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Colors of the Sun. I Thought I Was a Child. The Times You've Come.


Sing My Songs to Me. Our Lady of the Well Jackson Browne.

Jackson Browne - For Everyman

Colors of the Sun Jackson Browne. These Days Jackson Browne.

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Red Neck Friend Jackson Browne. Ready or Not Jackson Browne. Nico was the first to record the song in I started playing the piano. I wasn't trying to sing it like Gregg; I couldn't possibly.

Jackson Browne - For Everyman Lyrics | SongMeanings

I took the cue, playin' this slow walk. But it was written very sort of, kind of a little more flatpicking.

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The cover of the original release was a cutout with the inner sleeve showing Browne sitting in a rocking chair. When removed the picture on the inside had the same background but Browne and the rocking chair were omitted.

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I have always heard it to mean that people go through life expecting Jesus to extend his hand and save everybody, when in fact Jesus has told us to go through life helping each other. Views Read Edit View history. There was an error. Our Lady of the Well Jackson Browne. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

In her November review in Rolling Stone , Janet Maslin wrote that "for inwardly panoramic songwriting of an apocalyptic bent, Jackson Browne's second album is rivaled only by his first the second one wins , and Jackson himself is rivaled by nobody," adding that "his work is a unique fusion of West Coast casualness and East Coast paranoia, easygoing slang and painstaking precision, child's-eye romanticizing and adult's-eye acceptance. He stands alone as a composite of ambivalence about maturity, weariness of the race, fear that love may not be enough He also stands alone as someone who, resigned to all that, is still willing to seek out some quiet way of weathering his time's new trials.

Brilliantly conceived, incomparably immediate, For Everyman truly earns its title.

For Everyman

Acknowledging that Browne had a large task ahead of him in following his debut Jackson Browne in his review for Allmusic , William Ruhlmann claimed Browne "turned to some of his secondary older material, which was still better than most people's best and, ironically, more accessible But Browne's songwriting ability remained impressive. He will find that voice the following year on his masterpiece, Late for the Sky. But on For Everyman, he was testing his various talents with obvious joy, because, like his audience, he was just discovering them.

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Music critic Robert Christgau gave the album a B grade, writing "Even as he lists toward the pretentious and the vague, the reflective evenness of Browne's delivery sets up an expectation of cogency that on this album is satisfied only by such relatively unambitious songs as 'These Days,' 'Red Neck Friend,' and the charming 'Ready or Not.

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