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My family and friends were worried. It only made me more determined to go through with it. The following summer, having been in my job for less than a year and a half, I quit and moved to the US to be with him. The panics came quite fast, but I pushed the negative thoughts away as much as possible.

I had no friends aside from his, no work visa, no social security number and no routine. At the time, it seemed like a lot. I had never had much money as an adult. I certainly never knew money to arrive so easily. Our rent was paid by his employer. I enrolled in an intensive Arabic class, which he covered. I started volunteering with a media nonprofit and went running with homeless women. I ran a marathon and raised money for a cause. I went to the gym, and felt pressure to stay fit. I covered the odd meal out. Any frills, I would have to pass by him.

He had the means, though: But quickly, I grew quiet. Alex hated my lack of propensity for cleaning and the fact that I left my shoes in the way. He screamed when I put a sharp knife in the dishwasher. When we got a puppy, I was praised for how good I was with him. His family chimed in: Sometimes, Alex would go into silent rages and not speak to me for days.

His rages would cease when I would break. After days of silence, I would break down into shaking fits of humiliated, desperate tears and he would apologize. He had a high sex drive and was furious we were not having sex often enough. We were having sex a few times a week instead of a couple times a day. As well as the blindingly awful person that is Angie, there was, of course, a twisty plot and drama and death and surprises etc etc. For me, it was all just a stage for her to stand on. So whether that means Slaughter deserves a bravo, or not, is uncertain.

She can write the hell out of bad women, that's for sure. I can't wait to see some more of that. View all 14 comments. It was also about the person Oooeee!! It was also about the person who had been there before they all arrived and was obviously losing bucket-loads of blood. What would be the outcome? Was there devastation and anguish just around the corner? How would Will cope with this latest trauma? The Kept Woman is the 8th in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter and what an exhilarating psychological thriller it is! View all 11 comments.

Karin Slaughter slays once again! Terrible pun, I know, but true. I love Karin Slaughter books. As in I love, love, love them!!!!! I love her characters. I love that they are damaged, make bad choices, make good choices, use terrible judgement, risk all for those they love, they feel jealousy, they take chances, they screw things up, they make amends, and they feel real emotions.

Plus, I love a little grit with my murder mystery. Slaughter can be counted on to being the blood, the carnage, and r Karin Slaughter slays once again! Slaughter can be counted on to being the blood, the carnage, and raw emotions that come with the territory of writing about murder, police procedures, FBI investigations, etc. I have a background in forensics and I love the research she puts into her books.

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From the language, the technique, crime scene analysis, etc. She does her homework and it shows in her books. Keep in mind that this is Number 8 in her Will Trent Series. If you have not read Karin Slaughter, what the hell is wrong with you? Get over it already and dive in already. By dive in, I mean start with her Grant County series and when they ends, begin reading the Will Trent series. That will give you all the background you need. Some books can be read as stand alone books, some not so much. Many of her books do nicely as stand alone novels, but why read out of sequence when you can binge read Slaughter that is what I did.

The book begins with a body being found in an abandoned warehouse and Will Trent is called into investigate and his girlfriend, Sara Linton is called in as the medical examiner. Hence begins the tale. This book weaves story-lines together and Will's past and present collide. The usual characters are in this book. Ones we loves and ones we love to hate Angie. Revelations come out during the investigation that threaten to harm relationships - both personal and professional.

There is a lot of drama and of course, because this is a Karin Slaughter book, there will be murder, blood, drama, mystery, and investigation. Slaughter is great with character development which is why I feel strongly about readers starting with the Grant County series and then tackling the Will Trent books. Through both series we see both Will Trent and Sara Linton grow and evolve. We also see those who are close to them grown and change as well. It is well worth the journey.

I am choosing to not tell too much about the plot. What I will say is what I have said over and over and over again. Karin Slaughter is at the top of her game. She is not slowing down and her writing is consistent, strong and captivating. Now what to do with myself until the next Slaughter book comes out See more of my reviews at www.

View all 7 comments. NO Stars - Goodreads stars are not enough as the story blew me out of the water. This tune kept popping in my head when I was reading this book esp when the most hated heroine is mentioned, so let's do some lyrics tweaking on this famous song, shall we? Guess who's back, guess who's back? And get ready 'cause this shit is about to get heavy. I waited for this book for so long and didn't want to read it as yet. I was thinking to wait until the next book is out to avoid long wait in between esp if the ending is a cliffy one. But my friends Mo and Sharon's progress updates and reviews were too spectacular that I cracked and gave in.


English[edit]. Noun[edit]. kept woman (plural kept women). A woman who is supported financially by a lover (usually a married man). quotations ▽. , David. Are you a kept woman in your relationship? If any of these 12 things sound familiar, you probably are.

He even crumbled in this installment. But no matter because, Will, still. Our confident Dr Sara Liston was no exception either. From harassment notes to her stolen lipstick - yes, Polaski is a real piece of work that she didn't just steal it but uses it at the same time.

