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follow url Investigating a robbery, Detective Inspector Terry Sneed says to someone on the file of local talent a habitual criminal: Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth Historically, while many of the most successful crime writers have been women — indeed, Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time — slang often features less heavily in their work.

Topics Crime fiction Top 10s. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. It examines love and hate, kindness and revenge. This volume explores a wide range of important topics, includes great, teen-approved, stories, and lots of things to think about. Thomas Trent — single, mid-thirties, crime photographer — and his wheelchair bound, independent-minded, 15 year old sidekick and computer whizz, Dante, find themselves entangled in mystery after mystery. Lieutenant Miller reluctantly gives them wide leeway to conduct their investigations.

They maintain a stream of humorous, playful, banter. Thoughtfully exciting, city-based stories support a mutually beneficial, partnership. They span the range from short short stories to a short novel. Many are complete with the twists and turns for which his writing is well known. The longest features a college professor who is accused of murder and is assisted via the internet and burn phones by two students from his criminal justice course.

He is also guided through the ins and out of surviving in a violent slum, where he goes to hide, by a young, extremely savvy street kid. It explores his feelings about life and commitment and showcases the skills he honed as a police detective earlier in life. Other stories feature tales about committing the perfect crime, a mentally challenged man racing to call off a hit he had set up on himself, a deathbed confession from an unlikely source, and a group of high school alumni attempting to prank one of their former classmates who, as a teen, had fancied himself a detective of some skill.

This chronicle portrays a timeless allegory. In this telling, the events transpire in the tiny, sovereign, country of Lelonia, which has languished in turmoil for decades. The call goes out for citizens to submit plans to rebirth the country. A pair of unconventional teenagers takes up the challenge. They hike their country listening and observing to determine the problems and discover the positive possibilities.

They experience real dangers in a lawless land, the anguish and terror of the homeless, hungry, children, and witness the atrocities of the Despicables — amoral roaming bands of bandits. The story follows the rebuilding for several decades. Weaving is a think piece designed to question things thought to be inviolable and to suggest things often tossed aside without thoughtful, unbiased, investigation.

It presents possibilities for serious consideration. They run the gambit from the cozy old lady tales, through a few mysteries, pure absurdity, to several feel good pieces. There are even a few entries that might be classified as science fiction. He hopes they become yours. This book includes fourteen stories, which proclaim the power of love. Helping others feel good is often the most powerful demonstration of love one has available.

Traditionally, the period of the winter holidays is a Season of Love — a time we reflect on how the world is better because of the power of love. The other nine stories also fulfill the mission of defining and illustrating love. Many include children paired with old folks — a natural setting for love to blossom. Simplified, the method involves defining one character, placing him in a milieu setting and let the story develop on its own.

Characters are added as they are required. The writing proceeds without an outline, allowing the characters to drive the story. In this book, the author writes a short novel to illustrate the approach and goes into great detail about how each aspect arrived and why and how the word choices, sentence styles, and related aspects came to be.

This is a step by step, value-based training program for parents, showing how to raise or retrain children to stay out of trouble forever. In simple terms and with abundant real-life illustrations , the book presents both the necessary philosophy and developmental psychology needed to lead youngsters toward a trouble free life.

The author lists those values that seem to typically produce trouble-prone youngsters and contrasts them with those, which almost universally produce trouble-proofed youngsters. A special section is included to assist adolescents wanting to trouble-proof themselves. It demonstrates numerous methods by which the deepest part of the mind — that part that always controls how we react and behave — can be controlled, rearranged, made more effective and even be 'rebuilt'.

Was it their ethereal souls he witnessed riding the Ozark hills by night and their mournful sobs he heard echoing through the ancient inn? He confronts mystery, intrigue and danger on his way to ferreting out the facts. The members of the community are closed mouthed. The owners of the inn seem to have some secret they must hide. The patriarch of the area makes it known that Marc is not welcome and that his safety cannot be guaranteed. Ghost Writer, Marc Miller, arrives in Sandy Valley, an isolated area of northwest Arkansas, to mediate a dispute between warring clans of ghosts — the Kettles and the Keeps, who, in their mortal forms, have been feuding for more than a century.

A pair of pre-Civil War Apparitions appears — one Kettle and one Keep — and inexplicably begin inflicting serious physical maladies on a dozen teenagers. The dispute escalates, once again turning the families against each other. Marc enlists the help of Willy, a teenager suddenly confined to a wheelchair and Jake, a ten year old who is curiously wise beyond his years. The area had once been owned by the long dead Charlie Chance, a known hater of children and progress. The Ghost appears and raises havoc in an apparent attempt to get the writer to leave. Danger, intrigue, and suspense abound.

Sound too good to be true? This is a practical, easy to read and follow training manual for parents, stressing values and rule reduction. Parents learn how to build a family life plan based on their own personal values — not those of the author. It all boils down to one simple rule that speeds the responsibility for appropriate development among all the family members.

A tried and proven, very simple, everyone wins approach to improving family happiness. It includes lots of basic psychological and educational information all parents need to be aware of and master. A hundred years before this story unfolds, a teenage couple from this tiny Ozark village, was drowned while crossing a river during a storm as they eloped. Marc Miller arrives to investigate the sightings and is helped by an insistent, self-appointed, young assistant. The tiny, backwoods, town of Hickory Hollow is haunted. It has been since before the Civil War.

That is just the way its residents want it. They have configured a mini-theme park around the ghostly goings on and seem to have established an amicable relationship with them. Marc Miller is brought into town when mysterious accidents — some resulting in the death of local residents — begin taking place. Is it the ghostly revenge predicted by the lore? Is it a more worldly activity related to a business takeover? There are teenage ghosts swinging from ropes, bands of galloping ghostly desperadoes, and suspicious strangers.

And then there is the Secret Covenant sworn to by every local resident. The story presents a mixture of wonderful characters and, predictably, a variety of twists and turns. Peter Alexander — a kind, soft spoken, bookstore manager and writer — awakens to realize the week just past has been plucked from his memory. A blackmail note suggests he was videotaped killing someone. During the following ten days he records in a journal his every thought and emotional reaction as he plays cat and mouse with the note writer — an anonymous vigilante clearly bent on killing him.

In this first person account, a bright, mild-mannered, middle aged man struggles to regain his memory while being forced to evade ugly adversaries who seem determined to do him in. He is not at all certain which side of the law his antagonists are on and that leaves his own position in doubt — good guy or bad guy?

Along the way he engages a variety of interesting characters — mostly friendly and many in need of his assistance. Kip, a fourteen year old boy, is having some significant personal problems. His parents have sent him to see a well-known psychotherapist, Dr. The interaction and gradual growth toward a solution is presented in a series of six scenes — therapy sessions — formatted as a play in order to maintain the powerful interchange between the two characters.

They forge an interesting and beneficial — if combative — relationship. Do you want to get hired? Do you want to make more money? One simple change may really help you! How you speak will often determine how much money you will make. The secret is in knowing what changes need to be made and how to make them. That is what this manual does — directs you thorough a simple step by step program toward a speaking pattern that bosses and employers want to hear in their employees.

Do you have fifteen minutes a day for Six Weeks? Formal English speakers are also generally believed to be smarter, more dependable and better educated. This program is intended for English speakers. In Book One — Ring of the Farjumpers — the lives of a mortal lad and a Little Person boy are changed forever the day the meet in the meadow and begin comparing notes on their very different Worlds. They grow to love each other, but then. The books are best read in order since the story continues. In reference to the following four books in the series.

Best if read in order. Now to an outsider, they may just seem to be part of one more fanciful folk tale, but to those of us who grew up in the Ozark Mountains The Little People are as real as you and I. Each about as tall as a grape hyacinth, they are an altruistic clan, peaceful and loving by nature, who prefer the simple, uncomplicated, candle lit life of days gone by. They go about practicing their magic in order to bring a happier life for the mortals who live nearby. Though seldom seen, their presence is often felt by those who believe. The books are written for grown-ups who still cherish the magic of days gone by.

TTwiggs and Jay begin their official meetings between the two realms. Their friendship continues to grow and to enhance both of their lives — both of their worlds. With marriage come all the problems and delights that accompany the early days of every marriage. They find love, adventure, challenges and risks. In the end, Twiggs is summoned before a special session of the Council of Elders — not usually a good thing! With the help of ever-bickering Rusty and Becky, the bright, loveable twelve year old twins next door, they go about investigating and solving the crimes in and around the little village of Dingle Dell.

The local sheriff gives them a pretty free hand in their investigations. The stories are as much about the wonderful characters as bringing the bad guys to justice — although they are as perceptive a bunch of sleuths as have ever graced the pages of a mystery. Portly Raymond Masters — a retired big city detective — regularly finds himself drawn into murder mysteries that require his widely respected expertise.

Given to dry wit and a penchant for puns, the kindly old detective remains faithful to the who-done-it tradition while quietly offering his wise, compassionate, countenance to the fascinating characters involved in each case. He delights in his own foibles.

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A youngster often surfaces to assist him, making the family friendly stories attractive to a wide age range. The twist is reserved for the final paragraphs. Readers see every aspect of each case through the eyes and mind of Detective Masters — who appears in every scene. They are thereby privy to all the clues he uncovers and most of the thoughts and hypotheses he formulates as he hones his keen perceptions toward the final solution.

The story lines are fresh and unusual. The characters are unique and often quirky. The stories move on crisp dialogue supported by well configured descriptive passages, which help the reader comfortably envision the setting. All of this is wrapped in wonderful words and well-drawn phrases. The ailing, ninety-two year old billionaire, Jasper Fairfield, gathers his heirs for the disbursement of his fortune. One by one they are murdered. Is it the help hoping to maintain their hold on the property?

Is it one of the sons; Farley, certifiably deranged, or Chester, the seldom serious laugh machine? Or how about the two adult grandchildren: Bernice, single, well educated, self-centered; or Cliff, the one truly sane-appearing individual in the lot. Maybe it is Cliff's fifteen year old son, who quietly seethes underneath his affable demeanor. The case presents several twists for the old detective. For one, he sees many of the victims alive and well after the time of death certified by the coroner!

Was it the teen age boy whose car had killed the banker's wife; the waitress at the local cafe with a special interest in the handyman who, it turns out, is hand with things other than tools; the sister-in-law who may inherit the victim's estate; or a hit man hired by his wife before she was killed? Initially, it looks like suicide as the body is found in a room locked from the inside with a pistol beside the body.

The reader will have to wait until the final paragraph to hear the old detective's solution. Masters is again assisted by an inept policeman, and gadgetry comes to play a part in the solution of the case. A friend of Masters, a beloved, retired, dying, classical guitarist is the target for murder. In his mansion — curiously — live five of his three former wives; his long time back-up guitarist and his despicable son ; his distant, personal assistant; the charming young chauffeur with a shady past; the cook, and the mysterious prowler. Twists abound in this outing.

It all takes place during the annual Gathering of Marksmen competition for which Masters is a judge. The dozen suspects at the beautiful Whispering Pines Lodge lead him on a merry chase as he systematically sorts away the innocent and hones in on the culprit or is it culprits? Again, it remains until the final page to hear he old Detective's solution. The writer had been openly hated by those who worked for her and each suspect harbored more than enough motive to want her dead. The more clues he uncovers, the more obvious becomes his conclusion: Family friendly and intended for adult and young adult readers.

There are a variety of suspects: The twists and turns tangle among themselves. Masters identifies and perpetrator in the final words of the final paragraph. Those who peek will be drawn and quartered! There have been no wounds and no traces of poison. There has, however, been a long-standing Gypsy curse against the group. Detective Raymond Masters says murder! Not only does he nail the perpetrator s? A series of threats against his life bring Detective Masters into the case. Masters immediately senses trouble the boy's guardian and conjures up a spell or two of his own.

Though set in the Ozark Mountains of North West Arkansas, Masters manages to solve three outstanding homicides from New York City to Key West, all the while tutoring the shy, sheltered young clairvoyant in the social graces and the gentle art of romance. In a spine-chilling finish, Masters must match wits with the cunning villain, who seems in every way to maintain the upper hand.

