Love and Murder on the Hill

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
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I passed out with the pain. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

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As a joke he once chased her around the house waving a dismembered human toe. She failed to see the humour: But there was romance. Earlier this year, he gave her a Valentine's card that read, "You are now and always will be the only woman in the world for me. According to Wendy, her husband was more than just a gangster.

But detectives say Victor was a standover man, armed robber, killer and drug dealer, who had plenty of enemies. He was hated by many police and despised by nearly as many in the underworld. One theory, and there are several, is that an old friend - a man who once shared the criminal dock with him during a trial - was the one who set him up.

As the story goes, the old friend works for a South Yarra drug dealer whose supply of ecstasy was ripped off by Victor. The associate was given three choices: He took the first option.

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”

On the evening of Wednesday, May 1, Victor was relaxed and chirpy. Forensic tests later indicated his good mood was chemically induced. His autopsy revealed residue from ecstasy, Valium and amphetamines.

He had played football with his son, Vinnie, then kissed Wendy and daughter Katie before saying "he had to meet a bloke". As he sat in his car waiting for the meeting, two men in a stolen Commodore pulled up, walked over and shot Victor. They then hopped back in the sedan and drove off. Detectives found that Victor, 43, was unarmed - a sure sign he believed he was meeting a friend and did not anticipate trouble. They also found he had two mobile phones in the car - one rigged by a friendly technician from a telecommunications company so that it operated without charge.

She does not expand on what that business was.

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Some in the criminal world say the homicide squad would not be overly concerned if their clean-up rate was spoiled by the unsolved murder of Victor George Peirce. After all, the death of a suspected killer of two young policemen is unlikely to fill many detectives with outrage.

But according to Wendy, investigators from the homicide squad are working long hours on the case. I ring them every day.

Of love and murder

I know they haven't hit a brick wall yet. I expect I will get a call in the middle of the night from them saying, 'Wendy, we've got them'. In August, police conducted raids and interviewed five men who were associates of Victor. Wendy believes the killers were hired by an associate of her late husband. The two dickheads who did it had to be paid. He must have been frightened of Victor and got in first.

"A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" - Purdue Convocations

I hope they will come forward for the sake of his kids. They deserve better than this. Wendy says she has lost nearly 20 kilograms since the murder. I think when the phone rings that it will be Vic. I can't eat and I can't sleep.