Class is in Seduction (M/F Student Teacher Erotica)

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Laura books 31 friends. Mark books 62 friends. Elysabeth books friends. Omorilis 8 books 18 friends. Alexandra books friends. Ariana books 13 friends. Eveliina books 4 friends. Eden books friends. Dec 24, What about The Coming Storm? Jan 02, Feel free to add any books you think match the description! Feb 09, Jun 05, Jul 15, Aug 25, Oct 12, Jan 03, He was her tutor, not her teacher. Oct 23, In this book the characters are no longer teacher and student!! Dec 25, Teachers and student Romance Movie List: Jun 08, Aug 15, Does the number one ranked book on this list, "Slammed" have a student-teacher affair in it?

May 11, Why is City of Bones here though? Jun 19, Jul 19, She looks very pleased with herself and I just want to laugh out loud. But I'm so glad she was not smart enough to realize how she could get him to tutor her if she'd be bad at it. Who knows what she'd try if they'd be alone in a same space.

I can't wait for the tutoring after school. I just love teasing him. I think I even got him hard once. He always leaves the classroom with me, since his workday ends there. Once he looked very uncomfortable when I asked if he was gonna come too. He said he was gonna finish some paperwork. If he would've had some actual paperwork to be done, I'm sure he could've done that at home. There was a really good chance that he could've gotten hard since I did wear a dress that day that revealed a bit more cleavage than usually. I kept 'accidentally' leaning so that it even probably showed a bit of my black lacy bra.

I'm still pretty sure he thinks I'm so innocent. With my looks it's possible. I'm very short and I even have some freckles on my face. And I just have this innocent look. I wish I could do more. I'm feeling so horny today and I just want him. He makes me feel so hot. I want to feel if he has those muscles under his shirt. I want to feel if his golden blond hair feels as soft as it looks. I want to feel how hard I can make him. I snap out of it as the bell rings. I even out my breathing, seeing as it got a bit heavy while I had my inappropriate thoughts about my teacher.

I pack up my things and walk towards his desk. He's sitting by the desk, going through some papers. He lifts his head and smiles at me. That smile does so many things to my body. I've noticed how turned on he gets when I act all innocent. I'm very good at reading his reactions.

Right now I can see how his golden eyes got a shade darker and how he quickly licked his lips. I just want to jump to the other side of the desk and…. Have a nice day, Clary," he interrupts my thoughts. I don't know what he would think if I'd suddenly start panting while looking at him. The way he complimented me? I have to bite my lip so hard to keep my laughter inside me. How can she be so stupid? I can't concentrate on anything for the rest of the day. I just want him so much today. Of course I want him every day, but today the want is just so much stronger.

I hope I don't do anything stupid. Finally the moment comes and I get to see Mr. Or Jace, but I like calling him Mr. And I know he does too, maybe even too much. That's why he insists that I call him Jace when we have our tutoring. But I call him Mr. Of course I do, it's part of my teasing. I go inside the classroom and see him writing something down.

He has pushed the two desks together so that we can sit across from each other. He always does that, but I think he has started to regret his decision since I can so easily tease him when he can see me all the time. If you would take me right here, right now on this desk. I wonder what his reaction would be if I'd actually say that.

I bet his day would be great too if he'd take me right on this desk. He starts trying to teach me the equations, trying his best to make me understand. I do almost get it. He tells me to work on the worksheet he gave me. And now is time for the show to begin.

I suck the tip of my pen as I wonder what the answer could be. I lean over slightly, revealing a bit of my cleavage. I let my tongue slip out a little as I keep the tip of the pen in my mouth. I can hear his breathing getting heavier. I lift my head to look at him. He once again has that nervous, yet really turned on look on his face. It makes me so hot. I notice him muffling a groan.

He clears his throat before answering. Are you sure everything is okay? Inside I'm grinning mischievously. I just have something in my throat. Anyway, did you finish the work sheet? I don't even want to get it. I just want him!

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He leans over to show me how they're solved and I can smell his scent. It's so fresh and manly. I can also smell how his breath smells like mint. He's driving me insane. I'm always so mesmerized by his golden eyes. They always seem to be so much darker shade when he's with me than what they are when he's teaching in class.

Thankfully there still are things that I don't get, so these tutoring sessions are not over yet. He then gives me time to try to do the rest of the paper.

Class is in Seduction (M/F Student Teacher Erotica) - Kindle edition by Sadie Thatcher. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. books based on votes: Slammed by Colleen Hoover, Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard, Easy by Tammara Webber, Vampire Academy by Richelle.

I do manage to put some answer to every part. I just don't know if they're correct. Now I 'innocently' keep my finger in my mouth since I'm writing with my pen. I don't know if he's actually so oblivious that he would believe that I'm so innocent. I can see him slightly squirm in his seat. I'm getting so turned on that it's almost painful.

I need a release. Preferably from Jace, but I guess I'll just have to take care of myself alone in my bed tonight. I can hear his heavier breathing easily in the quiet classroom. We're one of the few people still left at the school. I know that the other few are at the office which is at the other side of the school. I finish the paper and look up. The look on his face is so hot and predatory that I'm almost taken aback. Fuck, I want him so bad.

He snaps out of it and takes the paper I'm trying to hand him. I get up from my chair and so does he. We hug, both of us happy that I finally start to get it. I notice that I can feel something hard poking me. Oh god, I know just what it is. The urge to get my release is so strong that I feel like I can almost explode from the feeling of his hard-on trying to get through his pants. We're still hugging and it's getting a little awkward. But I don't really care.

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I push myself more against his hard-on. I can hear his breathing getting heavier and his arms tighten around me. He lets out a louder groan and presses me tighter against him. I whimper quietly to his ear. I've wanted you so badly. We should really not do this. I lift my head from his shoulder to look at him, still slowly grinding against him. His eyes are hooded and his lips parted. He looks so incredibly sexy right now.

I have been so turned on today, so it won't take very long for me to come. I whimper again at the predatory look in his eyes. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around him. He pushes me against the nearest wall, pushing more into me. Both of us moan. The friction is so much better this way.

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I'm a senior and I graduate in few months anyway. There's no reason why we shouldn't do this, Mr.