Entre Dois Extremos (Portuguese Edition)

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    Entre Rios, Bahia

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    In the early twentieth century in Portugal, nursing care was for the most part provided by religious women.


    Many doctors opposed this nursing care, such as the Republican Miguel Bombarda. However the religious nurses were absolutely necessary in order for health institutions to function, among these institutions, some of the Mercy hospitals stand out; however, not all of them had religious workers.

    Two examples were the Braga and Porto Mercy Hospitals. With this research I intend to understand the position of religious nursing detractors and identify the information that its defenders had. With this purpose, I used two existing sources at the Portugal National Library.

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    When interpreting the data I used Catroga , Silva and Moura The controversy between advocates of secular nursing and religious apologists nursing began in , when the first nursing school was established in Coimbra. Defending secular nursing was the anticlerical and republican faction.