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The best media for your family, hand-picked by our editors. What's on your mind? Get answers to top parenting questions here. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. All-nighter turns romantic in fun but racy read. Sign in or join to save for later. Based on 4 reviews. Based on 8 reviews. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book.

Plus, Nick drives a Yugo. What parents need to know Parents need to know that there is constant swearing, including the f-word, the b-word, and some pretty creative combinations. Continue reading Show less.

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Nick's Reads & Reviews [Nicholas Grabowsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Horror/fantasy novelist Nicholas Grabowsky gives reviews of genre books. When I'd first approached the task of reading this book I held virtually no.

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User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by Cota October 1, Don't waste your time or money! Adult Written by moviemadness April 8, Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol Galore Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is a mediocre story packed with drinks, making out, oral sex, abusive boyfriends, and reckless behavior. Not the sort o Teen, 15 years old Written by BookAddict October 28, Teen, 13 years old Written by maze November 28, It's one of the better ones I've read, though.

(2004 Eve Blaack Publications.)

But Nick Hornby has such a distinctive voice that you can't help but enjoy the experience. Frankly pardon the pun , Wiehe, at the start, does need the kind of poetic fluidity that it takes to draw the average reader into the story at the get-go, that gut-busting rawness that makes the reader know that you have a guttural roar while a picture is painted before the bulk of the story is told, but the thing is At a time when graduation is only days away, Paul and Deidra's relationship had blossomed into a bond the likes of which could almost be found in romantic fairy tales. Stuff I've Been Reading by Nick Hornby - the bestselling novelist's rich, witty and inspiring reading diary 'Read what you enjoy, not what bores you,' Nick Hornby tells us. I got up, staggered to the bathroom, which luckily was right next to the theater, threw up as quickly as I could, and then rushed back. Along the way Rob manages to grow up, some and realizes change might not be so horrible.

So, there's some kissing and more , talk about sex, and a s Is it any good? Talk to your kids about Rachel Cohn , David Levithan Genre: Coming of Age Book type: Random House Publication date: May 23, Publisher's recommended age s: For kids who love romantic reads. Romantic Fantasy Books for Teens. On the other hand, for him, it is a grand arena. In this particular genre, Lee has managed to have made such a name for himself that among the literal thousands of writers that share his walk down the same road to get their works noticed and read and sold, it is nearly impossible to avoid hearing about him.

His ambition and devotion to his craft is evident even in this fact alone. A short series of events involving a little blood and ritualistic mayhem commit him to the dark apocalyptic powers of the book which turn him into a sadistic killer, until he finds himself entrapped within the same instrument of death he found himself using to kill his victims: There is little doubt that Re-Entry was written with great vision and diligence by a remarkable writer who will go far as long as he continues down this path.

From what I've come to understand about Josh Haney, I'd say here is a man that lives, breathes, eats, and defecates horror in a manner not unlike Lucifer Fulci both of their novels published by horror heavyweight Eve Blaack Productions, I might add.

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In other words, horror seems to be his life, not just an average pastime. He and his wife reside at "Splatter Ranch" in Northern Colorado which sports its own horror culture museum, they run Evil Cheerleader Productions see www. With such an immersion into the genre and to such an extent, why not add writing horror stories to his list of abilities? That he did, with The Horror of It All, a short read of just over a hundred pages comprised of seven stories.

Sitting down to it and after having read the first paragraph or so, I found myself expecting the sort of unpolished mediocrity one would ordinarily find in the writings of an amateur scribe, and even then by someone who possibly may not hold the sort of serious investment in a lifetime career of writing horror compared to most other writers whose paths I've crossed. Throughout the book, I must admit, the prose is often simplistic and lacking a definite style befitting an accomplished writer holding firmly and with a zealous nature the reins of his craft.

But that is part of its remarkable beauty, wit, and dark charm. This book is an effortless read, and is by no means sloppy, confusing, or unentertaining. I was very much taken by how Josh paints pictures with words in layman's terms while keeping the horror element alive and growing in ways at the same time fiendishly delightful and nightmarish. In fact, I recommend bringing this book along on a camping excursion to read by the fire after dark. It reads as though this was what it was intended for, and if I'm not mistaken Josh smothers almost each tale with circumstances and situations that seem to stem from his personal life.

From the amusing Meeting The Grey's or How Two Gorehounds Saved The World to the suburban screamfest Door to Door, my suggestion is to pick up a copy and share it with some close, unsuspecting soul just before bedtime and see if it tweaks their dreams afterwards. I bet it will, and with any luck Josh Haney will continue to write, improve, find his voice, and produce great works. Holly Catanzarita blows that reputation and stereotype off the planet, and her Dreamkeeper is the first example I'd like to show here that there exists tremendous and truly marketable talent in the self-publishing arena.

In a matter of time, keeping up with such a heightened caliber of storytelling in future works, Catanzarita will find herself a best selling author at the top of the barrel. She has already seen much praise of her works, published three novels, and has been included in a number of anthologies. She is the senior editor of Sinisteria, a reputable horror webzine. One reviewer hailed her as a female Stephen King. Dreamkeeper takes place in Taft, Georgia, a typical southern town. A strange force is wiping out the people there, one by one, in increasingly horrific ways, and like a spooky carnival ride through a house of horrors, it's all done with mirrors.

The sight in the corner of one's eye of a formless shadow of death looming back at them through the looking glass is a harbinger of doom for a majority of highly believable characters. The story surrounds Antonio Valenti, a police detective whose dreams of a quiet little life on the force in a small town are shattered when numerous sightings occur of a mysterious and ghastly presence haunting and stalking through all the town's mirrors.

INFINITY (Chronicles of Nick #1)

With the assistance of a town reporter looking for the one scoop that will make his career, Valenti joins with a down-on-his-luck ex-gambler and a young man with a sixth sense in hot pursuit of an inter-dimensional demon of death summoned out of an underground room of mirrors to kill and to steal dreams. The story is both simple and complex, executing the right twists and turns essential to a gripping novel. The author explores the human condition on various levels such as schizophrenia, the desire for dreams to come true and the price to be paid for fulfilling such wishes if one wants their dreams bad enough.

Catanzarita's angst-filled characterizations are the trademark signs of a writer's blossoming into a master storyteller, for it is character and story flow that reveal whether a writer has what it takes for success in their craft. I find myself suddenly struck by the novel's haunting and recurring phrase, "tick tock tick tock what's cooking in the pot A mental institution escapee, Crain embarks on an obsessive search throughout New York City for his lost love which escalates into a relentless killing spree.

His mental faculties are so bent out of shape that he not only confuses one woman after another for the love he's searching for, but convinces himself once he's proven wrong that each mistaken identity must pay dearly; he believes they are masquerading as his lost love on purpose just to screw with his mind.

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Woe to them, and to whatever unsuspecting gentleman that happens to share their company, where The Goat is concerned. Such is the basis for Night of the Goat, more a novella than a novel it's just over a hundred pages. Written by a promising, up-and-coming horror scribe by the name of Russell Paine, whose previous works sometimes penned under the pseudonym Ross P. Psuty include the short story gorefest Tales of the Axe available also as a beautifully executed audio CD , we can see by the writing style a voice relatively young in the craft.

The story is simple, and simply told, at times making the characters not as carefully rounded or as multi-dimensional as they should be. Discarding these shortcomings, however, we behold here the development of a genre writer quite capable of packing a punch. There is originality here, beneath the surface, and rather frightening surprises with an undeniably eyebrow-raising twist regarding just who this lost love is that the character of Isaac is searching for.

Russell also never falters in his usage of the more necessary ingredients that make a good story great, and it flows very well from beginning to end.

Stuff I've Been Reading

Ready yourself for a good night's read, and let's all of us keep an eye on the career of Russell Paine, from whom we can anticipate truly disturbing works as he advances in our mutually beloved field. Yes, it is a relatively short work. Most of the reading world carrying an affinity for the genre are typically drawn to more of a mainstream climate, undeniably, so be forewarned that horror is putting extremely lightly the explicitly ghastly exposition saturating virtually every page, paragraph, sentence incorporated into this work, down to the last word. Siki City is not for that mainstream reading world, was not written for them anyway.

Child mutilation, necrophilia, and all things sick and twisted envelope the handful of main characters as they journey in murderous abandon towards Siki City, in fact a graveyard bordering somewhere between Los Angeles and the edge of reality where all their dreams and nightmares promise to manifest with repercussions to all, the law hot on their trails. Fulci is an astonishingly impressive fluid storyteller, brandishing a way with words that far surpasses a great many mainstream works that have crossed my path over the years.

His visions are vivid, if not perversely poetic. The magic and brilliance which festers here is the blatant proof that a true gorehound can be utterly prolific, literate and even sophisticated, doing a credit to the way mainstreamers may otherwise perceive them. Not I, as my perceptions here are as affectionate as they are descriptive, and many a gorehound has graciously rocked my world from time to time. He writes and edits major genre magazines, produces and directs, and his band Penis Flytrap is a major underground phenomenon.