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How does this convince us that Dany's efforts in the show would have actually succeeded in achieving peace? Because the show is based on the source material that are the books.

I suggested the Meereenese Blot essays because I thought you were suggesting that even in the books, we have no reason to believe Dany's efforts to achieve peace worked. It's apparent as hell that, on the show, nothing she's done works. I disagree with the change because it changes Dany's character and it changes the reason Drogon appears. The lack of peace turns Drogon's appearance into a very annoying Deus Ex Machina trope, facilitating Dany's rescue. It also turns Dany into a character that requires rescue. Peace means Drogon's appearance is awful and requires Dany to rise up to her identity, become the Targaryen she was born to be, and take control of that fucking dragon for once.

She saves thousands of people by standing up to a damn dragon with only a whip and sheer willpower when her ancestors had access to magic for this. Granted, she doesn't have full control of him; but imagine what she'll do with the dragonbinder horn. I'm still not entirely convinced the horn will work, but maybe it will, it'll be fun to read. This could be the point honestly. In the show they have to have Dany and her group moving to Westeros soon if that is actually where she is going to end up.

In the book she hasn't even met Tyrion yet, nor been reunited with Jorah. In the show they needed something to streamline her story a bit more and get her on her way to Westeros because they've only got 20 episodes left before they have to wrap the entire story up. I think everyone here is missing the fairly straight forward reason for the change: They wanted her to forgive him this season and to do that they needed Jorah to save her from something.

That something couldn't be drogon because there's no way Jorah could stop a dragon and it simply wouldn't work to have her forgive him and then ride off on drogon who just attacked her. So we have the attack from the sons of the harpy and Dany taking Jorah's hand. From there, the whole structure of the scene had to change, and while it may not be as powerful for Dany to not have to tame drogon, I think there's still opportunity to address her coming into her own as Targaryen in a later scene. It's also much more difficult to introduce a string of Meereenese characters who may or may not be the Harpy and have them subtly conspiring against Dany while working with her in public.

It's more straightforward to have a group of rebels physically attack her and have her dragon save everyone than to have one unknown person poison her with locusts and have a bloodthirsty Drogon interrupt the fighting pits before Dany is finally pressured into eating one. Obviously the buildup all throughout ADWD leading to that final moment in the pits is more satisfying and mysterious, but it's not exactly feasible for the show. The reason I'm very forgiving of the show is I do A LOT of traveling and get to watch with different groups of friends every weekend very few have read the books.

It's shocking to see how well received the stuff in Dorne and Winterfell are compared to what I read on reddit. Believe it or not, some of the groups actually enjoyed Dany flying on Drogon much more than the whole Night's King confrontation! Actually there was a very good reason to believe Drogon would appear in the book, that wasn't a surprise at all.

I was waiting for the moment the entire book, because, er Was this the cover of ASOS? If it was then that's such a terrible damn spoiler, by the old gods and the new, what were they thinking!? All your book covers and you still don't know? You have no idea what some publishers will do. I also didn't get the same sense of overwhelming disgust with the fighting pits, with herself and who she'd allowed herself to become, etc from Dany not to mention the physical heat stroke she was nearly going through in the show that the books did a great job of.

In the show, Drogon was merely a rescue; if not for the physical threat, Dany probably would have carried on, business as usual. In the books, Drogon is a terror, drawn to the carnage, and Dany is nearing a point of mental and physical breakdown. Her connection to Drogon really is maternal, and her reaching out to him with loving discipline is purely instinct. Her climbing on Drogon was so timid in the show. What bothered me a little was that it looked like this when she flew away, which is fine for a '50s movie, but not really for Game of Thrones.

I was disappointed by how cheesy it looked when they did the close up shots on Daenerys the first time I watched, but after watching the scene again I think this sub's reaction to it is a little overblown. Yes, the close-up shots were a little poorly done, but the vast majority of Drogon's screentime looked amazing.

There were only really three shots that looked bad, starting with the one looking over Dany from behind to when she rose above the walls of the arena. That chapter in the book is a remarkable example of tension building. I felt none of that in the show version. The show version was a huge let down. Unfortunately the show doesn't do that so well, even where they do a decent job of it like at Hardhome, it's just not nearly the same I'm trying to think of some shows that do do it, maybe Godfather, Donnie Brasco, The Departed, but probably Silence of the Lambs and Seven are much better at doing it, in fact the ending of Seven was just fantastic and that style for Daznaks Pit would have been great.

The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. And it's just one more example of how Dany is never going to get things right in Meereen, I think. She can't even re-open the fighting pits without her renegade dragon coming in and mucking things up. She has no real control over the city, and she has no real control over the dragons, and I think she's going to have to get control over something if she ever wants to get her butt over to Westeros.

I think when she returns with Drogon the other dragons will follow her even without riders, she won't be able to ride them, but they will fly with their bigger brother. I agree with what you've written up. It takes a bit away from the show, but when you sit back and look at each scene they either serve the purpose of character development or plot advancement. Often times we have seen plots been cut for the sake of character development. She already had a better relationship with him didn't she?

