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A central bond, a cherished value, a unique relationship, a profound human need , a type of love. What is the nature of friendship, and what is its significance in. Friendship (Vices and Virtues) [A. C. Grayling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A central bond, a cherished value, a unique relationship.

A central bond, a cherished value, a unique relationship, a profound human need, a type of love. What is the nature of friendship, and what is its significance in our lives? How has friendship changed since the ancient Greeks began to analyze it, and how has modern technology altered its very definition? Whether we find satisfaction in lending a hand or offering our services unreservedly; we sometimes need to ask the difficult question.

Am I shortchanging another or myself by putting this much emphasis on a particular activity, person, or vocational goal? Says Spooner, a good gauge for determining whether a specific act falls into the vice or virtue column is one of degree.

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That is…if they had stopped short of a certain point. How does this play out in daily life? By continually reassessing our lives within reason, of course. We need to mentally plot our hours and days and be willing to pull back in those areas where we are choking the life out of others. Give and take…balance, balance, balance.

In all things, strive for balance. You are commenting using your WordPress. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Personally I found it very difficult reading.

The book is far too philosophical for me. Friends enjoyed it immensely. It is very well written and covered an extremely wide range of time periods through history - Greeks, Romans, Renaissance, Enlightenment, up to modern times.

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The concept of friendship and how this has changed is discussed at length. The final two chapters pull ideas together and even include some of the author's personal experiences. The extent and wealth of Grayling's knowledge and powers of reasoning must be acknowledged. I'm still reading and enjoying the book -- very well-written and interesting from a biographical perspective. I've never complained about the typography of a book before, but in the paperback edition the text reads deep into the gutter of the book. What is it about friendship that places loyalty to friends above patriotism?

That is the subject of inquiry in A C Grayling's latest book.

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He traces the contemplations about friendship from the time of Socrates, through the medieval period, the Renaissance, and the modern era. Plato laid the groundwork and, building from his teacher, Socrates, held that mutual utility is the foundation of friendship. Aristotle agreed with Plato regarding many of the attributes of a good friend.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is the very specialness of friendship that implies that a friend is special. Estimated delivery within working days. In this fascinating exploration of friendship through the ages, one of the most thought-provoking philosophers of our time tracks historical ideas of friendship, gathers a diversity of friendship stories from the annals of myth and literature, and provides unexpected insights into our friends, ourselves, and the role of friendships in an ethical life. Friendship Vices and Virtues by A. Grayling tries to restore some of the term's richness.

However, he differed crucially with Plato that friendship is founded on mutual utility. Aristotle believed that friendship is a value to be desired in itself, and that it is a necessary constituent of the good life.

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Grayling examines the different kinds of friendship. He considered the friendship between men, and that between women; he considered the friendship between the old and the young; and friendships with and without a sexual content.

In all of these, he gathers the ostensible features that one might associate with a good friendship. He explores the circumstances that enable friendship to bloom.

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But friendship requires a steady, constant and unchangeable character, a person that is uniform in his intimacy. It is the very specialness of friendship that implies that a friend is special. This raises a serious question - can we truly have friends if we are to love one another equally?

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