Quite alarming, yes, but what's truly unnerving was that she had gained UNlimited access on Sara's laptop. Seeing and reading all patient's information, her emails esp the ones she sent to her sister revealing her innermost feelings. I was forever waiting for them to find out about it but it didn't happen and I was very disappointed.

I can't wait for the next installment. If Angie can pull all these whilst she was severely disadvantaged because of injuries, yes, games after games after games - so so SO deliciously good, what more when she's not. I hope the next book isn't the last one and it will be about Will Trent manning up, facing Polaski and bringing her down. This story makes your brain work.. I was forever analysing. Just when I thought I had things figured out, it would take off in another course. View all 18 comments. Oct 15, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it.

So you guys all know I'm a romance reader at heart. I crave reading about love stories. I want to feeeeeeel all the feels, I want to swooooooon and squeeeeee over the sweetness yes, the extra letters were needed for emphasis , I want my heart to break a little, then be put back together. I also sometimes need a mental breather. Sometimes you just need to hit refresh mentally and emotionally in my experience as a reader. And I accomplish this by stepping outside of my usual happy boo So you guys all know I'm a romance reader at heart.

And I accomplish this by stepping outside of my usual happy book place and reading a book from another genre. My second favorite genre to romance is thrillers and mysteries so today, when I was feeling the need for a palate cleanser, I read this book. She immediately went on my list of authors to read more of and so back when this book was released I bought a copy and it has been just waiting for the perfect mood to read it. That turned out to be today for me. This book is basically a murder mystery. It's a complex whodunnit that almost feels like It's an intricate story with a lot going on but in a mystery that just made it that much more interesting because honestly I had no idea who dunnit at all and I loved that it kept me guessing.

I also really like her storytelling style. Her books are very informative -- they don't assume you know anything so you're never confused, but they also don't bore you with needless explanations. Instead they present something, explain it, and move forward. Her characters are intelligent and perceptive, and the mystery is well crafted. There were a couple slower parts to the story but for the most part I was deeply engrossed and wanted to keep on reading.

The Kept Woman (Will Trent #8) Audiobook - P.3

You can read this book as a complete standalone. I learned after I started reading it that it's also part of the Will Trent series but honestly you can read this alone and don't need to know anything else to understand this book. I know this isn't my usual review style, but it's also not my usual genre of choice. The more I thought about reviewing this book the way I normally do it, the more I realized that no matter what I said, I'd be giving something away so all in all, I think it boils down to this: Whether you're either a romance reader looking for something different to read or a thriller novel lover, I recommend checking this book out if you're in the mood to read a really solid, well written murder mystery!

There WILL be a review to come. View all 3 comments. I absolutely love Karen Slaughter as an author. I plan on reading more of her books after reading this one. This book is absolutely amazing, mysterious, with secrets, lies, murder and more. I have not read Karen Slaughter's previous book in this series but I had no problem keeping up with the story line. Absolutely wonderful suspense novel! Para mim o melhor livro de Karin Slaughter que tive oportunidade de ler! Quando achamos que atingiu o cume eis que chega e nos espanta!

Ao fim da primeira parte, sensivelmente a meio do livro, estamos com tanta curiosidade que descuramos o sono sem sequer pestanejar. Queremos dividir o fardo que carregam e fazer parte da equipa! A mulher oculta de Karin Slaughter Livros e Marcadores I like this author's writing, and this book was the usual emotional and suspenseful story that shows just how dirty and low people can get. From cops to crooks, we see the wounds left ,both mental and physical, by the way humans treat their own species. No other animal attacks itself or is so cruel to any others, only humans. We see Will Trent continuing his life as a police officer, with his past still very much alive in all he does.

He is falling in love with Sara, the doctor he has been with, I like this author's writing, and this book was the usual emotional and suspenseful story that shows just how dirty and low people can get. He is falling in love with Sara, the doctor he has been with, as he works a gruesome crime involving high priced athletes with managers and lawyers at their beck and call.

A new crime takes place, finding Will's ex,Angie,involved, along with long time cops,prostitutes and thieves. The story flows along, crime, rape, manipulation and a complete feeling that some feel they are above all else. We see more of the way Angie does things to hurt Will any time she can. This is a continuing series, I read it ,so enjoyed this very much. Any person who has not read this author may not be able to feel just all this emotion tied to all written here.

I received this book from Goodreads, winning it, and I thank them so much!! Another wonderful story that keeps you turning pages The writing is amazing! Emotions all over the place, and the plot had me on the edge of my seat. She's definitely getting more dangerous, or maybe we're privy to all of her crimes like never before. I think she pushed Will too far this time. She is a horrible person, a terrible cop, a "monster" as she proves to be in this book.

The fact that the entire book is about Angie makes it difficult for me to give a fair review because I simply can not stand her as a character.

The Kept Woman

That said - it was a good read, it is typical Karin Slaughter writing style and in this book we, who are avid followers of Will Trent, get a lot of deep background on both Angie and Will and their past as kids in the system. It did not change my opinion of Angie - is it obvious?