Wasn't she sleeping with him at night? She spends ages on the rock just living off his kills and wants to stay with him but realises she can't. I gotta disagree with that part. He was very pointedly defending her and his appearance was definitely a "fuck yeah" moment. He comes flying out of a cloud of flame and almost immediately when he lands, he chomps and tears apart a harpy who's running directly at her. It seemed to me like they very obviously had him defending her and a few people just got caught in the crossfire.

In the books , Drogon is the one who brings the tension into the scene. I took the show version as Drogon gaining respect for her when he roared in her face and she didn't flinch. Previously when the dragons fought over the goat for instance she would have jumped back. I think Dany whipping him into submission like in the books for that particular scene would have been a little out of character, and the not flinching thing had a little bit of precedent, especially with the scene atop the pyramid earlier during which she reached out to Drogon but he flew away because he didn't quite respect her enough yet.

It's interesting that you say that because that's pretty much exactly what my SO said about the scene when I told her that Dany brandished a whip at Drogon in the book, and she watches the show, but hasn't read the books. Dany is not the same in the books that in the show. I think a big part of this is because she is so much younger in the books, so we kind of see her growing. In the show it seems like Dany has no doubt about her objectives and what she does when in the books she doesn't even know what she is doing half the time.

As the person who frees slaves brandishing one of the most obvious symbols of slavery against her first "child" whom she has already said "cannot be a slave" yeah idk if it works as Dany coming into her own- especially because it should contrast with her treatment of Viserion and Rhaegon.

I said something similar on a different thread, I completely agree with you. Also, the show has groomed Daenerys as a favorite for ruler, so showing that her dragon would rather die in a fighting pit for her , her telling him to fly, and him doing what she says goes along with what the show has made her character. I took that more like a child crying out in pain as the mother takes out a splinter. It hurt him a lot more than a splinter, but you get the idea. The first time, she is noticeably frightened, and he flies away. In the pit, she is noticeably not frightened and Drogon knows it.

It's subtle but conveys enough IMO. I also disagree with the deus ex machina point. There is still a bloodbath happening in that very loud stadium, which is what supposedly drew Drogon. Lastly, abandoning the whip for the show fits more with Dany's character. She is not a slavemaster, she is breaker of chains, and mother. Does make her look seem a little less badass at first, but I think visually seeing her take off on this dragon above the in-awe faces of those in the pit solves this. The intent of the scene was clearly that Dany reigned him in.

Regardless of how clear it was. We've had foreshadowing of how sheepish she was when Drogon or his brothers would snap and growl at her. This time when Drogon roars in her face she stands there and calls his bluff. Dany's motivation here was that Drogon's peril stirred the dragon in her so to speak. When Drogon roared in her face this time she stood firm and didn't react with fear. Drogon seems to react with some surprise and a shocked look just before he's distracted by the SotH. This time when Dany touches him and climbs on his back he doesn't even flinch and when she's on his back she tells him to fly in a determined voice with an intent look.

It's not an uncertain "fly? She's stone faced in her intent. Drogon, going from looking back towards her, immediately does what she tells him to do and moves to take off. It's clear the scene was about Dany becoming the dragon queen like in the books. It was just more subtle and less direct than her whipping drogon.

Agree all all counts. There is another great writeup about this on the 'gotgifsandmusings' tumblr here. This is the best analysis I've read on this so far, I think the shortcomings of the pit scene rest mostly on the general simplifications and changes the show has made on Dany's arc. I also totally agree, having additional harpies running into the pit that one scene the author called out felt very odd and just like they wanted to throw a generic bad guy threat at her. For example, it's not even entirely clear to me that in the books Drogon shows up by accident, or was coaxed to come there by some political enemies to sow dissent for Dany's reign, and she ruins it by managing to tame him.

Who has the ability to coax a dragon to do anything? How does anyone have the ability to coax a dragon anywhere? Why would they want to make a dragon wreck shit to sow dissent dissent which already exists and can be pretty easily sowed by having a chat with some people instead of to devastate anything? Drogon either showed up in the books because he likes food and likes roaming around all day looking for food, or because he was drawn by the scent of blood and sound of steel, or because of some kind of magical link with Daenerys.

When I say who, I mean who is alive that can do that. If someone had found Drogon, and could even be reasonably described as giving him orders, why the hell would they try and get it to go harass Daenerys for a political meneuvering? If you have nuclear bombs, you don't harass, you conquer. I'm not saying someone else was able to tame drogon just lure him around with food and I'm not even sure about it I was just tinfoilin.

I think the scene got the point over just fine. A true dragon rider is back. The Targaryens have returned. The other two dragons are still caged in the show. After drogon's appearance, would anyone really be dumb enough to free them? Also, didn't they melt their chains in the house of the undying, but they stay chained in the pyramid? In the house of the undying the chains dissolved when Pyat Pree died. It actually seems kind of weird that Pyat Pree used magic chains instead of regular steel, but maybe he couldn't get close enough to the dragons for real chains.

