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And a man with skin that is red and pink with little cracks and blood seeping from those cracks…. Posted 24 July If Chuck Norris was so awesome, he would show up at my house and slam my face on the keyboaropihjwefc87wefijsfaw9uchewa. But if they were to ever fight, it would be an EPIC battle!!! Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose. I have to say Desmond.

The entire Vampire clan fear him. Desmond on the other hand, the books claim could not be defeated by all the vampires together. Posted 25 July I like where your going but Lord Loss is still pretty feared by som of the diciples…But what about the shadow vs mr Tiny!

Posted 02 August Tiny, he is FAR more powerful than the poor little demon! Crepsley to take Steve's "rightful place" as a half-vampire, goading Steve into stabbing him again. Darren then drags Steve into the river by which they fought, and both succumb to their injuries and drown. When Darren is rescued from the Lake of Souls many centuries later in a possible future, after humanity has disappeared from Earth to be replaced by dragons, Evanna reveals that Steve's spirit is also trapped in the Lake of Souls.

Evanna states that she has no intention of saving Steve, as Steve chose to do evil in his life, whereas Darren was merely manipulated as part of Desmond Tiny's plans. Steve Leonard is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson in the movie. Murlough blooded him and Mr. Tiny assisted him to his destiny. He is not yet the Lord of the Vampaneze in the film but Mr. Tiny mentioned him leading his people or kind. Steve kidnapped Darren's family to lure him to a battle.

Tiny wanted him to solve his differences with Darren later. Vancha's brother - the two joined the Vampaneze together. Remained a Vampaneze when his brother was cast out. Gannen is the one who urges Steve to try the Coffin of Fire, which kills anyone who is not the Lord of the Vampaneze. When Steve emerged unscathed, Harst was elected as his personal protector, in the coming war against the Vampires, and remains at his master's side whenever possible.

It is clear that Gannen strongly disagrees with many of his master's decisions, but remains loyal to him out of his devotion to the vampaneze. During the battle, Gannen stabs and wounds Vancha, shortly before being attacked and knocked unconscious by R. Gannen survives the War of the Scars, and Evanna reveals that she bears twins from both Gannen and Vancha. He is a vegetarian and sensitive about animal rights, and so when he visits the Cirque, he is appalled to see the Wolf Man locked up and goats being killed, and stays behind when his group leaves to keep an eye on the Cirque.

After witnessing Darren kill an animal as food for the Little People, R. Darren is forced to threaten him into fleeing with his Vampire powers. After accusing Darren of being responsible for his loss, R. In book 8 Allies of the Night , the crazed, hook-handed vampaneze responsible for the majority of murders in Mr Crepsley's home city is revealed at the climax to be R.

He claims to no longer be a vegetarian and relish meat, and has lost his peaceful views, obsessed with gaining revenge on Darren whom he still deems responsible for handicapping him. By the end of the book, R. He returns in book 9 Killers of the Dawn , fighting in the Cavern along with his fellow vampaneze, battling Harkat, only to have his hooks removed by the Little Person. He survives the battle and leaves with the rest of the vampaneze. In book 11 Lord of the Shadows R. After Steve wounds Darren, R. He later attacks the Cirque du Freak, taking Evra's son Shancus hostage and to the vampaneze hideout.

However, he starts to show doubts about his loyalties when he shows strong reluctance at the prospect of killing the snake-boy, and when he believes that he no longer has to kill the child, he shows signs of relief. It is then that Darren realizes that R. After Steve murders Shancus, R. In book 12 Sons of Destiny , it is revealed that Shancus' murder had a deep effect on R. When he has Debbie prisoner, although Steve instructs him to murder her, R. When the fighting begins, he lets Debbie go and flees. He initially backs away, but is provoked into chopping Cormac's head off.

He begins to cry and says that he wanted to help people and never kill anyone, only to fall further into madness upon seeing Cormac grow two heads. He comes back later in the book, however, having ultimately switched sides, attacking Gannen in an attempt to save Vancha, accusing the vampaneze of being evil. He defeats Gannen, knocking him unconscious, only for Steve to stab him in the throat. In his dying moments, R. An insane and crazy Vampaneze who speaks in third person. Crepsley's home town until Darren and Mr.

He abducted Evra, tortured him by cutting off some of his scales and tried to kill Darren's girlfriend; Debbie Hemlock. He was killed by Mr. Crepsley and after his death, his soul became trapped in the Lake of Souls. In the film, Murlough's name was changed to the spelling of Murlaugh.

He is portrayed by Ray Stevenson in Cirque du Freak: A friend of Kurda Smahlt. A fierce vampaneze who fought against the Vampires in the battle that began the War of the Scars. He killed Arra Sails, but is in turn killed by Darren Shan. It is described that he has a red birthmark on his left cheek. He was also in the cave when Gavner Purl was killed. Crepsley, Annie walked in shouting, and by shouting she made Darren lose concentration of Madam Octa while she was on top of the shoulder of Steve, Madam Octa bit Steve causing him to be paralyzed until cured.

Mother of Darius Shan. She encounters Darren one last time in Sons of Destiny and had given birth to Darius out of wedlock with Steve. Steve also tries in the series to impregnate her with his child and soon succeeds. Darren got furious and almost tried to kill his own nephew for killing Shancus until Steve reveals that he is Darren's nephew. Annie is portrayed by Morgan Saylor in Cirque du Freak: Annie's father, and the man Darren believes to be his father. However, it is revealed in Sons of Destiny that Mr.

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Tiny is Darren's biological father. The circumstances of Darren's conception are not explained, but Mr. Tiny says that Darren's mother has no knowledge of his real parentage, indicating that she not have an affair with Mr. In the eleventh book, Lord Of The Shadows , a woman tells Darren that Dermot has recently recovered from a mild heart attack. She is portrayed by Colleen Camp in Cirque du Freak: Tommy was one of Darren and Steve's best friends before they were blooded.

He followed his childhood dream and became a professional footballer British soccer player , playing as goalkeeper for a national team.

Cirque du Freak #8 Movie CLIP - That's Enough, Boys (2010) HD

His name is often referenced in the book to that of Welsh singer Tom Jones. He meets Darren 15 years after his supposed death when the Cirque du Freak returns to town. Darren tells his old friend a complex lie, in which he suffered from a terminal anti-aging disease, and faked his death so he could receive treatment from a travelling doctor.

Tommy gives Darren a ticket to a football match he is playing in, but is brutally murdered by the insane half-vampaneze RV, to lure Darren into a trap. It is later suggested that he was likely aware of Steve's affair with Annie Shan, but did not have enough time to tell Darren. Darren's friend who showed them the flier he stole from his brother.

Alan becomes a famous scientist, He specializing cloning. In Sons of Destiny, Evanna reveals Mr Tiny influenced his work, eventually leading to the creation of the dragons from a combination of dinosaur cells. Humanity is fated to lose control of them in the far future. A local boy that Darren and Evra became friends with when they stopped for a show in book two. He liked pickled onions and had a large family with lots of pets.

Sadly, he was brutally killed and ripped to shreds by the wolf man, but Darren drank from him to preserve his soul. He was also the second person Darren ever drank from, which he only did to preserve Sam's memories.

The first was Alan Morris. Although never touched in on the main story, he seemed to possess somewhat clairvoyant abilities see short stories "Transylvania Trek, and Bride of Sam Grest". He inadvertently predicted the manner in which he died, and the existence of the vampaneze Murlough when he was only nine years old. Sam appears in the manga version of the third book, Tunnels Of Blood , in which Darren summons Sam's ghost. However, Sam never made an appearance in the original novel.

Sam recognises Darren and salutes him. Darren's off and on girlfriend. Darren meets her when she is a young girl, about 13 years old. Later on, when she is an adult, she helps the vampires in the war of the scars and has the idea for human fighters for the vampires like the vampets for the vampaneze; she calls this new army the vampirites. She loves Darren but refuses to kiss him because he still is one of her students and he has aged only two years.

She agrees to kiss him after the second purge because he will look more like an adult, this moment never arrives however because Darren dies before the end of the second purge. Debbie is described as being a pretty, kind-hearted, joyful girl with dark hair and skin. In the movie version, she is replaced by Rebecca, a girl around the same age as Darren.

Rebecca and Darren, on the other hand, do kiss. A school inspector who made Darren go to Mahler's where he met Debbie Hemlock as his teacher, when Darren returned to Mr Crepsley's city to stop the vampaneze killing innocent humans in a series of well-publicised attacks.

When Darren is wrongly arrested and accused of the murders, Mr Blaws comes to the prison where Darren is held to confirm his identity. A sweet, shy girl in Darren's English class. She sat next to Darren in his English class. She was a student of Debbie's before being murdered. Darren was said to kill her but she was really killed by a vampaneze. Most likely by RV. Police Chief Inspector of Larten Crepsley's birthplace. She later allied herself with the vampires and aids them in the War of Scars by recruiting an army of street people who can use modern weapons in the War of Scars, the vampirites.

Later, Harkat finds out that they weren't in the past but in the future. He was a cannibal and planned to fish out souls and eat them.

Mr Desmond Tiny, sometimes called Mr Des Tiny or Mr Destiny, is a key character in the Saga of Darren Shan. He sometimes asks people to call him Des, which makes him Des Tiny, or Destiny. Father of Hibernius Tall, Lady Evanna, Darren Shan, and Steve (Leopard) Leonard. Mr. Tiny is a character in Mr. Bean The Animated Series. He teamed up with Mr. Bean to defeat the big fly. He also teamed up with Mr. Bean to defeat Kat vs. Glob.

Then as he tried to kill Darren and Harkat, he was killed by a dragon who blasted fire onto Spit's head, who jumped into the lake to extinguish it, drowning in the progress. Spits Abrams may also be part of the Larten Crepsley series as we are introduced to a young boy named "Daniel Abrams" in "oceans of Blood" who consequently ends up crazy and eating the flesh and drinking the blood of two of his crew mates. Although it is unverified, it is extremely likely. Short for Augustine Bas. A minor character who at first sight is mistaken by Darren to be Annie's son.

He is also Darius' friend. He helps Annie Shan with many jobs. Mr Dalton is Steve's favourite teacher and is the one that informs Darren that the freak circus are illegal and banned. First appears in Cirque Du Freak, where Steve acts cruelly towards her while Darren is visiting them and is later grief-stricken when it appears that Steve may die. In the Lord of the Shadows, Darren is informed of her death, and it is suspected that Steve may have been involved. Brothers to the Death reveals that Jimmy's father, James, was a Holocaust survivor who was rescued by Kurda Smahlt from Nazi death camps.

Jimmy appears himself later in the novel, where he is with Gavner Purl to attend a performance of the Cirque's in s New York City. It is revealed James' family worked as morticians before the Second World War, although it is commented that Jimmy is staying in a similar field of work to that of his family. Debbie's mother and father, makes only one short appearance in the third book, they are used as bait to lure Murlough into a trap where he is killed by Mr.

The vampets are humans recruited by the vampaneze for the War of the Scars. While vampaneze are not allowed to use projectile weapons, vampets can use them freely since they are not bound with any of the vampaneze laws. Vampets wear a brown shirt and black pants, and they are all shaven-headed and have a purple "V" tattooed above either ear. He worked with Alice Burgess until He revealed he was a vampet whilst interrogating Darren in a jail cell.

One of Steve's main body guards. Had half of his face blown off by a gunshot by Alice Burgess. Later his head is chopped off by Harkat. He also killed Mr Tall by shooting him in the abdomen in Lord of the Shadows. Vampirites are a bunch of street people recruited by Debbie Hemlock and Alice Burgess in order to help the vampires in the War of the Scars.

The Vampirites are mostly homeless people, but they all strike back against society in the big battle of book Vampirites are the Vampires' counterpart to vampets. They, like vampets, are allowed to use projectile weapons.

One of the street people that was recruited by Debbie Hemlock and Alice Burgess to help the vampires in the War of the Scars. He and his friend, Little Kenny, helped save Darren when he was wounded during his encounter with Steve "Leopard" Leonard in Darren's hometown. Close friends with Darren, and also known as the snake-boy, or the snake-man as he grows older, is a performer at the Cirque Du Freak. Crepsley and Darren defeat Murlough in the third book, but was injured permanently when Murlough ripped scales off of Evra's right shoulder.

