The Place I Call Home

Only Place I Call Home
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the place i call home

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You're the only place I've ever called my home. Years pass, we're getting older And you're not sure you can wait. So I promise, it won't always be like this. You say, "It's always the same.

Take all of your doubts, You can throw 'em out. If I had my way You'd fill these empty beds. Someday I'll come back for you And never leave again. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Only Place I Call Home song meanings. Add your thoughts 2 Comments.

Место, что домом зовётся

My Interpretation I think a lot of the songs on this album have a lot to do with how leaving and being away from loved ones to be on the road affects the band personally. Obviously the person he's leaving behind is skeptical about whether he will really be coming back. It sounds like she has gotten used to him being on the road and away at shows, so she's not really expecting anything to change.

Nightcore → A Light To Call Home (lyrics)

But basically he's telling her that being with her is where he feels most comfortable and that he isn't going to give up on the relationship, even if she does. Everything he does is for her, and one day he will come home to her and never leave her again.

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"The Place that I Call Home" - Kent Carter and Guy Jones - Signed English (ASL) I've seen a lot out on this road, I'll keep on moving til I know, The way back to the place that I call home. I seen a lot out on this road, I keep on moving til I know, the way back to the place that I. The Place That I Call Home Lyrics: When I can't still my restless mind / There's a place where I like to spend some time / Where it's all right when I'm alone / The.