Each one thereby becomes the perfect alibi for the others. Motives and gadgetry abound. Along the way, four other murders are solved as Masters enlists the help of a fascinating group of characters — all of them suspects. Could it be the troubled teenage grandson of the owner, the greedy millionaire or his pants-chasing wife, the impatient artist, or the beautiful young writer who claims she is searching for her birth mother? Other suspects abound as Masters sorts through the clues with the reader. The participants include the five butlers who formerly worked for him most of whom hate each other and Elliott , and his nephew a self-centered, amoral, 30 year old who has lived most of his life at Windstone.

Then there is Carl, the old man's lawyer; Bea, his nurse and secretary; Angie, the cook and maid; and Hyde, the current young butler. Five bodies later, Masters once again surviving a strange little policeman sidekick solves the cases amid the unrelenting, freezing storm that hold the group captive on the rock of an island surrounded by the raging sea.

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Case of the Smiling Corpse (Raymond Masters Detective Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Garrison Flint, Tom Gnagey. Download it once and read it on your. Case of the Smiling Corpse (Raymond Masters Detective Series) [Garrison Flint, BOOK TWO in the series: Once again, Detective Masters is on the case as he.

Legitimately motivated suspects abound, including the maid, long mistreated by both men; the handyman, a loner and newcomer to the area; the brother, an expert marksman who had a life long feud with the family; the security guard, with unspoken motives; the drifter, whose presence seems oddly out of place; the brilliant teenage twins next door, with tempers and revenge on their minds; and their mother, recently done wrong by the younger of the deceased.

The deadly shot had clearly come from Masers' friend's bedroom window yet he works to prove otherwise. As is often the case, gadgets play a role in the c omission of the crime. They indicate they will kill someone at a national twin convention and promise that he won't be able to solve it, thus ending his 50 yearlong perfect crime fighting record.

Identical DNA, prints and appearance should make it impossible to prove which twin was where doing what, when. A handsome young bellboy is apparently framed. Together he and Masters work to solve three homicides and two attempted murders. The reader my want to take notes on this one!

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Two most unlikely companions join him, one ten and one fourteen. Josh and Sally are up to the task. He pretty well runs the show in his high school. His nefarious traits are toned down somewhat as we find Lime traveling the world. The upstanding public servant went after killers, con men, thieves, and enemy agents with equal passion and zeal for the law.

When the old man is murdered, five relatives come forward, each claiming to have acted alone in his demise. Each is the perfect suspect with motive, opportunity, prints on the weapon, and unique knowledge of the crime scene. With the assistance of two teenage lads, Masters unravels the twists and turns, and, in the end, not only solves the murder at hand, but several others that occurred years before. Clean Episode - Their Girl Friday: Before she became a commercial star as "Madge" for Palmolive, actress Jan Miner was busy working on the stage and the radio.

Miner was heard regularly on soap operas, dramas, and radio detective shows. We'll hear her as Mary Wesley in the syndicated The singer played Fortune - a man whose odd jobs always led to trouble - for a single season in a fun, well-produced mystery series. To celebrate the sixty-fifth In celebration of what would have been his 98th birthday, we're tipping our hat to William Conrad.

Case of the Clairvoyant Kid

With his polished radio presence and his mellifluous British accent, Tom Conway was a natural as a radio detective, and he put his voice to great use as both Sherlock Holmes and Simon Templar. We'll hear him as Holmes - with Nigel Bruce as Watson - in.. Edmond O'Brien, one of radio's Johnny Dollars, recreates his big screen role as Frank Bigelow, a man with only days left to live who is frantically searching for the Alan Ladd didn't just star in mysteries and thrillers on the big screen - audiences could also hear Ladd on their radios in tales of daring detectives and heroes.

From the Broadway stage to the world of daytime soap operas, Lesley Woods found success in every medium she tried during her six decade career. She was very busy on radio, appearing on soaps, sci-fi shows, thrillers, and detective programs. Crooks made the mistake of underestimating private detectives Max Carrados and Captain Duncan Maclain because both men were blind. After you hear their radio adventures, you'll know that a lack of sight doesn't stand in the way of these gentlemen as San Francisco shamus Candy Matson was the greatest girl detective of the radio era.

