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Learn more about our specialized publishing options Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speaking from Nauvoo. Both follow the Tuesday, September 4, public release of volume 1 of the four-volume Saints Church history. In fact, since the new tome is created in part from personal histories and mentions names of early Church members from that era, users who have ancestors identified in Saints will be able to click a My Nauvoo Ancestor link to read the excerpt cited. Students have been researching Nauvoo residents for several years, striving to improve the accuracy of genealogical information, said Jill N.

Crandell, director of the BYU center and assistant professor of history. FamilySearch patrons using the My Nauvoo Ancestor Story discovery experience can see as many as 20 of their ancestors who lived in Nauvoo.

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The 20 are listed in order of proximity of relationship to the user. Facts and information for each ancestor can include full name, photograph, lifespan, relationship to user, age, years residing in Nauvoo, photograph of headstone, and date and place of death. Princess Elizaveta, known throughout Russia for her charitable works, was executed the day after the death of her emperor nephew, along with four other members of the family and the faithful nun Varvara, her assistant in the works of mercy.

The victims were thrown still alive in the quarry of an iron mine in Alapaev, on the slopes of the Urals.

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A member and then president of the Imperial Orthodox Society of Palestine, that oversaw Russian pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Elizabeth was also an honorary member of the Kazan Theological Academy, dedicated to missionary studies. She founded the Marta and Maria hospice in Moscow, where she later installed a new religious congregation, to care for the homeless and the needy of the historic Russian capital. She was called at birth after St. Elizabeth of Hungary and Thuringia, the progenitor of the House of Hesse, who acted as a model for the whole life of the young princess.

On her marriage in she maintained the Lutheran faith, only to later adhere to orthodoxy in , following a deeper study of the principles of Eastern Christianity.

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Among the many German members of the imperial family, she was praised for her perfect knowledge of the Russian language, which she spoke without accent. She can therefore be considered a saint not only of charity, but also of ecumenism in a multicultural world. In Elizabeth was proclaimed a saint by the Russian Church abroad, linked to the memory of the Tsarist period, and in she was canonized in the first post-communist Synod, presided over by Patriarch Aleksij II Ridiger. South West Asia Armenia. South East Asia Brunei. The more you help the poor, the richer you are.

Nothing is important except for loving and helping others," Gumbar said.

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How would his aunt assess the value of the expensive jewels in his shop? She grew up in a wealthy family.

Her father, Nikola, was a merchant, trading in tobacco, medicine and gold, from Macedonia to Romania. She had everything for a comfortable life," Gumbar said. To her, the most important thing was faith in God, the love and help for those in need - the sick and the poor. His famous aunt was brought up in a Catholic family and left Skopje for Dublin when she was 18 years old. From there, she travelled to Calcutta and joined the order of Loreto as a nun, under the name Teresa.

To help the poor and the sick, she founded the "Missionaries of Mercy" order in , which has missions in more than countries throughout the world today.

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She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Discussions among locals about whether she was Macedonian or Albanian always end with a reminder of her famous words: Mother Teresa died in Calcutta in at the age of 87 and was buried with one of the two family crosses. The other one is kept by Gumbar, who claims to be the only legal heir of Mother Teresa, according to the documents he possesses. But this aspect was not so important, he said: The healing of a Brazilian man diagnosed with multiple brain tumors in , whose wife prayed to Mother Teresa, is considered to be her second miracle.

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Now that his healing is confirmed, one day before the 19th anniversary of her death, Pope Francis will declare Mother Teresa a saint. But I think that the first miracle is that she had been helping the leprous for years, but she never got infected," her nephew said. Petitioning the patron saint Rita of Cascia Here's a patron saint for "impossible cases", including abused wives, parents, lonely hearts and widows: She was called the "peacemaker of Cascia. By the end of the first century A.

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Described in the gospels of Luke and John - and a witness to Jesus' resurrection of her brother Lazarus - Martha is the patron saint of housewives and domestic workers. She is said to have shown Jesus hospitality at her home in Bethany near Jerusalem. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan in the fourth century, is the patron saint of beekeepers.

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Legend has it that when he was a baby, a swarm of bees settled on his face and fed him honey while he lay in his cradle — regarded as a sign that he would one day be a great orator. He is often depicted with symbols of wisdom: A martyr killed in the third century, Christopher's most famous legend has it that he carried a child across a river - and the child later revealed himself as Christ. He is the patron saint of travelers: Astronauts and pilots have their own patron saint as well: Flying was widely believed to be based on witchcraft, so the Inquisition took an interest in Joseph, who was later exonerated.

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