True Crime: Connecticut: The States Most Notorious Criminal Cases

Serial Murders in Connecticut
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People still argue about that today. Welcome to the dark side of the Sunflower State. Ramsland takes on the notorious crimes of Kansas with an unflinching eye as she takes on some famous cases the Clutter family murders — of course! With each story, she gives readers a look deep into the heart of darkness, Kansas-style.

The Sunshine State actually has a pretty dark side. New York Times bestselling crime author Caitlin Rother dives into murder cases from the MORE vacation destination that is home to Disney World and miles of beaches, yet also has more killers on its death row than any other state but California. Welcome to Georgia, where the all-mighty dollar trumps mercy and lawfulness on an all-too-regular basis.

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Where hit men can be hired for small MORE sums and lovers can be manipulated into killing innocent people, all out of greed. In the first story, the socialite wife of a multimillionaire is fatally shot by a flower delivery man on the day of a key divorce hearing. After sending authorities on a global fugitive hunt, the man responsible is brought back to face justice twenty years later, wearing only one sandal on his gout-ridden feet. In the second, a crooked businessman trying to go straight is shot in his driveway by a hit man wearing a ski mask and camouflage gear—one in a nationwide series of contract-for-hire murders, advertised in the classified-ad pages of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

And finally, a Gulf War veteran and father of three is kidnapped, beaten and stabbed by the lover of his on-and-off-again wife, who wants to collect life insurance benefits and pay off her house. The lover makes a deal for a life sentence and a chance at parole, while the wife gets the death penalty.

She becomes the second woman ever to be executed in Georgia, even after the Pope, other faith-based advocates and two of her children fight for her clemency, citing her dramatic repentance and rehabilitation through religion. South Carolina, where racial strife and righteous, heavily-armed indignation leads to murder. New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother MORE brings readers compilation of crime stories from this former Confederate state: Home of the Jersey Devil, New Jersey has its share of other devils, from predatory nurses to thrill killers and sadists.

MORE that preyed on one of their own, a mass murderer with a List of Grudges, an adulterous minister killed with his mistress, and a wife who cut up her husband. The title case has taken on new importance; it is the school shooting that preceded all others.

New True Crime Books Published in 2011

True Crime: Connecticut: The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases [Bryan Ethier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The mention of. The mention of Connecticut summons charming images of seaports and peaceful rural areas, but this densely populated state has its share of landmark crimes.

Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris investigate the disappearance of young Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his Portland MORE school in , as well as the case of a mother on death row for committing the most shocking of crimes. Louisiana — famous for its Mardi Gras, spicy cuisine, and Dixieland jazz — is also the scene of some of the most notorious crimes in the country. Bestselling authors Ron Franscell MORE and Rebecca Morris write about a sultry, Southern beauty who proved to be a deadly hitchhiker; the bloodiest day in New Orleans history captured on live TV; how life for a young woman changed just because she answered a knock at her front door; and a genteel wife and mother who left her husband to die in an alligator-infested bayou.

Sullivan write about notorious crimes in the Bluegrass State. Selling tickets at a drive-in movie theater proves deadly. But in this richly wooded state with its long, cold winters and isolated towns, MORE murder can happen anywhere. From the "Sweetheart Murders" to sexual predators to cannibalistic serial killers, Wisconsin's criminal history is full of surprises.

Sullivan delve into murder and mayhem from notorious Ohio.

True Crime Connecticut The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

Two brothers begin murdering young MORE women and couples, and despite an intense manhunt, they manage to escape detection for years. A hospital orderly who loves the occult, becomes an angel of death, and the bodies start to pile up. Sullivan travel down a bizarre trail of murder into notorious A seemingly normal husband and father of two decides to kill young girls after storming an Amish schoolhouse, and sex may have been the prime motivator.

New England is best known for its covered bridges, immaculate town greens and Revolutionary War history. Edgar Hoover as FBI to tell the full story for the first time of the most spectacular crime wave in American history, the two-year battle between the young Hoover and the assortment of criminals who became national icons: In an epic feat of storytelling and drawing on a remarkable amount of newly available material on all the major figures involved, Burrough reveals a web of interconnections within the vast American underworld and demonstrates how Hoover's G-men overcame their early fumbles to secure the FBI as rise to power.

