Riding Horses - How to Guide, Learn to Feel Balanced and Confident in the Saddle

Riding Horses - How to Guide, Learn to Feel Balanced and Confident in the Saddle
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https://msinigtaroci.ga/what-i-learned-under-the.php The unexpected can happen and riders must think quickly in the saddle to remain safe and in control. Psychological Health The study completed by the BHS concluded that horseback riding stimulated mainly positive psychological feelings. When a rider learns how to stay on and also meet goals set by a riding instructor or themselves, those feelings of "I can do this," really make an impact. After all, riding is not easy. And not everyone can do it. Becoming a skilled rider means that you have a skill many people do not.

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In addition to self confidence, riders may gain an increase in self-esteem and self-image. Companionship Horses are social creatures just like humans. Being able to communicate and interact with an animal has already been shown to have a positive effect on people, as has been experienced by those involved with therapeutic riding programs.

As a past volunteer for therapeutic riding programs, I have seen children who would not talk much with people. But when they were around horses, they opened up and communication was not a problem. The children saw the therapy horse as their companion and confidante. According to the BHS study, one of the biggest motivations for going horseback riding was "interaction with horses. Socialization If we look at the benefits that therapeutic riding has been shown to give to riders, improved interpersonal skills and socialization skills are on the list.

Equestrians know they are never alone in this hobby. Riders will socialize with their horses, each other, their riding instructors, employees at the barn, those at competitions, etc. The horse industry is a very social community full of people who will help each other and help care for other horses.

At every barn I have been, I developed friends and sometimes lifelong relationships. I have seen people help each other countless times during shows, trail rides, riding lessons, and just hanging out around the barn. In addition, those who ride are members of a variety of horse organizations Once you ride, you become part of this entire new world.

Those who like to compete have a number of disciplines and horse sports to choose from in order to compete with their equine partner. Transportation Let's not forget the main reason that people domesticated horses and began riding in the first place: People decided that horses would be a great mode of transportation, and this greatly changed the course of history. Many cultures still use horses for this reason.

And for those who weren't in to riding, eventually man learned to drive horses in front of carts, etc. The World from Horseback Horseback riding offers a way to see the world. I know that trail riding has been one of my favorite ways to spend time on horseback. Whether it was riding through the fields and woods of my home state of Virginia, or to the snowy landscape of Ohio during winter, to cantering down the beach in Florida on vacation, to riding through swamps and the lowlands of South Carolina, trail riding has allowed me to see parts of the country I never would have otherwise.

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It is a great way to see the world doing something you absolutely love. A Return to Nature Horseback riding brings us out into the fresh air and closer to nature. Our society spends so much time indoors these days. We should take every opportunity we can to get outside for some exercise and fresh air with one of our most beautiful animals. In fact, this is why many riders started riding according to questionnaire respondents from the BHS study.

Eighty percent of respondents ranked "contact with nature" and "scenery and views" as "important," "very important," or "extremely important. Relaxation Horseback riding is relaxing. In fact, therapeutic riding has shown to reduce muscle spasticity as tight muscles are stretched due to the natural motion of the horse.

We know going for a walk can be relaxing. When a horse walks with a rider on his back, the rider's pelvis moves in the same motion as if he or she were walking. In addition, riding has been known to increase the range of motion of joints, allowing riders to move more freely. Lifestyle Being a horseback rider can lead to a certain lifestyle. But that is for the rider to determine what kind of lifestyle with horses they wish to have. For instance, some love to be rough and wild on the range with a ranch and working horses. On the opposite end of the spectrum might be the rider who travels from show to show in an effort to win ribbons and be the best rider on a circuit or in a show series.

Or maybe you want to just be a weekend warrior and ride occasionally.

Understanding the "Balance" of Your Saddle

And there are many different lifestyles and variations, and the ability to create a totally unique lifestyle. Career And since I have worked in the horse industry as a journalist, one of the benefits of my horseback riding experience has also been a means of livelihood for me.

I wouldn't have wanted to begin my career in journalism any other way.

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And the same is true for so many people I know A good read for the novice as well as experienced riders looking to fine tune their skills. First, this a guide, it is short, but for someone thinking about riding horses it give you very good basic information.

1. Wear proper horseback riding gear

This actually makes balance harder to maintain. Let's not forget the main reason that people domesticated horses and began riding in the first place: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Then, keep your hips and legs loose so you can follow the movement of your horse with your body. Thank your horse, give him some water and embrace the feeling of having come back safe. Want to Read saving…. Warnings Always wear a helmet.

It will not make you an expert horseman or guarantee that you will be able to gallup on your first ride, but it starts your journey and will be extremely helpful in your learning to ride. It is written very clearly which makes it easy to understand. Try it you'll like it.

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It's a good book and one to read but it was not as As I had hoped. It has your basics and as I was hoping for exercises for balance on a horse under saddle, I guess that is why it did not fulfill my hopes. Still a good book and worth the few bucks to read. Callie is really a great teacher, she has the simplest words to explain in a very clear manner what we, as beginner riders, thought was a very complicated thing.

And even if you are a seasoned rider, these main basic setups for better riding are very useful as reminders, or upgrades on habits. Her insight on what makes a horse tick is close to perfect. Way to go, Callie! One person found this helpful. This is a good basic guide to the key aspects of riding. It's not designed to teach someone to ride but to state the general structure. See all 29 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Not Enabled Word Wise: In English riding, you take a rein in each hand, while in Western riding you grab both reins in one hand. Whichever you choose, relax your arms and never pull too hard or you might hurt your horse. To direct your horse to the left, move the left rein towards the left in a motion like opening a door. If you want to stir to the right, just do the same with the right rein. Stop by gently pulling back and pushing the heels down. You should not count on the saddle horn to keep your balance.

If you feel unstable, try adjusting your posture, extending your legs or holding the reins more gently, but the saddle horn should not be used for that. As beautiful as he is, you must always keep your eyes on the trail. Stay calm and move your body to the rhythm of your horse. Feel the way he is walking and let him rock you from side to side without resisting. Let the horse be. Remember point number 4? Reread the first paragraph and regain that mindset for tip number 9. You can probably start trotting at one point, but anything faster might not be the wisest decision as a newbie.

Get both feet out of the stirrups, lean forward, swing your right leg over the horse, and jump off. Just as when you mounted, try to do it as smoothly as you can.