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But this is sort of the problem with the show vs. In a similar way that they've portrayed Tyrion as "everything about him is awesome", they also seem to end up with a result of "Dany is awesome and her dragons are awesome".

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Drogon is supposed to be a problem for her. The dragons represent brute force, and a level of power that perhaps no one should have like nuclear weapons etc. They also represent her vengeful side, the part of her that wants to just burn all her enemies to the ground instead of finding compromising, diplomatic but peaceful solutions. It's her struggle to be a responsible leader vs. Haha did you seriously miss the scene where Dany uses her dragons for vengeance against the masters? My mom said that scene made Dany more awesome because "the masters probably did something wrong.

I doubt a majority feel differently, but my sample size is small, so I may be wrong. I saw a lot of people thinking Dany was being rash, cruel, and acting out of pure emotion and accusing innocents with not a shred of proof. It seems you have missed every scene Dany was in this season. They actually hit on a majority of the beats you're griping about but it's obviously not as developed because they had to do it in 15 minutes instead of 50 pages.

Dany's entire arc this season has been about being fearful of being a brutal asshole like her father and she walked up and faced down the biggest and scariest of her children after running away from the others. Just because they couldn't match the book line for line like season 1 doesn't mean it wasn't done well. Yeah, I completely agree. The show handled it very well, and with any luck this arc won't end with Dany having diarrhea in a field.

Much happier with the way the show has been handling this than the books. I agree that they could have made it a whole lot more meaningful than an action sequence which I admit, I really enjoyed for what it was. The saving grace and linchpin of Dany's whole arc was her existential crisis and realizing how much she compromised herself. Taming Drogon was like the perfect metaphor for her finally regaining her strength as a Targaryan.

I wonder if next week's episode will even try to address these issues, or if they'll just ditch it for some Dothraki drama. This makes her MORE mother-of-dragonsly. I liked when the dragon roared in her face. And the dark music when she mounted him. It had a very "you're a fucking Targaryen, time to cut the shit and act like one" feel to me. Also, my interpretation of the scene was that the teenage dragon sat there taking spears, waiting for her to board. It seemed to say to me as a viewer "the dragons are ready". I think her arc is just being accelerated.

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We know from the books that she realizes eventually that she will never have full power over him. He is too strong willed. I would argue that in the books he only allows her to mount him because he realizes who she is only after she does not burn. By changing this scene to show that she does not actually control him, we can skip the realization of this Dany makes later. We were able to see this in a single chapter in book but on screen that would take several scenes. The show wont ever be as great and detailed as the books dont get me wrong, i love both stories so much.

I mean seriously, Seasons were fucking phenomenal to me. So I then read the books and thought those were phenomenalx2! Although I loved this season, I cant help but feel a little disappointed. And it's because the books are so much more detailed and slower paced and everything feels more dire not to mention all the cut plots. That is why I'm sort of glad the show is ending before the books. To me, the show is like a quick summary of the books. The books expand on the show, that is how I see it. I want to add that is part of the reason why everyone was blown away by the Hardhome season.

It wasn't ever in the books. Honestly though, this isn't a case of them not being able to fit in rich details. They fundamentally altered the dynamic and spirit of the scene by having a deus ex drogon, when it wasn't at all necessary. I think OP makes a good point that most show only watchers were expecting Drogon to show up bc what else would save Dany?

I know the people I watched with were like ok so Drogon will show up right? There was no real reason not to have it so that Drogon randomly attacks and massacres the pit and Dany has to save, then conquer him. OP does make awesome points, there's no argument in that. And you're right, Drogon should've randomly attacked the pits. It's better storytelling and I like it more. BUT, from what I know, no show only watcher was complaining about this scene not being great. Probably because they don't have the sheer phenomenal-ness of the book's version to compare it to.

Which was my point, I wasn't necessarily trying to counter OP's point. Yea, but they also aren't hailing it as one of the show's greatest moments either. I personally think the book version is Dany's very best moment and among the best moments for the entire series. I have grown so sick of this sub. It plants these negative little seeds in my mind and I end up liking the episode less than before I got on here.

Episode 8 kind of proved that if they actually make a quality episode, bitching will be minimal. A lot of people like to discredit complaints that they don't have on the basis that they're just complainers when really they're just crudely critiquing the show for legitimate reasons. Except that a large portion of what everyone raved about the episode for is something that wasn't in the books I think people just want the same intricacy in the show as what is in the books and that is just a ridiculous standard.

The basic plot of the Hardhome episode is in the books: It just doesn't get a POV description. Embellishing existing storylines has always been the strong suit of GoT. Creating brand new stuff Jaime in Dorne, Yara v. Shirtless Ramsay has always been the problem. But their failure to capture the awesomeness of the Dany moment wasn't that ridiculous of a standard - let's be real. Deus Ex Drogon was a bad dramatic choice no matter how you slice it. Beneath the standard of the show really. And notice, the show has always deviated, but it's only this season people are complaining in big numbers, and it's because character and plot motivation has gone out the window this season.