Before and after her series aired on NBC, two audition shows were recorded.. If you've got to walk down the mean streets of Los Angeles, it helps to have Philip Marlowe by your side. Gerald Mohr brought Raymond Chandler's private eye to life in one of the best detective shows to come out of the radio era. We'll hear a pair of Clean Episode - Back on the Case Dragnet.

Jack Webb is keeping Los Angeles safe in three old time radio mysteries: To celebrate Dashiell Hammett's birthday, we'll hear a pair of radio adventures of his most famous creation - the hard-boiled San Francisco shamus Sam Spade. We're celebrating the birthday of Arthur Conan Doyle with radio adaptations of three of his greatest Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The game's afoot in "A.. Walk in the shoes of a killer as he plans and carries out his crime. Bill Forman stars as the sinister storyteller who introduces his tales with a haunting melody.

We're celebrating Orson Welles' birthday with two of the legendary actor and director's old time radio performances. He narrates the tale of a faded tartan To celebrate both, here's an extra-large episode starring Dick Powell as Diamond. Bob Bailey is back on the job in another five-part adventure of Johnny Dollar - "the man with the action-packed expense account. Sydney Greenstreet plays the eccentric sleuth with Larry Dobkin During his nearly three decade run on radio, Les Damon starred as several detectives - Dashiell Hammett's Nick Charles, the debonair private eye known as the Falcon, and half of the husband and wife duo the Abbotts.

We'll hear Damon as Nick in "The We'll hear him in three old time radio shows: It's Broadway - "the gaudiest, the most violent, the lonesomest mile in the world. To celebrate what would have been the th birthday of master mystery writer Mickey Spillane, we'll hear three radio adventures of his signature shamus - the hard-boiled Mike Hammer. Jack Neuman was one of radio's most prolific mystery scribes. Before he created classic TV shows like Mr. In honor of his birthday, Each week, Casey covers the news and makes it as he cracks the case and meets his deadline.

We'll hear the crusader with a camera in "Loaded Dice" originally aired on Vincent Price stars as Simon Templar, "the Robin Hood of modern crime," in three old time radio mysteries: Our old time radio detectives this week drummed up business with newspaper ads - catchy sales pitches that invited potential clients to write in with requests for help. The hard-boiled gumshoe worked for the penny-pinching Anthony J. Lyon and never failed to find dangerous dames and But in , an Australian radio series, using scripts from the Dunne stepped into the private eye's shoes when the program was resurrected following a cancellation, and he remained in the role until Sam closed..

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The adventures of "the man with the action-packed expense account" were revamped into a serial, with a complete adventure playing out each weeknight Haul out the holly - it's time for the "Down These Mean Streets" holiday special. We're wrapping up with Christmas capers from four old time radio sleuths. Head down to Cherry Street for a drink and a set from Pete Kelly and his jazz band. Two of old time radio's crime solving couples are on hand to mix marriage and mayhem in a pair of mysteries.

With his wry humor and unique take on the material, Duff.. Arden in this Turkey Day story about a live turkey slated to Clean Episode - It's a Plane!

See a Problem?

Clean Episode - It's a Bird! The Man of Steel and the Dynamic Duo are teaming up to keep the airwaves safe! Bud Collyer is Superman, Matt We're putting our little grey cells to work as Hercule Poirot solves two old time radio mysteries. Agatha Christie's brilliant Belgian detective is back on the big screen, and we'll hear two of his adventures from the airwaves.

Clean Episode - Powell, P. Need a case closed and a tune carried? Dick Powell is your man. The crooner reinvented his career when he played Philip Marlowe on screen, and he starred in a pair of radio detective shows as glib but tough private investigators. Herbert Marshall travels the globe as the dashing and debonair Man Called X. Dispatched on international adventures, the Man Called X is really secret agent Ken Thurston, enemy to spies, saboteurs, and insurgents wherever they may lurk.

Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives) by Mean Streets Podcasts on Apple Podcasts

It's the "Down These Mean Streets" Halloween special, presenting an old time radio chiller guaranteed to get you in the mood for trick or treating. We'll hear Herbert Marshall star in an adaptation of Mary Watson in three of their old time radio adventures. Larry Thor stars as The man with the action-packed expense account solved crimes right up until the end of the era as he wrapped up a It's a birthday bash for Shane star Alan Ladd as we spotlight three of the legendary actor's old time radio performances.

Heaven help evildoers when The Saint is on the case. The reformed safecracker turned detective uses his intimate knowledge of the underworld to track down dangerous criminals and to clear his name with the For a single season, Old Blue Eyes starred as Rocky, a footloose, fancy-free, and frequently unemployed young man whose weekly search for a job results in full-time employment with The legendary director saw several of his classic films recreated for the airwaves during the Golden Age of Radio Get ready for fast-paced mystery and excitement with Casey, Crime Photographer — the ace cameraman who covers the news at the same time he makes headlines.

In this special bonus episode, we salute the late June Foray - the titan of voice acting who passed away July 26th just shy of her th birthday. The mix of tongue in cheek comedy with hard-boiled mystery, combined with the memorable performance Planning to break the law in Texas? Clean Episode — Gargan vs. Perhaps the only radio detective star to have actually worked as a real-life private eye, William Gargan played several gumshoes on the air, as well as the big and small screens.

Pack your bags - this week, we're joining Steve Mitchell on another Dangerous Assignment. In this pair of Clean Episode - Philo-osophy Philo Vance. He eventually came to radio in several incarnations, Long before he was an award-winning journalist, Mike Wallace was a radio announcer and actor.

Lou Kagel, a New York cop who investigated But there was more to Mohr than his celebrated turn as "crime's most deadly Join San Francisco importer and amateur detective Gregory Hood as he shares two adventures from his casebook. Gale Gordon and Elliott Lewis star as Hood, a brilliant gentleman detective whose cases intersect with his search for rare treasures from all..

The character was created by Erle Stanley Gardner, the author who gave the world Perry Mason, and had it A master of dialects and accents, the British-born Ben Wright appeared all over the dial during the Golden Age of Radio and he could convincingly play characters from all around the world. He usually worked in supporting roles, but he had time in the For one hundred dollars a day plus expenses, Richard Diamond will tackle any case. Dick Powell stars as the singing detective.. For the legwork and rough and The stories you're about to hear are true as Jack Webb stars as Sgt.

Not only did he star in the series, Webb created, produced, and set the tone for the grandfather of all police procedural dramas. Friday teams up with Head back to a great American city and the suspects who stand in The Line-Up.

Bill Johnstone is Lt. Matt Grebb and Jack Moyles as Sgt. Each episode opens with Wanted by the police as criminals, Reid and his trusted valet Kato wage a war against racketeers and corruption. The radio adventure series Clean Episode - Abracadabra Chandu the Magician. Frank Chandler learned mystical secrets in India and returned to the west as Chandu the Magician to put his newfound powers to work fighting evil.

Larry Thor stars as the policeman with the soul of a poet in Broadway is My Beat. From flophouses to mansions, from back Private eyes Johnny Strange and Terry Travers will take on assignments from babysitting to hunting for ghosts in a haunted house Why not Let George Do It? TV mainstay Joe DeSantis stars as Scott in this police procedural that began as a summer replacement in but ended its radio run eight years later.

Reporter Randy Stone makes a nightly trek through the streets of the Windy City in search of stories for his column. Frank Lovejoy stars as Stone, not a professional detective but a Each week, Eddie Ace paid a visit to psychologist Dr. Gayle to recount his latest adventure — adventures the good doctor used as material for her book But — usually at the urging of his assistant Archie Goodwin — the mountain of a man solves the most baffling cases The big screen star plays Matt Cvetic, the real-life infiltrator who reported Communist activities to the bureau in this fictionalized version of his exploits.

Joel McCrea plays Pearson in this series of true crime stories dramatized from the case files of the legendary lawmen. Whether in a police car or on his trusty horse Can Casey save a reformed safecracker from being coerced into heist and finish in time for dinner with his girl Howard Duff made the role of Sam Spade his own, bringing the San Francisco shamus to radio life from until