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The beginning of the book is more intriguing than captivating, and whilst I wasn't bored with the book, when I compare it to the end I definitely have more of a desire to continue reading now.

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I enjoyed the uniqueness of this book; a romance, that kind of felt like a contemporary fiction but actually had this intriguing fantasy blend - and Greek gods and mythology are definitely one of my favourite topics. I think the only improvement I could really suggest is a more shocking and impactful intro, but other than that this book is well written, has a good balance of character discovery and development and action, and provides a really great ending which is sure to have the audience begging for the next book! I loved the use of contrasting characters at the forefront of the book to highlight the protagonist's viewpoint.

Overall I'm awarding this 4. Apr 17, Laura's Book Addiction rated it really liked it. Then I was invited to review the book through netgalley. So I thought why not give it a try. The cover made me think I was getting a cute fluffy contemporary romance but Arrowheart turned out to be a contemporary setting with Greek mythology mixed in and oh boy did this book keep me entertained "In that moment my heart shatters all over again, I fall to the ground wishing I never believed Eros. The cover made me think I was getting a cute fluffy contemporary romance but Arrowheart turned out to be a contemporary setting with Greek mythology mixed in and oh boy did this book keep me entertained I was drawn to the characters Rachel and Ben from the get go.

There is a honesty about these two characters whether they're showing it to each other or not. What follows is a look at choices, whether you choose to love someone or your gift is what choices them to love you. Also please I need book two now, the last chapter and the epilogue were epic, I need to know what happens next to these characters!! Rachel sky has written an amazing debut with great mythology and a swoon worthy romance.

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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for letting me review Arrowheart for my honest opinion and feedback. Jul 17, Lindsi Do You Dog-ear? My thoughts and opinions are my own. Any quotes I use are from an unpublished copy and may not reflect the finished product. I love books about Greek mythology, so I dove into this one without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, everything was too unbelievable. Stories like this have to be explained and portrayed in a way that feels real to the reader. The characters in Arrowheart were not very likable, and th DNF about halfway through I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. The characters in Arrowheart were not very likable, and they accepted the impossible with little very little doubt. One of the characters was taken captive and he chose to accept it and do whatever they told him to.

He didn't try to fight, escape even though there were plenty of opportunities , and questioned very little. I also didn't understand the romance the author was trying to portray with him and another character. Keeping someone against their will and actually taking away their will more than once , would hopefully make them look for an escape. I don't know if the reasons were explained later in the book, because I just couldn't bring myself to continue reading it.

The characters were either shallow and spent a lot of time on their looks, or oblivious and let others walk all over them. I barley understood Rachel's thought process most of the time, or why she chose to make certain decisions. In the end, it wasn't my cup of tea. I'll admit that I'm curious about Eros, because I'm not as familiar with his mythology, but my lack of interest in the story cancelled out my desire to know how it ended. Originally posted at Do You Dog-ear?

Meinung Kennt ihr das? Tja, da liest man auch mal fast Seiten in ein paar wenigen Stunden. Und ja, ich fand es gut! Aber beginnen wir doch mit dem Positiven. Ich liebe Rebe Meinung Kennt ihr das? Ich liebe Rebeccas Schreibstil! Ich habe etwas komplett anders erwartet. Und eigentlich ist es auch so. Aber es ist auch so viel mehr. Und das macht sie verdammt stark.

Ich mag keine Liebesdreiecke. Und ja, auch hier gibt es eins. Denn unsere liebe Rachel hat eine beste Freundin, die auch mit von der Partie ist: Marissa ist mein zweiter Kritikpunkt. Ich mag sie nicht. Und es passt zu ihrer Rolle. Das merkt man auch. Aber dann gibt es einen Punkt in der Geschichte, bei dem bin ich echt vom Glauben abgefallen, weil er gezeigt hat, wie egal Marissa Rachel eigentlich ist.

Damit ist sie dann bei mir unten durch gewesen. Tja, so schnell kann es gehen. Versteht mich nicht falsch? ABER dann kam der Epilog. Und das macht mich sauer. First reviewed on Pretty Little Memoirs. Rachel is such a likeable character from the get-go. I love that despite wielding this immense power to make any boy fall head over heels in love with her, she just wants to be your average girl. To fall in love with ease. To not feel like she's meant for something huge and to live a perfectly normal life.

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But being a Hedoness, she kinda can't. Her and Marissa, another Hedoness, have this power that centers around the book's first mystery. Boys are going m First reviewed on Pretty Little Memoirs. Boys are going missing and then turning up again, not knowing what happened the entire time. But the girls know all too well what's happening. Rachel doesn't want to make anyone love her - not forcibly, anyway - and when Benjamin, a missing boy, comes into the picture and his absence links back to the Hedonesses, it's a fight or flight reaction.

