Police Interrogation and American Justice

Book Review: Richard Leo
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https://micrasertiali.gq/functional-javascript-introducing-functional-programming.php He looks at police evidence in the court, the nature and disappearance of the brutal "third degree," the reforms of the mid-twentieth century, and how police can persuade suspects to waive their Miranda rights. An important study of the criminal justice system, Police Interrogation and American Justice raises unsettling questions. How should police be permitted to interrogate when society needs both crime control and due process?

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  • Police Interrogation and American Justice by Richard A. Leo [Book Review].

How can order be maintained yet justice served? Reviews A gripping indictment of what goes on behind the closed doors of police interrogation rooms.

Police Interrogation and American Justice by Richard A. Leo (2009, Paperback)

From psychological manipulation, to threats of harm and promises of leniency, to lengthy incommunicado questioning, all the way to outright brutality Leo's book is a powerful contribution to criminal justice public policy Police Interrogation and American Justice causes one to marvel at the extent to which the parties in the justice system have been complicit in enabling lawless police to effect convictions of suspects by coercing their confessions.

Leo offers suggestions for reform, which are fair and reasonable in a country that has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

It is the best book on this subject. Richard Leo uses data not ordinarily available.

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He brilliantly documents the everydayness of police dialogue with suspects in chapters discussing "professionalizing the police" and "the third degree in America" as well as through analysis of relentlessly systematic police use of deceit, manipulation, lying and disguised coercion The result is both convincing and brilliant This is an excellent book.

Such books are exceedingly rare. Law professor Leo, one of the most prolific and knowledgeable scholars on police investigations, offers a book both eye-opening and important. The 'third degree' is long gone.

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But as Richard Leo shows, trickery, manipulation, and deceit are still basic tools of police interrogation of suspects. His thesis is that that the words of the accused have driven the logic of prosecutions in the US, resulting in a focus on extracting confessions using whatever means possible, short of physical coercion. Leo criticizes US police for assuming a "guilt-presumptive" posture that undermines objective investigation and risks false confessions.

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Law professor Leo Univ. In this rich tome, [Leo] analyzes police interrogations in the broad context of the adversarial system of American criminal justice. The result is a well-organized, well-written social scientific account of police interrogations The 'third degree' is long gone. This is an excellent book.

While the era of the third degree, marked by police lawlessness and physical coercion, may be over, it has been supplanted by pseudo-scientific techniques of lie detection using behavioral analyses and training manuals focusing on psychological manipulation. The Miranda decision has simply meant the bureaucratization of Fifth Amendment protections at the early stages of an investigation.

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Nevertheless, most suspects waive their rights early on, allowing the police to "construct culpability" in ways that reflect official narratives of events. Leo argues for the mandatory recording of investigations for judicial and public oversight, and laws prohibiting deceptive interrogation techniques.

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He argues the US may be entering a new era favoring the rights of the accused because of DNA evidence. Goetz Western Michigan University.

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Thank you for using the catalog. Police interrogation and American justice. Introduction -- Police interrogation and the American adversary system -- The third degree -- Professionalizing police interrogation -- The structure and psychology of American police interrogation -- Constructing culpability -- False confessions -- Miscarriages of justice -- Policy directions -- Conclusion.


Police Interrogation and American Justice and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. In this book, Richard Leo sheds light on a little-known corner of our criminal justice system--the police interrogation. Police Interrogations and False Confessions: Current. In this book, Richard A. Leo sheds light on a little-known corner of our criminal justice system—the police interrogation. But Leo draws on extensive research to argue that confessions are inherently suspect and that coercive interrogation has led to false confession and.

Police questioning -- United States.