Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars

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  • Wallis went on to oversee dozens of productions and formed his own production company in Dick , professor of communications and English at Fairleigh Dickinson University, is the author of numerous books on film history, including Engulfed: Surely one of the two or three best of them all.

    Producer to the Stars offers plenty of reasons to take that assessment seriously, and it gives a great filmmaker his due. Dick has tried to rectify that with the first biography of the great Hollywood producer.

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    This is an engaging and illuminating narrative. It is quite another to tell the story of the producers involved in this industry with insight and wit, in a way that appeals to the general reader as well as to film scholars.

    Bernard Dick has accomplished this feat once again in his book on Hal Wallis. Producer to the Stars" Film and Media Studies.

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    Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars [Bernard F. Dick] on uzotoqadoh.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hal Wallis might not be as well known as David O. Editorial Reviews. Review. "This readable and well-documented book is enhanced by Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars - Kindle edition by Bernard F. Dick.

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