That's definitely fair, a lot of love for the episode probably comes from little to nothing to compare it to. I do, however, think the problem comes not from the lack of intricacy, but the lack of attention to detail and the deliberate changing of scenes and character arcs to fit with a condensed story. I feel like a lot of problems being "bitched" about are legitimate reasons for people to be upset.

It's not that the story isn't as dense, it's that these aren't the same characters we've come to love and it's hard to make the distinction between "show" and "book" characters ya know. People didn't moan about ep8 because it was new to them, they had nothing to compare to. In ep9 they have a view of what they expect and they read it first so to them its always the best version, my show only watching friends loved ep9. I read the book first I think both were great but I thought the attack of the harpies was really well done and quite intimidating.

I tend to avoid these kind of posts now but they will never stop. Damn your the same as me! I watched season and just recently, before Season 5 started, read the books. I too have the same problem of noticing things that I wouldn't have ever gotten mad bout before, dany not using a whip being a good example.

I feel like the books will always be better so I dont mind the show passing the books. The thing is that at least with watching the show first you can be blown away and appreciate it much like S but if we read the books first it makes watching the show more depressing because of the divergences-big or small. I actually made a post on the same topic this week.

I agree with you entirely and your post is honestly much better than mine! Reading this chapter was such a highlight in Dany's character for me - she was such a badass! So absolutely disappointed in this change.

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You can see my less awesome post here. Great write up; this summarizes my thoughts better than I could say it. I'll add that there was something kind of dramatically awesome in the book version about Drogon just sort of showing up. To me, it came as a complete surprise. Contrast that with the show version, where they created such inescapable peril for some of the most important characters in the show, such that it was OBVIOUS that the only way out was by dragonflame. Watching with three show-watchers, it was almost infuriating to hear them keep crying out "where are the dragons?!

Yea I agree with your points. A lot of non-readers did predict that he would come. Usually the show does things unexpectedly like the books. I think the inclusion of jorah and his redemption in dany's eyes had a lot to do with this. They had to have him save her in this episode and at that point drogon coming for any other reason besides saving his mother wouldn't have fit.

I'm not entirely sure Drogon is a deus ex machina in this situation. That term usually infers something happens that is completely unexpected or could not have been predicted. A deus ex machina in this scene would not have been Drogon's appearance but, say, Victarion's forces swarming the stadium.

Victarion is a character that's not in the show at least not yet and has very little business in Mereen She also looks like a huge coward for just flying away and leaving her people behind in the show. I thought immediately, any SotH still around are going to really be hungry to kill Tyrion, Jorah, et al. I disagree, and here's why. They changed the Daznak's pit scene to be more dramatic in terms of having the Harpies attack and threaten everyone's lives.

I think that's a pretty good change, as it significantly raises the stakes and demonstrates in a clear, concise, TV-friendly way how much danger Dany is in without going to locust poisoning and what not. Once you've made the decision to have the Harpies attack, you can't have Dany trying to calm Drogon down, and having the confidence to tame him.

In the book the biggest danger by far is Drogon. In the show there are knife-wielding maniacs everywhere coming for her, and Drogon toasting them is their only salvation. Why would Dany need to tame him at that point? So yeah, they could have done it like in the books, where Drogon comes down as a crazy deranged lizard inflamed by the blood and violence, and Dany comes down to tame him like a Jedi knight.

That would have been interesting, but it would also have taken the politics out of it, and turned Dany into an even more Christ-like figure. A bit good, a bit bad. The show's version worked out very well, imho. But they couldn't have done both. When you make the Harpies attack, you take away the ability for Dany to have that moment. In the show there are knife-wielding maniacs everywhere coming for her standing around watching her make cow eyes with Drogon. I posted something similar here, but am too lazy to link and ashamed because you wrote it so much better.

It was sad that as opposed to showing her as discovering she's capable of TAMING fkn Drogon, they just had him give her permission to ride. Was anyone else incredibly annoyed by how helpless they made her look during the whole scene? All of her people are being slaughtered and she just stands there frozen. She doesn't grab the nearest weapon to try to protect herself, she doesn't start commanding anyone on what to possibly do to prevent their deaths, she freezes and seemingly only survives the initial scrum by being lead around by the hand by Jorah and Daario.

As if she were some entirely helpless child who can't even as much as stay close to her protectors without them literally taking her by the hand and dragging her around. And before Drogon finally shows up, her final act was about to be her holding hands with Missandei, accepting her death without as much as a punch thrown at her attackers. Never really bought into that whole Fire and Blood thing anyway I thought it worked fine. She walked up, he did his roar thing, she didn't flinch, she got on his back, and they flew off.

She is the mother of dragons. She is a Targ. Did you want her to give some lame speech about how Drogon should respect her authority? We don't have inner dialogue in the show like we do in the books. No, we wanted to see her earn her Targ- ness if you will. As the OP already stated, the scene mirrored her earlier encounter with Drogon where he rejected her, only this time he didn't reject her because she was in danger. No speech required, just some plain and simple action. To your reasoning of him accepting because she didn't flinch. She didn't flinch previously and he flew off. Again, the only difference being her in danger.