Near the end of the last book, as Darren watches the Cirque Du Freak once more, he comments that it would be too difficult to watch the snake-boy perform, reflecting on the pain that would later befall him. Evra was born to normal parents, but they were horrified when they saw him, and left him at an orphanage at the age of two although in the movie he claimed Mr Tall found him in a dumpster when he was two days old , where he was picked on by the other children. When he was four, he was sold to a traveling circus where he was abused, locked in a glass tank, and forced to feel ugly, useless, and freakish.

Seven years later, when he was eleven, he was rescued by Mr. Tall, joined the Cirque Du Freak, and stayed for the rest of his life. In book 12 he almost killed Steve himself for revenge for killing Shancus his oldest son but is stopped by Mr. Evra speaks with an American accent and is shy, which Darren thinks is due to his abusive childhood.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. The two survive, but Darren and his allies are immediately forced to set off for the Cirque du Freak, which has been taken over by Vampaneze, and guarded by police. Although never touched in on the main story, he seemed to possess somewhat clairvoyant abilities see short stories "Transylvania Trek, and Bride of Sam Grest". Steve bloods him as a half-vampaneze at some point before the Lord of the Shadows and teaches him how to use an arrow-gun. Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose. Here he and Steve learn that they were created and manipulated by Mr.

He is described as slender, with long yellow and green hair and is around 14—15 years old in books 1,2 and 3. After a time skip of several years, Darren returns to find that Evra has fallen in love with another freak named Merla who throws her ears like boomerangs and has three children, Shancus who was named after Darren, was the oldest, and considered Darren his godfather even though he wasn't , Urcha he always felt different because he was the only one without the snake skin and Lilia the smallest. Shancus performs with him at the Cirque until he died when Steve snapped his neck and hung him in a noose.

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He is portrayed by Patrick Fugit in Cirque du Freak: Merla Von is Evra's wife and the mother of his three children. She can detach her ears and use them as kind of boomerangs. The means by which she became part of the Cirque Du Freak are never mentioned inside the book series. She often uses the threat of the Wolfman when her children misbehave, particularly when they're annoying Alexander Ribs, trying to mess around with his xylophone-like bones.

Merla's described throughout the series as pretty and nice. She is also highly intelligent and lovable. He believes Darren is his godfather, because he was named after him. He is killed after Steve snaps his neck. Evra and Merla's middle child. He is the only one out of his siblings who does not have scales, and so is deeply upset. However, Darren gives Shancus a new snake for his birthday, and his old snake was passed down to Urcha.

Evra and Merla's youngest child. She is the only girl out of her siblings, and like Shancus, she has scales. Rhamus, as the name implies, has two stomachs. He is said to be able to eat anything in a matter of minutes. Some of the things Rhamus has been said to have eaten include a full grown elephant, or a tank, and can wrap forks and spoons around a chain inside his stomach and pull it back out again. In fights, he belly flops people to death. He is portrayed by Frankie Faison in Cirque du Freak: A woman who can grow an indestructible beard at will and then suck it back in.

She was the one who gave Darren his pirate costume. It is often hinted that she is in a relationship with Vancha March in the books and Larten Crepsley in the movie. In Sons Of Destiny she fights her opponents using and controlling her beard like snakes. In the saga of Larten Crepsley Truska is mentioned as being a fish like creature covered in long hair called a skelk and is the bride of another skelk, Velap, in the book. Vancha brings her to the Cirque du Freak at the end of the saga of Larten Crepsley after her husband and daughter are killed. This is because, after they have been widowed, skelks have to live apart from the others for twenty or thirty years in mourning.

They were originally able to have children and were not affected by sunlight. Tiny went back in time and changed that, making them prisoners of the night. Darren Shan and Steve Leonard, friends since childhood, enemies since their later teenage years, are both sons of Desmond Tiny. Tiny is said to have imprinted himself on their mothers, without them knowing.

Hibernius Tall

Darren and Steve are therefore half-brothers. Sign In Don't have an account? He loves chaos and commonly plants ideas into people's heads to make them cause world wide chaos and war and destruction.

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He sometimes asks people to call him Des, which makes him Des Tiny, or Destiny.