Happenings Upon Mount Zion

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Hidden - The Real location of Biblical Mt Zion!

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This item has not been rated yet. Possessing your possession is the plan of the almighty God for you. The almighty God has a deposit of blessings in stock for you because you are His child. Why are so many children of God wallowing in lack and defeat in several aspects of their lives?

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The answer lies in knowledge: Therefore, it is important to have a practical guide that will focus the minds of children of God to what the bible says about their heritage in life. That is the purpose of this book.

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Log in to rate this item. If we did not do it, we should be damned and cut off from the earth, and the God of Israel would raise up a people who would do it. Brethren and sisters, lay these things to heart. Let us go on with our records, fill them up righteously before the Lord, and carry out this principle, and the blessings of God will attend us, and those who are redeemed will bless us in days to come.

I pray God that as a people our eyes may be opened to see, our ears to hear, and our hearts to understand the great and mighty work that rests upon our shoulders, and that the God of heaven requires at our hands. Great and glorious are these principles which God has revealed to us concerning the redemption of our dead. We have a great work before us in the redemption of our dead. The course that we are pursuing is being watched with interest by all heaven.

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Our forefathers are looking to us to attend to this work. They are watching over us with great anxiety, and are desirous that we should finish these temples and attend to certain ordinances for them, so that in the morning of the resurrection they can come forth and enjoy the same blessings that we enjoy. There will be very few, if any, who will not accept the Gospel.

President Young has said to us, and it is verily so, if the dead could they would speak in language loud as ten thousand thunders, calling upon the servants of God to rise up and build Temples, magnify their calling and redeem their dead. If [we] knew and understood the feelings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and those of his brethren associated with him, and the feelings of the millions of the human family who are shut up in their prison houses, we would not tire.

The eyes of the heavens are over us; the eyes of God himself, the eyes of every Prophet and Apostle in the spirit world, are watching you, watching this Priesthood, to see what they are doing and what they are going to do. It is of far more importance than we realize and comprehend. Let us awake to the ordinances of the House of God and do our duty, that we may be justified. You have had power to … redeem your dead. A great many of you have done this, and I hope all of you will continue as long as you have any dead to redeem.

Never cease that work while you have the power to enter into the Temple. I have had baptisms, ordinations, washings and anointings, endowments and sealings for them, the same as if they were standing in the flesh themselves. I shall go and meet them on the other side of the veil. You will go and meet your relatives. When I lay my body in the tomb and my spirit goes into the spirit world, I shall rejoice and have glory with them in the morning of the resurrection, inasmuch as they receive these principles.

This is a duty that rests upon all Israel, that they shall attend to this work, as far as they have the opportunity here on the earth. How would I feel, after living as long as I have, with the privileges I have had of going into these temples, to go into the spirit world without having done this work?

Travel to Mount Zion and visit the Holy Sites

Possessing your possession is the plan of the almighty God for you. The almighty God has a deposit of blessings in stock for you because you are His child. Happenings Upon Mount Zion [Emmanuel Oluremi Bejide] on uzotoqadoh.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

I do not want the Latter-day Saints to meet it. I think we are doing pretty well. We have four temples reared in these valleys of the mountains [in ], and they are fairly well occupied by the Latter-day Saints. But we want to continue this until we have redeemed all within our power to redeem. If we will carry this principle out, we will have the blessing of it. It will be with us in the morning of the resurrection, when our fathers and mothers and our progenitors come up with us because we have redeemed them.

Mount Zion

If we do not do what is required of us in this thing, we are under condemnation. You have attended to these ordinances that God has required. These are glorious principles. To be saved ourselves, and to save our fellowmen, what a glorious thing! What is gold and silver; what are the riches of this world? They all perish with the using. We pass away and leave them.

But if we have eternal life, if we keep the faith and overcome, we shall rejoice when we go upon the other side of the veil. I rejoice in all these things. There is hardly any principle the Lord has revealed that I have rejoiced more in than in the redemption of our dead; that we will have our fathers, our mothers, our wives and our children with us in the family organization, in the morning of the first resurrection and in the Celestial Kingdom. These are grand principles. They are worth every sacrifice.

Consider these ideas as you study the chapter or as you prepare to teach. How did Wilford Woodruff feel when he first heard the doctrine of the redemption of the dead? What was his first thought? What can we learn from these responses?

What is Zion? What is Mount Zion? What is the biblical meaning of Zion?

Ponder or discuss the significance of this statement. What experiences have shown you the connection between temple work and missionary work? How does this understanding influence your feelings about temple work?