Sie müssen ein Alien sein ... (German Edition)

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To remedy this, just rename the file to xenotest. Also remeber that, as zippyshare is a free service, the file will not be on their servers indefinitely, it will be deleted after 30 days of inaction, so there might be a time when this file is not available anymore. However, right now this should not be too much of a problem, as I'll be posting frequent weekly updates.

When and if the translation is finished and Goldhawk approves of it, it might be bundled with the game, which eliminates the need for file sharing services alltogether. Mach auf jeden Fall weiter so.

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It's a better alternative for such small-traffic frequently-updated stuff. And a lot easier to manage. That might be a question that crops up.

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Well, I was about to post the update yesterday at I took the advice that my headache gave me. Last week I also haven't been able to do a lot of translation work, for several reasons. I had morning shift last week and in those weeks I'm usually more tired than in late shift weeks, as I go to bed far too late than is good for me. I'm just that what you call a night owl, like to stay up late and sleep in if I can. So, tiredness, is point one. Point two is games. What are my current goals for this week? I plan to do a first translation for the following entries:.

Depending on how well it goes I might be able to finish all or only part of those entries. I'll also have to find a few or at least one Ceasan that wants to be introduced to either Stun grenades or the Cattle prod. Same with the Reaper. The first one I haven't seen in a while and the latter ones I'd rather not want to have too close to my guys and girls for obvious reasons.

ALIEN: Covenant Trailer German Deutsch (2017)

Well, anyway, that is my game plan and I should have an updated file up for your consumption and critisim next week. Wird es den ich nenn es jetzt mal "Deutsch Patch" dann erst beim Release des final Xenonauts geben?

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Diese E-Mail-Adresse scheint nicht korrekt zu sein — sie muss ein beinhalten und eine existierende Domain z. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Eine deutsche Version wird es von Xenonauts unter Garantie geben, sofern der Mod. Well, I was about to post the update yesterday at Das hat bei "Uri Geller Live:

Also wenn es sozusagen offiziell released wurde oder ab wann kann man den Deutsch Patch nutzen? Oder spielt das keine Rolle? Ja, die kosten Geld. Actually they don't, but I didn't have them in my translation plans anyway.

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I have the Sebillian Analysis though, which is the only species with an analysis right now and I have the Reaper autopsy, which also has a text. When there is no german language in the game when it will be release i will also be a little disappointed.

That was one of the points that made me preorder the game. I can read some english, but the research and xenopedia stuff is really hard to read for me because of the technical terms. Maybe Chris can clear this point and say if there will definitly be an german language at the release or if they will do this after the game is released or he waits till the community will do this for him Chris has to finish up the texts first, before he can even consider giving them to a professional translator that is if a professional translation is planned and he might even have to reformat them, which takes time.

I just looked it up and a professional translator can cost you from 1,00 EUR to 4,00 EUR per 55 characters easily, depending on the difficulty of the text, even if they get an hourly wage, you can expect it to be often upward of 40 EUR, which in the case of Xenonauts will come down with a few thousands EUR to pay.

Because of these reasons I believe that a German language version will not be available at release, but rather some time after that. In what form it will materialize is still unclear and for Chris to decide. Um die ganze Sache zu beschleunigen. Die Xenopedia in Englisch zu lesen ist schon sehr anstrengend.

Aber wenn das Spiel mal released ist, wird es sicherlich unter den ersten Top 10 sein, sofern nicht alle Gamer niveaulose Ballerspieler geworden sind. Angels were created in perfection, and there is a limited number of them this does not mean there is a small number of angels ; while humans are the smallest of all creation.

I think the confusion arises bc some people have visions of dead humans dress in white garments and confuse them with angels. Another thing, angels do not necessarily have wings. Love this song; I think its about how none of us are perfect. Anyhow, you have no freewill as an angel so why would you ever want to be one??

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The english version is not a translation. It is merely an adaption, so as to keep similar rhythm and rhyme.

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Aliens Police Act (FPG): regulates the police enforcement of legislation Ort verwahren müssen, von dem sie es ohne unverhältnismäßige Verzögerung . werden, sofern beide Partner eine Erklärung darüber abgeben, dass sie mit den. Many translated example sentences containing "permanent resident alien" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. I, Permanent Resident Card (ältere Versionen dieser Karte werden als Resident Alien Cards bezeichnet [ ] .. Als sogenannter NON-Resident Alien müssen Sie mit [ ].

This is the same as with Du Hast. Sorry if you already knew, just trying to help. This lends itself to another, if a little farfetched, meaning to the lyric: This worked, of course, but with one problem: The video changes your mind because of the almost naked lady feeding booze to a man who is in great desire of her flesh. Simply put, do you wonder why if there are angels, why do they ride motor cycles and say that they are from hell, and get away with it….

Joe, you are correct. There is an english version on the album and this translation is WAY off from that. If there is no beer in heaven then fuck you. We can all think we know whats being said but we will probly never know the true meaning of this song or any of them for that matter but hey we enjoy the songs right. I think it's a very sad song about prostituts of womans, children and we can se in the music video in the end mans.

What I think is that the lyrics is trying to describe some kind of inexplainable feeling of darkness and lonelyness.