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Great story couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Children's Fiction Sub Genre: Description From The Publishers: There is the requisite of mean rich girl and the poor girl with heart of gold. The characters of Kate, Holly and Angela are well developed and the writer has made them in such a way as they evoke the emotion in the reader that she desired.

Now that the cliche's are out of the way lets discuss the plot. It is well planned out and believable. From the opening lines to the closing paragraph this book ensnares the reader holds them tight and allows them to join the characters as the flow from scene to scene.

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My rating of this fast paced story is 4. I recommend "Keeping Secrets" to any horse lover,but it is also a good read for anyone who enjoys a quick read filled with friendship, hope and dreams. This definitely is one of the best stories I've read in a long time and it won't be the last by this author. The story relates mainly to teenagers learning about handling horses, caring for horses and racing them.

Liz, who teaches the children, has a young daughter in a wheelchair due to a past accident. Liz hires a teenager, Kate, to assist with Holly while Mom is busy. Kate has had her own problems when a horse she was racing at another ranch died and she feels responsible for its death. Then there is girl named Angela who thinks she is the best student ever; her mother owns the ranch. It won't take long to realize Angela causes problems for both Kate, who no one really knows about her past yet and Holly the handicapped girl. The story is written well to keep you wondering what Angela will do next and how Kate can actually put up with her lies and troubles.

You won't regret reading this story.

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I've actually ordered the next two in the series and will continue to get more. This is a much-abridged copy of the complete review as it appears http: Kate McGregor applies for a job as companion and helper to Holly Chapman.

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The latter is wheel-chair bound or is she?! She has no experience, but Liz Holly's mom is getting desperate, and Holly and Kate take to each other immediately.

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Liz's mom decides it would be good for her to have someone her own age around, and so Kate is hired, she and Holly become room-mates so Kate doesn't have to commute, and the adventure begins! You know there's a fly in the ointment - in this case, a horse-fly! Or more accurately, several of them. The Chapmans are only guests in their home, which is owned by the association which hired Liz to train riders.

So we know up front that Kate is going to overcome her phake phobia, and that the real reason for her refusal to get back on the horse is going to be resolved and she'll be vindicated.

See a Problem?

We know that Angela will be bested, and Kate triumphant in some competition or other. There's no mystery here. The only mystery is how the author is going to extricate her main character from the roadblocks with which she's hemmed Kate in. The writing, in general, was par for the course. Not brilliant but eminently readable, and the writer evidently knows her stuff when it comes to horse-riding, care, and competition not that I'm any kind of an expert!

There were some instances of "Say, what? Kate's passive enabling of Angela's atrociously abusive behavior, by not telling on her. It's never OK, not even in a novel, unless you have some higher purpose in allowing a character to temporarily get away with it - and it had better be a much higher purpose! Another issues was with the horses, which were supposedly loved but which were not treated very well. But can Kate do it?

She wants to ride for the Timber Ridge team and attend high school with Holly. But Kate's father has other plans. He wants Kate to sell Tapestry and move 2, miles away. Kate McGregor and her best friend Holly Chapman share the same dream. They want to qualify for the annual Festival of Horses where scouts from the United States Equestrian Team will be on the lookout for promising young riders. Pushed by her relentless mother, Angela Dean has the same dream, which means the girls are locked in a fierce competition to determine who will represent Timber Ridge at the next qualifying horse show.

Riding for the Stars

He invites Kate to go skiing, and Kate takes yet another unexpected tumble. But the unwelcome involvement of their high school principal turns those plans upside down as well. Angela is coping with demons of her own and ends up turning the tables on Kate in a way that nobody expects.

Angela has done this many times before, and Kate has survived. But Holly warns her that this time lot more is at stake.

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Angela Dean and her scheming mother are equally determined to keep Kate out. But thanks to unexpected help, Holly wins, and Kate returns to the barn in time for a surprise birthday party. Her movie-star boyfriend has been making headlines, and when Kate attends the Moonlight premiere in New York, she ends up making a headline of her own. Then comes the Festival of Horses with an even bigger surprise.

Now that summer has arrived, Kate and Holly are off to Beaumont Park in England—home of rock-star horses, Olympic equestrians, and a private beach for the girls to ride on. Kate is excited about training with her idols. Holly is even more excited about making friends with a real-live princess and attending the London premiere of her favorite movie , Moonlight. But beneath the glossy surface lurks danger. After a quarrel with Kate, Holly storms off with the princess and lands in more trouble than she ever bargained for.

The girls can deal with an elite horse camp … but carnival rides and cotton candy stands on top of their beloved hunt course? Someone is stalking Holly at Timber Ridge. Could it be a girl from her troubled past or a jealous rider? Kate is super-protective of her brand-new sister, and her worries ramp into overdrive when their royal friend from England shows up. No matter how hard she tries, princess Twiggy cannot stay out of trouble. Her father has laid down strict rules, and Twiggy manages to break all of them.

Flying beneath the royal radar, the headstrong princess drags her best friends into yet another harebrained adventure. It also drives a wedge between Kate and Holly, who are trying to get ready for an important horse show that Mrs. Dean is pushing for. Some covers on this page shows a rider without a helmet. Please don't follow this example. Click here to read a sample Book 2: Is Angela behind the trouble? Click here to read a sample Book 3: