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Currently, 15 countries within the EU are housing 34 dolphinaria, places that exhibit more than small cetaceans, orcas, belugas, dolphins and porpoises. Annex A of the Directive No. But an exception exists in the text, an exception which allows their importation for scientific, educational or conservation purposes. This article should be suppressed, as dolphinaria do not contribute at all to science, education or protection of the species.

The most recent scientific research tells us that it is strictly impossible to give those cetaceans the exact same life than the one they have in the ocean. Nothing can imitate the wind, the waves, the algae, the fish, the space or the pressure in the depths.

Nothing can replace the joy to be hunting together and to travel far. Nothing can replace the complex and friendly societies of these marine creatures, with such a high intelligence and a deep sensitivity. To keep these lucrative attractions in Europe these days encourages the emerging countries China, Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand to open hundreds of new aquatic prisons and to increase the catches in Japan, Russia, Cuba, Mexico or the Solomon Islands. Certain schools refuse to send their kids to the delphinarium, rock stars boycott the shows, members of parliament suggest laws to ban captivity.

It is time for Europe to follow the same path and to put an end, once and for all, to this degrading industry, that inseminates dolphins like cattle, imprisons them in bare tanks and misinforms the public about the real life of cetaceans. Morgan in Loro Parque. The Boudewijn Seapark opens in Bruges in Dolphinaria open all over Europe. Harderwijk in The Netherlands is the first to dig ponds in While Marineland in Antibes France orders its orcas from SeaWorld, while England multiplies small structures filled with young and sick cetaceans and while the Duisburg Zoo starts its sinister massacre.

The first dolphinarium was born in in Mellen in Flanders. Only two of them are still alive when the plane lands, one mother and her child, which will rapidly die too. The zoo orders its first victims in Florida.

Jerry Mitchell and James Tiebor are its main suppliers for dolphins, dolphins that they capture in the Gulf of Mexico. At least 30 dolphins will perish. Burma Irrawaddy dolphins at the Antwerp Zoo. Like Bruges, it is here also a sort of Walloon branch of Harderwijk. Two dolphins of the company are sent to these very small basins 10 meters long and 1,5 meter deep. But commercial success does not come.

Harderwijk then takes back Jasperina , the last surviving dolphin, in its facilities in Bruges in Between and , dolphins were also exhibited in a 6 degrees water in the Walibi Park in Wavre. Some of them had been captured in Taiwan. They all died miserably. Then the folly falls down again. The fashion for dolphinaria gradually loses its appeal in the nineties, with the closure of all the English sites and of the dolphinarium of the Antwerp Zoo in , under the pressure of the activists.

The dolphinarium of Bruges, however, still holds and is enthusiastically supported by the local politicians. Managers of this park under a dome , that is one of the last dolphinaria in Europe that deprives its dolphins from light and fresh air, can therefore regularly tell lies in the columns of our main newspapers , and affirm without a laugh that their dolphins live much longer in captivity and breed pretty well. No one dares to contradict them. So it is time to tell, here, how the Boudewijn Seapark was built, on a mountain of corpses…. In only one case, as we will see below, the Boudewijn Seapark received its dolphins directly from its supplier, without them going first through Harderwijk.

Between and , more than marine mammals have been taken from the U. In the early nineties, a terrible epidemic has decimated the dolphins in the Gulf, and the USA had to prohibit all the commercial catches in This was also because the catches for the dolphinaria were finishing to deplete the populations….

Since then, Western aquatic circuses are forced to stick to breeding farms. Some dolphinaria succeed with a relative success. But the births are insufficient and the life of these dolphins is too short to ensure the viability of a genetically healthy population on the long term. This will require new captures one day. Roxanne , 3 missed births in 2 years. Unlike Antwerp Zoo , which makes no secret of its archives, Boudewijn Seapark never mentions the period between and , during which the dolphinarium took part, with his Dutch accomplices, to the depopulation of the Gulf of Mexico.

The park even does everything to erase the past. For example, on the signs mentioning the six captive dolphins at the entrance of the dome, the name of Tex does not even appear. Yotta, Indy and Ocean, 3 only dolphins that were born captive and that are still alive, simply have no father. Many researches are therefore needed to trace back the path of the cetaceans of Bruges. And this path remains incomplete, fragmentary, sometimes censored.

The more we find clues on the true story of the dolphins in Bruges, the more the skein of the incessant transactions between the 6 Dutch dolphinaria and the 4 Belgian dolphinaria , under the leadership of Harderwijk, becomes difficult to unknot. The story of our 3 last dolphins founders in Bruges is very tumultuous, dramatic and confused. No other animal is mentioned before that.

Because there had to be at least ONE dolphin for the opening of the dolphinarium in ! Several dolphins have thus lived at the dolphinarium during these first two years without anyone remembering them. Their arrival in Belgium is nowhere mentioned, nor their death, in official documents. But there are traces….

Dudok Van Heel, sent by the company Harderwijk BV, conducted a scientific investigation about the frequent and early deaths amongts the dolphins that his company imports, stands, keeps or distributes. The author of this study obviously does not attribute these rapid deaths to the despair linked to containment — the dolphins arrive shortly after their capture, still shocked — but to a too high level of mercury in their blood.

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The infrastructure of the Bruges Boudewijnpark where four of the seven dolphins were born in the ocean is totally inadequate to meet the needs of the animals. The European legislation prohibits the commercial use of marine mammals, but makes an exception for scientific or educational purposes. But the show must go on…. However, campaigners believe that the trapping and conditioning of dolphins affects their behaviour and suppresses their natural instincts, so that they can not contribute to educational purposes anymore. Un chien de rue de Marrakech tout pouilleux roulant en limousine!

Van Heel mentions some of the dolphins present in Belgium. During the winter of , he says, we helped build the Boudewijn Seapark. A table is presented, which shows the distribution of this global purchase 22 dolphins for four dolphinaria Bruges, Harderwijk, Rotterdam and Zandvoort. Jerry Mitchell was already providing the Antwerp Zoo. He was sentenced later for illegal catches in the Bahamas.

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The dolphins chosen for shows in Bruges are, however, not those that have just been imported Allan, Kiana and the others. You have there Milly and Sanny , two adult females perfectly tamed and healthy. You have George and James , two young males also pre-tamed and whose health is improving. These dolphins belong to the Harderwijk dolphinarium but they travel from one dolphinarium to the other quite frequently. They are often moved at the time. Street aquatic circuses also travel around Europe, but Van Heel opposes them. From that moment, Georges and James started to lose their vitality.

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Kiana and Allan, despite of having been prepared in Harderwijk, could not stand the pressure of the training anymore, and we had to reduce it. We had to remove Allan from the shows and send him to rest in Holland. The health problems of the animals and the uncomfortable situation of the dolphinarium in Rotterdam , located in the heart of the city, led us not to renew the contract with this site. Hazel was transferred to Bruges in October And it stops there. They probably all perished in Netherlands or Germany, but dolphins were dying so quickly that there was not enough time to record all the deaths….

Allan and Kiana are leaving Holland to come back to Belgium. Jasperina joins them in , after a really difficult time in Huy. In , 3 dolphins are still held in Bruges: Allan , Kiana and Jasperina. Oshin was born in January , from Tex, still in Holland, and from an unknown mother? Is Kiana the mother? The child settles with the couple.

But not for long. On the 11th of May , a terrible fire destroys the wooden facilities of the Bruges dolphinarium. The 3 captive dolphins, 2 adults and a child, perish, suffocated, under the beams of the dolphinarium, in terror and suffering. Death by the fire is, for a dolphin, probably worse than the worst hell, an unimaginable pain. But the show must go on…. The ashes are still smoking when the dome is rebuilt and the basins repopulated. On the 24th of June , the first group of dolphins arrives from the Dolfirado in Stein Limburg , a place that has also just been ravaged by the fire.

A highly polluted and lethal place, where the captives are dying very fast. She was then moved to Dolfirado Stein in She also resisted this rotten dolphinarium, haunted by insane dolphins, and that also took fire in They were then in the other aquatic circus of the owner, the Dolfirama of Zandvoort. The Dolfirama opened in Holland in April At the time, it is considered like the largest dolphinarium in Europe, with its pool of one million liters and its combined spectacles of dolphins and sea lions.

The building still exists today, but the shows of dolphins have stopped since The living conditions were so deplorable that the law has forced the dolphinarium to close. Tex was supposedly born in and his capture took place between and in Rockport, Texas.

Linda was born in She was captured at the same time, on the southeast coast of Texas, thanks to the Permit , directly issued to the Dolfirado. Both of them are listed in the directory of the dolphinarium in Stein. But weirdly, Puck is not mentioned.

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Réclamée et Engrossée par le Loup (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Elixa Everett, Amandine Barras-Vaget. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Réclamée et Engrossée par le Loup (ebook) Depuis son enfance, elle a été attirée par la meute majestueuse de loups qui ont revendiqué les environs de sa .

Nobody knows what she has done between her birth in the wild and her arrival in Rotterdam in July The Boudewijn Seapark associates this date to her birth and makes her come from the Caribbean. Milton Santini was a mackerel fisherman. This time, he keeps the animal alive. The dolphin is intelligent, we will tame him without any difficulty and M. Santini then launches his business. He catches a lot of other dolphins, amongst which probably Puck , and teaches them tricks.

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Tourists enjoy, but also a film director named Ivan Tors, who decides to make a film. And the affairs of Mr. Santini start to flourish, until This order is directly addressed by the Boudewijn Seapark to Mr. Kim dies the following year and Ringo disappears at an unknown date. Terry will die devoured by fungi. Roxanne was taken away very young from her mother. She was only 3 when she was captured, on the 6th of May Less than two months later, she flies to Belgium and finds herself forever trapped under the dome of the Bruges dolphinarium in July The interesting point is that, this time, the place where she was captured is known: Marine Mammal Productions was located in Gulfport.

Its manager, Moby Solangi, has captured over dolphins in the estuary of the Mississippi between and These animals have been sold to national and international dolphinaria, but also to the U. Solangi was also putting his catches to rent. If an animal was sick or died, Marine Mammal Productions, founded in , pledged to replace it.

Many dolphins were dying due to stress or drowning during their capture. A former employee of Solangi has witnessed the death of 20 dolphins during a single operation. On another occasion, a mother and her child were caught in the nets. The baby sank to the bottom. We could not help them, we could just watch until they die.

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It did not take long for dolphins to start drowning, probably because of their extreme efforts to resist and their panic. He told them not to discuss the affairs of Marine Life with other employees or anyone outside the company … I learned later that there were good reasons for that. Marine Animal had already delivered at least 23 dolphins to the U.

The death of more than 20 other dolphins would have made him exceed his quota of at least 18 units. You have to imagine what Roxanne and his companions endured. Roxanne probably has seen, right next to her, her little sister sinking, or her little brother. She probably has called her mother with all her strength, like Angel did in Taiji , and she probably heard her family and friends call her by her name, beg their torturers and drown before their eyes.

Skippy died in September , at the same time than Terry and from the same disease: Puck also gave birth to Yotta on the 24th of August , and to Indy, on the 13th of July Both are still alive today, besides here, but Tex, their father, died at age 20 at the Marineland Antibes in , victim of a journey too much.

Roxanne is also lucky. In , her son Ocean is still with her, when he should be traveling — in the wild — to form a coalition with other males of his age. However, she lost Flo, her beloved daughter, and she saw disappear forever. Simo , Iggy , her twins in and her youngest child, dead after only four days, in are now buried somewhere. In the wild, dolphins never really lose contact. Linda , finally, the old friend of Puck and Roxanne , has been coldly deported to Italy with her son Mateo , just to make room after living 20 years all together under the dome.

Nobody took into account the friendship and the bonds between her and the rest of her artificial pod. She still lives today amongst strangers in an overcrowded aquarium in Genoa. Her son has been sent to Spain as stallion. The father of ALL these children, Tex, died in as a breeding loan at Antibes Marineland, where he probably committed suicide. As for Beachie , the story is a little different. Beachie was rescued by SeaWorld Orlando when he stranded in Florida. He was released once and re-stranded, it is how he got his name.