Drogon was straight up god from the machining this scene and it felt so.. She didn't flinch in the previous scene but she was tentative. That was not true of this scene. She was most certainly tentative in the pit scene. She reaches for him slowly then pulls back, then he gets speared and roars at some people. She then casually climbs onto his back during the chaos then flies away. I'm literally watching the scene as I type this. Hell they even use the same music from the first scene on the balcony in this scene.

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Here's the two scenes for reference. In fact, after watching S5e2 again, she doesn't even pull her hand away, he just bails. In e9 she distinctly pulls away, yet he allows her to mount regardless. Presumably because she's in peril and nothing else. I mean, she tells Hizdahr just 5 minutes previously that she is ready to burn Meereen to the ground. I don't think Show! Dany that they needed her to tame a dragon to get her "agency" back. I think they needed to make it clearer that Drogon was drawn by the spectacle, and they needed to make it clearer that Drogon was there to fuck shit up , and not for Dany.

Maybe a scene prior at some point showing Drogon flying over hills in the distance with a flustered Dany bouncing ideas off of somebody about how she can get her dragon back, and they mention a large crowd or something. All of a sudden it's not a Deus ex anymore, and we can have real tension. I turns out he's pretty sentimental about Although The Darkest Whisper wasn't a perfect book, I loved it. I turns out he's pretty sentimental about women, and truly loved Darla, his lost love. I liked the way he treated Gwen, like she was important to him, even though he tried to tell himself she was merely a means to an end.

I liked that he loved all of her, harpy part included, and strived to see that she was a capable warrior. Sabin was also a good leader. I could see why his men were devoted to him. He made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and it was hard to stay mad at him when he did something I didn't agree with. Because he was so sorry about it, and he thought he was doing the right thing. As for Gwen, she was a very interesting character. I loved the harpy storyline. I haven't read too many books that had harpies as main characters.

I like what Ms. Showalter did with the harpy folklore, making it her own, and giving them particular traits. Gwen showed a lot of growth over the course of this book, finding her inner strength, and learning to be comfortable with who she is. She's still a work in progress, but I think she's a great character. I also liked her sisters, although sometimes they were a bit annoying.

I'm glad that Gwen found the inner strength to step out of their shadow, and to be happy with herself; realizing she isn't less than they are. I loved the romance between Gwen and Sabin. I felt their bond and their chemistry very deeply. I liked how Doubt was afraid of Gwen, and her presence kept him quiet, especially when she became at peace with her inner harpy. I liked that Ms. Showalter let their chemistry build nicely. By the time the love scenes came around, I was like, "Heck Yeah! Being able to catch up with the Lords and Co.

I like their tight relationship, and the way they joke around with each other, but always have each others' backs. I am very psyched to read the stories of the Lords who haven't had books yet. I think they will be very interesting books. On the downside, I finished this book last night, and I was so tired, it was hard to keep up with the last part of it.

There was so much going on, and it was a little confusing. Despite that fact, I liked the storyline with the kids. That was pretty interesting. Another negative for me is that I don't really find Galen and Stefano to be compelling villains, but I hope that will change with the forthcoming books, or there will be some better villains in the next books. They're mainly just annoying jerks to me. The Hunters get on my nerves, for the most part. Even though the ending left me confused, and it seemed to go by too quickly, and there were some large loose ends, I can't give this book less than five stars.

I just enjoyed too much. There is something very addictive about this series, even though I can see some things that I wish were different namely the Hunter storyline. I think it's because Gena Showalter does such a great job with paranormal romance, in my opinion. She writes about people who take hold of my interest, she's very funny, the romance steams off the page, and I end up enjoying myself tremendously when I read her books. I love what she's done with the Greek myths. She's taking some familiar things, and adding some novel touches to make a delectable confection.

And I'll keep coming back for more. View all 35 comments. Mar 26, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What can I say about Gwendolyn the Timid and her fellow Harpy sisters? I loved that this story featured all the beloved LOTU characters, including quite a bit from Lucien and Anya she still cracks me up! View all 14 comments. Oct 31, ilknur a. Harpy'leri severim ama gwen tiplemelerindeki sevmiyorum. Mar 23, Larissa Ione rated it it was amazing. I read this book a few months ago, but just realized I hadn't caught up on my ratings and reviews Reyes is still my favorite hero, but I really loved how this book started out and came together.

Gwen is a fabulous heroine, and I loved watching her grow stronger with every page. Gena gives me a freaking inferiority complex every time I read one of the Lords of the Underworld books! If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend you start at th I read this book a few months ago, but just realized I hadn't caught up on my ratings and reviews If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend you start at the beginning, with The Darkest Night.

The books just keep getting better and better! And did I mention Reyes? View all 3 comments. Nov 24, Sedef Tekiner rated it it was amazing. View all 4 comments. Jun 15, Deborah Obida rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't know what I expected from Sabin but he is way cooler than I expected, he is also so modern, unlike the guys at Budapest, his love story is also amazing, he fell in love with a Harpy.

Gwen the Harpy is okay but not among my favourite females in this series, she started out so insecure and all even though she could take all the guys if it comes to a fight, it was towards the ending that she changed and became badass. Just like the previous books, the guys and their women are still in this, t I don't know what I expected from Sabin but he is way cooler than I expected, he is also so modern, unlike the guys at Budapest, his love story is also amazing, he fell in love with a Harpy.

Just like the previous books, the guys and their women are still in this, the war with the hunters just got hotter. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. But when he encounters Gwendolyn the Timid, Sabin begins to second-guess his priorities. Gwen is such a complex character. Through his never-ending love and support and his ruthless training, Gwen is becoming more and more capable. I love how Gena continuously adds other POVs throughout her series. And the same goes for Cameo! I thought that action in the book was really turned up a notch.

That forest scene after the training sesh? The only thing that kind of got me upset was the fact that Gwen just let Galen go in the end. Yes, I understand Gwen was battling emotions of seeing her father for the first time. Yes, I know that if they captured him the series would end and there would be no books left to read, but still. They just let him fly away?

After all their efforts of seeking him out, they finally have him within reach and they let him go. The Darkest Whisper is another solid instalment in the Lords of the Underworld series. View all comments. Sep 27, Gary rated it it was amazing. Another five stars all round so many more people or immortals are coming to the party in this book there getting more and more interesting as I go along: Mar 17, Emily May rated it liked it Shelves: Sabin is now one So Sabin is now one of my favourite Lords of the Underworld, probably the sexiest of the group in my opinion.

He's dangerous, but more fun than broody, miserable men are never a good idea: But I'm also finding that all of the novels follow a very similar pattern and that they are all predictable. Sometimes to the point of being quite cheesy.

Basically, demon-harbouring hot guy sees the pretty girl of his dreams, he's struck dumb on sight and then spends most of the book trying to convince himself that either: I admit that even though the series is a guilty pleasure, the stories are getting somewhat tiresome. I'm losing focus on the whole bigger picture of searching for the artifacts and Pandora's box, and the characters themselves are becoming a bit of a drag.

Some scenes happen exactly the same in every single book - like the warriors turning up at the house in Budapest to be greeted by their over-enthusiastic girlfriends hurling themselves into their arms. It's like that stereotypical 's image of harmonious marriage where the housewife greets her husband with a kiss on the doorstep Then of course, the shower scene. It was hot, don't get me wrong, but it was basically the same shower scene that we were treated to in book number one with Maddox and Ashlyn getting down and dirty in the bathroom.

Maybe Ms Showalter can pull it back in the next book but I'm starting to feel she's exhausted this series, my care for it is waning and I'm beginning to get deja vu every two minutes because I'm reading the same thing she wrote in the last three novels. We've gone through Lords, demons, Harpies, fairies, angels, gods and whatever else Karen Marie Moning carried off a 5 book series all about bloody fairies.

Come on, I really want to get back into what I felt for these books when I first started. The Darkest Passion , please don't let me down. Feb 02, Corinne Michaels rated it it was amazing. I really loved the progression of Sabin and Gwen. I loved watching her combat her Harpy and finally seeing her parentage--didn't see that one coming. I'm enjoying every word of these books and savoring them. Dec 03, Kathrynn rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of the series. I have mixed feelings about this book. It is the 4th installment in the Lords of the Underworld series and the author confirms this by stating it in her Intro.

She has a few e-books on the LOTU, but they are numbered as. Sabin was the leader of the other group and as such he was more or less in charge during most of this book. The Lords are on a mission. They are trying to locate four artifacts: They are told--in a earlier book--by Cronus that when all four objects are together they will learn the location of Pandora's Box. The Hunters are also searching for the artifacts to get the box so they can imprison the demons that now have a symbiotic relationship with the Lords as punishment from the gods for killing Pandora and releasing the demons on mankind.

It is believed that the Lords will die if the demons are extracted from them. The Hunters want the Lords dead. So, even though the demons are horrible, i. The Lords have acquired two of the four artifacts at the beginning of this book. The Darkest Whisper begins with Sabin and a handful of Lords--in Egypt--following a lead that an artifact may be at said location. What they found was a hidden-Hunter-forced-breeding-program. Hunters had been capturing females with various immortal skills, vampires, witches, etc, caging, raping and impregnating them for the sole purpose of establishing their own "advanced" army.

They took newborns away from their mothers and the location of missing children is going to be investigated as the series progresses. The women were all horribly abused. The witch had her voice box cut out, the vampire had her teeth removed, etc. They were covered in bruises The Hunters had not been able to figure out how to get to her without being killed.

For over a year, she was forced to watch the other's abuse, though, and the normally passive girl, grew to hate The Hunters. Gwen was a creature new to the series. Feared by most, if they were smart. The Lords were afraid of her, too. She was naive and funny--initially. Some parts of her personality got on my nerves as the book progressed. She needed to grow the heck up and stop being afraid of everything. She constantly downed herself because she wasn't like her sisters.

She didn't want to hurt people and was afraid of being hurt. Swore off violence, sort of. How she got captured just showed her naivete. She was embarrassed to tell her sisters The author spent a lot of time during the last half of the book building up secondary characters.

His story has been gaining momentum the past few books. It was too distracting from the plot of the story. Too many build-ups at one time. Could have condensed that down It dragged for me. The story became stagnate. Could have used some editing to remove the repetitiveness of describing the others problems and past so often. I knew what Aeron's pet was. It was mentioned and described again here, then when Gwen saw it for the first time it was mentioned and described again. I felt the Lords had extraordinary abilities and because of their own stupidity almost got their butts handed to them on a platter.

For me, it degraded the story. The torturing was gruesome. I felt sorry for The Hunters. Then the torturing of one of the Lords. Anya Goddess of Chaos was in this one, but her character was okay for me this time. She held the most intel on Harpies and knew Gwen's sisters.


The photo is the cover of this book, a picture of Harry in his infamous In fact I had just arrived for my first training session with the Harpies. Down below the Chasers and Beaters of both teams flew vigorously. . He did not argue as there was no way he had failed to notice the goals his sister scored. Welcome to Rescue Team 2 forum, 1, 1, The Mac version of Rescue Team 2 is here! Post any Rescue Team 2 technical issues here only, 19, 2,

Some funny moments, but not many. Finally, I was so looking forward to the character Nix from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series entering this and she only had a brief mention Never guess which one!: View all 7 comments. Oct 18, Esra rated it it was amazing. D Paris'in durumu fena.. I don't know what to think. It was very good in parts, but the end really left me disappointed. I'd better make a list. I liked her better here than in her own book. The way she made Galen lose his composure at the end was a joy to read. I think that in few pages she made Gwen totally disappear.

They were tough, just and independent. I really hope we'll see more of them. I had never really u I don't know what to think. I had never really understood his character until now.

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He feels useless because his demon doesn't seem to have a real purpose, and the facts that he can't speak what he means is depressing. His story is one I want to hear. What I didn't like: At one point of the story Sabin's demon, Doubt, was dismissed because it was afraid of Harpies. And I don't think the "consort" concept was thoroughly explained. I adored the moment when Sabin told Gwen of his weaknesses as a warrior: OK, now I get it: The final confrontation was awful. It was like watching a tennis match where each player was playing to lose.

Well, I liked the side stories more than the main couple and disliked the end, but the writing is still light and funny, the world building remains interesting, so I'll read the next book. View all 15 comments. Mar 11, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Whenever you have an ongoing series, you always run the risk that it will grow stale. Or even worse, jump the shark. I'm happy to say that this fourth installment in the Lords of the Underworld series, does neither.

In fact, I didn't just like Sabin's story, I loved it. Sabin, like all the Lords, shares his body with a demon. His demon is Doubt. And compared to some of the other guys, he got off easy. But Doubt has done its fair share of making Sabin's life difficult. The biggest problem is that Whenever you have an ongoing series, you always run the risk that it will grow stale.

The biggest problem is that Doubt manages to destroy every woman Sabin gets close to. Of course, our heroine is no ordinary woman. Gwen is a Harpy. She and some other supernatural women were kidnapped by Hunters to become part of a breeding program. The Lords stumble across them one day while fighting Hunters and rescue the women. Gwen and Sabin have an instant connection. One of the things I love about this series, besides the uber-hot-sex, is that no two heroes or heroines are alike. Gwen manages to be both vulnerable and strong.

I loved watching her grow into her Harpy-abilities as she falls harder and harder for Sabin. Perhaps even more captivating is watching him try to fight his feelings, and failing miserably. The love story here is both sweet and sexy. And it develops as the ongoing story arc of the Lords' battle with Galen and the Hunters continue.

I hope we end up with a book for each Lord. Poor Paris needs a happy ending. View all 6 comments. The fourth installment in the Lords of The Underworld series was a leap forward in both the storyline and the action I think. Not to mention the most intense sex scene of the series was in this book if you ask me -You know which one I'm talking about, it involves a forest and a pissed off Harpy in training who's nudged by a certain demon of Doubt, and I think somewhere in there there was also tearing of pants and pushing a Lord up against a tree.

I'm a bit fuzzy on the details now. The book matched Sabin, the most aggressive of the Lords in my opinion, and the a true leader, with Gwen, a fierce Harpy who's yet to discover and learn not to fear her powers. I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to Gwen, even without Sabin's demon, Doubt, she already had a lot on her plate, she constantly doubted herself and her powers and she always thought of herself as a weakling among the family.

Apparently Harpies are dangerous creatures, and we get a good couple of chances to see that throughout the book. Gwen is like a little girl who wants to be pampered but also she has a much darker side that needs to be feared which made her the perfect match for Sabin and his war-tolerant tough dark side. And the way she embraced her own dark side, thanks to the ever-so-happy-to-help Sabin, was nicely laid out.

