Fate is a Four Letter Word

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scoralanfratjump.ga/map10.php Just tell me Why you do the things you do? Why you've gotta be so complicated? Look at what you put me through Maybe your heart was built for breaking I need to walk away It's more than I can take The way you say it just makes me hurt Love is a four letter word Love is a four letter word I was just fine Before you robbed my heart like a gold mine I know I need to find another way 'cause We've been here before I know I can't do this anymore Just tell me Why you do the things you do?

I'm sure I worked just as hard as you did to catch my Pidgey. I still wanted to pout, but I knew Arthur was right. I couldn't stay upset for something as little as having the same Pokemon as my friend. I guess I'll see you later? I waved good bye to Arthur and mentally prepared how my training would start. Arthur may have the same Pokemon as me but I was going to make sure mine was better and win the competition. Ok so last year I didn't win the competition, but I got third place and that is actually pretty good for my age.

I would have been a lot happier with my placing third if Arthur hadn't tied with me. I've never even heard of people tying for third place before!

So much for the stupid points system. But whatever, that was last year. This year I was gonna definitely going to win that competition and beat Arthur. And if I was going to do that then I was going to have to find another Pokemon. This year I started my search for another Pokemon a little earlier than most people did. By giving myself a little head start I was able to find an Oddish and I had a lot of time to train it.

Four Letter Word

Sadly, the downside to me focusing all of my attention on training Oddish meant that I wasn't spending any time with Arthur. We were usually inseparable but in the month before the competition we'd hardly said a word to each other. A few days before the competition, I started to feel really guilty about not talking to my best friend. So I decided it was time to make my way over to Arthur's. I was about to leave my house and opened my front door but to my surprise and pleasure Arthur was standing there with his fist raised as if he was about to knock.

He crossed his arms in a sort of self hug and he looked a little nervous. I've just been so busy preparing for the competition this Saturday and…". Arthur looked guilty as he continued apologizing to me and I couldn't help but hold my sides and laugh. This caused Arthur to stop and stare at me with confusion.

I was feeling bad about not seeing you 'cause I've also been so busy training my Pokemon. I had caught another Pokemon too. I don't mean to brag but I'm sure I got a winner on my hands. Then we'll see who has the most impressive looking Pokemon. Arthur rushed off towards his house and I went upstairs to grab my Oddish before heading to the garden. The garden was an area connected to both of our houses and it was full of flowers. The bushes were so large that Arthur and I often came here to play hide and seek. It was also shaded and very cool during the summer times.

It was a nice place to hang out with Arthur. I had gotten to the garden first so I waited for Arthur on the bench next to the rose bushes. It was the shadiest spot in the garden and my Oddish took a liking to it right away. It was so cute how he rolled around on the cool grass. If that doesn't win the judges over then I don't know what will. I then noticed Arthur walking into the garden so I called him over to where I was sitting. Arthur hurriedly ran over looking cheerful until he saw my Pokemon. I'm not sure if that was me or Arthur who said that, or maybe it was both of us, but either way it was obvious that we were both very annoyed when we realized that we had both caught an Oddish.

Arthur's Oddish jumped out of his arms to join mine by jumping around on the grass. The two little Pokemon were completely unaware if the tension growing between me and Arthur. You know that's not what I meant. I was much too irritated to to feel bad about walking away from Arthur in such a huff. It wasn't his fault that this happened, but I just wanted to stand out in the competition. Hopefully if I trained hard enough with my Oddish we could still win. Arthur and I apologized to each other before last years competition had started, but that doesn't mean our attitudes improved much.

Our irritation grew when we both tied again; this time for second place. Now every time someone mentions the competition around us we would somehow end up bickering with each other. We would always apologize soon after but I still hated the fact that it took something so small to start a fight between us. After each fight I felt a little more determined to win. It made me think that if I could beat Arthur then the fighting would stop cause we wouldn't feel the need to be better than the other if I won, right?