Do Puck and Roxanne remember those horrible catches, the screaming and the crying of the mothers deprived of their children? Do they remember all those companions who died next to them, or those babies, condemned to live a few days only in the chlorinated pool water? A recent study showed that dolphins had a prodigious memory and could recognize the voice of old friends more than 20 years after being separated from them.

In the wild, they mourn their deaths. Why is it important to tell those old stories? Because they are not old stories! Meanwhile, SeaWorld has already sponsored the capture of beluga whales in Russia. For the dolphins, the pain is still the same, in or in Emerging countries are now imposing to captives what we were imposing them in the 70s and 80s. The tragic story of the dolphins in Bruges illuminates the present times.

This will happen tomorrow, and again and again, as long as the dolphinarium in Bruges and its colleagues of the EAZA will continue to claim that their aquatic circuses serve education, research and conservation. We make a lot of money! Just do like us! If there are errors in this text, we thank in advance Bruges dolphinarium to kindly correct them. A little transparency always improves the image of a company. Thanks to Ceta Base for its help. Thanks to Christelle Bornauw for her excellent and courageous translation of this long article. Boudewijn Seapark, le temps des captures.

Process fails dolphins in Bruges. The life of Beachie. Nous ne sommes PAS des activistes: The medical exam took place at the Causus Clinic in Oudenburg. It seems the vet in charge, Piet De Laender, wanted to find out more about the age-related diseases amongst dolphins. For some time now, the trainers had noticed that Beachie was behaving differently. They contacted Piet De Laender Assebroek , a veterinarian specialized in exotic pets in who regularly checks on the inmates of the dolphinarium. The dolphin was sleeping half of the time and was no longer able to perform jumps during the shows.

Piet de Laender has asked the University of Ghent to do a scan. But Beachie, who has become obese because of captivity, was too heavy to move. The doctor Koen Vandendriessche has warmly welcomed us. The CT-scan went very well. According to the vet, Beachie is also the 1st dolphin that has ever experienced this type of exam.

For a long-distance transport, dolphins are often kept one or two days out of the water. Waching with attention images of the video, it seems Beachie is completley stonned. He seems under tanquillizer. Not a move, not a thrill. But he is awake. As for Beachie, he regained his pool and joined again the 5 other dolphins of the Boudewijn Seapark. This is, anyway, the well-oiled official discourse of Captivity Industry.

It is clearly about transmitting to the public quite a few solid untruths.

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Just another old dolphin near to death. Beachie was born in the Gulf of Mexico around After staying in Orlando, he was deported to the Harderwijk dolphinarium in and then shipped towards Belgium on the 18th of September , at the Boudewijn Seapark. And Beachie was also a great stallion. These deaths occurred in one of the 5 contiguous pools of Bruges, where you can hear, see and feel everything.

And it is not funny to watch the agony of kids or teenagers, like poor Flo for example on the 6th of January , who died alone one night of a strange tooth infection, an infection that seems to affect also Morgan and a lot of captive cetaceans…. Since his transfer from Harderwijk to Bruges, Beachie was feeling lonely and sad. It was a shock for him. He suddenly found himself in a small, limited and dark environment. He was living in a sea pen under the sun and the wind in the Netherlands with several other males, and the poor Beachie had to learn new tricks, new ways to obey and to survive alone, isolated, along with aggressive dominant females and fearful juveniles , under the sinister dome of the Boudewijn Seapark.

The air he was breathing was not the same either: Bad for your lungs when you are not used to it. The trainers all think he is a little crazy. He is difficult and only does what he wants. Until recently, Beachie was receiving before each show up to 10 pills of Ciprofloxacin. Ten pills before the show, then 5 pills after and 5 more pills again for the second show.

That is 20 doses of antibiotics a day. Ciprofloxacin INN is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic second generation. Its spectrum of activity covers most of the pathogenic bacteria responsible for respiratory, urinary, gastrointestinal and stomach infections. In this case, the lungs seem to be the cause of the problem: At 31 years old? In the wild, dolphins do not need any vet, pills or food additives. Dans les bras du cheikh. La saga des enfants des dieux: How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

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