We also met her 3 sisters who I wanted to hate but ended up loving by the way. I kinda hope one of them ends up with Amun, cause I thought he was eyeing one of them during Gwen's tarinings but couldn't be sure which one. I like the idea of the quiet man with a fierce creature like those, not to mention they have the glittery skin that I envied while reading.

Sabin also had a dilemma of his own. The good, strong and non-compromising leader that he is, he was faced with the choice of war against love in this one. Not that I had any doubts about it. Which brings me to my shock over the truth about Galen. I did not see that coming. And I'm not talking Gideon-talk. That was a surprise and I wonder how things'll go after this with Galen also knowing this. And I wonder who that woman in Danika's portrait with him. And what's gonna happen to those kids from Hunter High-a name I loved by the way. Did Paris really see Sienna or was he just ambrosia-dreaming?

Is there a way for me to strike this mysterious angel out and replace her with me for Aeron? Sooo glad to see some of Amun, Kane and Strider in this one. And Gideon, oh Gideon. Since we're closing in on his book I guess that's expected but love the guy. Poor man though, it broke my heart when he spoke the truth about how he felt to that SOB Dean Stephano and got hurt like hell.

That man needs to die, like, yesterday. I was so excited about Torin and Cameo until a pointy-eared woman appeared out of nowhere on Torin's monitors and disappointed me.


I really liked the idea of those two and was kinda hoping they'd be each other's HEA. Especially after the monologue we had of Torin about him wrapping his finger around her hair and all. This one left me with so many questions, and it was a great step to take the story further, Gena seems smarter and smarter with every book, introducing new troubles and possiblities.

And isn't it just awesome that past couples don't disappear in the new books? Did I mention this before? I freaking love that part of this series. And the way these guys support each other and love each other, and the way they truly love each other's women, it's so freaking adorable. If there was a way to give 6 starts to books here, this series would've gotten one for each from me. View all 27 comments. Jan 09, Buggy rated it liked it Shelves: Filled with sexy, tortured heroes, sizzling love scenes and fun action-filled story lines.

This gorgeous immortal warrior spends his time on the battlefield because his demo The Lords Of The Underworld is a fantastic paranormal series that I highly recommend. This gorgeous immortal warrior spends his time on the battlefield because his demon forces him to involuntarily destroy friends and particularly lovers self confidence with the darkest whisper.

Victory over the evil hunters and finding Pandora's Box is Sabin's only concern until he stumbles across Gwendolyn The Timid, rescuing her from a breeding facility set up by the hunters. Gwen is herself an immortal although unaware of just exactly how powerful that side of her is. With opal coloured skin Gwen also bears tiny wings and when enraged fangs, claws and a thirst for blood. It seems that Sabin is the only one able to control her Harpy side and upon realizing her power decides to train her to help in the fight against the hunters.

Gwen the timid is full of self doubt so when teamed with the keeper of doubt their relationship is Luckily her harpy side is strong, able to tune-out Sabin's demon and lust after the warrior. Sabin unfortunately wants to keep their relationship strictly business for fear that his demon will destroy her but he's also hearing that awesome alpha male voice in his head, the one that screams "mine" whenever she's around. Sabin tells himself he'll just train her like any other warrior but Gwen and her alter ego have other plans.

There aren't as many love scenes here as in past books but the ones that we get are scorching hot and filled with so much hunger that they border on violent. Throughout Sabin and Gwen's story we are given generous amounts of POV's and sub-plots from the other immortal warriors and their mates. These sections were my favourite parts of the book; I loved learning more about the secondary demons as Gena Showalter sets the groundwork for their upcoming stories.

In particular we hear from; Gideon lies and Aeron wrath Amun keeps his secrets and Torin disease and Cameo misery have one of their own. Kane flirts with disaster while Paris's lust is becoming increasingly heartbreaking as he develops a Phury like dependency. Throughout Anya along with William supply us with much welcomed comic relief.

The Darkest Whisper is full of twists and turns, great action scenes, romance and we even learn a few secrets. This is to be Aeron's story, which I'm really looking forward to. Feb 01, Kate's Corner rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think along with Lucien and Anya's book. This book is also one of my favorites. I'm also so sad when I finish the book.

I want to savor these books that's why I don't read them all in one sitting. Sabin the Keeper of Doubt the ultimate soldier who won't let anything or anyone get in his way to win the ongoing war. They are in Egypt looking for the other artifacts where they stumble across Hunters who I think along with Lucien and Anya's book. They are in Egypt looking for the other artifacts where they stumble across Hunters who are raping immortal women to support their supposed cause. Gwen has been trapped in the pyramid for a year now and has had to watch the cruelness of the Hunters, she is immortal but what exactly she is, is not clear to the Lords.

Gwen is timid or so she thinks throughout the book Gwen's character develops and she isn't so timid anymore. Her sisters come to visit her and it is clear why she is so timid with the amount of babying that they do. Sabin and Gwen have instant chemistry but Doubt is very strong so Sabin is careful. I was blindsided with a couple of things view spoiler [1.