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Please try your request again later. She lives in Southern California. If she's not writing, she's either working with clients to find their voice on the web or running around on adventures to write about on her travel blog. Please visit her at www. Bound to Darkness 2. Quest For the Keys 3. Friend or Foe 5.

Dead to Rights 4. Reign book list here: Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central.

How to Handle Negative Book Reviews. The dreaded subject of how to handle reviews. I'm asked this all the time and the best way for me to give advice is to share my own struggle! As always, these posts are real and from my gut. I won't make them politically correct and I'll always tell it like it is. Like many new authors, I was absolutely. SeussHow To Get Started With Journaling Journaling is an ancient tradition, dating back many centuries and across many different cultures. At its simplest, journaling is the act of putting your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences to paper.

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There are no rules when it comes to journaling. How to Move your Story from Brain to Paper. Keep in mind, every author has their own way of doing this. After more than years of being dead on the ocean floor, vampire Dominic Kollar is released in the year , only to find out that the rules have The Turning - 1.

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The Mancini Saga - 3. Slayers Dark Fantasy May Disciples of the Damned - 3 Tonight, Chari had fallen into the grips of a vampire and had let down her guard--tonight, she had disgraced her father, her comrades, her mother and herself--tonight, she saw something rare in one of those beasts. Finding that voice myself, in my own head, became the first challenge. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. She sets out to prove them wrong.

Raised by their father and under the protection of their leader, Maximiliano, Apollo and Amay The Turning - 2. A feud, which has been unsettled for centuries… A vampire leader determined to sacrifice his army… A werewolf clan, ready to invade its greatest enemy… A town on the verge of destruction, its secrets buried in a Native American legend… This i But Neil never makes it to the altar, and Lorna is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered h The Mancini Saga - 2. Candace is thrilled when Antonio embraces her and the demons in her closet Reign's Destiny with Romance1.

The Mancini Saga - 1. Twenty-seven-year-old detective Carlo Mancini is your average do-good kind-of-guy with an insatiable appetite for justice. However, Carlo has one personal setback: His obsession to uphold the Rebecca Thompson stood alone in her father's attorney's office, waiting for the will to be read. With nothing more than the change at the bottom of her purse, she was sent fleeing from his office and onto a road of uncertainty and self-discovery.

View on the Mobile Site. Apollo's Journey Fantasy May Slayers Dark Fantasy May Disciples of the Damned - 3 Tonight, Chari had fallen into the grips of a vampire and had let down her guard--tonight, she had disgraced her father, her comrades, her mother and herself--tonight, she saw something rare in one of those beasts. Dhellia Has a Conscience.

I treated it like one more graduate degree. This took a couple of years. I started writing screenplays before I wrote fiction. I sent my first screenplay off to my Oscar-nominated screenwriter x-boyfriend, David, who graciously read it and told me it stank. He recommended three books to me: They changed my game. Screenwriting books are incredibly instructive for fiction writers because they teach you story structure. Give into your voice. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong. I was famished for information. Writing was a fresh discovery for me.

I thought it would be easier because I was a already a competent non-fiction writer. Writing fiction or screenplays is a whole different beast and you have to learn the craft. I read dozens of screenplays and dissected them. I would read books I loved five times in a row. What was the ratio of description to action?

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What rules did they break? How did the author make me feel so deeply? I would study first paragraphs of novels that were effective and mimic them. So I started reading romance novels—just the dirty parts—to try to figure out what made a good love scene. Some days, I wrote for fourteen hours. I wrote first thing in the morning. Yes, which is why I love corrections research so much. I get to learn a whole new discipline that also ties into my fiction. How did you develop such great character?

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Then I traveled extensively in the developing world, so I know about cold showers and picking bugs out of your food. Working hard and pushing through when things are tough is key. I let a lot of things slide because they would take me away from writing or time with my kids. Where does your sense of humor come from? Childhood used to be filled with boredom. Wonder too, but in the 60s and 70s we had to make our own entertainment. I liked to amuse myself by finding the humor in things.

I love to use primary sources for my Anna Blanc research. The Los Angeles newspapers from the early s enthrall me. Most of my story lines come straight out of the papers. I steal events from the newspapers, descriptions of technology, prices from advertisements, fashion, entertainment. I love eyewitness accounts.

