.

In either case do take evasive actions in order to avoid real difficulties. If you are attempting to dominate others, you should stop, no matter what your motives are. You may think you have reasons for controlling people, and perhaps you believe that you are only doing it for their own good, but that is not likely so. It is more likely that you simply cannot leave well enough alone.

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If you are the victim of others' interfering, the problem is difficult. Probably unconsciously, you give a signal that you will allow yourself to be treated this way. And having set off this reaction, it is hard for you to stop it. On the other hand, you may gain something by fighting back. It is often useful to experience a test of wills with someone, and it is much less dangerous to you when you are asserting your independence of someone else rather than the other way around.

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If trust issues arise as a result, wait for this one-day transit to pass before you attempt to talk it out. He is a ruler. Less efficient, I know. But worth it in hassles saved. Just been revealed as the most listened to piece of music ever one assumes they mean in the western world! They are - even to scientists - not predictable, although models exist whereby solar activity phenomena based on sun spots and solar flares can be predicted a few hours ahead. What have you got to hide anyway?

You may need to prove to yourself that you are stronger than your opponents. One dangerous aspect of this influence is that it may trigger off a conflict with persons in authority over you. These people can do you more harm than most, and you should be very careful. At its most positive, this Pluto transit gives you energy to accomplish things, provided you can keep down the negative effects so that you don't arouse too much resistance and opposition from others.

Your personal ambition is likely to be very high during this time, and you can succeed, for this is not an unpleasant influence, because its energies are very powerful, prompting you to be cautious.

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Jupiter enhances the concern for security and emotional safety and the enhanced building of safe places during these four phases: Saturn - bringer of form and discipline - profoundly marks Cancer from July to August , during which time issues of women, mothers and children, and the safety of homes will be looked into deeply. This is a time for which Cancer needs to prepare itself well in advance. During that phase Cancer undergoes a soul searching period, cmparable to the years Just as Saturn begins its serious stay in Cancer, Uranus also moves in there, making and the ultimate Cancerian years.

It spends its seven years in Cancer from August to August , suggesting that safety issues can be experienced in new ways, and that the notion of family is to be seen in a more tribal fusion. These years will be experienced by Cancer as both liberating, awakening and at time disruptive. Untried approaches will be needed after The years and will show the new beginning for Cancer.

Jupiter enhances the fire sign four times: Saturn is in Leo from August to July Uranus visits Leo from August to July This transit influence can be challenging as it asks you to test the realities around you. In your relationships, in particular, make certain that you present yourself to others as straightforwardly as you can. Do not leave people in any doubt about your intentions.

If others have any reason to misunderstand you, they will, and they are likely to work against you because misunderstanding easily turns to fear or mistrust. For the same reason, avoid any involvement in underhanded or devious schemes, as they will work to your detriment. Work only with people whom you can trust and communicate with, so that if there are any accidental misunderstandings, you and they can straighten them out without becoming suspicious of each other.

With your ruler, go-getter Mars, in Capricorn and your tenth house of long-term goals until September 10, you're even more pumped to get everything aligned, from your eating and exercise to the empire you're busy building. This is no time to go charging willy-nilly into anything without careful calculation and road-mapping. Sigh…you have a love-hate relationship with details, Aries. On the one hand, you want stuff to conform to your exacting standards, so you can really geek out and get all "five-star general" when you have a new idea.

But if it tips TOO far into the process side, then you feel like you're wasting your creativity and not making stuff happen. Rather than be slowed down by administrative minutiae, delegate and outsource where you can—and eliminate distractions when you need to stay on task. Get Team Aries in tip-top shape and plan out your calendar for the rest of Instead of being overwhelmed, you'll feel unstoppable. The September 9 Virgo new moon is an ideal date to set work and lifestyle overhauls in motion.

Book overdue medical checkups, get trial passes to a few fitness studios, deep-clean your house and fridge. But don't make it all work no play. This new moon will be opposite dreamy Neptune in Pisces and your creative twelfth house, indicating that the more pleasure and imagination you infuse into your duties, the more you'll actually enjoy them. Think of your routines as "rituals" and bring a sacredness to the activities you do every day.

Play your cards right, and you could be pegged as a "one to watch" influencer. Be strategic, polished and prepared: A VIP could take notice of your savvy ways and open an important door in the coming six months. September also brings some retrograde relief after a summer that was packed with planets in this sluggish and slowed-down phase.

