ColdFusion Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: ColdFusion Certification Review

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What are the differences between Client and Session Scope variables? Coldfusion includes a built-in scripting language, CFScript, that let us write code in a. If user disable the browser cookie, It is used to track a user's browser session. Would you like us to take another look at this review? A web browser makes a request to a web server for a template with a. It is a secure web-based application like control panel that you can access using any web browser, from any computer with an Internet connection.

But the father Muriel faded, though slowly. No one saw us but Jem, and Jem s honour was safe as a rock. They stood face to face. But he did not get better. Every instant is precious. On Windows, this could be C: Q1 —What does CFC mean? How it is different from CFM page? Cfc is more organized and tidy way of writing the coldfusion code. Consider if we we writer few function udfs inside the cfm file then all that functions will get executed everytime we load the page ColdFusion components otherwise known as CFCs are a powerful feature of ColdFusion MX that allows developers to introduce object oriented programming techniques into their ColdFusion skillset.

A ColdFusion component is basically a collection of functions that relate to a given entity, like for example, a Customer. You could create a ColdFusion Component that is responsible for the programming logic regarding your customer records. For example, you could create one ColdFusion component called customer. One could create a new customer record, another function could update customer records, another to retrieve, one for deleting, and one for listing your customers.

Other functions could be included too. By doing this, you would have all your programming logic for customers in one place, which has got to be a good thing - you're effectively separating your presentation from your logic. What are the benefits of using ColdFusion Components? What are the different ways to invoke CFC?

What are the keywords or ways to impelement inheritance in the coldfsuion? Extends attributes is used in coldfusion components to implements inheritance. The Super keyword supports only one level of inheritance.

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If you use multiple levels of inheritance, you can only use the Super keyword to access the current component's immediate parent. Topic 5 — Custom Tags. What is custom tag in coldfusion? CFML allows language extensions in the form of custom tags, which are tags created by the developer that are not part of the CFML language itself. Assuming the tag is in the same directory as the file or in a pre-defined customtags directory, it can be invoked thus: What are CFX tags?

What is use of cfmodule tag? Invokes a custom tag for use in ColdFusion application pages.

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What is Session scope? Sessions are specific to both the individual user and the application. As a result, every user of an application has a separate session and has access to a separate set of session variables. This logical view of a session begins with the first connection to an application by a client and ends after that client's last connection. However, because of the stateless nature of the web, it is not always possible to define a precise point at which a session ends. A session should end when the user finishes using an application. In most cases, however, a web application has no way of knowing if a user has finished or is just lingering over a page.

Therefore, sessions always terminate after a time-out period of inactivity. If the user does not access a page of the application within this time-out period, ColdFusion interprets this as the end of the session and clears any variables associated with that session.

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The default time-out for session variables is 20 minutes. It is also possible to define session timeout time in Application. What is client scope? Client variables in coldfusion allows us to store user information and preference over the multiple session.

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Default timeout as known as purge interval for the client variables is 1 hr and 7 minits and cannot be less than 30 minuts. What is Application Scope? Application variables are available to all pages within an application, that is, pages that have the same application name. Because they are persistent, you can pass values between pages with a minimum of effort. Unlike Client and Session variables, Application variables do not require that a client name client ID is associated with them. Thus, they are available to any clients that specify the same application name.

Using the ColdFusion Administrator you can enable or disable Application variables in all applications; you cannot override this setting for an individual application. What is server Scope? Server variables are associated with a single ColdFusion server.

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They are available to all applications that run on the server. Use server variables for data that must be accessed across clients and applications, such as global server hit counts. Server variables do not time out, but they are lost when the server shuts down. We can delete server variables.

Server variables are stored on a single server. As a result, we should not use server variables if you use ColdFusion on a server cluster. We access and manipulate server variables the same way use Session and application variables, except we use the variable prefix Server.

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