Forced to try and ignore her feelings for him and focus on the growing suspicion around her, she can't help but fall deeper in love with the boy she can never have love her. But then, the Police get involved and she's thrown into a dilemma. She has to leave, and when Benjamin gives up what he loves to go on the run with her and not get arrested, they're not only being hunted by the Police, but by something much more sinister.

I haven't read a book this fast-paced and funny and interesting in such a long time! Not only was the Greek Mythology history and factual spin on YA unique and incredible with the world-building, but the characters were just so normal. Even though most were descendant from Gods or unlike me at all, I connected with Rachel so much on so many levels even though we couldn't be lightyears away from each other.

Overall, Arrowheart has struck it's golden arrow right into my heart. I am blown away by this epic-YA that has woven it's way into my favourites. Getting to the ending and that cliffhanger was just so nail-biting! I can't wait for the next book in the series. Five stars isn't enough!

Jun 12, Kayleigh rated it really liked it. I really liked Rachel and Ben and the trials they go through to help her family and the struggles she faces and has to come to terms with being a Hedoness. And not only that but the epilogue ends in a cliffhanger! Was damit gemeint ist? Das Cover finde ich ein wenig kitschig und sieht irgendwie ein billig aus, aber dennoch ansprechend.

Wirklich schwer zu sagen. Rebecca Sky hat einen wunderbar locker flockigen Schreibstil. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich damit nicht gerechnet habe. Warum musste ausgerechnet ich eine Nachfahrin des Gottes der Liebe sein? Warum konnte ich nicht in eine andere Familie hineingeboren werden, ohne dieses Monster-Gen? Dann gibt es noch Marissa, welche es liebt ihre Gabe einzusetzen und sich sagt "Warum nicht? Ich mag sie einfach nicht.

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She is very beautiful, graceful, has lost her twin brother with whom she was having regular physical relations, has been pushed into a loveless arranged marriage, has come to realize that her husband is impotent, is frustrated with life, but all this doesnot justify her actions and erratic behavior. She transfigured a privacy screen and helped Voldemort into the first one. I have realized that Erotica is NOT my genre. I know this is only the beginning of this series, thank god because that cliffhanger at the end had me going, "wait! Aug 02, KarenJo Custodio rated it really liked it.

Das Worldbuilding mochte ich sehr, da die Geschichte in New York spielt. Da die Geschichte in unserer Welt spielt, waren meiner Meinung auch nicht viele Beschreibungen notwendig.

Mich konnte die Story begeistern. Seite an war ich gefesselt. Und das sie in New York lebt? In diesem Buch war meiner Meinung nach einfach nichts typisch. Die Handlung war auch unvorhersehbar. Allerdings hat hat der Epilog mit einem fiesen Cliffhanger sitzen lassen und es scheint, als ob die Geschichte vielversprechend weitergeht.

Zudem finde ich die Grundidee einfach einzigartig. Sowas habe ich bisher noch nicht gelesen. Ich bin begeistern und kann dieses Buch nur empfehlen! Apr 18, Lauren rated it it was amazing. I actually loved the sample of this book and cant wait for the full book to be released 14th June. The book fills my inner mythological history geek with such joy that I haven't experienced in a while, not much a review at this stage but when I do purchase the full book I will update my review. Aug 20, Camilla thecrazyreader rated it liked it Shelves: Credo che avrei preferito il libro se lo avessi letto cinque anni fa.

Nessuno dei personaggi mi ha fatto inn 3 stelle! In conclusione una storia carina da leggere sotto l'ombrellone. Es ist mein Fluch. Ich bin ein Monster. Aber nun erst einmal hier von mir, worum es in Love Curse — Lieben verboten geht: So lenken sie die Geschicke der Menschheit. Rachels Antwort darauf ist definitiv nein.

Unsere Protagonisten hasst ihre Gabe, wie sie genannt wird. Damit ist mir Rachel gleich von Anfang an unheimlich sympathisch. Es ist bestimmt gewollt, dass man Marissa als Leser nicht sonderlich mag. Das hat Rebecca Sky wirklich gut hinbekommen, denn ich mochte Marissa von der ersten Sekunde an nicht. Sei es als festen Freund oder als Kumpel, er ist ein freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Zeitgenosse.

Zusammen mit Rachel, Marissa und noch einigen anderen Personen wird Ben in Ereignisse verwickelt, die immer unkontrollierbarer werden, je weiter die Handlung voran schreitet. Genauso wie die griechische Mythologie. Eine wunderbare Liebesgeschichte der anderen Art. Ich empfehle dieses Buch von Herzen gerne jedem weiter, der gute Liebesromane mit dem Hauch Magie mag. Jul 24, Kristine Cuevas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 31, Kay Kuever rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm such a sucker for anything remotely involving Greek mythology, so I was really excited to dive into this unique plot driven by the descendants of Eros the god of attraction aka Cupid for the Roman mythology lovers in the audience.

Because of Eros' mistake, his female descendants, or Hedonesses, now have the "gift" of controlling the will of men. There is really never a dull moment in this book. From the very beginning the plot is driven and so cute. Also, I have to give some serious love as a Filipina-American for my boy Kyle. I think the representation of Asian-Americans was one of my favorite things about this book considering that it revolves around Greek mythology.

Rachel is pretty amazing, she stuck to her beliefs even when things were crashing and burning around her and you really have to admire her for that, especially when she was willing to sacrifice everything for the people she loves. I know this is only the beginning of this series, thank god because that cliffhanger at the end had me going, "wait! While she spent most of this book doing pretty unforgivable things and being a straight up brat, she has some redeeming qualities and her own demons she clearly working to get past.

I have hope for her. Also, Benny Benny Benny. I'm seriously collecting fictional boyfriends at this point in my life. Overall, super loved this book, it was precious and a pretty quick read that I couldn't put down. Really enjoyable read, with an original storyline. Looking forward to reading book 2. Apr 18, Debra Goelz rated it it was amazing. Read the NetGalley excerpt. It was clever, witty, romantic, mesmerizing. Will do a longer review when the book is released. Very excited about it! Jul 17, Becky Boudreau rated it liked it Shelves: All opinions are my own. So, I have some seriously conflicting thoughts about this book Rating: So, I have some seriously conflicting thoughts about this book.

I really wanted to love it, but it was just missing that something special for me. I really enjoyed the premise of this book. Sadly, this is a large part of the plot and I just felt like we could have done a bit more with this one. Also, there was this running bit about alien vampires…yeah that did nothing for me. It made me raise my eyebrows at first, but by the third mention, it got a bit old.

The cookie-cutter plot was predictable but the part about being able to control people added an interesting layer. There is definitely an audience for this book especially those who like romance and are not overly familiar with Greek mythology. Aug 22, Vicki Trask rated it really liked it Shelves: There are sometimes when I wonder if I, a something who is several years out of university, am told old for Young Adult novels.

I no longer have to deal with the struggles of coming of age — it came and went already. Sadly, they never do — because they're young and hopeful and naive — and I find myself turning to the next chapter only to start the process over again. I say this because Arrowheart by Rebecca Sky is one of those times when I started the novel yelling and screaming at the young adults and ended up falling, quite ironically, in love with them. Rachel Patel is a Hedoness, a girl descended from the Greek God Eros who has the ability — or the obligation according to some — to turn men into their love slave with only a kiss.

This book was given me by Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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If this was the authors first book then I'm amazed. What a terrific start to her career. This book was exciting , pacey , very comical in parts and thoroughly enjoyable. With an undertone of sexual attraction between the two main characters it kept a tension running throughout and a feeling that a connection was going to be made. Definitely one of my best reads in the last few months I can recommend you give th This book was given me by Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for a fair and honest review. Definitely one of my best reads in the last few months I can recommend you give this book a read and like me look forward to the continuation.

Apr 01, Shera Book Whispers rated it it was ok Shelves: First it needs to be said that this book is edited right. I did not want to bash my brains out due to grammar errors. The writing isn't too bad either.

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It has life and a flavor to it. Sadly the overall story, events, and characters bored me. I fell asleep while reading. Had to skip a few parts that basically went exactly how I knew they would. For a read-every-word girl like me, that's not a good sign. The first thing I need to touch base with was the world building. The idea of a world where h First it needs to be said that this book is edited right. The idea of a world where humans evolved into mages, and then the mages experimented on humans that then created shifters is awesome.

When first diving into the story I thought this was an urban fantasy read. It felt like it. It revealed we were not on our earth, but a totally made up one. Then all of a sudden a steambike pops up and whams me in the face. I rolled with it because the idea that this is a made up world with steampunk technology thrilled me. So it was a steampunk fantasy world! The technology felt off because there was a power plant and lots of things that didn't quite fit a steampunk world. And I'm assuming they are sweats, because that is the term used for them.