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Read your free daily chinese horoscopes from uzotoqadoh.tk Find out what the new Chinese astrology fortune year may have in store for you today!. PREVIEW OF THE 12 MEGA TRENDS Everyone, to some extent, whether born in Aries, Taurus, Pisces or whichever sign, will gradually experience From to , we will witness first the gradual and almost non perceptible changes, and at times . Saturn visits Gemini from June to July

It WAS a good time to wrap up unfinished business and deal with any unresolved stuff from your past. But now you can start moving into launch mode…full steam ahead. That upward trend begins on September 6, when structured Saturn wraps up a retrograde in Capricorn and your tenth house of career and long-term goals, ending a U-turn that started on April On September 30, Pluto ends a five-month retrograde, also in Capricorn and your career sector. If you hit roadblocks at work or struggled to put your ideas into concrete form, you'll start to feel the heaviness lifting.

The tenth house rules men and fathers, and Saturn retrograde may have churned up difficulties with your dad or another paternal type. Bosses and authority figures may also have been a source of tension, hemming you in by the "rules" or thwarting you with bureaucratic red tape. Maybe a project that once had you jazzed started to feel monotonous or burdensome.

One Aries we know contracted a mysterious illness and wasn't able to work at her usual lightning-fast pace; another had a ton of great ideas but wasn't able to get them approved and into production until she took several trips back to the drawing board. Shake it off, Aries.

Whatever happened, prepare to get a sense of purpose and direction back—at least! But first, there may be some issues to clear up.

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  3. Sticks and Stones: Using Your Words as a Positive Force.

Tension could reach a boiling point on September 18, when the third of this year's three Mars-Uranus squares sends egos and tempers through the roof. The first of these clashes occurred on May 16, right as unpredictable Uranus entered Taurus for the first time since , and immediately formed this harsh aspect with your ruler, hotheaded Mars. Both of these combustible planets are known for reacting first and asking questions later. While this can drive up big-time drama, their face-offs can also bring a brewing conflict out into the open. That said, I'm not necessarily encouraging you to share this whole story, especially when I'm not entirely sure you know all its dimensions yourself.

You Virgoans are way too good at agreeing tacitly, if not directly , then silently swallowing the fallout that comes from later realizing you don't actually agree, at least not as plainly as you made it seem. You can't fake your way past the fact that your mind naturally gravitates toward contemplation of all possible scenarios, including ones where everything goes horribly wrong and you're left to clean up a mess you should've seen coming and been able to avoid, as its self-protective manner of problem-solving before any problem has actually arisen.

You can't pretend to be somebody you're not, can you? From this explanation, hopefully they'll see your internal conflict isn't a personal judgment on their worthiness. Stop and ask yourself: How would your most level-headed or is that 'intellectually self-righteous'? You're a master at pushing the red button, Scorpio. You may even have invented it. But for right now, it pays in longer-term dividends for you to circumvent the small conflicts, especially if there are third- or fourth-parties who'll also be affected by you two having it out. Instead, gather the evidence as if you'll later need it to calmly lay out your case in front of a jury of your peers.

Sometimes I feel like, were I to compile a 'greatest hits' collection of my Sagittarian horoscopes from over the years, the most common interlinking thread we could identify would probably have something to do with holding your tongue , or refraining from saying too directly the very thing you're absolutely dying to say but must temper in tone or delay in timing to suit a certain astrological state of affairs. Though it is true that both of you are just two people, genuinely equal in so many ways, you are also not equal in some defining way which is likely way more important to them than it is to you.

Less efficient, I know. But worth it in hassles saved. By now, I'm hoping, you've recovered your sense of self-possessed moxie in full force, no less and are happily in the powerful position of freely expressing what is right for you , the rest of 'em be damned. Phrased another way, this is a good moment to moderate the recent self-focus by strategically reconsidering certain individuals, and your relationship with them, and how they might be responding to your surge in agenda-setting initiative.

Probably only minor adjustments are required, to make sure you haven't overdone your reaction to 'having taken enough of other people's shit' to include all other people, even those who haven't legitimately given you much shit but may've gotten inadvertently diverted by your crosswinds. Check in with the ones who really matter, to see how they're handling the newly nervy you. A good effort one day at a time.