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Our goal is to have every filmmaker, crew member, talent, and financier that works with us to want to repeat the experience. In other words, we want to be able to share, grow, and develop as a team. This means being responsible to the budgets while we aim to meet the constantly changing needs of artistic value in the subsequent work we do. Higher Ground Films goals are not only to produce works that will glorify God, entertain, and teach through Biblically acceptable and enhancing stories but also, to maintain artistic integrity in product and process.


What are the similarities between you and Stone? There's a problem loading this menu right now. I get mail from women and sometimes men who want to meet Stone Barrington, but Stone is always out of town. Funny you should mention it, Leigh: The murders were entirely fictional. Self-management was common and seemed to be linked with perceptions of self-reliance as well as frustration, low expectations and lack of trust in the primary care system. The Altman Code by Robert Ludlum.

Posted by Pola Muzyka at Abducted to Kill , Christian Films , Dr. Friday A Message From Dr. Together with the Executive Producer, Pola Muzyka, we are asking for your help in telling this important story as a powerful motion picture. If you are an investor interested in taking part in seeing the completion of this 3.

Is it out of print? All my novels are in print, which means that if a bookstore does not have one in stock, they can order it and have it in your hands within a few days. It may not be a hardcover copy, but the paperback will be available. My two nonfiction books are both out of print and will have to be obtained by these means. The price is determined by demand. Keith, from Atlanta, wants to know: Susan, from Long Island, asks: Which is your favorite?

I especially like California cabernets, but I like chardonnays, too. Generally, I drink European wines only when in Europe.

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Eric, of Millersburg, Pennsylvania, wants to know: Chiefs , mostly because it was my first, and because it is infused with my childhood, hometown, and family experiences. Ashley, from Cyr, asks: My great-aunt Ruby, who was in the house at the time, told me it had belonged to my maternal grandfather, William Henry Callaway, who had lost his cotton farm to the boll weevil in the late nineteen teens and, for want of any other work, became the first chief of police in the new town of Manchester, Georgia.

He was later killed by a man who was in a malarial delirium and mistook him for someone else. That, and some other stories from my hometown, formed the basis of the novel. The murders were entirely fictional. Winston, from Broken Bow, asks: Do you ever think about abandoning your easy chair and writing something totally different?

I wrote some short stories in college, which are now, mercifully, lost.

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And what makes you think I write in an easy chair? Susan, from Colts Neck, asks: I thought it was sensational! The research is way too much work, the expenses are too great, and I gained way too much weight doing it. Luke, from Dayton, Ohio, asks: I can write anywhere—all I need is an hour of solitude and a computer, and I can write a chapter. Since my work is portable, I can live anywhere I like. Marie, of Northfield, asks: Questions like this make me crazy, Marie.

The complete list is published in the front of every book, in reverse chronological order.

Removing demonic strongholds that keep us from God's blessings.

Her new book, Abducted to Kill (available on Amazon Kindle), is the revised rewrite of Escape The Freedom Inside: Delicate Cargo (Abducted to Kill Book 3 ). Award Winning Book As with almost every stronghold, acrimony begins in our thoughts. When we allow thoughts of hatred, anger, vengeance, or offense to well up inside us we may invite a bitterness which we Kill" VII Get it at Amazon Kindle UK · Delicate Cargo (The Freedom Stronghold Smasher 3.

Some editions of some paperbacks may not adhere to the proper order. Alternatively, you can go to the Books page of the website, where they are listed in reverse chronological order with pictures of their covers and the dust jacket copy.

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You can even print out a checklist, take it to a bookstore, and buy all the books! I have received hundreds of emails from readers asking me to send them a list, in chronological order, of all the books, or just the Stone Barrington books. They are, apparently, too lazy to look in the front of the book they have just finished, or to consult the website, and they expect me to sit down and type out a list for them.

Bill, from Orlando, asks: Where do you get the knowledge?

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I was a big fan of L. If I get really stuck, I call one of the lawyers I know.

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Sharon, in Stockton, England, wants to know: And when will you visit England? You have fans here, too. Carol, from Petawawa, asks: Ian, from New Jersey, asks: I feel many of them would make great movies. I cannot but agree, Ian. Half a dozen of the other novels have been optioned but never actually made. Maybe if more producers read for themselves, more of my books would be filmed. A lot of people seem to think that I can, somehow, simply will the books to be made into films, but that is not so.

If you are a movie producer who would like to film one of my books, or if you just have too much money and wish to invest fifty or sixty million dollars of it in a film, please contact my West Coast agent, Matthew Snyder, of the Creative Artists agency. Brian, from Dallas, asks: What would you recommend us to read while we await your next book?

I read mostly history and biography these days.

Apart from those, my reading habits are catholic, which is another way of saying indiscriminate. Tom, of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, asks: Have you ever drunk this wine? Sometimes I get questions from crazy people. Al and Pat, of St. But by then, you could be too old to care. Angele, from Sumiton, Alabama, asks: Not from me, Angela. The Will Lee books continue the family saga, though.

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Diane, from Kansas City, asks: And if the Stone books were filmed, who would you like to see play Stone? Kellie, from Phenix City, Alabama, asks: Georgia, from Santa Maria, California, inquires: Will Lee, I suppose, but each of my characters has something of me in him, even the evil ones. Maybe especially the evil ones.

Angela, in Charleston, South Carolina, asks: Do you do a lot of research on them? Peters, from my hometown. I try and do that with my characters. Ole, from Yellowknife, Canada, asks: I now fly a Citation M I fly myself on all my book tours, among my three homes, and wherever else I want to go. Fred, from Miami, asks: I get mail from women and sometimes men who want to meet Stone Barrington, but Stone is always out of town. Leigh, from Atlanta, asks: Any chance of that? Funny you should mention it, Leigh: Maggie, from San Francisco, asks: And when you were working in advertising, did you ever create any ads that we may know?

Actually, they have a budget for each book, mostly on in-store promotion, but some print advertising. Sally, from San Diego, asks: Lou, from Warren, New Jersey, asks: