The Oakdale Affair

The Oakdale Affair
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Oakdale Affair file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Oakdale Affair book. Happy reading The Oakdale Affair Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Oakdale Affair at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Oakdale Affair Pocket Guide. Bridge, who knows the real Oskaloosa Kid, wishes James, his invisible valet, were there to make a cocktail. Near the house a car careens out of the dark, a shot rings out as a woman screams and is thrown from the car. Bridge carries the girl into the house. Inside, the Kid trips over a body.

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Burroughs mixes them all into a wonderful adventure. The Kid yells, "The jewels aren't stolen. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The Mad King The Rider To save their lives Bridge lets them in room just before the Thing assaults the door. At a farm house the Kid pulls out the roll of money and says he wants to buy food. The Oakdale Affair

Using Bridge's flashlight, the Kid discovers a gaudily dressed corpse. Suddenly they hear a heavy body, dragging a chain, ascending the cellar stairs.

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Bridge herds them upstairs. At the top of the stairs the terrified Kid drops the flashlight to the floor below, bringing on a sudden and menacing silence. Bridge orders the Kid to light a match, and as the match flares the Thing begins to move. The Kid stifles a shriek. Bridge sees an open door. They enter the room. Bridge sets the girl on the floor, strikes a second match, and bolts the door as the chain dragging Thing stops just outside.

Despite the fact the girl might be shot, Bridge first turns to the Kid. As the chains rattle again, the Kid buries his face in Bridge's shoulder. Bridge reminds the Kid of his reputation for fearlessness. The Kid promises to do better. When Bridge strikes another match to examine the girl, who is not wounded.

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The flare, shining through the window, alerts the Kid's pursuers. The Thing retreats downstairs as the girl wakes.

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She confesses she was with Paynter, the Oskaloosa Kid and a driver named Terry. When the Oskaloosa Kid murdered Paynter, she refused to keep quiet, so the Oskaloosa Kid had shot at her as he had thrown her out of the speeding car.

The Oakdale Affair by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The pursuing hoboes enter the house and find the body as the Thing comes out of the cellar. The hoboes scatter, two going upstairs.

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To save their lives Bridge lets them in room just before the Thing assaults the door. Panicked, the Kid shoots through the door. Bridge takes the Kid's gun. The Thing retreats downstairs. For two hours they talk, the girl repeating parts of her story. The General asks who Bridge is. Later, when the storm is a drizzle, they hear footsteps below and the sound of the Thing coming out of the cellar. Suddenly a woman shrieks. Bridge leaps to the door but both the girl and the Kid beg him to stay.

Bridge finds he cannot leave the Kid even though a dozen women were in danger. Below stairs they hear the dragging chain and ponderous footsteps, then silence. The five descend the stair only to find the dead man gone. Bridge makes a fire in the stove. The hoboes demand a cut of the Kid's swag or they will turn the Kid in for the murder last night. Bridge forces them to leave empty handed. Bridge dries his clothes but the other two refuse to dry theirs.

The Kid volunteers to get food. At a farm house the Kid pulls out the roll of money and says he wants to buy food. The farmer, Jeb Case, thinks they might have something. M'randy, his wife, doesn't want to sell anything until her greedy eyes see the bills. When asked where he spent the night, the Kid says the Squibb's place where they found a body.

While his parents get the food, Willie Case admires the Kid who brags about his exploits: Suddenly regretful for bragging, the Kid offers Willie a dollar to keep quiet or else. The parents bring out the food. The Kid pays and returns to high praise. The Kid denies he is a burglar but Bridge simply looks at a loop of pearls hanging from the Kid's pocket. A gloom settles over the breakfast. Bridge rises to leave. The Kid and the girl beg him to stay. Meanwhile, Jim, the postman, gossips with the Cases, revealing old man Baggs beating and robbery, Paynter's murder, Abbie Prim's disappearance and the Prim house burglary.

Suddenly, a car pulls up outside the Squibb house and three men alight.

