Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred

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If you're wondering, near as I can tell the author is not an adherent of any traditional faith - in fact he seems even more annoyed by the "easy answers" to these phenomena offered by traditional religion, as he does the effective denials of science that the many, many reported strange incidents ever actually happened. He ends the book actually retelling the 20th century Fatima affair from the perspective that it sure sounds a lot like a typical UFO story, so that gives you some idea.

A couple of the "conclusions" I found interesting: The repeated suggestion that But especially as the authors tend to reject the idea of a transcendent God at least as traditionally conceived , what they actually reminded me more of was sci-fi stories where we've gotten so good at creating virtual realities and artificial intelligences, that the characters we create don't realize they're just characters on a computer server somewhere.

The idea that humans are some combination of the transcendent or spiritual, and the biological. Plenty of stories here about humans who know things they have no way of knowing through their biological senses or doing, or being, or whatever. And yet the biological nature of humans is, of course, undeniable - people suffer brain damage, get older, get diseases, their functionality is impaired in serious ways.

Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred

How to reconcile those two facts? And so what you're left with though he doesn't like this word is the idea that the brain is some kind of filter that unites the transcendent and the physical. And then because the author has no problem with the idea of biological evolution , you have to ask yourself how a biological organ came to be so well-suited to this task, and at that point he essentially proposes some kind of intelligent design guiding the evolution of the organ.

Again, he doesn't really believe in a "god" though, so exactly what form that would take and who is doing the designing he's pretty vague on. The idea and I think this is why Rod recommended the book that what we are able to perceive is somehow conditioned by language and culture. So, it is well known in Christianity that "supernatural interactions" demon sightings, miraculous healings, etc.

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This author might say, to put it simply, we can't see such things because we have conditioned ourselves not to see them. Your thinking and even perception is not as "free" as you might think. PS he says lots of stuff about quantum physics I found, at best, extremely speculative.

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You know how this goes - quantum physics says some really weird stuff, here I am observing some really weird stuff, maybe there is some connection. OK, it's slightly more concrete than that, but still extremely speculative. Nov 21, Jan rated it it was amazing. Utterly intriguing, sometimes mind-boggling, a provocation to think and see differently.

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Nov 16, Monk rated it it was amazing. Apr 05, Carole Brooks Platt rated it it was amazing. I have to say this was one of the most exciting books I've ever read. As a French literature scholar, the references to French theorists and writers were certainly a draw. For instance, I'd never heard of the 19th-century psychic Alexis Didier and his influence on Balzac, Dumas and Baudelaire.

The Paranormal and the Sacred

There is a long history in the anthropology of religion of associating intense and traumatic socio-economic and. Preview — Authors of the Impossible by Jeffrey J. While this book is written by an academic and primarily aimed at other academics involved in religious studies, its prose is so glib, its coverage so broad that it should appeal equally to academics and smart people everywhere. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Vast Oceans rated it really liked it Nov 18, Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. May 20, William Ramsey rated it it was amazing Shelves:

My own writing on the atypical wiring, early life experiences, and paranormal activities of poetic geniuses [In Their Right Minds: The Lives and Shared Practices of Poetic Geniuses] shares many common find I have to say this was one of the most exciting books I've ever read. While I've always been a skeptic about UFO sightings, the historic connection to religious visions was particularly interesting and made sense.

I see how many people either loved or loathed Authors of the Impossible. I was so enthralled that I read through the whole thing in a week.

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The book Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred, Jeffrey J. Kripal is published by University of Chicago Press. Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred Paperback – May 30, Jeffrey J. Kripal is the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious.

What damages an otherwise interesting, even compelling, read is the imposition of post-structural specialized terminology and unnecessary complex sentence structures that obfuscate rather than enlighten. Authors of the Impossible, by Jeffrey J. Kripal of Rice University [Dept. Through incisive analyses of these thinkers, Kripal ushers the reader into a beguiling world somewhere between fact, fiction, and fraud.

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The cultural history of telepathy, teleportation, and UFOs; a ghostly love story; the occult dimensions of science fiction; cold war psychic espionage; galactic colonialism; and the intimate relationship between consciousness and culture all come together in Authors of the Impossible , a dazzling and profound look at how the paranormal bridges the sacred and the scientific. As well as being carefully researched and theoretically interesting, it is also engaging, witty, and thoughtful.

In the process, the reader is introduced to the largely rejected knowledge of the psychical, the sacred is resurrected in the paranormal, and lazy skepticism is challenged. Authors of the Impossible will contribute significantly to the intelligent, open-minded study of the sacred, while Kripal will, I suspect, become a key figure in the development of new trajectories in the study of religion.

He demands nothing short of a paradigm shift in order to make sense of the odd, the anomalous, and the inexplicable.

Authors of the Impossible

All of this he calls the impossible—the paranormal situations in which thought forms are said to become physical realities and the future to morph into the present and past. Kripal is no fluffy believer; he argues incisively and in detail in ways that seek to shake our materialist and rational foundations at their base, so that our defensive walls come tumbling down. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. The accuracy of the Content should not be relied upon and should be independently verified with primary sources of information.

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In the same vein, the borrowing of religious elements might be religious, or it might not. All in all, Religion and popular music in Europe is a timely and promising book, as it supplies case studies of both topical and geographical relevance to the study of religion and popular culture. This applies both to the main theoretical framework, omitted perspectives and the aspirations of the editors in terms of fostering difference and unity in and between chapters. As such, the variety of articles makes it suitable mainly for research libraries and specialist collections. The paranormal and the sacred, by Jeffrey J.

These three points need to be taken together because according to Kripal: The power of the hermeneut to decipher the cypher constitutes exactly the kind of power relationship that Marx and Foucault were rightly interested in de-cloaking. In short, one wonders whether it is radical at all to argue that such events have meaning.

It is the possibility that they might have none which Kripal refuses to countenance.