Once again, I put a lot of effort into finding a new Pokemon for this years competition. I had discovered that a Buneary had been sneaking into the garden at nighttime to munch on some flower petals. They are the full package: Humor, heat, with a side of sweet. From the very first time I read one of her books, Title: From the very first time I read one of her books, I immediately clicked, so reading this one was never a question in my mind. What I wasn't prepared for was for her to up her game once again. I'm not sure how she manages to accomplish this feat every time, but I can honestly say that this book surprised me.

There was something about these characters that were just the little bit edgier, and she managed to have a fresh feeling to writing that I really enjoyed. Get ready, because you're about to get hooked on an exciting new series. Sydney's life is in shambles. Suddenly single and broken hearted, she picks herself off the ground and starts over in a whole new town with her best friend Tori. I loved the relationship that these two women had. They were true sisters in every sense that matters, and had each other's backs through everything in their lives.

It was Sydney's loyalty to her best friend that led to "the phone call. When she dialed the wrong number by mistake, she met someone on the other end that found her fire, her wild to be everything he didn't know he was looking for. Our encounter was a mistake. A one-time mishap, never to be repeated. They begin a friendship, getting to know one another at a deeper level before they even met.

That was such a unique and fantastic part of the story.

To see their attraction grow not from lust, but from something so much stronger. Not only that, but that build up to when they finally did meet was incredible. Once they moved to flirting, and started dancing around the possibility of actually meeting, you are right there with them and desperate for more. Only, there's something holding Brian back from meeting her. His life isn't everything it seems, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring himself to let her go.

My world was one miserable mistake shaping second after another, except for the breaks in my misery that belonged to her. And no way was I ready to give that up. I absolutely loved these two together. They both had a lot of healing to do, each in significant ways.

Fate is a Four Letter Word

Brian needed to move past the guilt chaining him to a horrible tragedy, and she was just finding her wild spirit again after having lost it for so many years. Together, they grew and found a partner at a time when they least expected it. Brian has one hell of a secret, however, and the consequences of holding his silence may be the loss of the woman who has come to mean everything to him. I can't stress enough how much I loved this introduction to the new series. As usual, she has me fascinated to read everyone's story, but Jamie and Tori's book is the one that has me very impatiently waiting to read.

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  • Fate Is A Four Letter Word.

If you haven't read anything by this author before, now is the perfect time because these are going to be her best yet. View all 34 comments. Daniels has done it again, by providing a masterpiece full of compassion and pure insanity to my mental state that is currently filled with hyperaware of emotions! I got an advance reader's copy of Four Letter Word by J. Daniels two days ago, and honestly I screeched when I saw that NetGallery wanted an honest review. I have been waiting for this book for an eternity now!

At the end of the day, I enjoyed this book way too much and I cannot wait for everyone else to start reading it and bawl their eyes out as well like I did We know that the protagonist- Sydney- is having some personal issues with her relationship that she has with her ex-husband, Marcus. What are the reasons for the ending of the marriage? We don't know just yet.

But when her best friend, Tori calls her up because HER boyfriend has a wife and kid and was cheating on her and needs some friend support, it's obvious that Sydney is a selfless person because she leaves her issues with her ex-husband behind and goes to help her best friend in need of comfort. Though her issues are not far from her mind. Sydney constantly asks herself what she has done wrong Was I that blind?

How stupid was I? We constantly blame ourselves, and what about your partner?

Want to add to the discussion?

Doesn't he have something to do with the problems you would both have? This book highlights the insecurities of Sydney, and it also highlights her characer development that inspires me and should inspire many others about becoming strong and not let our insecurities take the best of us, or even the worst of us. Sydney female protagonist is a radiologist, specifies herself in X-Ray examinations, she is 24 years old and is in the mids of a life changing experience, with the help of her best friend Tori. Brian male protagonist is the co-owner of a surf shop and also has a side job in which I will not state spoilers and he has it because of a past incident he had to witness.

Daniels' if she does not add a spin-off to her story? Daniels has done it! She has accomplished that effect on me. Obviously I'm not going to say what it is that is so climactic, because that would be a true spoiler that I don't want to give away. She is such a sweet character, a person with a pure and selfless heart and soul. Slow and steady throughout the story, she learns how to love, but most importantly how to truely love herself, have self respect towards her attributes and her likings, which is something that J. Daniels portrays in such a lovely way by adding Brian to the mix.

He is also another with such a dark secret. I enjoy reading these sort of stories, where both protagonists need each other for compassion and love. Brian may think he has a sense of lust for Sydney, but in reality they both need each for life to move on in their paths. Something that indeed made me see the light of the darkness, is the relationship that Marcus and Sydney had.

Even though their "chemistry" drifted apart slowly, and their marriage was becoming part of the ruins, their arrangement and their consolation conversation they had opened my eyes to a new level. Marriage is something that has to part of our lives forever, "'till death do us apart It's hard seeing couples- especially in a marriage status- separate from each others lives, but at the end of the day, would you rather see a struggling couple trying to regain their broken marriage, instead of a happy fulfilling person who is single and trying to find their inner self?

Daniels adds little snippets of other characters' stories and their love lives. And she seems to add these stories very carefully, by stillnot forgetting that the main focus of attention is Sydney and Brian. Ok, I would be lying if I didn't admit to thinking I would be "Oh so Clever" and do the entire review as a crossword puzzle Yes, snappy answers all letting you know how much I loved this book I know someone craftier will be able to pull all of that off I am sure it will be great.

The main point is how inspired and loving this book made me feel. Daniels for taking an idea and totally running with it. Also kudos to those you have mentioned in your acknowledgements. This is a book about chance and fate It is about understanding what we have control over These lessons may sound either obvious or could actually be very zen deep and important to think about when life hands you an experience of great impact. By thinking about these things and understanding them Personal responsibility is always there What you do, how you act The blurb tells us of how Sydney and Brian have that chance meeting.

Not only does Tori feel used, played, embarrassed but also furious and humiliated. Sydney, takes all the pain Tori is feeling and it snowballs into an need to call the assh le who did this to her very best friend and rip him a new one. Demanding the telephone number of said jerk, she pounds it onto her cel screen and hears a sleepy voice answer. Without taking a breath At a point where, the guy on the phone finally figures out what is happening, he laughs at the things Sydney is proposing his parts be tied into He has a lilt in his voice and a kind of admiring tone when he hears the why of the call Sydney is embarrassed she was so graphic And here is the beauty of this chance exchange for both of these people Both are at a crossroads- Sydney, with her ex dismissing her in such a cold distant way With her girl's encouragement, Sydney starts to revert to the parts of who she was when she free and on her own.

Brian has his own issues He experienced something about 6 months ago which shook him to his foundation. He was impacted by this to where he has not recovered. The thoughts of it color his every thought and now all of his focus is to try to assist or remedy as best as he can. This focus, which can inhibit smart choices, causes a path which has its own ramifications. These two lost people crossed paths and they touched a piece of them through it This feeling is something Sydney decides to keep from her friend It is special and dear Brian feels so connected with Sydney, he cannot imagine not reaching out to her night after night.

He feels selfish and greedy because he knows he can never have her or deserve her This develops and takes a route like many young 25 somethings go There is angst, pain and oh the feels It has a man and woman who need saving and both are there to rescue each other. He is everything good yet also we know there will be a huge bump in the road coming for them It doesn't matter to us while we read because the romance, the feels are just too good. Daniels has always been an impressive author to me. I think her crafting how we fall so hard for these two is remarkable. I am not this age demographic We also have the added bonus of a secondary couple which is Just The Best.

