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Double Negative a Vicky Bauer
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In fact, claims of big cat encounters in New South Wales have been made for over years, and reported on for almost as many. The reports tell of bush walkers, land owners and tourists each with their own brush with a low slung, long tailed, box-faced, large, black, cat.

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  • Meet Johnny Dex, Victoria’s Secret Model Devon Windsor’s New Fiancé.
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It scared the life out of him," she said. Is it possible Maine cats, mountain lions or panthers could survive here? Had piercing eyes and it had that sort of quickness as well," Mr Stewart said of his encounter.

And it just ran straight across the highway coming into Lithgow. Theories as to how these big cats might have come to roam the Blue Mountains paint a picture of an Australian society historically more globally connected than we credit today.

Australia's Big Cat Folklore. You can certainly see that in the classifieds of the day," Dr Waldron said. These circuses were travelling menageries.

Black market black panthers?

Another well-known theory is that today's cats might be descendants of abandoned mascots from World War II American soldiers. Hazelbrook resident and author of Australian Big Cats, Mike Williams, believes the source is a modern one. And breeding leopards — to explain some of the [multiple] sightings. You go out and you buy a little cub and it grows to the point it will take you out. How can you keep it? I have a signed affidavit from a JP stating he interviewed a person [who owned a big cat] and he was told to have them put down. And that is locally here in the Hawkesbury.

And it's the same time we started to get the problems. Sightings became so commonplace that fellow residents Ken Pullen and Karen Nolan began a database of sightings with Mrs Coffey in charge of interviewing witnesses. I have National Parks rangers on the database.

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We are talking doctors, solicitors, police detectives — really, really credible people. Why would they all lie?

After-Image: A Vicky Bauer Mystery, Book 1 (Unabridged)

But the compelling eye witness accounts detailed on the database, which include government staff members, meant liability could shortly become an issue. The Department of Primary Industries commissioned four enquiries during the years , , and Do you know anything about panthers?

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They were worried something might happen and because they hadn't taken it seriously that someone might take them to court. Recently, the pair made their commitment officially official, getting engaged during a very romantic proposal in the Bahamas, where Dex spelled out the words "Marry Me?


Though, don't let the public Instagram account fool you, Dex is not necessarily an open book as several details of his life—such as his occupation and career—still remain unknown. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Sometimes this gets her into serious trouble. Recently, the pair made their commitment officially official, getting engaged during a very romantic proposal in the Bahamas, where Dex spelled out the words "Marry Me? And it just ran straight across the highway coming into Lithgow. What gets your goat about your employer? But Vicky begins to uncover a complex web of secrets, illegal activities and plausible motives for murder.

While Windsor is quite the public figure—boasting a cool 1. In fact, when the pair began dating in , Dex didn't even have a public social media profile. Suspects include her own husband, seemingly a bit too protective of the racist son of their landlord. There is also the base doctor who likes to keep military "dependants" tranquilized; the soldier harbouring a career-destroying secret; and the investigating lieutenant, suspiciously eager to dismiss Vicky's claims.

When drug dealing, political extremism and homophobia become parts of the puzzle, Vicky realizes she is not simply a witness, but may be the next target.

PROJECT ZORGO TOOK OFF HIS MASK! (Mystery Box Found & Mysterious Escape Room Riddles)

Her work has been included in over fifty anthologies, and five of her books have been translated into other languages.