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Bridge recognizes Burton, the private detective. Bridge and his companions flee to the woods. At the Case farm, Burton elicits Jeb's admission that hoboes came out of his barn that morning, but fled down the road to Millsville. Willie reveals the Kid had a string of pearls. Burton says the pearls were stolen from Abigail. After Burton's departure Willie disappears. Burton sees two men climb a fence. Following, he apprehends Dopey Charlie and the General who pretend to be asleep. Charlie says they spent the night in the Squibb's place with the Oskaloosa Kid, his pal Bridge and a girl.

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The Oakdale Affair is a short contemporary mystery novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was written in under the working title of "Bridge and the Oskaloosa. The Oakdale Affair and The Rider is a collection of two short novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. "The Oakdale Affair," a contemporary tale, was written in

Burton asks who the girl is. The book starts off with a bang, but you don't have much background information, so you slowly figure out who the people are as you go along. It involves a haunted house, gypsies, bears and a variety of criminals and country folk. It is a crime story that gets solved in the last few pages.

I think the storyline occurs over a span of 2 to 3 days. The style of writing gives the book an old feel to it, but I suppose it should. Not my favorite novel of ERB's, but it is a good story and goes quickly. Bad copy of the book. I hate to rate a Burroughs book so low.

I've been a fan of his works for a very long time. However, this version of the book is incomplete. The previous reviewer stated the book jumped right into the action with no back story. That is because this version is missing the first several pages.

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I happened to have two versions on my Droid Kindle app. Well worth the price for three very good books. If you want free, this version of the book will stand on it's own minus the back story, but if the back story is important to you, get the full version. One person found this helpful. One of Burroughs best novellas, including ending not in original hardcover edition!

Whats to say part 3 of the trilogy not much of Billy Burnes in it just a mention to him but still classic ERB this was also purchased to fill out my collections. Fast and painless shipping a s paperback in good condition. Thanks for the memories. Very interesting and extremely happy to find it for no cost at all!

Amazon has great items. Look forward to having time to read it. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a genius when it came to writing adventure! I have read, so far, about 40 of his books. Turns out he wrote about as prolifically as Steven King. See all 26 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Most editions omit the original ending, consisting of the last lines of the magazine version, though the Buccaneer and Charter editions restore it.

In the home of Jonas Prim, president of an Oakdale bank, a thief makes off with a servant's clothing and valuables belonging to Prim's daughter Abigail. Abigail is thought to be absent visiting Sam Benham, whom her parents want her to marry. Escaping, the thief later encounters a group of hobos and is taken for one of them, the Oskaloosa Kid.

Two of the hobos attempt to murder the newcomer for the loot, who shoots at one and flees. Meanwhile, the Prims discover the theft and learn that Abigail never arrived at Benham's. The incidents are assumed to be connected to other crimes, the assault and robbery of John Baggs and the murder of Reginald Paynter, who had been seen with two men and a girl.

The Oakdale Affair: Edgar Rice Burroughs: Books

The local paper speculates Abigail might have been involved with Paynter's murder. Prim hires a private eye. The thief encounters another vagrant, Bridge, and the two take refuge from a storm in the deserted Squibb house, site of an old murder. Nearby, a shot is heard from a passing car, from which a woman is thrown. The two take the unconscious woman into the house. There they discover a dead body and hear something in the cellar dragging a chain. They lock themselves in one of the rooms. The woman, reviving, reveals herself as the girl with Paynter. The other men in the car were Terry, the driver, and the Oskaloosa Kid.

She says the Kid murdered Paynter and afterwards threw her from the car and shot at her when she wouldn't keep quiet. The two hobos pursuing the thief enter the house, find the body, and encounter the thing in the cellar. Bridge lets them in the room to save them from the thing, at which the thief shoots.

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Later, as the storm dies down, they again hear its approach, and a woman's shriek. When all is silent they emerge to find the dead man gone. The hobos threaten to turn the thief in for Paynter's murder unless they are given a share of the loot. Bridge, with the thief's gun, forces them to leave without it.