View all 9 comments. Make a date with The Kept Woman. Will Trent is back! I have been wishing away the year, desperate to find out what happens next to Will and the gang. We need Will Trent and Sara Linton back in our lives. It has been far too long a wait. I recommend you go out there and read them ALL.

You will not regret it. You will Make a date with The Kept Woman. You will probably fall in love with Will Trent. You have been warned. So we return to dark crime in urban Atlanta, Georgia. Happily we see Dr Sara Linton is now working with the police, as a medical examiner. I have been secretly willing Karin Slaughter to do this.

Good to see she was reading my mind. Our team is together. They just need a dark, corrupt, bloody murder case to tackle. An ex-cop is found dead in an empty derelict night club, connected to a basketball player celebrity. The crime scene reveals that this man was not alone. Can Will, Faith and Sara uncover what really happened in the night club? I love the way Karin Slaughter gives us complex beautifully damaged characters. The Kept Woman very much focuses on Angie and what made her who she is. This was a resounding success, in my opinion. I think we needed more insight into Angie.

I have followed Angie from the start, back in Triptych and I have to say, I am fascinated by her damaged messed up angry personality. Angie is a very believable. She is a product of abuse and neglect, of a terrible past in the care system. Will Trent is her diametric opposite. He has come through hardship and it has made him a better person. He also had Amanda Wagner keeping a kind of motherly watchful eye on him and now the love of Sara. For Angie, life has sent her alone on a rather dark path. As for Sara, it is fabulous to see her returning to her work with the police.

This is where she is strongest. It was the right time. This will set her up for some wonderfully dark murdery adventures in the future with Will. I can see it now. We find her currently negotiating her fairly newish relationship with Will and his excessive baggage. Sara is stronger now, following her terrible grieving years.

I do love the contrast, between the broken Sara of a few books ago and the current Sara. She is incredibly patient and loving with Will. I adore Will and Sara together, as a couple. I could gush non stop about Will and how lucky Sara is! I have such a Will Trent crush. This is a beautiful, dark, twisted and complex crime read.

Emotional at times, disturbing at others: I loved every moment and raced through it, at top speed. The weaving of past histories and current crime investigative events was incredible. We get to know more about Will and Angie, and see some delicious Sara thoughts. Fingers crossed that the next book gives Sara the attention she very much deserves.

Karin Slaughter fans, you will not be disappointed. Here is to plenty more Will and Sara stories! Karin Slaughter, at her best! No, No, No, No Do not lift the fly leaf. This is a SERIES, though the publisher has sneakily omitted referencing it - and do yourself the immense favour of starting Will Trent's Georgia police story at its beginning, as I and Slaughter's diehard fans have. Triptych is where you will first meet the gawky, inscrutable Will Trent and become a witness to his childhood in low places. His brittle boss Amanda will feature sharply, grating on his novice efforts and chafe you as he silently overcomes his hidden disability to outmaneuver her politics and solve crimes.

Through pages more and many titles later, you will understand Will's partner Faith's insecurities and secrets while they struggle to solve crimes of greed and filthy depravity. You might step back out of this series, into Sara Linton's before hers merged with Will's; more mystery, suspense, agony and flaws. And with Will Trent, his childhood shadow, Angie Polaski, his alter, her crutch, the unwanted and ill-used cast offs from dirty cops, junkies, thieves, murderers, hookers But he's the good cop and she's evil as Hell. That's only a blink in the sagas of these individuals, as the plots to save souls and eliminate vile boogeymen whistle by in the full texts of their lives.

Read them you must, and then, open the door to more of Angie's story. I asked myself, how did Karin Slaughter do this, again? How did I hold on, like Will, for Angie's redemption? Page after page, I saw the good in her. Page after page, as pitifully contemptible a creature I do think that I have never met on a page - yet continued to hope for more. The rest of you: View all 6 comments. Jan 29, Judy Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: Top 50 Books of ! Man, "Slaughter can describe evil to the very core. Worthy of all the hype. What is the holdup? Angie is a woman we all love to hate.

Please let her DIE! Will is a flawed man you want to root for. Sara is a woman you want a happy ending with the man she longs to build a normal life with. Angie is always an ongoing source of pain, drama, and conflict. When will the nightmare be over? Does Angie have a heart? Will she ever let Will go and be free from her clutches?

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Damaged, beyond comprehension, Angie a former cop, private eye, and a pro at running scams, running girls, running pills. How has her past caught up with her present? The novel opens when the body of an Atlanta ex-cop, Dale Harding is found in a warehouse dead. There is evidence of another victim from the blood. Special Agent Will Trent knows the warehouse, a club belonging to the athlete, famous basketball star-Marcus Rippy, having just walked on a rape charge.

He had repeatedly brutally assaulted his victim. Keisha Miscavage, her accuser. Now he is hiding behind lawyers. All things point to involvement with the nasty ex-wife Angie Polaski, Will has been trying to divorce for years. She is in and out of his life like a bad revolving door. Of course, Amanda and Faith are thinking maybe Angie is dead. She is too evil to die. The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge!

Definition of kept woman. Learn More about kept woman. Resources for kept woman Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared.