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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) book. Happy reading Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) Pocket Guide. That message is beautifully woven in the story of Rogue Oracle. Read the review on my blog. Oct 25, Larissa rated it really liked it. Previously Published on my blog: Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life Rating: I have to say that not only the cover of this sequel is a million times better than the first, but Rogue Oracle has definitely met most of my expectations. Not only that, but Tara has been feeling the separation from Harry Li. After finding each other in Dark Oracle, Harry has been away for work for the past few months and the distance has seriously damage their new found relationship.

When Harry shows up while Tara is doing some freelance work, to ask for help is a weird case, they find themselves thrown together on the track of a monster neither has ever encountered before and discovering that they need each other much more than they thought. I really enjoyed the plot of Rogue Oracle, it was creepy, scary and definitely kept me interested from start to finish.

The only that bothered me in the novel was that I needed more dialogue, communication between Harry and Tara. I kept waiting for a moment where they would get to talk and solve some things between them, but it never came. I mean, it felt like their relationship was dealt with in a very subtle way. We as readers got to see into each of their minds and see how they felt about each other, but I missed a moment where they actually said those things to each other. Regardless of all that, I felt that Rogue Oracle was a great book, but sort of transitional for the series. I want more of this series!

Mar 30, Jeffe Kennedy rated it it was amazing. Both of her heroines are unapologetically strong and determined. In this book, Tarot and the subconscious world are woven into the world we know with a seamlessness that is more magical realism than urban fantasy. The images of Chernobyl are eerily prescient as we watch the struggles in Japan.

Tara does all she can, but in the end, she's only human. I love this exchange with the tremendously horrifying villian: An oracle who knows something of horror," she admitted. The plastic on her respirator flexed and caved inward. All I can say is that I will do everything in my power to keep it from happening. Feb 15, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: Tara Sheridan is one of the best criminal profilers in the country as well as being a forensic psychologist and an oracle whose talent lies in cartomancer or Tarot card reading.

Her success rate in hunting down criminals is top rated. The DD have existed since the beginning of recorded time, just behind the scenes, foretelling and nudging the courses of world events to suit their liking. After former cold-war era intelligence operatives mysteriously disappear, Harry asks Tara for help in a solving the case that neither his office nor any other office knows what to do with.

The former intelligence operatives are all linked to a project called Rogue Angel. Now, it appears that someone is taking the information culled from these operatives, and selling it to the highest bidders. Tara and Harry face a killer that is not only methodical and cunning in his killing abilities.

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Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle, Book 2) [Alayna Williams] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE. Buy Rogue Oracle (Delphic Oracle) by Alayna Williams (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

He also leaves no evidence behind that he was there in the first place. This includes the bodies of those he kills which he can assimilate into his own body and use their memories he captures to locate what he wants most; uranium for dirty bombs. It will take them to the one place in the world where the Soviet Unions greed during the Cold War with the US led to the worse nuclear disaster in the history of mankind; Chernobyl, Ukraine. It's not only enlightening, but it will also be worth learning true history, and not what you are told in school these days.

I like Cassie as a character. I believe that she is head strong, but not overly so to the point where you want to slap her upside her head for doing stupid things. When she is tested by the Pythia, she does the only thing she knows how to do; she gets the hell out of dodge fast and asks Cassie for help.

She believes that violence to settle things in the world is misguided and wrong and she wants no part in it. And, lastly, she refuses to be pushed into a corner by anyone including the Pythia, yet relies on Tara for friendship and direction. He is also quick to jump to conclusions and gets angry at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, Tara is an awesome character in my opinion.

She is strong and stubborn, but her intuition and abilities are first rate. She is extremely protective of Cassie and will do whatever it takes to keep her from harm. Our villain, Galen Chimera , is actually a sympathetic character in some ways, because of what he had to endure after surviving Chernobyl as a child. Does the fact that he kills innocent people and sells the secrets to nuclear stockpiles to terrorists and other terrorist sponsored states Iran make me happy or give him a free pass that he wants to teach the rest of the world a lesson about the abuse of power and what happens when humans are left to their own devices?

Galen was made by a series of traumatic events, and was left alone after watching everyone he knew die of radiation poisoning. The radiation actually changed his bodies DNA and construction to make him one of the most dangerous characters you can imagine.

Series: Delphic Oracle [A Williams]

All we thought about at the time was this horrific cloud of radiation making its way across the ocean, and eventually reaching the US shores where it would continue its devastating path and kill thousands more. Luckily, we are still here and that never happened. This book is better in a lot of ways than the first, and I especially love the cover of this book in comparison to Dark Oracle.

Still, I am left wondering if there will be another book in this series since this particular writer has two series going and both stopped, it seems, after two books each. One can only wait and wonder. Feb 13, Ruby rated it it was ok Shelves: This review was first posted on http: Rogue Oracle picks up a few months after the events of the first book. Since that time, Tara has been trying to protect Cassie from the invidious influence of the Pythia and the rest of the Delphi's Daughters.

At the same time, she's been trying to ease back into her life before the attack that left her so scarred. It's while she's interviewing a suspect that Tara meets up with Harry Li. Despite their mutual feelings, the two haven't spo This review was first posted on http: Despite their mutual feelings, the two haven't spoken much. We know because we have insight in both of their internal dialogs that they both wish they could breach the barrier between them. And since Harry's contacted Tara because he needs help with a case, they are--physically at least--together again.

I have to say that the mystery element of this book completely freaked me out. It tells the story of the cutest old couple living in rural England and it starts out all sweet and British and both characters have pink cheeks and round faces. It's written by Raymond Briggs, the guy who wrote The Snowman, for heaven's sake.

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Then, a nuclear holocaust happens. It's completely and utterly terrifying and the most successful argument against nuclear weapons that I've ever come across. Which makes me sad and scared all at the same time. I've been wanting to check on Williams' research into Chernobyl, just because I always like to get an idea of what parts come from the authors' imagination, and what's pulled from reality.

But I couldn't do it. Especially not after Williams' describes some of the images that Tara sees during her own research. Because I found the Chernobyl aspect of the novel so disturbing, I'm going to focus on the personal relationships in the novel. I'm on steadier ground there. I was glad to see more of Cassie. I really hope she gets her own book. Though I confess I kept waiting for a hint as to her hero. Like, that he might walk onto the scene and I'd get to see their interaction while Tara and Harry's was playing out.

Because, remember how obsessed I am with the buildup? Anyway, the relationship that I think I love most is the relationship between Tara and Cassie.

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As more and more of his past was revealed, I understood his reasons and found myself sympathizing with his cause and perhaps even his methods. Alayna Williams put too much detail and focus on the tarrot card aspect while overlooking the smaller details that connect the reader to the stor I enjoyed reading The Rogue Oracle. I even went online for a free reading. I've come to realize as I share my thoughts on books how important characters are to the story for me and Ms. It kept my attention. Still, their relationship continues to be sweet.

They're both needy people and each gives in her own way. Cassie this might sound ironic , gives by needing Tara's care. And Tara gives by providing it. At the emotional point both women are in their lives, it's the perfect solution. Tara was living in complete isolation at the beginning of Dark Oracle and, frankly I think she'd have gone back to the way she was living before if it hadn't been for Cassie and Harry.

One thing that was intriguing was the way that Harry was portrayed in this novel. He still cares a great deal for Tara--and respects her--but I was confused by how damaged he appeared to be. I wasn't clear on why. Was it because his foundations had been shaken by discovering that there are oracles? Is it because his work on Special Assignments has been harrowing? That he's lost faith in the FBI because of the events in the last book?

I mean--I get it. But I wanted more information. And while I like that caring for Harry and Cassie pulls Tara out of herself so she can begin to heal, I'm wary of a storyline that has her saving everyone. Still, their relationship continues to be sweet. The only thing I would add is that I find it a little boring. But as a friend of mine said once, "That probably means they're gonna last. And I want to see what Tara's role in all of it is going to be. Especially since her powers seem to be morphing. I think it would be nice, however, to get to know some of the other daughters.

They're nameless faces to me right now. The only one who has any personality is the Pythia herself. What do the daughters think of Cassie? What do they think of Tara? What kind of relationship does Tara have with them? Given my aversion to nuclear holocaust stories, I'd have rather this book focused on that. I'm curious to know how long Alayna Williams intends this series to last. I think I might be more interested in Delphi's Daughters than I am in Tara, specifically, though she continues to intrigue me about the Tarot.

I even went online for a free reading. Sadly, it was not at all like Tara's reading of the cards. Until the next book. Feb 12, Wenj rated it really liked it Shelves: Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews: We do it everyday in the simplest of ways: In Rouge Oracle , the second novel in the Oracle series by Alayna Williams, we are met with a protagonist that does just that. Equal parts mysticism and police procedural, this novel has something for everyone combining to make one thrilling Urban Fantasy Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews: But, what struck me most when I actually started to read the novel was the every accessible police procedural base underlying the story.

Williams did a wonderful job of making this atrocity extremely real in a way that I had never experienced before through the eyes of her antagonist, The Chimera. The characters are likewise well developed and this being my first time reading this series, I was quite surprised to find myself easily drawn into their lives. They all have flaws, suspicions and uncertainties making them very three dimensional. Tara is interesting with a very distinctive insight into the world. As a Tarrort reader and forensic psychologist she marries these two very different professions, one grounded in science and the other in mysticism, in a very useful and profound way.

Because of the insights she can gleam from the drawing of a card, her hunches and theories propel this story in directions that her mundane lover would not have dreamed possible. The connection between these two characters is nice, but quite subtle. I think this is one of the few points within the novel that could have been improved upon with more attention given to actually building this into something tangible. But, where the romance may have faltered, the sense of vengeance was more then present in the creepy development of the Chimera.

However, while this character is without a doubt vile and contemptible, there is a wonderful sense of pain and loss about him. His need to feel a part of something is touching, making him understandable to a point. And believe me, this assimilation is not a pretty picture! The flowing writing style makes this a captivating read building a world and characters that leave you craving more. There are a lot of plot lines left open for future novels that show great promise of being just as intriguing as this one. I highly recommend this read to any lover of Urban Fantasy with a penchant for police procedurals.

And if you're like me and are unfamiliar with this series, Rogue Oracle is a perfect stand alone novel that is easily accessible to all readers. However, I loved it so much, I will be going back and picking up the first novel in the series, Dark Oracle , and suggest other readers do the same! Believe me, this author is worth it. Mar 27, Leeanna rated it liked it Shelves: Mostly healed from the emotional wounds she suffered before the first book, Tara has returned to work as a profiler. Tara is plunged right back into working for the government when Harry asks for help with a case.

The case itself is intriguing -- several ex Cold War intelligence operatives have gone missing. The writing has matured. As Tara relies on tarot cards to interpret events, they are a vital part. However, in the first book of the series, I felt like there was a lot of space devoted to describing each card and its significance. That would be a big burden to handle.

And if it can, should it be changed. My favorites this book were the Steves, a pair of federal marshals. They are quite the colorful duo, nicknamed the Kahuna and the Cowboy by Tara. They provide some comic relief, but they also shine in serious moments, and they help Cassie recover from a traumatic experience.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I also participated in the blog tour for this book. See more of my reviews: Apr 19, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: The first novel dealt with physics, and this novel delved into the history of Chernobyl and the science of nuclear reactors. Add in a bunch of oracles with different skills in divination, and you've got a mix of Urban Fantasy with a touch of Science Fiction. It's not very often I learn a lot about real, non-paranormal things from a book, but I learned so much about Chernobyl and the nightmare that followe Plot: It's not very often I learn a lot about real, non-paranormal things from a book, but I learned so much about Chernobyl and the nightmare that followed.

