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8th Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)
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diabesseitelo.gq/trumans-dilemma-invasion-or-the-bomb.php War diaries were submitted by most units in the Navy, and most of the Marine Corps war diaries were submitted by aviation units such as fighter squadrons. The quality of the diaries varies, with some providing detailed accounts, while others contain only cursory information.

Also included are action reports and war damage reports. Your browser is no longer supported. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Javascript must be enabled in order to use several pages found on Fold3. The Sirius made Sail at 4 o'Clock this morng. Sail'd into the Arrive at Bay, where we were very happy to find the 4 Ships who had parted wt. Botany Bay us, all safe at Anchor.

The Supply Brig got there on friday night, but the Alexr. We saw by the Assistance of a Glass, 7 of the Natives, runing amongst the trees I went on Shore in the Boat wt. Upon first sight one wd. Accompanied several Gentlemen on shore to the South side of the Bay, in order to haul the Seyne. Upon our landing 7 or 8 of the Natives came close up to us -- They were all provided wt. Lances of a great length pointed wt.

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I persuaded him to exchange wt. They live in miserable Wigwams near the water wh. There are great Nos. As there is a most exact print of this uncommon Animal in Capt. I presented many of them of New wt. Their Huts or Wigwams are dispersed abt. At one time I was surrounded by fern exactly the same as in England on every side above my head.

Bradleys Point on the northern harbour shore was named for him. In March he again sailed with the Sirius to Norfolk Island where the ship foundered on the rocks and was lost. Bradley was forced to remain on the island for 11 months before being picked up by the Supply. In March Bradley returned to England on board the Waaksamheid. In England he was one of several officers court martialled over the loss of the Sirius.

All were honourably acquitted. He rose to the rank of Rear Admiral of the Blue and was superannuated in September Bradley's journal was unknown until , a year before it was acquired by Mitchell Library from a London bookseller. Bradley's is a more formal record than an intimate diary. With 29 watercolours inserted between the journal's pages, it appears to have been prepared for publication.

William Bradley - Journal. It seems to be a fair copy compiled after Page 48 bears a watermark for the year The weather clear'd up with a fine breeze at W.

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AM near Noon it fell little wind with fine serene clear weather. The wind coming to the W.

AM Continued to blow strong with frequent Squalls. PM at 4 It became moderate the wind shifted to SW with clear weather. Hazey weather with a fresh Gale at N. At Noon Clear W. A breeze sprung up from SE.

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At 8 hauled in to endeavor to make the land before night. Fresh Breezes from the SE at 7. Brot too, not having made the Land. Hill mention'd by Cap. Red point may very readily be known by Capn Cooks remarks viz.

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Saw the white cliffs mention'd by Cap. Saw the entrance of Botany Bay, appearing in the middle of land that shew'd like an Island lying a small distance from the shore, We saw the neck of land by which it is joined to the other land when 8 or 9 miles to the S. Those cliffs 10 miles to the S. At day light made sail for the Bay with a mod. We found that the Governor had without much difficulty met some of the Natives on the N. The Boats met with Natives in every part of the Bay but no women had yet been seen.

During the voyage he was attached to the Friendship , one of the convict transports for female prisoners. We know his birthday — 30 March — because he mentions it in his diary, but we do not know the precise year of his birth though it was around While in New South Wales, Clark formed a relationship with a convict woman, Mary Branham, with whom he had an illegitimate daughter born in Clark Island in Sydney Harbour was named for him. While in New South Wales he was known for his empathy with the local indigenous people.

He returned to England in on the Gorgon. By the end of , the Clark family was dead.

From Terra Australis to Australia

Betsey Alicia died giving birth to a stillborn child. Sunday 27 Kist your dear Pictour as Usual on this day and read the lessons for the day - order came on board for which See the orderly Book - my dear wife - Sent the men beloning to Capt. Tench Company on board the Charlotte to be landed from ther - dinned by myself all the rest dinned out - I am Quite charmed with the place - oh that if you was only here and our dear Boy my Alicia I Should not wish to come home if the place agreed with our health but without you I would not Stay if it was the best place under the face of heaven no that I would not my dear Beloved wife for without you I cannot live.

Wednesday 17 he then Said I am going I said it is impossible he Said it was very true and that there was two of the Companies to goe with him if So I shall be very happy to goe with you or Captain Campble he Said that he was much obliged to me and Should be very happy for me to goe with him he Said that he would not take Captain Campbles companies with him he Should leave him to take the command and care of the Remainder of the detachment that would be left behind You will not mention it to any body as I have not told it to any person except Capt.

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Campble and Your Self he Said I shall take Meridiths and Johnstones Companies with me and I am thinking of taking Lieuts Shearp, Faddy, Ross and yourself and Creswell who is ther already for I will not take any of them that was in that Court Martial nor Shall I take Meridith with me I would much reather that Some person else was going than Shearp for I doe not like him in Short he is a man that I detest from the bottom of my Soul what can be the Reason of this Great Removal it was only a few days Since that the Governour informed use that he intended to Send the Sirius to China for Provisions if there was no Ships arrived befor the 3 of next month I hope in God that Some Ship or Ships will arrive before our going to Norfolk.

Cloudy Weather after I was Releved from Guard I went down to my Island to look at my Garden and found that Some Boat had landed Since I had been there last and taken away the Greatest part of a fine Bed of Onions it is impossible for any body to attemp to raise any Gardin Stuff for before it comes to perfection the[y] will Steal it I thought that having a Garden on an island it would be more Secure but I find that they even get at it my corn comes on.

Thursday 18 as well as corn can doe I have that they will be so good as to let that Remain but I am much affraid that the[y] will not Returnd to dinner at Majr. Commander in chief [4]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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