Out of the Silence (1919)

From the archive, 7 November 1919: The King's plan for silence on Armistice Day
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https://paifindilentors.cf/map9.php The exceptions proved this. One man walked down Tottenham Court Road during the pause, with the crowd standing bareheaded and the vehicles motionless, and this one man, striding along in the middle of the road, impressed my friend as the strangest apparition he had ever seen.

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It seemed something against nature. Nearly everyone wanted to be in the open air. Crowds streamed out of the offices a few minutes before eleven to stand on the pavement.

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Shopkeepers came out of their shops, workgirls out of their factories, sailors came on deck, tubemen came out of their lifts. It was as though a message was being sent and received, and that its transmission must be through the void.

My thoughts turned back to a farewell scene, near the beginning of the war, when the 2nd Scots Guards went out to the front. There was, of course, silence about their going as about all the departures of that great army, and they passed through London by-streets, so the few who were at Waterloo to see them go were relatives and friends. It was an unusually moving scene, for it was in the black days, and people had begun to realise how small the chances were against their return.

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The soldiers were marched on to the platform, and their wives and mothers and sweethearts remained outside behind the grating. If you can't read the image, click here to listen to the same characters being read. If you don't want to see the user tests again, sign up for an account - it's free and only takes 2 minutes! Skip to content Skip to search. Limit to issues of this title. Browse The Argus Melbourne, Vic.

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1919 Helen Keller Documentary Silent Film Clip

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The preference of the people is. Alan's part in tnese de-.

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For on the first day' it had been. No moro blind groping. No more summing up of. Wc will bc able to. With Alan as a not altogether willing. He had his, revenge on Dick, however,.

From the archive, 12 November 1919: The nation falls silent to remember the war dead

Ellis have merely whispered. Often she quietly re-. One evening when Alan. Then he went on: On 24 December he married Mary Ellen Kilborn and some time later the couple settled in Melbourne. In , Cox joined the editorial staff of The Argus newspaper as a writer of special articles and book reviewer; later he was the principal movie critic.

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In he joined the staff of The Age after being given notice from The Argus. Three early works were published in the Lone Hand Magazine: