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The City Federation membership was composed of the president and one elected member from the following clubs: The Fact and Fiction Club joined the federation in June, The Federated Clubs sought to promote some important project which would be beneficial to the entire county. On September 18, , Mrs. John Sheldon made a motion that the organization start a library which would make a significant contribution to Chillicothe and the surrounding community. The federation appointed a library board to have charge of the administration and promotion of the plan.

The name given to the newly formed library was the Livingston County Memorial Library. It was important that a name be selected which would include residents of the entire county, but would also be a memorial to a great many young men who had a part in bringing the First World War to a satisfactory conclusion.

A vigorous campaign to raise money for the library was launched during the late summer and early fall of Many and varied promotion plans were used. Rummage sales and ice cream and watermelon suppers in both town and country brought in needed funds.

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A location for a carnival was found and women from the clubs assisted with a rodeo. Many smaller donations were received from individuals and various organizations of the community, including rural schools. In the spring of , Mrs. Rueben Barney, who had been elected as head of the organization, appointed a committee to investigate the cost of buying furniture and books, renting a room, and maintaining it.

They looked at many buildings and rooms, most of which rented for more than they could pay.

They requested the County Court for space Andy Prager was the presiding judge at the time , but the court had no room that could be made available. John Taylor wrote to the Secretary of Treasury of the United States regarding space in the Federal Building at the corner of Clay and Locust, but the Secretary replied that it was contrary to government regulations to let them have a room.

When every conceivable location had been explored, the group finally rented the two south rooms in the Minnie Brown Watkins house which stood at the northwest corner of Calhoun and Washington where Travel Tyme is now located. The house faced Washington Street when it was first used as a library, but was later moved west and turned so that it faced Calhoun Street. At a meeting on April, 30, , Miss Ann Broaddus was hired as librarian.

A number of books were bought, but over books were donated at the beginning. XIX Club donated their entire library of volumes. Members of the various clubs volunteered their services and the two rooms were painted and papered.

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Shelves were secured and arranged. Books which were donated to the library were either delivered by the donors or picked up in cars by the volunteers. The classification of the books in the library proved to be a difficult task for the inexperienced, though interested, beginners. The extension board at Columbia furnished a list of books needed for a nucleus, and also provided much valuable information regarding classification.

The library board was made up of the following women: Rueben Barney, President; Mrs. The county outside Chillicothe was represented by Mrs. The library was opened in August of , with its formal opening October 12, It is possible that there were at least books on the shelves by the formal opening date, all of them donated, except a few key books which were purchased. By January and February , they were circulating an average of books a day and the need and demand for a library had been well established.

In addition to Book Week, many organizations and clubs continued to raise money for the library. The Sturges Community Club, with Mrs. Other groups had ice cream suppers, benefit picture shows, a carnival, and many other means were used to secure money. The continuous drive for money during the years of , , and was partly due to the fact that the money to be provided by the state legislature was not paid until Thus the women's clubs of Chillicothe, through their efforts, kept the new library open. In September, , with the permission of the county court, the library was moved to the new location in the northeast corner room of the first floor of the Livingston County Court House.

The library remained at this location in the court house until September, , when the house at Calhoun was purchased and the library moved to that address. On February 1, , the application for incorporation was filed by the president, secretary, and treasurer of the library board, which made it legally possible for the board to buy or sell real estate holdings for the library. Included in this incorporation was the provision that should the board acquire property and sell it, the money was to be invested in real estate in Chillicothe, and any income was to be used for the upkeep of the library.

Shortly after the incorporation of the library, the opportunity to purchase a site for a future location presented itself. The lot available was the west half of lots six and seven of block fourteen of the original survey at the northeast corner of Washington and Calhoun Street. The land, which was occupied at the time by a large sign board, was purchased in May, , from Virgil O.

The library board believed that a suitable building would eventually be built on this location.

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It was an ideal spot, just across from city hall and on the highway going through the business district of Chillicothe. There was a small rental income from the lot. It had been the desire of the board to erect a library building on the site, but the county was in the throes of a severe economic depression. After a period of over five years there seemed to be very little possibility of keeping the library open.

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Meeting expenses depended entirely on contributions from clubs, and some support from private individuals, plus a small income from rental of the lot. The difficulty of securing adequate funds to support the library was constantly present, and the Library Association Board , composed of shrewd business women, believed that a tax-supported library would be the answer to their financial problems.

Accordingly, on the seventh day of February, , a petition to establish a district to be known as the Livingston County Library District and to vote a tax in the amount of one mill on the dollar was submitted to the county court, The petition was signed by more than one hundred qualified voters. Fifty or more of the petitioners were not residents of incorporated cities or villages in the county.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Jean Miquelon, a member of the Library Board, presented a petition, signed by qualified voters, to the county court. During this time, she demonstrated a great deal of foresight. Shortly after the incorporation of the library, the opportunity to purchase a site for a future location presented itself. The Sturges Community Club, with Mrs. No mention of boned sprats, or snails in aspic, calves' foot jelly, iced humming birds, pickled edelweiss, or any of those things kept habitually in the cellars of families like ours. On February 1, , the application for incorporation was filed by the president, secretary, and treasurer of the library board, which made it legally possible for the board to buy or sell real estate holdings for the library.

