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Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Oh god, I can feel myself tearing up… These are the remains of Tex Critter and his friends at the infamous Magic Landing park in Texas after 2 cases of arson. Who would let this happen to such beautiful characters…? A commission for thisislaser of our favorite little fox, Roxanne Rose!

I somewhat kept track of how long this took me to draw. Tex Critter's Pizza Jamboree Animatronics. The tex critters pizza jamboree album is now public! Even more up-close footage with Tex and his friends! I will keep everyone informed!

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While I am still restoring tex and will off course keep him: Country cal is still in california Los angeles at its storage. Country Cal sadly cannot be kept in his storage for much longer.

Tex critters Pizza jamboree

It was already very costly for me to ship over tex critter alone about 5 grand so bringing cal over will sadly not be an option. Pictures can be found here: In tact is his eye mechanism, eyes, and all his cylinders will likely work. All tubings need replacement.. You will likely find the manifold but a lot of cleaning of it is required and the rubber solenoids need replacement.

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This is a big project not just the cleaning , he will need a lot of love so take notice! Please message me ASAP if interested. Andy Warhol sits hunched on top of a workbench with his legs crossed, surveying the cluttered scene around him. The huge workshop is scattered with tools, metal parts, electronic doodads, sheafs of plans and dozens of technicians bent over individual tasks.

Amid the confusion, Warhol smiles his wan smile and slowly turns his head to regard a group intently watching him; his cold, gray eyes set against pale white skin look like two lumps of coal embedded in a snowbank. He cocks his head in that peculiar way he has, and brings his delicate hand up to brush at his mop of blond hair. Something is not right. One of the technicians steps forward and proceeds to remove his head, and another goes to work on his arm.

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Programmed to mimic Warhol's characteristic moves, from the twitch of a lip to the folding of the arms, the robot will coolly lecture audiences around the country, while the flesh-and blood Warhol is off planning more assaults on the art world. The electronic Warhol, designed and built by master robot-maker Alvaro Villa, is but the latest and greatest in a wave of robots invading the entertainment world, much to the delight and amusement of audiences. In fact, some of the most famous superstars in show biz these days are robots, most notably V..

The real personality of E. And while early versions of the fireplug like R2D2 robot of Star Wars fame were also powered by little people, the insides of the version featured in Return of the Jedi are totally electronic, the work of George Lucas's technicians at Industrial Light and Magic.

Of course, not all the new entertainment robots achieve super stardom; most are hard at work in lesser roles, doing their best to please legions of paying customers. In hundreds of hotels and restaurants around the country, menageries of whimsical robot critters whoop it up on stage, delivering clever one-liners and snappy songs at a programmed pace. And more and more amusement parks are featuring fun rides through robot-infested settings, where mechanical beasties wait to surprise and delight.

At the Castle Entertainment centers around the country, Tex Critter, a homespun dragon and his pardners Sneaky Snake, Country Cal the Cougar and the buxom Foxy Roxy strut their stuff every six minutes for patrons. Visitors to Monster Plantation in Six Flags Over Georgia are treated to a boat ride through a weirdly populated swamp of ninety dragons, ogres and assorted other comical uglies that sing, roar, tease and snort greetings at visitors. There are monsters sniffing flowers, monsters riding motorcycles, mama and baby monsters, moss draped tree monsters and even a preppie BMOC Big Monster on Campus who hoists a cheerleader monster over his head.

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And just when patrons can see the light at the end of the tunnel, a gigantic boat-eating monster rises out of the water, its yard-long teeth gleaming, to "swallow" the whole boatload. Other arcades and restaurants around the country drawing customers with robot shows are the Chuck E. Then there's the pioneer in robotic amusement Walt Disney Productions.

For decades, Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida have been the Meccas of automated entertainment, boasting robot presidents, pirates, bears and others of their ilk. With the opening of the billion-dollar EPCOT Center in Florida last fall, the Disney "Imagineers" the group responsible for the development of the so-called Audio Animatronics System outdid themselves, creating more than four hundred robots for Disney's permanent world's fair of technology.

At EPCOT, dinosaurs lurk and slosh in Mesozoic ooze; broccoli, bananas and other foodstuffs sing the praises of good nutrition; and Ben Franklin spins yarns of America's early days, aided by a cantankerous Mark Twain. In addition, dozens of supporting robot actors play other roles in tableaus depicting the history of transportation, energy, agriculture and the spirit of the human imagination.