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I think the biggest detriment that prevented me from really enjoying this was some of the overwrought language and punctuation. It made the poems a little too wordy for my tastes but also way more dramatic than they needed to be.

There's also the issue of some word choices which made lines feel way too detailed and ridiculous. They made me laugh, which I don't think was the intention. Here are some examples: Every time they showed up made me feel gross. Other than that, A Night Without Armor was still a nice read and made me contemplate for a bit. I think it would have been better with a little less graphic detail and a little more restraint, but then again, Jewel's a pretty strong songwriter in my eyes and knows there to not overdo anything.

I don't know if this was a one-time thing, but it seems so. I wonder if Jewel's poetry writing has changed since It'd be interesting to find out. Here's the song that I fell in love with 10 years ago. I read this to get my spirits up about my own writing, which is in something of a slump right now. To be fair, it's not all bad. But in these !

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Around the Year i Now available in paperback, A Night without Armor highlights the poetry of Jewel taken from her journals which are both intimate and inspiring, to be embraced and enjoyed. I never told her though. Chasing Down the Dawn by Jewel. A man who gave up on love. New and Collected Poems by Czeslaw Milosz.

Rarely have I read poetry so inane or sophomoric, yet so serious in tone and subject matter and all the worse for it. I wonder if Jewel has any idea how terrible these are? Now--the question of what to do with this book next. Inflict it on a used book st I read this to get my spirits up about my own writing, which is in something of a slump right now. Inflict it on a used book store?

Leave it in a used book store's Free Box? Find someone I loathe enough to make a present out of it for them? Garbage can something I almost never do?

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May 07, Missy LaRae rated it really liked it. I really appreciated this book by Jewel. While some of the poems were just not for me, she has such an amazing grasp on emotions and how to bring them to life in short bursts that I couldn't help but really love this short book. I was given this book as a gift in while I was deployed to Bosnia, and I read it many times while I was on duty and on my time off.

It was one of the only books I had, and it gave me great moments of joy while in an otherwise depressing situation. Definitely recomme I really appreciated this book by Jewel.

Feb 19, Donald Armfield rated it really liked it Shelves: The Alaskan beauty Jewel lets us look into some of her writings that she kept to herself just reading to friends and family. She talks about men looking at her breast a few times for us guys seeing would be better. Some of these poetries read like a diary. Mar 08, Anthony rated it did not like it.

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Still, it's the most successful poetry book of all time. It almost makes me wish that every folksy pop star would put out a book of poetry, just so one of them compiles a better book of poetry. Hannah Montana's "My achy, breaky heart. Apr 17, Marrie rated it liked it Shelves: No, I didn't hate it. Nov 17, Paula Dembeck rated it it was ok. This first collection of her poetry published in sold over a million copies, ending up on the New York Times Best Seller List. Jewel was born in Utah and raised in Alaska.

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Directed by Steven Alexander. With Jacob Fishel, Pepper Binkley, Riley Domingue. A man who gave up on love. A woman trying to find love. Two strangers, one. "A Night Without Armor" is about a chance encounter between two strangers who meet by chance at Fort Jackson, a Civil War era fort to watch a.

As the daughter of divorced parents, she lived a "homesteading life" with her Dad and siblings on a large farm in that northern state. Jewel was home schooled, responsible for daily farm chores and lived closely with her brothers and sisters. She started writing a journal when she was young, often including her own poetry which helped give words to things she found did not have a voice.

Like Leonard Cohen, she understands the close connection between music and poetry but found not all poetry lends itself easily to music.

Some words simply needed to sit against silence while music could convey things that words could not. Writing in her journal and composing songs was one way Jewel searched for truth and meaning, a way she tried to understand her life experiences.

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Her poems reflect on her life growing up, love, longing, betrayal, the comfort and security of family and the beauty of Alaska. Her poetry is simple, straight forward and honest, not heavy with either imagery or metaphor. At times, it even feels a bit awkward. So she writes about watching her father save a newborn calf dying in the snow, the haunting call of howling wolves during a bad winter storm, the joy of running naked out of a sauna and collapsing in the snow and experiencing the dark and lonely side of fame in run down motel rooms.

She even pens an ode of appreciation and love to her older brother. Her poems include the common teenage experiences of parking lot sex, oppressive loneliness, the joy of relationships in full bloom and the bitterness of ending them. As a young musician, she would hang out in bars where she and her Dad waited to get on stage and play.


It is a poem with a moral and a powerful message. Free verse often looks simple but it is not. Jewel herself confesses that if she were not a popular singer songwriter, this book of poems may never have been published.

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But it is important to remember that poetry is essentially a subjective experience, it becomes what it is to the person who reads it, each with his own wants, needs and desires. Obviously it made a connection with an audience, the record sales attest to that fact. Jewel may not be a great poet, but she does have something to offer. I must mention three stark instances of careless editing: I am not a great speller myself, but I noticed. Feb 11, Bryan Roth added it. Not the worst poetry I've ever read in my life, but not good; they sound like something you'd read in a high school girl's journal.

Rambling prose with line breaks, and she obviously knows nothing about how line breaks in free verse are supposed to work. She doesn't even apparently know how to punctuate prose properly, for that matter. And whoever edited her book doesn't, either!

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Nov 06, Joe Barret rated it really liked it. Very good for the mind and heart. May 06, Steve rated it it was ok. Poetry is a big blind spot for me, so I may not be the most qualified to comment, but this Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it all seems very twee and derivative to me. I'm not a fan of poetry, but I have recently fallen in love with Jewel as an artist.

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I came upon this collection of poems and decided to take a chance on them based exclusively on the poet. I found in Jewel's poetry the same elements that I have come to appreciate in her songs. Some of the poems could be excerpts from a memoir; others are the kinds of thoughtful, outside-looking-in perspective on the human condition that make her as much a sociologist as an entertainer. Jewel's poems are largely I'm not a fan of poetry, but I have recently fallen in love with Jewel as an artist. Maybe the Saddest Thing. Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea.

School of the Arts. Book Overview Author Info About the Book One of the most respected artists in popular music today, Jewel is much more than a music industry success with her debut album selling more than 10 million copies. Before her gifted songwriting comes an even more individual art: Jewel Biography A bestselling writer of poetry and prose, Jewel is also an actress and performer. Other Booksellers The broadest selection of online bookstores.

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If you are located outside the U. Writing poems and keeping journals since childhood, Jewel has been searching for truth and meaning, turning to her words to record, to discover and to reflect. In A Night Without Armor, her first collection of poetry, Jewel explores the fire of first love, the fading of passion, the giving of trust, the lessons of betrayal and the healing of intimacy. She delves into matters of the home, the comfort of family, the beauty of Alaska, and the dislocation of divorce.