The county court called an election to be held on April 2, , and both propositions were defeated by a small margin. The vote on the levy was for and against. Although the country was in serious financial condition, the leaders in the movement for a tax-supported library felt that since the vote was so close in April, , another vote on the proposition would be justified.

On March 6, , another petition was presented to the county court which contained the names of over one hundred qualified voters. With such a petition, the court was authorized to call another election, and April 1, , the date of the annual school election was set. The vote again a disappointment to the library movement. The vote for the forming of the district was for and against, and the vote on the half mill on the dollar tax was defeated by a vote of for and against. After the defeat, no action was taken to vote on a tax supported library until April, Then came the problem of reinvesting the money with some assurance of income.

The incorporation agreement specified that the money was to be used to buy real estate in Chillicothe and the income from such property was to be used for the upkeep of the library. Shortly after the sale of the lot at the corner of Washington and Calhoun Streets, an opportunity came to buy a valuable downtown building on the southwest corner of Washington and Jackson Streets.

Owned by the trustees of a closed bank, and offered for a reasonable sum, this building had considerable potential as a rental property. She rose to her feet and paced the greensward excitedly.

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Is n't it all as wonderful as a fairy story? As to the term of your occupancy, the Careys may have the Yellow House until the day of my death, unless by some extraordinary chance my son Tom should ever want it as a summer home. Tom is the only one who ever had a bit of sentiment about Beulah, and he was always unwilling that the old place should be occupied by strangers.

The curious thing about the matter is that you and yours do not seem to be strangers to me and mine. Do you know, dear little Miss Nancy, what brought the tears to my eyes in your letter? The incident of your father's asking what you could do to thank the Yellow House for the happy hour it had given you on that summer day long ago, and the planting of the crimson rambler by the side of the portico. I have sent your picture tying up the rose,—and it was so charming I was loath to let it go,—with your letter, and the snap shot of the family group, all out to my son Tom in China.

He will know then why I have let the house, to whom, and all the attendant circumstances. Trust him never to disturb you when he sees how you love the old place. The planting of that crimson rambler will fix Tom, for he's a romantic boy. No, we'll call him the Yellow Peril," laughed Nancy in triumph. Carey, wiping the tears of merriment from her eyes. Send me anything more, at any time, to give me an idea of the delightful things you are doing. I shall be proud if you honor me with an occasional letter. Pray give my regards to your mother, whom I envy, and all the "stormy petrels," whom I envy too.

Could any of us write a chronicle of any house we ever lived in, and leave you out?

Carey took Nancy's outstretched hands and was pulled up from the greensward. As they neared Garden Fore-and-Aft the group of children rushed out to meet them, Kitty in advance. There was n't enough of it to go round anyway, so we've asked Olive and Cyril to stay, and we've set the table under the great maple,—do you care? Set casks a-tilt, and so forth. Stale bread made into milk toast to be served as a course. Then, not that it has anything to do with the case, but just to give a style to the meal, Julia has made a salad out of the newspaper. Nancy created a diversion by swooning on the grass; a feat which had given her great fame in charades.

Julia was laughing too much to be wholly intelligible, but read from a scrap in her apron pocket: No mention of boned sprats, or snails in aspic, calves' foot jelly, iced humming birds, pickled edelweiss, or any of those things kept habitually in the cellars of families like ours. No dash of Jamaica ginger or Pain-killer or sloe gin or sarsaparilla to give it piquancy.

Unless Julia can find a paper that gives more up-to-date advice to its country subscribers, we'll have to transfer her from the kitchen department to the woodshed. Julia's whole attitude, during this discussion of her recent culinary experiments, was indicative of the change that was slowly taking place in her point of view.

The Careys had a large sense of humor, from mother down as far as Peter, who was still in the tadpole stage of it. They chaffed one another on all occasions, for the most part courteously and with entire good nature.

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Leigh Hunt speaks of the anxiety of certain persons to keep their minds quiet lest any motion be clumsy, and Julia's concern had been of this variety; but four or five months spent in a household where mental operations, if not deep, were incredibly quick, had made her a little more elastic. Mother Carey had always said that if Julia had any sense of humor she would discover for herself what a solemn prig she was, and mend her ways, and it seemed as if this might be true in course of time.

What wouldst thou suggest? Fetch the beaker, lackey," identifying Cyril with a royal gesture. There are healths to be drunk this day when we assemble under the Hamilton maple, and first and most loyally the health of our American Consul at Breslau, Germany! Shall I tell you what more the Careys may do for me, they who have done so much already? Historical Society of Warwick. Hudson Area Association Library. Hudson River Maritime Museum. Hudson River Valley Institute.

Library Assoc of Rockland County. Maybrook Railroad Historical Society. Moffat Library of Washingtonville. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research. New Paltz Town Records.

Popham House, or, The Locusts, in Scarsdale, N.Y., exterior

New Rochelle Public Library. Orange County Community College. Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Putnam County Historical Society. Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History. Senate House State Historic Site. Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley. Time and the Valleys Museum.