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atulunnitqua.cf/3797.php There were no touching vignettes of the victim's lives, no interviews with grieving families, no close ups of tear-streaked faces contorted with anguish. The "invisible" consequences of our military adventures perhaps explain the surprise and indignation many Americans expressed at the September 11th attacks. So, not surprisingly, our assets have been targets of some counterattacks in the ongoing war. In , a truck bomb killed marines in Beirut.

In , a Pan Am passenger plane was brought down by explosives placed onboard by Libyans. Our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were blown up in Last year the U.

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Lets face it—maintaining our comfortable standard of living requires maintaining control over strategic areas of the globe. With over sixty major military bases and hundreds of smaller installations scattered around the world, the U. As an empire, we must expect resistance from people whose natural resources we wish to exploit, whose governments we try to subvert, and whose cultures we continue to corrupt. Whether it takes the form of protests, sabotage or terrorism, you can count on this: Terrorism can never be stopped.

Terror! Death!! Revenge!!!

Until that time when everyone in the world has a chip implanted in their heads and is controlled and monitored by a central government computer, there will be those who will be able to express their anger and frustration through violence. Our society is extremely vulnerable. It always has been, and will remain so despite the draconian "safety" measures the government surely has in store for us. A good way to fight terrorism would be to eliminate some of the policies that cause so much resentment in the Muslim world.

It would help if the U. In short, we could start acting like we were a part of the global community, rather than arrogant, omnipotent rulers over it. Not only would these actions be moral and ethical, they would also help reduce the feelings of humiliation, impotence and frustration that breed extremist ideology.

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But that is not the way empires classically behave. Instead, the military strike is the knee-jerk reaction to every act that challenges our hegemony, because as a nation we have dedicated ourselves so single-mindedly to developing our military that it has now become the primary instrument of our foreign policy. Just as with all empires, increasingly the military consumes more and more of our resources, assumes an ever-greater role in our national life, and becomes the uncontested answer to every international disagreement.

War on terror: Al Qaeda issues new manifesto of revenge

And so George W. Bush, as his father before him, pounds his chest and gears up for violent revenge, as if there were no serious alternatives to consider, no other possible courses of action. These endless military adventures will eventually bleed the Empire's treasury dry, but there is a more immediate danger. As we now know first hand, brutal attacks against civilians generate intense rage, feelings of nationalism and calls for revenge.

More attacks by Western forces that slaughter even more civilians may eliminate a few terrorist leaders, but will inevitably spawn thousands more embittered warriors, seething with hatred for the U. Some of these people, already smothered by poverty and despair, will form the new terrorist cadres. You can't fight terrorism with force Israel has been trying for decades.

Like the mythological many-headed Hydra that grew two heads each time the hero severed one with his sword, our indiscriminate bombing and destruction will incubate more resistance, more hatred and more extremism around the world. For every terrorist leader we kill or imprison, two more will regenerate from within the misery and rubble left by our assaults on Muslim societies. In fact, it's hard to believe this is not part of the terrorist's plan.

Surely they anticipated we would respond militarily to the September 11th attacks, hitting back hard and indiscriminately. Can it be that by employing the military option once again we will be playing right into their hands, enhancing the power and prestige of the extremists and violence-mongers within the Islamic world? Make no mistake—even though those of us who oppose imperialism and globalization have goals that are in some aspects similar to the terrorist's, they are not our friends or allies.

Violence is not the only form of resistance, nor is it the most effective. The inevitable attacks and counter-attacks in this continuing imperial war will do nothing but fortify the extremists and violence-ists within both camps. Showing of 16 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. I liked the first one bc was supernatural but the second 2 were more for slasher fans.

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The in between black and whites I was not into either. Cant say it was bad, just mostly not my style.. I dont know if it was still part of the 2nd one or if it was the 3rd one.

Terror - 01. All For Revenge

I just don't like people getting sliced up by sociopaths. One person found this helpful. This is a strange anthology consisting of 3 stories, in between the stories there are old movie previews for films like Devil Bat Driller Killer etc.

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Bring the feel of the Drive-in home with this Grindhouse anthology. Featuring three tales of horror delivered in a format that's sure to quench the thirst of any fan . Buy Terror! Death!! Revenge!!!: Read 6 Movies & TV Reviews - uzotoqadoh.tk

I thought the stories we're good the only downfall was the gore effects were cheap. Of course the budget was extremely low so that's why the effects weren't realistic.

Regardless, I still enjoyed it in it's totallity! They did find a way to connect the stories,even if just very simply. I recommend a watch if you're a Prime member. This movie has a laggy video. Not sure if that was the intention but I could not watch past 10 minutes.

I played other movies to make sure it was not my computer and it was not. Takes you back a bit.

Campfire Pictures never fails to come through with the terror. Great job for an independent film! Not scary or particularly well made. I guess if you like cheesy horror you might enjoy this. I understand that it's an indie. But I've seen well written, well acted, and well directed indies. This isn't one of them.

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