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A mixed understanding will rob the believer of their peace Romans 5: The power of sickness, sin and demonic oppression were broken at the Cross. What we believe is of the utmost importance as it determines what we will experience Rom. Normally Paul opened his letters with thanksgiving and prayer for the saints he was writing to, but in this letter he feels so strongly that they are in danger, that he comes straight to the point and it is a sharp point!

Rather than open this letter with the customary blessing, he opens with a declaration that anyone who preaches a gospel other than the gospel he has preached is cursed. The grace of God is the Gospel Acts A School of Grace is nothing short of a School of Gospel. Grace is not just a part of the Gospel, it is the power of the gospel, the declaration that the righteousness of God comes entirely by faith, not from faith to works, but from faith to faith Romans 1: Paul was astonished that the Galatians had gone so quickly from faith to works.

How quickly did we go in the same direction? How long was it after we got saved that we started to compare our salvation to other believers and think of ourselves as less righteous than them because they appeared to be doing more for God than we were? Also here in v6 and 7, two different Greek words were used for the English word "another. The Greek adjective used in Ga 1: In other words the Galatians were not turning toward a gospel that was of the same nature to the one they had already received. They were turning to a totally different gospel that Ga 1: Paul made it very clear in Ro So, any gospel that combines works of the Law with grace for justification is no longer the same Gospel.

In other words, Paul was saying that there is no room for additions or corrections to the Gospel of grace that he preached. It is perfect as presented. The Galatians were perverting the Gospel by accepting the teaching that faith in Christ alone was not sufficient for salvation but needed to be supplemented by their own works. There is nothing wrong with the acts involved in observing the law, whether that be prayer, fasting or giving when a believer is trying to be true to the understanding they have.

It is when such acts are made obligatory in order to obtain righteousness justification , that the Gospel is perverted. Different folk in River City Church can hold different attitudes on various subjects such as praise and worship, healthy eating, the celebration of Jewish feasts, or Christmas. Our righteousness before God has nothing to do with what we are doing for God and everything to do with what He has done for us.

The effect of churches continually preaching at people of what they need to do for God, has been to draw their attention off God and onto themselves. As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. Paul repeated it twice so there would be no misunderstanding. Paul went on to warn the Galatians that they were moving back under the curse of the Law Gal 3: It was by the hearing of faith.

The power of the Gospel is the revelation that the righteousness of God is ours from faith to faith, not from faith to works Rom 1: The pure Gospel of Grace is able to wash the leaven contamination of works righteousness our obsession with Christian performance out of the Church. The School of Grace is in effect a Religious Detox class! Get ready to shed some condemnation, fear, guilt and shame. We have heard this word many times. It occurs in numerous places in the bible.

Both John the Baptist and Jesus started their ministry by this using this word.

Radical Love Over Revenge

For the majority of people, the word repent or repentance is what comes to their mind when they think about church or Christians. This is what some of them say. Glentworth Butler noted that, in the Greek, there is none of the sorrow or regret contained in the words repentance and repent. Repentance denotes "sorrow for what one has done or omitted to do; especially, contrition for sin.

Robertson concurs with Butler. Regarding the translation of metanoia as repentance, Robertson calls it " a linguistic and theological tragedy. Repentance is an "unsuitable" translation. Imagine you are standing in a circle of people. In the center of the circle, there is a source of light. But rather than facing the center and the light, you are standing with your back to the light, facing outward.

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When you stand this way, facing away from the light, all you can see is your own shadow. You cannot see the light. You can only look into your shadow. You cannot see the others in the circle with you.

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From what you can see, you are disconnected and alone in the dark. Now imagine that you turn around to face the light that is in the center of the circle. When you turn toward the light, you no longer see only darkness. When you turn toward the light, your shadow is behind you. God's Grace Apart From Law: Kindle Edition File Size: Lightview Media 17 August Sold by: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

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This is one of the best books I've ever read about the free gift of salvation that was accomplished through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary! What a treasure trove of wonderfully freeing truth! My only complaint was that it read like more a blog-book when I wanted more depth and celebration.

Like John in his letter, I suppose the world couldn't hold the books that could be written about all that Jesus has done and continues to do for us Still, it's great affirmation for someone like me who's taken a giant step back from everything that smells like organized religion in incremental steps began years ago - but still trembles inwardly on occasion at the audacity of having left the farm.

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I will read it again: The Finished Work of Jesus" is a complete testament to the grace of God by which we are all saved. I promise you won't read your Bible the same way after uncovering the truth of God's grace through this wonderful book. For those who are tired of reading books about what a radical Christian life is supposed to look like, where you find yourself getting pumped up for a week or two and then realizing you continually fail to live up to the standards set before you.

Rest in the fact that you are now a brand new creation with the Holy Spirit of God living in you! But now Jesus goes beyond the written word and shows us the deeper meaning of the law just as he did with murder, adultery and oaths.

The Old Testament taught justice, which was good. Jesus taught radical love over revenge, which is even better. Yes the Pharisees said you could take an eye for an eye. Please notice that these words of Jesus were spoken to individuals in their personal relationships. This is important because some people have misinterpreted these words to say that we should not resist any evil at all.

But that is not what Jesus is saying here. Jesus is talking to individuals in their personal relationships. There should be no Christian vigilantes, no taking the law into your own hands, no trying to get even with others. When someone hurts you, when someone upsets you, when someone offends you — instead of taking revenge, Jesus says love them back.

There is a different set of Scriptural commands for governments, courts, the military and police. For example we read in Romans The courts should punish lawbreakers, the military should protect our country, and the police should arrest criminals.

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There is also nothing wrong with the Christian using the court system to resist evil and to promote justice, as long as you are not doing it out of personal revenge. And so you may personally forgive someone, and yet still prosecute them — not out of hate for the person but out of love for society. In fact love for your neighbor requires prosecution of the criminal.

In behalf of another, however, he may and should wield it and invoke it to restrain wickedness and to defend godliness. So justice is given over to the courts, but Jesus commands you as a Christian to practice radical love over revenge. Look at verse In fact it carried twice the fine of an open-handed slap.

But Jesus says if someone slaps you across the right cheek, turn to him the other also. Now once again the context of this verse is radical love over revenge. This verse does not prohibit self-defense or protecting others from harm. Notice Jesus does not say if someone gouges out your right eye, offer him your other.

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No, as Christians we may fight to protect ourselves and others from physical harm, and we are to stand up for the oppressed. But what we must not do is strike back in anger or revenge. And so Jesus says turn the other cheek.

Now this one actually happened to me. Back in high school I was riding my bike when I passed these three guys on the sidewalk. One of them was the school bully, he was bigger and stronger than the rest of us, and the other two were these little scrawny guys who hung out with him, just like in the movies. I was out of cheeks, and Jesus never said what to do if they actually hit you the second time.

This time he just stared. When I finally caught up with them, I told him I wanted to tell him about Jesus.

School of Grace

And one thing I learned is that when you turn the other cheek, in one sense that gives you the upper hand, because you are no longer the victim but you are now the one giving permission. How do you respond to personal insults? So in this example Jesus is saying we should be willing to sacrifice even our own rights in order to reach out in love to other people.

Now once again, we must balance this command with other Scriptures. You have a Scriptural obligation to take care of your family and so protect your estate. But even then you do that out of responsibility for your family, not out of personal animosity to the person who is suing you. And you still look for ways to reach out to the person who is causing the offense.

Jesus says to respond with a radical love that is even willing to give up your rights rather than take revenge on the person who is suing you.