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I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at Renee totalhomemakeover. CourseCraft Already have an account? Charm School Renee Metzler. Lesson 15 - Basic Accessories. Lesson 19 - Skin Care Moisturize. Charming of Face - Make-Up. Lesson 22 - Eye Make-Up Application. The second season, called Rock of Love: Charm School , is hosted by Sharon Osbourne and features fourteen contestants from the first two seasons of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

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The show ostensibly acts as a finishing school for its contestants that helps develop proper etiquette. All three seasons offered the title of "Charm School Queen. Flavor of Love Girls: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 26 May Archived from the original on 15 September Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 12 July Who the hell would yell at Bubbles? She doesn't even know what you're talking about! It's like you get into it with one of the girls from Real Chance and they all jump in. It doesn't make any sense. How are you supposed to be in Charm School dealing with that? Ricki said she can already hear another fight, and states she will not tolerate disruptive individuals.

Ricki tells the girls over the intercom to put on their uniforms and report to Lecture Hall in half an hour for their first lesson. Marcia begins to drink her favorite alcoholic beverage, tequila, saying that she's nervous for her first lesson. Ki Ki says that Marcia shouldn't even be in Charm School because her problems go a lot deeper than Charm School can reach. Arriving at their lesson, La La tells the girls that their next lesson will be based on the next commandment of Charm School: Thou Shalt Be a Model Tanya Acker is the guest that will be working with the girls on "social responsibility".

Marcia says the other girls can't handle taking care of the world because they can't even take care of the bathroom. Acker talks to the girls about global warming , and Bubbles attempts to explain the issues of global warming. Ashley states that "This lesson is so boring! Like, global warming, okay I won't use hairspray anymore. Well, I still will, but I'm not gonna use aerosol She says that she was really poor and that she was traumatized when she went to the bathroom in a hole in the floor, and then she begins to tear up. Bubbles says that poor people can be happy too, but Marcia says Bubbles has no idea what it's like to be poor.

Acker asks the girls what personally motivated in [ clarification needed ] and Brittaney says she got women and minorities to vote, but Farrah is saying she's doing this to "kiss-ass" by saying she likes Obama.

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Acker then leaves and wishes them the best of luck, and La La says that they must now apply what they've learned to the challenge today. She says that everything they need is in their lockers, and teams will be split up by uniform color. There are three teams of four:. Bay Bay Bay is worried about how Farrah will perform, while So Hood states she hopes Ashley will do good so she "won't have to kick her ass". On the bus heading to their challenge, So Hood makes a comment saying "Do not resuscitate!

Bubbles says that's a mean comment and Ki Ki rises from her seat and again screams at Bubbles. Bubbles says they are making Charm School a lot harder for her and that she won't be able to gain confidence if they continue to make fun of her. Upon arriving at the challenge, the girls are disgusted by the stench of the Los Angeles River. Ricki, La La, and Katrina tell them that their challenge will be to clean a portion the Los Angeles River for fifteen minutes and throw the trash into their corresponding team dumpster. Ashley says that this challenge is stupid and says if someone wants to throw their couch into the river, then go for it.

The Blue Team's strategy is to try to get the biggest items possible into their dumpster. Ricki and the Pink Team are disappointed with Ashley's performance, and Ashley says picking up this trash is "worse than giving a lap-dance to a fat man". Meanwhile, Ricki says the girl doing the best is Farrah, and Farrah says she wants to try hard so she can really change. Marcia becomes upset with Risky and Ki Ki because they complained so much during the challenge. After fifteen minutes pass, Ricki announces the team that worked the best will win the challenge which was the Green Team. Ki Ki complains that their efforts went unnoticed and that she became dirty, but Marcia says that she's happy that at least she got to help the environment.

Farrah says "Bay Bay Bay's screaming again! I can't take it, it's wearing me out! Please can we stop at like some kind of pet shop so I can buy the bitch a muzzle? Ashley and Farrah say that arguing is not what they're there for and that they can't listen to it anymore. Natasha agrees that these "petty fights" are stupid.

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They arrive home, and Bubbles says that she can relate to Marcia and decides to confront the other Real Chance of Love girls about it. She tells them that they hurt her feelings when they called her "stupid" and "bubble-head". Ki Ki again begins to scream at Bubbles, following her and screaming and cussing at her, and pointing her finger in her face. Bay Bay Bay says that they drink way too much.

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Flavor of Love TV Series Start your free trial. The kids arrive and Natasha tries to keep her distance as she thinks kids are cute "from a distance. Brittaney is then recognized by a man who saw her in one of her previous porn films. July 1, 4.

So Hood says it's now her goal to get Marcia expelled. Ashley and Farrah decide to make fun of Brittaney because she's the craziest person they've ever met, and that they like picking on her. Once Brittaney goes into the bathroom, Ashley and Farrah begin to kick the door together and burst out laughing. They then discover that the lock to the bathroom is on the outside of the bathroom, and decide to lock Brittaney inside. Brittaney asks to be let out, and Farrah and Ashley just laugh. So Brittaney asks if they can slide something to read under the door.

Farrah jokes "Oh, you want something to eat? Brittanya and Natasha laugh at Ashley and Farrah's jokes, but then Brittaney tries to break down the door, saying she freaked out once she realized she was stuck there. Brittanya eventually opens the door for her, and Ashley says she knows she will be at risk for expulsion for locking Brittaney in the bathroom, but says it was kind of worth it.