I don't want to ruin the big twist of the novel, but the idea revolving around the bad guy was a very unique idea. I had never heard of this specific idea before although I had seen the word before , and I liked the little bit of science that it was based on.

I have a feeling I won't be coming across this specific kind of bad guy all that much in my reading. As a reader, I love being kept guessing and this novel did just that perfectly. There were a number of changes in points of view throughout the novel, but it was never confusing. It actually worked out very well and flowed together seamlessly.

Without the different points of view, there would've been a lot of information either left out or work in awkwardly. They are so in depth, yet engrossing. And it was interesting to see her bond with a new deck of cards. I wished that the relationship between Tara and Henry could've made more progress, but it made a little. I wasn't expecting certain actions from Henry, and I'm interested to see how that pans out in future novels.

I wish Cassie and the animals could've been in the book a bit more, but at least they weren't absent. The side plot of Cassie and the Pythia was definitely not what I expected, but kept me on the edge of my seat. And I can't forget about the Steves. They were two funny yet reliable guys, and I hope they haven't made their only appearance.

Although the first cover wasn't bad, I like the direction the art department went in because I feel this cover model embodied Tara a little more. She looked a little more like how I envisioned Tara, but the expression on her face also fit Tara's character a bit more. I liked the wide variety of colors on the cover.

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I also liked that they chose to use the same font, that way there was at least a little bit to tie it to the previous cover. And the spine is a bright teal, which actually compliments the bright purple of Dark Oracle's spine. The match quite well when sitting on a bookshelf. My favorite part of the cover is the Tarot cards. On the first cover, the cards had a generic design and could've been anything. But on this cover, specific Tarot cards were used and I felt it brought more depth to the cover.

And allowed someone just browsing to know a little bit more about the book without having to read the back cover. I received a copy of this book for review from the author. Dec 16, OpenBookSociety. Pythia has begun training Cassie to take over as Pythia, that is, the head of the Delphi Daughters, while Tara, who still distrusts Pythia, stays to keep watch. Tara meets Harry again, while freelancing as a profiler and is drawn into a genuinely creepy case involving old secret agents and Chernobyl.

Williams takes a historical moment and weaves an unexpected, complex and riveting tale, fuelled most of all by Galen, the killer Tara and Harry are trying to catch. Old spies are missing, and Harry confused and frustrated with the way the case is going asks Tara for help. She agrees and so begins the case. The case itself is tightly drawn, tapping into the our current fear of terrorist attacks to heighten the tension. Now, we see how frustrated and jaded Harry has become and Williams gives a better picture of Harry in this book, than we got in the first one.

However, while Tara is investigating this, the Pythia puts Cassie through a harsh test of her own, resulting in Cassie fleeing, and Tara trying to find her. Two things of consequence happen in this book, we see Tara reconnect with Harry, and her powers increase.

I sincerely hope this series continues for Williams has built a fabulous world of interesting, emotionally complex characters that are a breath of fresh air in the current urban fantasy genre. Feb 17, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Rogue Oracle by Alayna Williams Format: Kindle Edition File Size: Pocket February 22, Language: None other than some minor in predictability of certain parts of outcome. Paranormal, Thriller, Romance, Cautionary Pace: Tara Sheridan is the best criminal-profiler around—and the most unconventional.

Tara is a Cartomancer Tarot card reader who was a special agent handling those strange cases noone else can figure out. Cassie, an astrologer, is sort of her ward and probably the next Pythia or leader of the Oracles who comprise Delphi's Daughters, many oracles of diverse skill and location. Henry Li is still a Special agent in the agency and her former lover, and asks Tara to come in on this case. Tara is physically and emotionally scarred from her last case with the agency, and I think from losing her mother. Henry is losing his humanity to his job, Cassie is a a woman who has been sheltered, almost cloistered, so she can seem a bit naive.