Mass market paperback Publisher: Illustrated In , a shocking tragedy shattered an otherwise peaceful small Indiana community. Much-admired pastor Robert L. Pelley was found slain in his home. In his basement were the huddled, blood-soaked bodies of his wife and daughters, executed by shotgun at close range. The doors to the house were locked, and there were no signs of forced entry. Meanwhile, the pastor's son, Jeff, was nowhere to be found Police had a hunch that Jeff was responsible for the massacre, but they didn't have enough evidence to convict. The case went cold until, more than a decade later, when law officials resolved to finally try to unravel the truth about Jeff and to establish a motive,that he was angry toward his father for grounding him on prom night.

To Protect and Serve Author: Told by the cops that lived them, these stories show what it truly means to protect and serve. Readers will come to recognize the faces behind the badge, as they witness officers charge into the unknown on The Beat, honor and mourn friends in The Fallen, hear the War Stories spread in police locker rooms and bars, discover the unbreakable line between civilian and cop in the Line of Duty, and feel the blood-boiling adrenaline during those life-altering moments when a cop must use Deadly Force.

To Protect and Serve is a funny, exciting, haunting compilation of true stories written by active and retired police officers, most of whom have never written before, alongside published officers from all over the United States. Dorothy Hoobler; Thomas Hoobler Country: Illustrated Turn-of-the-century Paris was the beating heart of a rapidly changing world. Painters, scientists, revolutionaries, poets,all were there. But so, too, were the shadows: Paris was a violent, criminal place, its sinister alleyways the haunts of Apache gangsters and its cafes the gathering places of murderous anarchists.

In , it fell victim to perhaps the greatest theft of all time,the taking of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. Immediately, Alphonse Bertillon, a detective world-renowned for pioneering crime-scene investigation techniques, was called upon to solve the crime.

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Pelley was found slain in his home. She becomes the second woman ever to be executed in Georgia, even after the Pope, other faith-based advocates and two of her children fight for her clemency, citing her dramatic repentance and rehabilitation through religion. Lauren marked it as to-read Aug 09, Retrieved July 28, Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

And quickly the Paris police had a suspect: The Crimes of Paris: While Howell is a white male, serial killers come from all ethnic origins. Take, for example, Stewart Weldon, the African-American who was recently arrested in Springfield, Massachusetts for holding his victims captive, torturing, and eventually killing all but one. Serial killers cannot stop killing. Howell swears that he only has seven victims.

Here’s The Most Notorious Murder From Every State

Perhaps he has lied to me; who knows? But he claims that he just stopped killing in late October of All serial killers are insane or evil geniuses. I believe that Howell was in a heightened state of disassociation when he carried out the repeated rapes and strangulations of his victims in the back of his infamous "Murder Mobile. Does that make him insane?

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Evil, to be sure. But no, not insane. His acts were highly premeditated and after each death, he went on to live a normal day-to-day life; working, spending time with his girlfriend and her children, and hanging out with friends. Also, while I believe he has an average if not slightly above average IQ, he is hardly a genius. Posted by anne howard at Inmate art by a Mexican prisoner depicts mental torment. The best part about reading true crime is that you can put the book down when the story gets too disturbing.

Have a cup of tea. Return to the gruesome tale when you have gathered up the courage to take another plunge.

The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

The author who wrote the story, on the other hand, does not have that luxury. I first wrote to serial killer William Devin Howell in July of , while he served a year sentence for the murder of one of his seven victims found behind the strip mall in New Britain, Connecticut. In the two years that followed, I immersed myself in thousands of pages of research about the six remaining murders that Howell was charged with committing, including police affidavits, interviews and arrest warrants.

I rifled through the forensic testing and the grisly crime scene photos that depicted the bones and graves of Howell's victims and the weapons used in the commission of the brutal rapes and murders.

True Crime: Connecticut

One police report documented the rape of one of Howell's victims by another man before she was killed. The poor woman had endured great suffering while working the streets. Simultaneously, I got to know the man behind the crimes through face-to-face prison visits, hundreds of pages of letters, and lengthy phone calls. During that time, I was faced with the colossal chasm between the friendly Southerner that I was getting to know, and the grisly crimes that he was accused of committing.

To say that it did a number on my head would be putting it lightly. Filming with the woods of Connecticut as a backdrop.

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Two Netflix shows came to town last week: For those of you who have watched Season 1 of "Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer," you can already predict what that episode will be about- my quest to delve into the workings of Howell's mental landscape and explore his motives. No doubt, the show will include disturbing portions of the lengthy phone call that I had with Howell on Tuesday in which he discusses his downward spiral into darkness during the 9-month killing spree that took place in