Farrah then climbs into her bed, trying to go to sleep, when she realizes a plastic scorpion and cookie crumbs are in her bed. She accuses Brittaney of putting these things in her bed, and Brittaney admits it. Farrah then throws a cucumber with a blond wig on it at Brittaney, and Brittaney threatens to spray her with the fire extinguisher she has in her bed. However, the viewers don't see how the conflict ends, as it is interrupted by a commercial break.

The next day, Ki Ki states that the girls will take Brittaney under their "wing" so that she'll learn to defend herself. Bay Bay Bay, in her interview, says they want Ashley and Marcia out of the school, so they'll use Brittaney Starr and her potential vote to their advantage. Later that day, Marcia, Brittanya, and Ashley are sitting in the courtyard where they're discussing whom they should vote for in Detention Hall. Marcia volunteers Ki Ki, adding that she hasn't changed a bit since they've arrived and that she's loud.

Inside, the Real Chance of Love girls along with Brittaney gather to determine their voting strategy. Ki Ki suggests three vote for Marcia and two vote for Ashley. Before elimination, Rikki calls some of the girls down to talk about the tension that's very obvious in the school. Most of the girls discuss the confrontations in which they were involved over the last couple of days.

Bubble's is apprehensive about being honest, as she fears Rikki will mention her name to Ki Ki. She asks Ricki to pinky-swear that she won't give her up while confronting her school-mate. The interviews come to an end and the girls who are up for elimination soon congregate in the detention hall. La La meets with the girls and promptly instructs them to write the name of who they feel should go home on their chalkboard. Brittanya, Ashley, and Marcia vote Ki Ki. Stryker says the three girls at risk for elimination will be Ashley, Ki Ki, and Marcia.

As they're asked why they think they're up for elimination, an argument breaks out between Ki Ki and Marcia. Meanwhile, Farrah mumbles that she doesn't want to be a part of "this" anymore.

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Charm School is a reality television series airing on VH1; it is a spin-off of Flavor of Love created by executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin. The first. Charm School or charm school may refer to: Charm school or finishing school, providing young women with training in the social graces; spy novel The.

So Hood comments that the Rock of Love girls drink too much, which prompts Farrah to leave the area. Stryker takes the remaining girls to detention hall to cool off. Rikki, in an attempt to get them to stay, heads up to see Ashley, Farrah and Marcia who have already packed their suitcases and are dressed in their casual clothes.

In the detention hall, La La states that what she's observing between the girls is a potential black versus white issue, but they say that isn't the case. As things seem to be more calm, all the girls return to the elimination ceremony. Ricki explains to Ashley, Marcia and Ki Ki that they should all be sent home this evening for their behavior, but ultimately asks Ki Ki for her Charm School pin.

Rikki's decision was mostly influenced by the fact that many of Ki Ki's schoolmates fear her. The Real Chance of Love girls become upset and most walk off, shouting the decision was "fixed". As the episode comes to a close, the audience sees So Hood changing her clothes and packing her things. She says she'd rather leave then be on the carpet next to Farrah or Marcia; girls she feels deserve to be sent home before she does.

Picking up from where Episode Two left off, So Hood badly loses her composure about Ki Ki's expulsion and calls her boyfriend on the phone and announces she's coming home. So Hood packs up her stuff and gets in the limo and drives away. Meanwhile, Farrah says no matter how much she and Ashley and Brittanya drink, they'll never be angry girls. Farrah complains that the girls' arguing is like " chickens squawkin'. Farrah then quits, but says she isn't quitting, she's dropping out.

The next day, Ashley and Brittanya lay in bed and discuss missing Farrah, but is happy that Ki Ki and So Hood are gone and they don't want any more Rock of Love girls to go home, but she doesn't count Brittaney and Natasha. Natasha overhears this and vows to ruins Brittanya's life.

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Ricki then calls the girls in for an emergency meeting. She explains what happened last elimination was unacceptable and wonders why the house is divided. Risky thinks that Ricki's choice wasn't the right choice, saying other girls should have left before Ki Ki. Ricki then asks Risky if she thought Ashley and Farrah were saved because they're white and Risky says yes. Lala sees why Risky thinks so, but it's not like that. Bay Bay Bay doesn't like being accused of playing the race card.

Ashley says it isn't about race, and confesses her son isn't white.

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She also says she's ashamed of how she behaved on Rock of Love and apologizes to Brittaney Starr on how she's treated her. In her commentary, Brittaney says she's a "very zen " person. Later, Brittaney confronts K. The next morning, Brittanya attends her court date. Brittanya admits she just got out of jail two days before coming to Charm School and she could face jail time if she's convicted for fighting. For the challenge, the girls will be associating with people who aren't like them, which turn out to be elderly people. The girls surprisingly handle the challenge well and have fun with the elders.

Bubbles talks to an old lady and listens to her stories. Ashley talks to an old lady and the lady asks Ashley if her breast are real and Ashley says no and lets her touch them. Brittanya sits on an old man's lap and talks to him. Brittaney is then recognized by a man who saw her in one of her previous porn films. Bay Bay Bay dances with some of the people. Natasha gets distracted watching them dance and an old man fell from his chair.

The elderly are then asked to vote for their favorite girl, and Bay Bay Bay wins and is safe from expulsion. Brittaney thinks Bubbles should go home because she doesn't need Charm School. Stryker thinks Brittaney plays the victim too much. Brittaney, however is wearing headphones and is dancing to the "rhythm in her head". Lala says that coming into elimination with headphones on is a sign of disrespect and Brittaney then takes off and apologizes.

Ricki doesn't know if Brittaney's fake, but decides to not eliminate anybody. Brittaney talks to K. O about whether or not she fits in at Charm School and wonders if she's cut out for it.