When necessary she shows her mettel.. The current Pythia isn't warm and fuzzy and has alienated Tara. The Daughters and the agency and those poor ex-spies all get caught up in one man's revenge. Alayna demonstrates a depth of knowledge of the Tarot. Tara's visions are particularly striking. I know less about astrology than almost anything else, so I can't comment on Cassie's work.

The villain is a strangely sorry character, a survivor of Chernobyl. He brings up the thought in my mind of have we forgotten? All in all, an exciting book with a paranormal edge, I would recommend it to my friends. Feb 14, Michelle Greathouse rated it liked it. Tara Sheridan is the best criminal profiler around - and the most unconventional. And a nightmare that began decades ago in Chernobyl will reach a terrifying endgame that not even Tara could have foreseen Tara Sheridan is an Oracle - she uses a set of Tarot cards to see the past, present and future.

Once an agent for the Special Projects Division of the Department of Justice - Tara would use her Tarot and her ability as an Oracle to help solve crimes. After leaving Special Projects and surviving a run-in with the serial killer known as The Gardener, Tara now freelances as a profiler - using her Oracle abilities to help the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Now Special Projects needs her help and one time lover Harry Li has asked Tara to weigh in on a case of missing persons.

Using her Tarot has never lead Tara wrong - but can she be where she needs to be before time runs out? Rogue Oracle was a very different read for me. I did not read the first book in this series, Dark Oracle - but I had no problem reading Rogue Oracle as a stand alone. I enjoyed Rogue Oracle - Tara has been through a horrible experience - but she came through it and it has made her stronger.

I think the label of Urban Fantasy is limiting. So if you like UF and Romantic Suspense - give this series a try. Rogue Oracle will appeal to readers of both genre's. I give Rogue Oracle 3 out of 5 stars. Feb 23, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. Tara was a criminal profiler until she burned out and was viciously attached by her target. She used her special skills to divine clues to solve cases. In the first book, Tara was pulled out of retirement and she met agent Harry Li. Important Russians are disappearing and any evidence seems contaminated. Harry has no idea who to turn to except Tara.

He realizes her special abilities may solve this rash of disappearance.

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He also misses Tara. But Harry is burnt out. The crimes he has seen have made him feel on edge. Will she even want to help him? This is an enjoyable story. The author flashes back between Tara, the villain and the politics of the Delphi Daughters. I really liked the relationship between Tara and Harry and hope it will solidify in future books. Both clearly need someone to rely on and they are good couple that complements each other.

But I found the relationship between Harry and Tara more disjointed in this book, which is disappointing. This book has action but it is more of a thriller as Tara and Harry pit their wits against their enemy to try to stop him from his final end game. Rogue Oracle is an intriguing mystery with some fascinating mystical paranormal elements that gives it a tinge of horror.

Alayna Williams made me care for the supposed villain of the story. As more and more of his past was revealed, I understood his reasons and found myself sympathizing with his cause and perhaps even his methods. I like the idea of there being people out there who are nuts enough to sacrifice themselves for a cause.

Tara and Harry fit that bill. Perhaps it would even be better off without them. But they do make for fun characters in a story. Driven by their need to save humanity from itself, both they and the Daughters of Delphi take whatever steps they deem necessary. The really funny part is that Tara is exactly the same kind of person she despises the Pythia for being. The Pythia makes choices on behalf of others without consulting them about it. The Pythia takes whatever actions she deems necessary to get her job done.

This is the part of real life that I find hilarious or maybe sad. We so often hate in others parts of ourselves myself included. Perhaps that is because our potential frightens us. Both our potential for wonderful deeds and our potential for horrifying actions. Rogue Oracle was an action-filled and fun mystery. It was a little gory but mainly gooey in its deadly parts. Adams, Rod , The Accident at Chernobyl: What Caused the Explosion? The Daughters of Delphi. You are commenting using your WordPress.