Cancer Diagnosed:What Now?

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer, Now What?
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Experts explain how to take control of your life after a cancer diagnosis. Almost half of all men and a third of all women in the United States will receive a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives. A cancer diagnosis often comes.

What are the potential side effects? What are the benefits versus the risks of each treatment option? Are there alternative therapies? What are the expected results of treatment? Is the treatment painful? If so, is there a way to make it more bearable? How long is the recovery? Will it require a hospital stay? Has my cancer spread? If so, how does this change treatment decisions?

Am I eligible for any clinical trials? Who foots the bills if I participate in a clinical trial? Where can I find emotional, psychological and spiritual support? Whom should I call with questions or concerns after office hours? May I contact you or a nurse if I have questions or more symptoms? You can visit her online community, www.

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Need a professional cancer assistant? Try the next best thing. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health provides information here on alternative and complementary therapies, discoveries and clinical trials.

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Site of the Hippocrates Health Institute, a world-renowned healing center in Florida. An alternative medicine and education site. This site is specifically geared toward patients with hemangioendothelioma, the rare cancer that Carr has. Site of seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. Provides support programs and resources for patients and their families.

The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, probes the relationship between diet and cancer and other diseases. This site of the National Cancer Institute is a comprehensive source of state-of-the-art treatments and clinical trials including a database of open trials. An invaluable source of support and research for survivors in their 20s and 30s and their families. Camps and support programs for young adults with cancer. A site designed to connect couples dealing with the ups and downs of cancer.

Contains detailed, consumer-friendly information on the latest treatment developments. This American Cancer Society site provides basic information, alternative therapies, ways to manage the disease, and support programs. This University of Pennsylvania site offers key cancer info and pointers. I am sure when you get over the initial shock that you will be more ready to hear what they have to tell you xxxx there is a plan in how they manage us they know their stuff.

Take care D xxx. Of course there is hope they have drugs and surgery and a new endocrine drug now.

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Good advice and so true, thank you be strong - I know what the hell else can we do!!!! Take care, D x. I have just come out of hospital having had a 2cm tumour removed from my breast and all lymph nodes from my right arm. I was quite lucky in that I caught it early, but not early enough as it had spread to at least 1 lymph node.

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All things point to that I could be kept going for a few years but I have metastases - spread in my bone- and it could be not so good. Be strong and from my limited experience on this site I feel so much better, like a pressure lifted off me just by chatting to others who understand xx Thank you xxxx. Focus on lifestyle changes: Write down the time and date of your next appointment. What happens if new symptoms crop up or existing ones worsen?

I have to say the day I went back for the diagnosis, the hospital gave me all the info I needed including the surgery date, and I met my BC nurse specialist who also answered questions, but you are right, you don't take much in at that initial meeting. I did have to wait a bit extra for the diagnosis due to Easter BH, and now i have to wait for the results from pathology until the 13th May, again due to the bank holiday, I should be getting these results on the 6th! I have remained strong and positive because of my family and friends, they have all been there very step of the way since we told them, but we didn't tell them until after the diagnosis , so that we had things to tell them.

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Leave this field blank. Not a member yet? Search for discussions or people. Please take care, Brian. So a second or a third pair of ears is going to be so important to get you the information you need to make good decisions about what to do next. Yeah, that's good advice. I would imagine a lot of the now what depends on what kind of cancer it is. Probably the most important thing that you can do very early on in this journey is to get as much information as you possibly can about your cancer. Find out the name of your cancer.

Find out where it is in your body.

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Find out where it started if you can, and if it has spread, find out where it has spread to. And then ask a few questions about whether your care provider thinks that this is a fast-growing tumor, or a slow-growing tumor. So in other words, as early on in the process as you possibly can, just get as much information as you can, because it's having information in an understandable form for you which is going to be your best and strongest tool in figuring out how to get through this journey.

And not only that, but feeling comfortable, right? You've kind of answered some of the unknown questions. So cancers aren't necessarily a death sentence. I think a lot of people hear cancer and immediately we go, bad. Right, and that's absolutely right. And of course, remember that in our lifetimes one half of all men and one third of all women are going to get a cancer diagnosis.

And as you say, it's not for everybody by any means a kind of life sentence. There are at the moment in this country 70 million cancer survivors, and that number is going to steadily increase. So this is not a death sentence by any means. So once you get past that initial kind of panic and anxiety and fear, just remember that fact.

That the outcome for many people with cancer is actually extremely good, and it's improving every week.

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What are some other thoughts you have when somebody receives, that I have cancer, now what? One of the most important aspects is going to be in choosing your team. In other words, who do you want to take care of you?

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And I think immediately when you think about that the tendency is to think that everybody needs to see an oncologist. Well, they may not, and I think right up front, for example if you have a skin cancer many dermatologists treat skin cancer and treat it very, very effectively.