I harvest slang and social morays from novels written in that period — things that Anna Blanc would have read. Text books from the period. Prepare to be amazed https: This sounds weird but, did it take a while to create her? Thank you so much!. I was planning on writing someone else entirely and she forced her way onto the page. But her voice is in the very first paragraphs of the first draft I wrote. In some ways, Anna is like me at 19 only magnified. I was naive and privileged. I was relatively smart and brave. And, like most women of my generation, I was frequently dismissed.

So Anna is dismissed.

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Book three will be out next Spring. As boys they had shared a secret: Now, years later, Leigh has been the recipient of a second, even more generous bequest. Is it from the same anonymous sponsor? Or is the money poisoned by ulterior motives? In the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Where the Dead Lie, a brutal murder draws Sebastian St. Cyr into the web of the royal court, where intrigue abounds and betrayal awaits.

As a cruel winter holds the city in its icy grip, the bloody body of a beautiful young musician is found half-buried in a snowdrift. As the Thames freezes over and the people of London pour onto the ice for a Frost Fair, Sebastian and Hero find their investigation circling back to the palace and building to a chilling crescendo of deceit and death. All the spies on the island are trained to kill—and when they start dropping off one-by-one, Maggie needs to find the murderer… before she becomes the next victim.

Phoebe and her sister Julia are eager for a summer getaway at High Head Lodge, the newly purchased estate of their cousin Regina. But they are not the only houseguests. And why does Regina seem ill at ease around the maid, as if they were previously acquainted? Everyone, it appears, is on edge. But things go from tense to tragic when their hostess meets an untimely end—mysteriously murdered in her bed with no signs of struggle. Now, with suspects in every room, Lady Phoebe and Eva must uncover secrets hidden behind closed doors—before a killer ensures they never leave High Head Lodge.

After the final curtain of Swan Lake, an animated crowd exits the Mariinsky theatre brimming with excitement. But outside the scene is somber.

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The crowd is silenced by a single cry — Nemetseva is dead! Among the theatergoers is Lady Emily, accompanying her dashing husband Colin in Russia on assignment from the Crown. Her investigation takes her on a dance across the stage of Tsarist Russia, from the opulence of the Winter Palace, to the modest flats of ex-ballerinas and the locked attics of political radicals.

A mysterious dancer in white follows closely behind, making waves through St.

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Petersburg with her surprise performances and trail of red scarves. Or, something even more sinister? In Chinatown, the most dangerous beat in Los Angeles, police matron Anna Blanc and her former sweetheart, Detective Joe Singer, discover the body of a white missionary woman, stuffed in a trunk in the apartment of her Chinese lover. Her lover has fled. If news gets out that a white woman was murdered in Chinatown, there will be a violent backlash against the Chinese.

Joe and Anna plan to solve the crime quietly and keep the death a secret. So does good-looking Mr.

Meanwhile, the Hop Sing tong has kidnapped two slave girls from the Bing Kong tong, fuelling existing tensions. They are poised on the verge of a bloody tong war that would put all Chinatown residents in danger. Treacherous gangs roam the capital, and not even the Palace of Westminster is safe. When Detective Stephen Lavender is called in to investigate a highway robbery and a cold-blooded murder, both the cases take a dangerous and disturbing personal twist.

Flavia is enjoying the summer, spending her days punting along the river with her reluctant family. Languishing in boredom, she drags a slack hand in the water, and catches her fingers in the open mouth of a drowned corpse. Brought to shore, the dead man is found to be dressed in blue silk with ribbons at the knee, and wearing a single red ballet slipper. Flavia needs to put her super-sleuthing skills to the test to investigate the murder of three gossips in the local church, and to keep her sisters out of danger.

Where would a story be without a character? Character is the engine that drives the narrative. For me, it is a magical process. Imagine having the omnipotent power to create and mold a person on the page. One has to understand the motives behind why a character reacts a certain way. Of course to be fully formed, the author must imbue the character with both admirable qualities and flaws. After all, in real life nobody is perfect. So too must it be on the written page. Once the author is satisfied with the character sketch, then the real fun begins: When writing a mystery series, the essential component is a sleuth to solve the crime.

Here, the author is presented with two possibilities: It all circles back to character and the story that the author has in mind for him or her. For my series, I chose the amateur sleuth. My protagonists are journalist Emmeline Kirby and jewel thief Gregory Longdon.