Because the type of technology to make our kind of sweats does not mesh with the world. I'm a picky reader. I felt like Walt simply wanted me to feel in the blanks. Assume a lot of things about this world. Ah, the cast of characters. Who all felt barrowed from other stories and pieced together. Definitely urban fantasy characters. Who did and said the things I expected them to.

The lead was supposed to be witty and snarky, but I found her more stupid and irritating. The male interests where boring and so typical that no attempt was made to flesh them out. AKA the man with all the power that seems like a bad guy but isn't. Of course she's drawn to him despite herself.

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It's all rather boring. Yeah, I'm tired of using that word. Actually it may have behooved this series to get us to care about the lead and her world before playing all of its cards. The names of the characters have already left my head. Instead I remember them as stereotypes that did their stereotypical things. That just happened to be cut into a stereotypical UF plot.

Which is a true shame as the basis of this world was so unique. With an underwhelming romance and boring plot. Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a fantasy steampunk world. It all falls short because it's so busy following the steps of a Urban Fantasy book that it forgets to be itself. To build emotions and distinguish its characters from the many others out there. To build the world and not just the buildings and rooms. To have the world figured out enough to clue readers into the hows and whys.

Thumbs up for solid editing. Sexual humor, minor dark themes, and overall clean. Originally reviewed at Book Whispers. Dec 19, Angela rated it it was amazing. Sunaya Baine is my new favorite shifter! Then it can mean your death. Sunaya Baine, a half-jaguar, half-mage hybrid, has been hiding her true nature most of her life, but when a magical mishap puts her at the mercy of the Chief Mage, Sunaya's world is turned inside out. Her investigation of a string of related silver poisoni Sunaya Baine is my new favorite shifter! Her investigation of a string of related silver poisoning murders is put on hold while she's held captive at the Chief Mage's castle until he decides her fate.

This was a fun, fast read! The world-building was well done, the characters diverse, and the action top notch--as well as the sexual tension. Sunaya is a snarky badass, with her many weapons, her steambike, and her fiery attitude--what's not to love? If you're into snarky heroines, murder mysteries, kickass fight scenes, wild new worlds, and a dash of romance--Sunaya is your girl! Jun 17, Suz rated it really liked it Shelves: The world has mages and shifters and humans in it, but they are distinct species with a lot of bigoted oppression and struggles for egalitarianism between the races, a lot of "us and them" but it plays well.

Tense but not too gory. More, the copy editing is pretty good, certainly as good as most of the large publishing house books I've read recently. There were not glaring mistakes in grammar form and the story was easy 3. There were not glaring mistakes in grammar form and the story was easy to follow without any mental missteps. If I had a complaint it's that the MC is a bit of a bitch. She's still young enough to have "strong" and "bitch" confused with each other and she's got abandonment issues so it's manifesting as making her not entirely likeable.

I understand the reasons for it but I don't enjoy it as escapist reading. I am told she grows out of it a bit as the story progresses. I'm definitely jumping into the next one. Dec 31, Mita rated it liked it. A good start to a potentially good series. A morally driven Enforcer of second class citizenry IF that with a life threatening secret, tries to hunt down a serial murderer and ends up being the one tossed in jail.

Working together they work to catch the killer and get to the bottom of some other disturbing happenings. This is a story about a girl's trials with a side dose of conspiracy and investigation; an introduction. Here's to hoping book two is Mar 05, Ira rated it liked it Shelves: Very promising series, a good storyline but I don't like the heroine which is the main character for this series, the story is about her really.

She's got a short fuse, very rude but always in tears, weird.. Yeah, so confusing and not sure if I want to continue read this series. Oh well, let's see! Nov 29, T. I'm really bummed I have to wait for the next book. This was an excellent read. Engaging characters, well-paced plot, strong female lead, and a few twists to keep the reader smiling. The rating is five-stars, but my book is an ARC, which means it hasn't gone through the final edit. It contained numerous typos and grammar issues, whi I received Burned by Magic as an ARC advance reader's copy book from the author.

It contained numerous typos and grammar issues, which would have dropped the rating if this were a final copy. Since I haven't read the uploaded version, my caveat is to read a chapter or two from Amazon's Closer Look feature to make sure your copy is edited properly. This author is one to follow.

Nov 23, Susan Angela Wallace rated it it was amazing. I received this as an arc from the book club tbc in exchange for an honest review. In the city of Solantha, mages rule absolute, with shifters considered second - hand class citizens and humans something in between. I loved the story and the characters. Can't wait for book 2 as I would I received this as an arc from the book club tbc in exchange for an honest review. Can't wait for book 2 as I would love to know who it is. I still have no clue. This is a must read and I would highly recommend this book. Dec 01, Amanda E.

Hopkins rated it it was amazing. This is an exciting romp with strong, well-rounded characters and innovative worldbuilding. Sunaya is an intriguing personality with a tough, startlingly modern voice that is consistently vivid and rich. The conflict between the shifters, mages, and humans is layered and morally complex, and impacts the characters' relationships to one another, particularly the romance between Sunaya and Iannis.

I appreciated Burned by Magic for both its fresh prose style and its lively characters, and I can't wait for the sequel to explore unanswered questions left at the end of the book. Dec 27, Ashley Martinez rated it really liked it. An exciting fantasy adventure full of mystery and sexy paranormal creatures. I loved the concept and how you never really knew what was what.

The mystery was delightful and uncovering it was fun. The combination was interesting and her character was smart, independent and she didn't take no crap. I'm definitely interested to see where the story goes from here and what happens next. Jun 16, Carol Ann rated it it was amazing. I was honestly pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. It feels like a good start to The series and is vaguely reminiscent of the fever series in a way to me with the relationship aspect.

Had more love interest than anyone really shares which is great. Dec 24, Rhonda rated it it was amazing. Good Different but love the story line. Shifters, humans, magic and others all together. If you enjoy these this is a must read Mar 28, Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book!

Patel Family Chronicles

I was not Dissapointed! I loved the female lead character; she was spunky and smart, tough and bad-ass, but not cold. She was extremely loyal to the people she loved. The male Lead character was just as awesome, i loved that he was so strong but not unwilling to listen to someone when they know more. I cannot wait to see what happens for him in the future. The plot had an interesting take I loved this book! The plot had an interesting take on the supernatural community and how that fitted into society, which was really interesting to read.

You don't get many variations in that regard, so i was really enjoying reading something new. Unfortunately there was limited romance, but some good sexual tension. So things are looking up for the series. Jul 03, Skylark rated it really liked it. I got it free from Amazon Kindle July 3, Like some urban fantasy, this book mixes a fantasy universe with new geography and magical institutions, but some of "our world" institutions as well. Sunaya Baine is a tough, ass kicking shapeshifter who had the horrible luck of being born in a society where those who are born with magical abilities are on the top of the food chain, and in political power.

Shape Shifters are kind 3. Shape Shifters are kind of in the middle, because while they use magic to shift, they can't practice magic. But see, her dad, who left her and her mom, was a mage Well, it is, except Because, according to Sunyana, the mages are asshats who love power. And you know, she's not completely wrong. Even though there becomes an unlikely alliance between her and a important mage, the world she lives in is unfair, and a lot of the mages and other people in power are financially invested in keeping the system rigged.

Until she was 24, Sunyana was able to mostly hide her half mage status, even if some other shifters could tell she was half shifter, half unknown. Now she's in trouble, and things in her world are getting more dangerous by the minute. What follows is an adrenaline filled journey that reminds me of the Mercy Thompson series, and The Hollows series.

Just with more swearing, less vampires, and new nifty magic. Oct 17, Mary B. Grove rated it did not like it. I hate to say this, but there's just not much here that's actually good. The grammar isn't bad? Cardboard characters using stilted dialogue in a sketchy world.

The MC Baine acts like a three year old most of the time--she generally can't be bothered to control her temper; she's constantly spewing nasty comments, regardless of the person she's insulting or just don't bother, it's actively bad pros: The MC Baine acts like a three year old most of the time--she generally can't be bothered to control her temper; she's constantly spewing nasty comments, regardless of the person she's insulting or the dangerous situation she's gotten into; and her idea of questioning people is to threaten them until they answer her.

The romance isn't one, as there's clearly attraction but neither of them is pursuing it, and Baine's not sure if what she feels isn't just pre-heat hormones anyway. I felt some sympathy for Baine because of her situation growing up, but the comparisons to Ilona Andrews' Kate are completely inappropriate. Kate is an actual person, she's complex, deeply nuanced and whole, because the Andrews team has a lot of experience and can really write.

Jasmine Walt is nowhere near their level. She's going to need both an editor and a lot more practice before anyone could possibly figure out if she can be any good. In the meantime, this book really isn't ready for publication. Sep 13, Rhonda Hasty rated it liked it. This was a good read I will get the next one to see how it goes. Feb 13, Tushar Patel rated it liked it Shelves: I think this was a average book, the plot was good but story was poor.

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