Their interaction, the foundation for their upcoming book, couldn't be better. All of their "stuff" made sense in this book If you love angst If you want to feel things and be there from the start If you love Romance, then plan on being obsessed with Four Letter Word.

Four Letter Word Dirty Deeds 1 https: Hit the Spot Dirty Deeds 2 https: Bad for You Dirty Deeds 3 https: Dirty Deeds 4 https: It will be Hard Because I will Feel But I will keep going till Done Many more four letter words will be written All of them will be heartfelt For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 23 comments. What we have,how we built on it, and I don't give a f ck if it makes sense or not. Four Letter Word is the first book of a new series and let's just say how addictive it was!! I was so enthralled by how brilliant and fantastic was the storyline.

Four Letter Word was an incredible mix of intense,beautiful, hot romance and awesome secondary characters! Brian and Sydney found what they needed to each other. Starting first as friends through calls and then continue in something bigger that nobody could see it will come. I loved their relationship. It was intense,passionate,super hot with tension to keep the fire between them!! I matched his fire.

I matched his depravity. He pulled and I pulled. He bit and I bit. He loved and I loved. I loved their banter and I'm so excited for their book!!! View all 24 comments. Sep 20, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Love The answer is love, and I did, I loved this book, and the characters, and the overall feeling of the story. Just reading about Brian and Sydney make me happy and it was a pleasant experience of reading their story. Sydney never thought her life would take such a drastic turn to where she was moving in with her best friend and starting a brand new job as a waitress.

So when her friends heart gets broken by a douche bag she decides that enough is enough and these men need to stop thinking they get to mess with women the way they do. So she dialed up that bastard and let him have her anger, screaming at him about his use of dildo's and some other choice words.

Too bad it was a wrong number and not the douche bag she meant to call. Brian's life is of his own making, he doesn't think he deserves to be happy so he's stuck himself in a life that he doesn't particularly like. When he gets a random call from some woman yelling at him and saying the most outrageous things he laughs for the first time in what feels like forever and he enjoys his night.

So then he texts the number, wanting more of that feeling. He just never thought it would be the change his life needed or that this woman would come to mean something to him.

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Phone calls are so old school now, and I loved that this author went back to actually talking on the phone. In today's world most people meet online, they email, chat or whatever without ever speaking to each other and honestly it takes something away from that initial meeting. So I really enjoyed the fact that Sydney and Brian met because of a phone call and then got to know each other through actual conversations and not strictly a text relationship.

I think it definitely added the uniqueness to this book and it was really fun to read about. I'll admit that I was a little scared in the beginning that there would be some ex drama popping up in the end. There was none of that though, instead the story focused on the two main characters, which was perfect. The fact that J. Daniels kept it classy and didn't have any over the top dramatic moments made me like her as an author even more.

There were still plenty of things that kept this book interesting, though, without having to have those crazy drama moments. Four letter word for a persons interpretations of something? Read As in, read this book! The characters are amazing, including the secondary ones, the story is intriguing, and it's hot as hell!

So seriously, you need to read this book. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 39 comments. Oct 07, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: Once they physically met we do get the hot sexy times, but we also go the lovey-dovey stuff that just isn't my cuppa. I like to feel the connections between the characters, and I felt like I was just constantly told about it instead through long ish inner monologues and cheesy dialogue. I know that some reader 3 Stars Overall Opinion: I know that some readers love that stuff, but I am ok in accepting that I am just a grouch when it comes to the cheesefests!

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I also had really big issues with the major conflict being presented so late, and it also being resolved way too easily. So -- I'm going with a middle-of-the-road rating because I did enjoy the first part, but sadly couldn't connect with the last. Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Sydney and Brian's story.

The story starts with Sydney moving in with her best friend after her husband calls off her marriage. She is mad at men in general, and gets an idea to call the jerk that hurt her friend recently and give him a piece of her mind. She lets into him, but soon finds out that she got Brian instead when she dialed the wrong number. He thoroughly enjoyed the lashing he received, and makes contact via text the next day. They start a friendship though texts and phone calls, and soon become the highlight of each other's day.

Eventually, their friendship turns into more and they start developing stronger feelings. They take a while to meet because of some events in Brian's past are holding him back, but once they do - they quickly fall in love. There still are big obstacles for them to get around Overall Pace of Story: I did skim a few times when things got a little too mushy for me ; Instalove: No, they develop a friendship that turns into more.

I felt really bad for his past and his guilt, as well as the mess he got himself into by the time he meets the h. I liked the way he loved her. Eh, she was just ok. Nothing to hate and nothing to love either IMO. Yes view spoiler [The H doesn't want to meet the h because of his porn and his past, so he pushes her away when she wants to meet in person. The h pushes away at one point near the end after some drama.

They both pursue the relationship at times. They had some hot chemistry and scenes, but it felt like it became filler at times when we could've gotten some more substantial scenes instead. A little view spoiler [The h is recently separated from her husband, and he causes a little drama. No view spoiler [but we get some vague details of the porn shots the H did hide spoiler ] Cheating: Not IMO view spoiler [The h is technically married, but her husband asked for a separation before she had any contact with the H.

They are legally separated earlier in the story and before anything physical happens with the H. The H still does masterbation porn after their relationship changed to being more intimate still over the phone hide spoiler ] Separation: Yes view spoiler [ They have a few short separations, and there was no mentions or suggestions of other partners during either separation. Yes view spoiler [ H was an internet porn star and up until they had phone sex and their relationship changed, he changed to doing only solo shows.

He quit completely once he physically met her , loss of a sibling, h is married though separated , and abandonment by parent h. This had ok closure with what I would call a HFN ending. See overall pace section above. View all 31 comments. Sep 19, Beverly rated it really liked it. Four Letter Word is everything I love about J. Nonetheless, I was easily pulled into the story and I am already ready for more in this series! We first meet Sydney when her husband decides he no longer wants to be married and informs her that he wants a divorce.

That night she leaves abruptly and goes to stay with her best friend.

Mais acessadas de Escape The Fate

Then much to her horror, she discovers she has called the wrong number and through my laughter, I knew I loved Sydney. Brian, the wrong number guy, actually falls a little bit for her at this point too. So what starts out as playful banter between the two of them leads to a real connection.

I honestly loved how they got to know each other by phone first. The level of anonymity allowed them to be honest and share things we normally keep hidden. It also allowed them to truly get to know each other on a deeper level. As things progress Sydney wants to meet Brian, but he turns her down. I really loved how Sydney and Brian were together. I loved the genuineness, honesty, and humor. They were so fun together and did I mention completely hot, but there was a lot more to the story. The emotional side had me really feeling for both Sydney and Brian, things are not what they seem and they both have obstacles to overcome.

Now I love Kristen Ashley, but her writing style is very distinct and while I was reading it I was almost distracted at times. I loved the alpha-male-directness, but it did cause me to pause a few times. Now this is something I don't think will bother most, so I hate to even mention it, it's just something that took away from my enjoyment. So should you read this book, YES! I absolutely think so! It is definitely one of my favorite J. Daniels books and I can see why so many people are loving Four Letter Word!

Well, I finally finished this audiobook! It's taken me so long because I only listened to it during long road trips, which are few and far between for me. I have to say, I really am not a fan of audiobooks. I find I enjoy reading far more than I do listening to stories.

My imagination makes it so much more enjoyable. The narrators were ok but there were times their voices annoyed me. I blushed quite often and had to make sure to turn down the volume when stuck Well, I finally finished this audiobook! I blushed quite often and had to make sure to turn down the volume when stuck in standstill traffic!

But then again there are LOTS of words that are 4 letter words. To name a few off of the top of my head: After that embarrassing episode, she never expected him to text her the next day. Love was a risk.