Housebreaking Your Dog In A Hurry

Teaching Your Dog to Eliminate on Command
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Until your dog is housebroken, it is important to setup a feeding, watering and walking schedule and be consistent. For example, take him out first thing in the morning. After he eats and drinks, take him for a walk immediately.


When he relieves himself, give him lots of praise. Consult your veterinarian for your dog's food and water needs. Use an odor neutralizer, which can be bought from a pet store, to clean up messes inside.

You can buy him another crate when he outgrows the first one. You can buy a crate at any discount shopping center but you will have to go to a local pet supply store pricey!


House training a puppy or even an adult dog depends on your commitment to the first four or five days. If you follow this schedule you will be successful.

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It is easier to train a dog correctly initially than to re-train him later and that especially applies to house-breaking. I am not a breeder but my editor taught me this - Take puppy outside as soon as he awakens.

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He will be excited and happy to see you and probably he will urinate before getting to the door. Not a good way to start your day. Control your urge to scold him, which does absolutely no good and ruins your good mood.

Getting Started

I've had dogs before as recently as two years ago; SO has experience, too. But you might want to consider training them to use just one specific spot every time. You can also spray bitter tasting chew deterrent around the edges of the pad so she finds it distasteful. After he eats and drinks, take him for a walk immediately. Until your dog is housebroken, it is important to setup a feeding, watering and walking schedule and be consistent. Again, seek the advice of your family vet.

Quietly but quickly pick him up and carry him directly from the crate to the same potty place whether inside or outside. Choose a place in your yard or just outside your home where you want your puppy to eliminate. Every time you take your dog outside, you will go straight to that area and wait. Gates or Exercise Pens: Have treats, cut into pea-size pieces, on you, so you can reward your puppy immediately within 3 seconds when he eliminates outside. Accidents will happen, so be prepared with a cleaner that is designed to eradicate the odor.

This will make it less likely that your dog will smell his first mistake and then use that spot again. Consistent Routines Consistent schedules, including feeding schedules, are essential for successful housetraining. Putting it on Cue Going potty and going for a walk should be two separate issues. Accidents Happen No matter how much planning you do, accidents can happen. If this dog, or a prior dog, has gone all over the house, you may need to check for stains with a black light available at hardware stores and then use a steam cleaner, not on a hot setting, for set-in stains and odors.

Re-Training A Rescue Dog Always assume that any new dog you bring into your home is not housetrained.

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Your dog could have a urinary tract infection, bladder stones, or parasites. A dog may roll over on his back and pee slightly or poop may just fall out when a dog is afraid of someone or something. Sometimes, a dog will urine mark to claim territory around an unfamiliar dog.

Housebreaking In A Hurry Trailer

This is most common among males, but an occasional female will do it, too. Dogs raised in puppy mills lived, peed, and pooped in their kennels. These dogs will go to the bathroom in their crates, but may not go outside on grass. If you have a puppy mill dog, housetraining will likely be a much slower process.

How To House Train A Puppy – Follow These Steps

Key Points to Remember Take your puppy out at regular intervals, so you have plenty of opportunities to reward your puppy for eliminating outside. Your pup should go out after sleeping, eating, playing, and before bedtime. Have a designated potty place, where you always take your dog to eliminate.

Praise and give your dog small treats immediately after your dog eliminates. Between trips outside, your puppy should be confined, crated, or tied to you. Punishment can also have unintended consequences.

Unless you clean accidents thoroughly, dogs will return to the same indoor spots to eliminate.